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NGI Grads: If you wish to update your employment information or be removed from this list, please email

CTP 229 (2013)
Nani Beraha
is a Cooking Instructor in Brooklyn. Julie Fenn is self employed in CO. Carol Giardino is a Holistic Health Coach in HI. Richard Patten has a business called Chef Rich Patten LLC.

CTP 226 (2013)
Melissa Kuzma
is a Chef and Yoga Teacher in NJ. Taylor Mims is a Line Cook at Dally in the Alley in FL. Finnian Peralta is a Break Maker at Tinderhearth Bakery in Brooksville, ME. Stephanie Tucci is a Culinary Nutritionist in Canada.

CTP 224 (2013)
Maria Konder-Reis
is a Baker at Pie Corps in Brooklyn. Margaret Pierce is Kitchen Manager at The Sanctuary on Green in Cleveland, OH. Jory Pomeranz is a Private Chef. Graeme Smith is a Pastry Cook at Pure Food and Wine in NYC.

CTP 223 (2013)
Danielle Aquilino
was promoted to Head Pastry Chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Sarah Broccolini has a business called Sarah's Catering in Canada. Sue Fogel is self employed. Sarah Robinson is a Pastry Cook at Pie Corps in Brooklyn.

CTP 221 (2013)
Jessica Chakraborty
is the Chef at Thyme Natural Market and Cafe in Queens. Tania Gabbay is self employed. Julia Krupa has a Garde Manger position at Riverpark in NYC. Davis Lindsey is farming at Stone Barns in Westchester. Amy Longard is a Cook/Catering Assistant at Cafe My House in Ottawa, Canada and a Coffee Bar Attendant/Kitchen Assistant/Cashier at Market Organics, also in Ottawa. Victoria Mendoza is a Baker at Jennifer's Way Bakery in NYC. Mary Mullen is a Prep Cook at Kirkridge Retreat Center in Bangor, PA. Gwen Oatman is a Prep Cook at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Raymond Reyes-Silva is Line Cook at MOB in Brooklyn.

CTP 220T (2013)
Cara Lanzi
is a Recipe Tester at NGI. Francie Leventhal is a Line Cook at Back Forty West in NYC. Elizabeth Lorentzen has a business called Nourish to Flourish in NY. Melissa Madara is a Pastry Chef at Vitae in NYC. Megan Miller has a business called The Salted Fig. Christina Spano is a Prep Cook at Dirt Candy in NYC.

CTP 219 (2013
Kristen Fraser has a business called Inner Glow Nutrition in Canada. She is also the Raw Dessert Chef and consulting Nutritionist for a restaurant in Edmonton AB called Noorish Conscious Eatery and Elixir Bar. Michelle Gasparovic is Production Cook at One Lucky Duck Prodction Kitchen in NYC. Emma Gonzalez is a Prep Cook at Champ's in Brooklyn as well as a Personal Chef. She's also developing menu items at Stan's Cafecito in Brooklyn. Gabrielle Kennedy is a freelance Prep/Party Chef for various NYC catering companies. Mia Lewis is a Personal Chef/Instructor in DE. She recently cooked for First Descents -- adventure camps for cancer fighters/survivors. Janet Mercaldi has a businesss called Plant-One in NY. Elizabeth Murray is self-employed in Canada. Chantal Poirier is Kitchen Facilitator at Cuisines Collectives du Grand Plateau in Montreal.

CTP 218W (2013)
Laura Lea Bryant
has a business called Laura Lea Balanced in NYC. Elisa Haggarty is Founder/CEO at Culinary Farmacy in Brooklyn. Carol Galanty Jones has a business called Get Some Zen on Long Island. Karla Giboyeaux is Chef/Nutritionist at Urban Health Plan in NYC. Jeffrey Mason is a Line Cook at Pickle Shack in Brooklyn. Susan Outlaw Stallings is a Cook at Sodexo Dining Service in IN. Michael Vigo is a Short Order Grill Cook at NY Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Jane Wardwell-Christy is a freelance Caterer in NY.

CTP 217 (2013)
Emilie Berner
is a Baker at Ellary's Greens Restaurant in NYC. Diana Cornell has a business called This Pie Is Nuts in NYC. Donna Harmon is self-employed in AZ. Megan Huylo has a personal chef business called Downtown Epicure in NYC. She is also Vice Blendy at LuliTonix. Alix Krinick owns Shovels and Spoons in NJ. Sarah Parker is Assistant Cook at Health by Whole Meals in NYC. Stephen Rocco is opening a new Chirping Chicken location in NYC. Kristin Sheehan is a Recipe Tester for Myra Kornfeld in NYC. Andrea Sperling has a kitchen consultation business, called Eating Gracefully (, teaching people how to cook and eat healthy using a gluten-free whole foods diet. Matthew Taber is a Pastry Cook at ABC Kitchen in NYC. Cheryl Winnicki works at The City Bakery in NYC. Adriana Yitani is self employed.

CTP 216 (2013)
Julia Deppe
is the Chef at Pure Sweets & Co. in Philadelphia. Emily Hannon is Chef/Co-founder of Brooklyn Porridge. Dana Kadrie is Director of Business Development at Skelmore Consulting in Dubai. Hadas Leonhardt has a business in Brazil called Sempre Viva Alimentos that produces vegan cakes. Jessica Malave is self-employed in NJ. Utchi Sriprachya-anunt is Dietitian at Theptarin Hospital in Thailand with plans to open her own cafe. Jennifer White has a business called The Gourmetour, offering personal chef services and health counseling. Sal Zummo is a Pantry Chef at Starlite in San Diego.

CTP 215M (2013)
Tiffany Brown
is Director of Operations at A Place at the Table in NYC. Lee Casey owns Chef Casey's Culinary Classes and Catering in NJ. Justine Ma is Head of Marketing and Communications at Koppert Cress, USA, a local heirloom microgreen farm. Ann Marie Monteiro and Tae Richmond-Moll are developing a food business together.

CTP 214 (2013)
Julie Bednarski owns Julie Bednarski Consulting in Toronto. Jaya Patel has a business called Healthy Foods, Inc. in Atlanta. Hugo Sakamoto is a cook at Sakamai in NYC.

CTP 213T (2013)
Nicole Knudson
has a business called NuMoVi in NYC. Kate Maritato has a Garde Manger position at Dressing Room in Westport, CT. Elide Soares is a Personal Chef in Queens.

CTP 212 (2012)
Sophia Albanna
is working on getting a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition and a Registered Dietician license. Stephanie Kivich is a Line Cook and Teaching Assistant at 90 Acres in NJ. Andrea Lee is part of the pie production staff at Pie Corps in Brooklyn. Andrew Lis owns Gabby's Cacao in Philadelphia, PA. Stephanie Puno owns The Silly Goose Gourmet in Manila, Phillipines.

CTP 211 (2012)
Tim Ferrell
is a Sous Chef at Pickle Shack in Brooklyn. Russell Fox is a Line Cook at Print in NYC. Sandra Lee is Chef/Founder of Central Park at UTown in Singapore. Gunn Pankum has a restaurant called Satdha in Santa Monica, CA. Ashley Ritchie is a Chef and Registered Dietitian at Good Measure Meals and Open Hand in Atlanta, GA. Rupal Shah is Permaculture Coordinator at Amrita Children's Home in Kenya.

CTP 210W (2013)
Eli Arazi is a Personal Chef in NJ and NY. He also prepares school lunch boxes for kids and teaches "The Joy of Cooking" at Tenafly High School. Marissa Hubbard is the Chef at Beacon Natural Market in Beacon, NY. Genee McGoldrick is a Line Cook at Heirloom in New Haven, Ct.  She's also a Personal Chef with with and baking gluten-free desserts for 3 restaurants in Fairfield county. Britain Muhl is a Writer, Natural Foods Chef, ACE-certified Fitness Instructor and co-owner of Greystone Hotel & Santa Barbara Hotel. Carolina Santos-Neves is an Owner and Chef de Cuisine at Comodo, a latin-inspired restaurant in SoHo. She is also a contributing editor for Kathy Sterner is a Personal Chef in PA. Blaine Tacker is self-employed. Vehia Walker is a Line Cook at Back Forty West in NYC.

CTP 209 (2012)
Gabriel Anderson
is a Line Cook at Inn Season Cafe in MI. Maria Chia is Chef/Co-owner of S+M Vegan in the Bay Area, CA. Aaron Cohen is a Line and Prep Cook at Cafe Blossom on Carmine in NYC. Fiona McKie is a Line Cook at Traprock Restaurant and Brewery in NJ. Carolina Naddeo is self employed. Cheryl Neilson is a Prep Cook /Server at PJ Whelihans Pub in PA. Elizabeth Tigani is a Health Counselor & Personal Chef in NY. Her business is Dishing Well: MeganTysoe is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Purely Elizabeth in NYC. Ellicia Zitsman is a Line Cook at John Dory Oyster Bar in NYC.

CTP 208 (2012)
Kate Fletcher
is Chocolatier at Melt Chocolates, London and Cookery School Assistant at Divertimenti, London. Lauren Kretzer is a Personal Chef and freelance Food Writer on Long Island. Her food blog is Diana Marino is a Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef in Westchester, NY. Talia Pollock has a business called Party in My Plants. Colin Zhu is a Resident Physician/Doctor of Osteopathy at Manchester Memorial Hospital

CTP 207T (2012)
Jennifer Fanega
a Personal Chef and Food Educator in Philadelphia. Daphne Oz Jovanovic is an Author and TV Host on The Chew. Stephanie King is self employed. Stephanie Lamison is the Manager at Hudson Grille in NYC. Natalie Rivera is Marketing Coordinator at Amrita in NY. Leah Schulman is a Prep Cook at Cutty's in Brookline,MA. Monica Sellecchia is Head Chef at Wildflour Bakery & Cafe in Lawrenceville, NJ. Nancy Sobel-Butcher is a Personal Chef and a Freelance Food Prep/Stylist at ABC TV, The Chew and the Food Network.

CTP 206 (2012)
Melanie Alexea
has a business called Gaia's Ambrosia in NY. Megan Church has a business called Mango Fuel in IN. Kristy Dax is a Baker at Stay Sweet Cupcakery in Lewisburg, PA. Beth Fossum has a business called Organic Chickpea. Jennifer Furman is a Cook with Wellness in the Schools. Michelle Higgins is self employed. Tara Sowlaty has a business called The Tara List. Shane Stanbridge is Chef/Co-owner of S+M Vegan in the Bay Area, CA.

CTP 205 (2012)
Rachael Abrams
is Associate Editor at CultureMap Dallas in Dallas, TX. Maggie Callahan is a Personal Chef / Instructor. Talia Chai is a cooking instructor in Toronto, Canada. You can visit her website at Sherene Chou is self-employed. Rachel Hazen is a Sous Chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Nate Marcus is a Teacher at Mise en Place Cooking School in Richmond, VA. Haley Mistor is a Pastry Chef at Commonwealth in Birmingham, MI. Rachel Reese is Farmer and Chef-in-Residence at Wonderland Farm in Golden, CO. She writes recipes for CSA boxes, prepares samples for the farmer's markets she attends, and cooks farm dinners for 20-30 people monthly. Jordan Swartz is Co-Founder of The Naturopathic Kitchen, a nutrition and cooking school in Toronto. He also runs a nutrition practice. Suzie Syta is self employed. Hideyo Yamada is a Chef Instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute. She's also a Private Chef, Health Counselor and Recipe Developer for restaurants.  

CTP 204W (2012)
Pamela Aflalo
has a non-dairy frozen dessert business called Nutty Bunny LLC in Westport, CT. Jacquie Chamberlain is Catering & Event Manager at Neuehouse in NYC. Matt Herman is Kitchen Manager at Roberta's in Bushwick. Karen Nielsen is a Baker at Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery in NYC. Jennifer Siemon is a Personal Chef in NJ. Nicole Willner is a Cook at Mercer Kitchen in NYC.

CTP 203 (2012)
Paul Cavalcante
is a Line Cook at Speedy Romero in Broooklyn. Noreen Dillman is working at Kripalu in MA. Liz Howard is working at Brooklyn Brine. Sarah Pachelli is self employed. Maura Riccobene has a business called Tasteful Introductions in NYC. Amy Rupert Secol is a Chef and Nutrition Educator in Orlando, FL. Kate Watkins is a Demo & Marketing Specialist at New Leaf Community Market in Santa Cruz, CA.

CTP 202M (2012)
Heather Brown
is a Line Cook at The Modern in NYC. Rebecca Brown is Chef and Educator at the Blum Center for Health in Rye Brook, NY. Kathryn Dye is Chef de Partie at Cakes & Ale in GA. Maggie Harrs has a business called The Inspired Kitchen in Westchester County. David Kupperberg is Sous Chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC.

CTP 201 (2011)
Jason Amado
is a Line Cook at David Burke at Bloomingdale's in NYC. Jessica Byrd has a business called Sloppymama. Rachel Lattarulo is the Chef at Brynwood in Armonk, NY. Jennifer Moore is a Health Coach and Cook.

CTP 200 (2011)
Jessica Cooper
is a Personal Chef in NYC. Luanne Greco-Snyder is volunteering at DC Central Kitchen. Deb Herman is Kitchen Manager at Felidia in NYC. Denise Hicks is Chef, Founder & CEO at Postmodern Foods in VA. Lauren Kirkwood is a Pastry Cook at S'more Bakery. Tatiana Leyva is Chef/Owner of UVA, a natural whole foods and organic restaurant in Bogota Colombia. Kristen Marchese owns KM Whole Health and Blondies Gourmet in MA. Brandt Neuworth works at Hu Kitchen in NYC. Courtney Rekos is the Pastry Chef at G-Zen in Branford, CT. Brittany Richter is a Chef at the QT Hotel in Sydney, Australia. Mindy Schuler is a Baker at Neuman's Catering in NYC. Timberly Stephens is a Prep/Line Cook at Pure Food and Wine in NYC.

CTP 199T (2012)
Ymirsy Connor
is Sous Chef at Simply Savory Catering in NYC. Lorene Frederick is Marketing Director at Kids Discover in NYC. Sandy Haeri is Savory Chef de Partie at Bouchon Bakery in NYC. Kyle Peterson has a Prep/Garde Manger position at Dirt Candy in NYC. Viviane Tagashira is Manager at Natural Com Arte in Brazil. Amybeth Whissel is a Pantry Chef/Garde Manger at 15 CPW in NYC.

CTP 198 (2011)
Liz Barwick
is a Line Cook at Sarma in Somerville, MA. Stacy Brooks is a Cook and Baker at Green Zebra Kitchen in Toronto. Laura Hoffman is a Chef in Residence at Wellness in the Schools. Kelsey Leland has a business called CakeBites in NYC. Jens Neumann is a Line Cook at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Arielle Nugent is a Private Chef at Gourmet Dreams in Los Gatos, CA. Ann Nunziata is Head Kitchen Assistant at NGI. Marissa Provence is Production Manager at One Lucky Duck in NYC. Kate Roberti is a Chef and Barrista at Cafe DiCocoa in Bethel, ME. Anndrea Yetter is a Personal Chef in NYC. Vivia Yip is a Private Chef in NYC. Jen Wanous is a Personal Chef/Event Manager and is blogging at

CTP 197W (2012)
Kalie Andres
is a Personal Chef. Angie Bilotti is self employed. Andrea Cataldo is a Chef Tournant at The Green Zebra in Chicago. In addition, she has a business called Andrea's Alternative Cuisine. Courtney Gill has a business called Kid's Kitchen. Jesa Henneberry has a business called Goodie Goods Foods in Brooklyn. Elyse Prince has a personal chef business in NYC. Liza Saniefard has a Garde Manger position at Romano's Macaroni Grill in NJ. Barbara Simpson Vadnais is General Manager at Muirhead Foods in Ringoes, NJ and part-time Prep Cook at Whole Earth Center in Princeton, NJ. Elena Tedeschi is a Personal Chef/Caterer in NYC.

CTP 196 (2011)
Jay Astafa
owns Jay Astafa Catering in NY. Alexandra Costin is the Chef at Newtown in Brooklyn. Marci Cornett is a Baker at Smile To Go in Soho and pursuing a master's degree in food studies at NYU. Travis Dorsey is a Personal Chef at Pure Natural Kitchen in NYC. Patti Kenyon is a Private Chef in NH. Pam McKeen is a Line Cook at Chase's Daily in Belfast, ME. She's also a Demo Chef and Cooking Instructor. Katie O'Shaughnessy is the Lazarus Fellow with the Yale Sustainable Food Project. Lacey Piper is the Chef at University Village Health Center in Thousand Oaks, CA. Brianna Relick is a Line Cook at Lardo in Portland, OR. Rodrigo Rocha has a business called Botica Gastronômica in São Paulo, Brazil. He is producing and delivering healthy frozen food. Sarah Russell is General Manager at Nourish Kitchen & Table in NYC. Mona Solar is President of Solar Wellness. Allison Weishaus is a Baker at Sadie's Kitchen in Brooklyn and a Cooking Instructor at Butter Beans. Michelle Wolfson is a Cook at Underground Eats in Brooklyn.

CTP 195 (2011)
Yukiko Ando
is a freelance Announcer at a TV station in Japan. Andrea Begent has a part-time kitchen staff position at Sun in Bloom in Brooklyn. She is also a Personal Chef and House Manager. Lauren Freeman is a Baker and Line Cook at Flore Vegan Cafe in CA. Kate Heiberg is a Consultant at Karp Resources, a food and agriculture business consultancy in NYC and a Chef and Health Coach focused on cooking for cancer in Brooklyn. Sean Kim is a Cook at KalBQ in NYC. Tiffany Tay is a Pastry Cook at Fatty 'Cue in NYC. Billy Walsh is the Sous Chef at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Madeline Wright is Assistant Pastry Chef at Millennium in San Francisco.

CTP 194T (2011)
Jessica Cohen
is Food and Beverage Server & Social Media Coordinator at The Brasserie Restaurant in the Cayman Islands. Amy Fritch is a Cook at Rodale in Emmaus, PA. Christine Okezie has a business called Your Delicious Balance in NJ. Samantha Pagan is a Personal Chef on Long Island. Valerie Stewart is Executive Chef at Blue Tree Cafe in HI.

CTP 193 (2011)
Bethany Butler
is a Personal Chef based in Princeton. She also works at I Love You to Health, a division of the Betterness Institute. Megan Diehl is a Private Chef in Bolton Landing, NY. Lloyd Edwards works at Organic Ave in LIC. Jessica Fisher is the Founder of a non-profit called Dinner Around the Table in Chicago. She's also a freelance Food Writer and SNAP Outreach Coordinator at Greater Chicago Food Depository. Jenna Israel has a business called Lagers & Loins in NY. Jessica Levin is a Private Chef in NYC. Kyra Madison works for Seabirds Truck, an Organic Vegan Food Truck based out of Orange County, California. She also does private catering and vegan baking. Kate Scharenbroich has a business called Genuine Gourmet Chef. She is a natural health chef for yoga and health retreats and a private chef. She also writes for the Yoga Center of Minneapolis in their Yogi's Kitchen section focusing on health supportive recipes and seasonal nutrition advice. Rebecca Shoval is the Cook for Fertile Grounds Farm in PA and NYC and a regular food blogger for the Huffington Post. Erin Stewart has a food, fitness and health blog called Juiceboks: She is also a business parter at DEFINE body & mind, a movement and health enterprise where she is the Director of the DEFINE foods program offering healthful culinary education and cooking demonstration classes. She has 4 studio locations in Houston, Texas, and is starting to franchise around the country with the first two franchises opening in Spring, 2013.

CTP 192W (2011)
Angela Anderson
is Chef, Founder and CEO at The Hippo Kitchen in Houston, TX. Natasha Bernardez has a business called Clean Plate Culinary in NYC. Michelle Berckes is Head Chef at Breezy Organic Snackery in Bernardsville, NJ. She also has her own business called a Whole New Idea. Melinda Boumans is an Apprentice at Joe's Butchery, Tekka Market in Singapore. Shawnette Diaw is Assistant Manager at New York Sports Clubs in NYC. Alastair Greer owns Well Be Solutions in NYC. Kim Hafner is a Sous Chef at Maimonide of Brooklyn, as well as a Personal Chef. Debbie King is a Development Editor at Cambridge University Press in NYC. Melissa Martinez received an MBA in Food & Wine in Italy and is now working as an Intern at San Sebastián Food in Spain, co-writing the company cookbook. Sara May is working at Vedge in Philadelphia. Shelley Page has a business called Say Hello to Healthy in PA. Luba Peys runs a culinary program for kids plus a catering business. Her website is

CTP 191 (2011)
Ashley Bare
is self-employed. Jennifer Green is Deli/Kitchen Lead at Wheatsville Coop in Austin, TX. Shell Hamilton is a Cooking Instructor at Miette Culinary Studio in NYC. Dru Lawrence owns Prospecto Catering in Brooklyn. Anna Monette Roberts is an editorial assistant for the popsugar network, predominately writing and photographing original recipes for and fitsugar.comEmiko Shimojo is a Personal Chef in NYC. Glory Simon has a business called Sweet Glory. Mallory Stuchin is a Vegetable Butcher at Eataly in NYC. Tracy Wilk is Pastry Sous Chef at David Burke Kitchen in NYC.

CTP 190 (2011)
Lisa Burton
works at Magabala Books in Australia. Xonna Clark has a business called Meals Can Heal. Neely Cohen is Executive Pastry Chef at Central Kitchen in Cambridge, MA. Cameron Cox is self-employed. Margolina Goh is a Chef and Nutrition Consultant at Sangdawa Beauty & Wellness Center in Indonesia. Daniel Gompf is self-employed. Tere Gonzalez is General Manager at Hotel Habita MTY in Monterrey, Mexico. Danielle Krupa is a health-supportive chef, consultant and blogger in NYC. Her website is Kellie Nugent is a freelance Television Chef as well as a Culinary Instructor with La Petite Cuillere in San Francisco and blog editorialist at Ilia Regini is a Healing Foods Chef and Nutrition & Wellness Coach in NY. Lisa Samuels is Assistant Baker at Bare-Naked Bakery in Bellmore, NY. Julie Van Schooten has a catering business called The Food Voyager in Belgium. She also has a chocolate business called Chocolate Jezus and is Sous Chef at Cuisine ouVerte. Ashley Tobin is a Chef Assistant at Draeger's Cooking School in the SF Bay Area.  

CTP 189M (2011)
Marianne Cufone
is Executive Director of Recirculating Farms Coalition in New Orleans. Carly Dahl is a Private Chef in Carmel, CA. Moira Hyland is Director of Food Services at Corporate Culinary in Stamford, CT. Tracy Koy is a Personal Chef in NYC. Jessica Lewkovitz has a meal delivery business called Sundrops Organics in Boulder, CO. She will soon be selling a line of prepared dishes at stores in the area. Hannah Lyons is a Line Cook at Reynard's in Brooklyn. Amanda Melpolder has a personal chef business called Mia-Rut in NYC. Anna Perkins is a Server/Bartender at Joshua's in Woodstock, NY. Casey Shively is a Commis at Momofuku KO in NYC.

CTP 188 (2010)
Tyler Faughnan
is a Grill Cook at Mercer Kitchen in NYC. Abby Garner-Siegel has a business called Fiddlehead Foods in Madison, WI. Andrea Hammond founded A.H. Nutrition Therapy. Tina Morse is the Founder of and a Holistic Life-Style Expert in CA.  Keesha O'Galdez is Culinary Arts Instructor for Greyston Foundations Workforce Development Program in Yonkers.

CTP 187 (2010)
Tania Collazo
is the Kitchen Supervisor at JASA in Far Rockaway, NY. Jessica Gilgurd is Head Pastry Chef at Peace Food Cafe in NYC. Alexi Groumoutis is the Local Food Coordinator at Southern Iowa Resource Conservation & Development. Darcy Gustafson is a Prep & Line Cook at Harrison's Country Wine Grill in State College, PA. She's also a Demo Chef at farmers' markets. Anne Huffman is a Line Cook at Flore Vegan Restaurant in Los Angeles. She's also Head Chef at Castle Gourmet Dining (popup dinners). Sharon McGrail has a whole and natural food consulting business known as The Eco Chef, with a blog: and a radio show: Allison Podell is a Personal Chef in NYC. Jamie Raymond is a Line Cook at Hillel's Kitchen in New Orleans. Julia Sanzen is the Chef at Flavorworks in NYC. Kate Strangfeld is Executive Chef at Crosroads Cafe in VT. Cindy Szymanski has a business called One with Food in NJ.

CTP 186T (2011)
Elena Carrio
is a Cook and Menu Planner at Bar del Convent de Sant Agusti in Barcelona. Ruth Glickman is a Private Chef in NYC. Sara Kartzmer is a Cook with Wellness in the Schools and a Personal Chef. Isabelle Lapin is Chef Instructor at Manhattan Youth where she teaches cooking and baking to children K to 5th grade. She designs the curriculum and creates her own recipes. Laura LoRusso is a Health Coach at Iora Health in NYC. Annie Morgan-Hanrahan is a Culinary Instructor at The Sylvia Center and a Chef Liaison for Wellness in the Schools in NYC. Pooja Mottl is a healthy living Writer and Consultant and is releasing her first Health/Diet book titled 3-Day Resets: Teaching Your Taste Buds How to Love Healthy Food in 2014 (Seal Press):

CTP 185 (2010)
Sarah Jansen
owns The Upstairs Kitchen in Chester, CT. Swasti Khemani is a Food Strategist at Future Group in India. Krissie Lee is a Private Chef and Nutritionist in WA. Mia Keranakis is a part-time caterer in NYC. Tatiana Lund is Chef/Owner of an organic, vegetarian restaurant in Rio de Janeiro called Org Bistro. Robin McKay is Guest Chef at Art Omi's Cafe-In-The-Fields, situated at a sculpture park in Ghent, NY. She's also a Recipe Tester for a food writer, author, critic, and former food magazine editor. Jacqueline Scaduto is the Education Coordinator at IIN in NYC. Denise Straiges has a homeopathic practice in Brooklyn.

CTP 184W (2011)
Jean-Marie Beeks
has a business called The Science of Food in Brooklyn. Daphne Cheng owns Verite Catering in NYC, as well as Suite Three Oh Six, a vegan supperclub. Alia Dalal is a Personal Chef and Culinary Instructor in Chicago. She also has a supper club called Seek. Cara Mangini is Executive Chef and Owner of Little Eater Salads and Little Eatery in Columbus, Ohio. She also writes a blog - - and teaches vegetable-based cooking classes. Alissa Wagner is Executive Chef/Partner at Dimes, an organic, seasonal cafe in NYC. David Wallace has a private chef business called Me In Your Kitchen LLC in NYC.

CTP 183 (2010)
Patrick Davis is a Personal Chef in NYC. Jennifer Freeman is the Sous Chef at Jesse's Cafe in Long Branch, NJ. Taylor Gonzales is a Line Cook at Saxon and Parole in NYC. Stephanie Hoban is the Registered Dietitian for Snap Kitchen in Houston, Texas and a Line Cook at Haven. She also has a blog called Ripe at Lindsey McBrearty is a Personal Chef in Philadelphia. Katie Petersen is a Deli Chef at Grassroots Natural Market in Jacksonville, FL. Susan Stimpson has a personal chef and catering business in NJ called From the Heart Healthy Healing Foods, LLC :

CTP 182 (2010)
Vaughn Alexander
is a Line Cook at Del Posto in NYC. Marie Gonzalez has a business called Kitchen Revolution in Manila, Phillipines. She offers plant-based cooking classes, workshops and consulting. Caleigh Megless is the Founder of KEILI in Paris. Jennifer Manley is the Chef/Owner of The Nutmeg Cookery, a vegan culinary company in Farmington, CT that specializes in cooking classes, parties and more. She also contributes to a humorous food blog called crumbs on my laptopLisa Simons has a business called Whirled Peas in MD. She offers culinary classes, home parties and private chef services. Joni Tipping owns Bluegreen Initiatives in Ontario, Canada. Alicia Walter is the Chef at La Scuola at Eataly.

CTP 181T (2010)
Evelyn Hefter has a private chef/catering service called OOLALA EVENTS, LLC in NYC. Sally Owens has a business called SO Tasty Vegan in Montclair, NJ. She offers catering, health coaching and cooking instruction. Kelli Peterson is a Personal Chef and Holistic Food Counselor in Charleston, SC.  Lyna Vuong is a Personal Chef in NYC. She also works at Ango Catering. Avivit Wolly is a Line Cook at Balaboosta Restaurant in NYC. Louisa Young started a farm-to-table catering company called Ango in NYC.

CTP 180 (2010)
David Alessandro is a Line Cook at Sands Pointe Restaruant at Longboat Key Club and Resort in Longboat Key, FL. Nathalie Curabba has a blog called Guaya Gourmet, She also teaches cooking classes and conducts workshops on food and health. Jill Dart is the Volunteer Coordinator at Common Threads in Chicago. Stephanie Dore is Chef de Cuisine at Culina Cafe Muttart in Edmonton, Canada. Heather Frakes is Restaurant and Catering Manager at Fraiche Bakery and Cafe in Evanston, IL. Merida Gorman is a Personal Chef in Los Angeles. Abbie Gross has a Personal Chef business called Fuel the Habit. Marcella Guglielmo is a Personal Chef/Consultant in NY. She's also an Instructor at The Food Evolution in Nanuet. Champ Jones is the Sous Chef at Nightingale9 in Brooklyn. Sophia Lambrakis is a Private Nutritional Consultant in Salzburg, Austria. Becky Leonard is Asst. to the President at Cosmopolitan Food Group in Hoboken. Justine Melone is working at two catering companies in NJ: Rustic Foods and Kevoo. She's also a Personal Chef for a family in NYC.

CTP 179 (2010)
Katie Brozen is working at Shanti Shack in Brooklyn. She's also a Personal Chef. Maureen Cavalieri has a business called Vibrant Dish in NYC. She offers classes, catering and personal chef services. Melissa Christy is a Pastry Cook at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. She also has a Personal Chef business called Pig Out Vegan. Stefanie Devic is a Wellness in the Schools Chef in Residence at several NYC Public Schools and Instructor for the WITS Cook for Kids Program. She also has a personal chef business called Whole Made Gourmet. Ayumi Kato is a Baker at One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn. Hanna Foster-Robinson is a Personal Chef/Consultant in NYC. Her business is HFR Living. Mihoko Kiyokawa is Founder/CEO at Mihoko's 21 Grams in NYC. Her restaurant recently made the Diner's Choice Top 10 Lists in 3 categories: Best food, Best Service, and Most Romantic. Lindsey Rosenberg is a Cooking Demonstrator for the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

CTP 178W (2010)
Denise Agnew has a business called Roots and Spice in NJ. She offers personal chef services and cooking classes. Nicole Croes owns a health coaching practice called Nikki's Healing Kitchen in NYC: Abbey Florence Chieffalo is an Admissions Rep. at ICE in NYC. Noel Kelley is the Sous Chef at Bella Luna in TN. Janet Nunez-Mitra is a Personal Chef/Caterer in NYC. Jessica Qsar is the Chef/Owner of Conscious Quisine in Maui, HI: specializing in health supportive private chef services/boutique catering and wellness coaching. Kaci Strother is a Chef Instructor for the WITS in Residence program at Wellness in the Schools in NYC.

CTP 177 (2010)
Chloe Coscarelli
is a Cookbook Author: CHLOE'S KITCHEN: 125 Easy, Delicious Recipes for Making the Food You Love the Vegan Way. She also posts recipes on her blog at: Yolanda Faustini has a nutrition and wellness coaching business in Westchester. Sandra Hakim owns Baseema Chocolate in NYC. Ihsaana Muhammad is Co-founder and Executive Chef at byDimples in NY. Nawal Tabet owns A Matter of Health in Nanuet, NY. Natalia Werutsky is a Chef, Nutritionist, Instructor and Author in Brazil.

CTP 176M (2010
Christine Panebianco
is a Personal Chef in NJ. Marina Spau has a company called Blue Strawberrys, LLC. She developed and markets Granola with an Edge, a line of all natural granola snacks and Bella Crunch, a line of all natural dog granola snacks.

CTP 175 (2009)
Liz Alexanian
has a cooking school called Cook LA in Studio City, CA.  Tess Arevalo-Fischer is a Freelance Chef at Marcey Brownstein Catering in NYC. Alessandra Felice is the Pastry Chef at Inspiral Lounge in London. Jerusha Holder is a Prepared Foods Team Member at Whole Foods Market-Arabella Station in New Orleans, LA. Johann Lingl is a Prep Chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Varun Sheth is Owner/Chef at 1 Tablespoon in Mumbai, India. Kelly Taylor a Chef, Culinary Educator and Motivational Speaker in NC. Her business is called Yes to the Chef.

CTP 174 (2009)
Mary Boccardo
is a Registered Dietician in NY. Kelly Calvo has a Garde Manger position in Cornell University's Catering Department. Jordan Hendin owns Chefs in the City in NYC. Abigail Henson has a tea-centric, whole foods eatery that offers high quality tea, regionally-inspired cuisine, and antiques called LoFo in upstate NY. She is also the Vice Chair of Central New York's Slow Food. Kari Kuwahara is Deli Team Leader at New Frontiers Natural Marketplace in San Luis Obispo, CA. Kelly Lemke is Head of Food Services at Flood Brook School in Londonderry, VT. Emi Tao is a Cook at Union Square Tokyo, the sister restaurant to Union Square Cafe in NYC. Shoba Subramanian is Head Chef at Feel Food in NYC. Marion Williams is a Chef in Residence with Wellness in the Schools. She's also a Children's Cooking Instructor at City Harvest in NYC. Linda Wong owns a weekly meal service called Smart Simple Gourmet in Los Angeles:

CTP 173T (2010)
Adam Brooks is a Culinary Instructor at Cook L.A. in Los Angeles, CA. Michael Damato is Executive Chef at Piada Italian Kitchen in Milford, CT. Candy Frisbie owns Frisbie Pie Co. Olivia Roszkowski is a Chef Instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute, Private Chef, and blogs at  Dina Lauro has a gourmet raw, vegan cookie company called Chunkie Dunkies in FL and a business called Raw Vegan Gourmet that offers culinary classes

CTP 172 (2009)
Sally Bowdle
has a business called Sally B Gluten Free, offering fresh, made-to-order, gluten-free breads, sweets and granola. She's also the Gluten-Free Baker at Jaybee's Cafe in Skippack, PA. Alexis Colantonio is Chef, Owner and Founder of Pure Natural Kitchen in NYC. Carmit Elkayam is a Personal Chef/Instructor in Israel. She's also a Demo Chef at her local Farmers' Market. Caroline Flynn is opening a Farm-to-Table restaurant called "Home" with her husband in FL. Ed McNamara is a Recipe Tester for InStyle Magazine and a Personal Chef in NYC. Roxana Picado has a Personal Chef/Catering business called Olla in NYC. Angela Rivera is Chef/Partner at Chop Culinary Entertaiment in Rockland County, NY. Whitney Spears is an Assistant Teacher at Harmony Montessori School in Portland, OR. Liesl Van Eeden is the Chef on a luxury super yacht. Brenna White is the Pastry Chef at The Smile in NYC.

CTP 171W (2010)
Alison Baker
is Chef and Kitchen Manager at Cedar Circle Farm in East Thetford, VT. Pip Foster is Sous Chef at The Works Catering in NYC. Alexa Gallo is Pastry Assistant at Craftbar in NYC. Kate Whitlow is Chef and Owner of Bear and Poppy, a catering company in NYC.

CTP 170 (2009)
Courtney Klein is Pastry Sous Chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Dan Lewis is a Chef at Green Zebra Kitchen in Toronto. Eli Margulies is the owner of Eat with Eli, LLC a personal chef service based in New York City. With business growing, Eli recently hired three NGI chefs to join her team. Another member of Eli's team is her newborn daughter, Rafaela. Tyler Schlesinger is a Personal Chef and Health Coach in Rock Tavern, NY. Anna-Marie deZwager is integrating her culinary training with her background in athletics, fitness and life style in Canada. Shanon Stranik is a Whole Body Buyer for Whole Foods in Seattle. Lyz Sutcliffe is Chef/Owner of Life Savour Gourmet Meal Delivery, in Halifax NS.

CTP 169 (2009)
Danna Al-Tourah
is Executive Chef at Tatami Japanese Restaurant in Kuwait. Juliana Brafa works at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC . Danielle Foster is a Sales and Marketing Executive at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. Amalia Marino works at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA. Maureen McNellis is the Chef at a new restaurant in Sardinia. Lindsay Rau is a Chef in Residence for Wellness in the Schools in NYC. Nikki Smith owns Lotus Health Education & Personal Chef Services in Brooklyn. Karina Velasco does a cooking healthy show called La Cocina de Karina in Mexico. She also conducts cooking clasess in Mexico, Miami and L.A , as well as retreats and tantra courses. In addition, she is the author of two books: The Art of Healthy Living and From the Sweet Spot to the G Spot.

CTP 168T (2009)
Melissa Bump is a Pastry Cook at The Village Tart in NYC. Vanessa Bush is Acting Managing Editor at Essence Magazine in NYC. Kassie Harrelson is a Freelance Chef at the Food Network, TLC and Bravo. Ryan Ross is helping to open a vegan restaurant at a new yoga retreat and restorative spa called Yemaya Island Retreat & Spa, on Little Corn Island Nicaragua. She is consulting, developing and hiring for the creation of the restaurant and its mission and creating the menu and training the staff. Elodie Trouche has a business called Clean Eating Now in NYC, offering personal chef services and catering. Brandon Ress owns B Ready Foods in Hauppauge, NY.

CTP 167 (2009)
Kristen Ashenbach
owns Cafe Sprouts Juice Bar and Eatery in Oberlin, OH . Alice Bamford owns Love a Locavore in the UK. Patricia Bonavito has a business called Sum of Us Natural Foods in NYC. Heidi Fagley is Wellness Director and Executive Chef for Grass Roots in Greenwich, CT. Colleeen Henry is a Holistic Health Counselor and Founder of Healthy Living Way. Laurent Pariente is a Personal Chef for cancer clients in NYC. April Strevell is Chef/Mgr. at No Joe’s Café in Red Bank, NJ.

CTP 166W (2009)
Kimberly Kulhanek
runs a supper club called Pig and Pepper in NYC. Dante Leigh is the Sous Chef at the Inn at Stone Ridge in Stone Ridge, NY. Marta Lulewicz is a Cook at Parish Hall Restaurant in Brooklyn. Molly Neuman owns Simple Social Kitchen in Brooklyn and is teaching with Cocinar Para Su Salud. Danielle Michaan is Director and General Manager at Katohah Yoga NYC. Emily Rosen is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Teacher at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in CO. Kristine Sabenicio owns Fork & Spoon Culinary Services and is a Chef Instructor at the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) in NYC. Linda Soper-Kolton is a vegan culinary instructor at Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY. Jennifer Sweenie is an Editorial Assistant at Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Vanessa Williamson owns Cracked Ladle in Austin, TX.

CTP 165 (2009)
Michele Angel
is a Personal Chef/Caterer in NYC. Mariana Bull is the Chef at Brasilina in NYC. Kristen Desmond is Chef/Owner of Flagstone Pantry, Inc. in Santa Barbara, CA. She's opening a retail location in the new Santa Barbara Public Market later this year. She will offer healthy gourmet takeaway and specialty baked goods. Deniz Dinler owns Green Chef Holistic Wellness, LLC in NYC. Jessi Dulude is a Cook at Vej Naturals in MA. Tomo Noguchi is education Centre Coordinator at Galloway's Natural foods in Vancouver, Canada. Nancy McArthur owns Natural Chef LLC in NJ. Rebecca Riker is a Grill Chef and Catering Manager at Animal in Los Angeles. Ishmir Savory owns and operates a small business called "Savory's Vegan Gourmet Delights" on the island of Bermuda which caters vegan and/or gluten-free baked goods, raw foods and cooked meals for clients and a local natural health food establishment.  Her businesss also provides catering for events and personal chef services. Christian Simeone is Executive Chef at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge, MA.

CTP 164M (2009)
Jessica Bauco-Childs
is a Partner at Kombucha Brooklyn. She's also a Teacher and Cookbook Author. Marina Berger has a business called Marina Cooks in NYC. She is also the host of Salt Salon, a monthly event that brings together guest art performances with food prepared by Marina. Stephanie Bogdan is Program Manager at MediFit Corporate Services, Citi Health & Fitness Center in NYC. Lynn Duffy is an Event Planner in NYC. Kent Gifford is the Lead Pastry Cook at Manzo in NYC. Karisa Glantz is Entremettier at Minetta Tavern in NYC. Kenyon Hart is the Sous Chef at Harvest on Hudson in Westchester, NY. Judit Jaramillo is a Baker at Stonebridge at Montgomery, Assisted Living Community in NJ. Chuck Jessop is a weekend Chef at Just A Taste Wine & Tapas Bar in Ithaca. He's also Account Manager, Service and Campus Readiness at Cornell University. Michael Kohler is a Garde Manger at Marco Trattoria in Brevard, NC. Einat Mazor is a Cookbook Author and Owner of Bliss Fine Foods in NJ. Janani Urreta is a Personal Chef in AZ.

CTP 163 (2008)
Yvonne Botti
has a business called SoundFoods in Costa Mesa, CA. Anthony Buison is Sous Chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Celeste Campbell is a Personal Chef in Spain. Katie Compton is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in Canada and has a business called Kate and the Kitchen. She is also a Nutritionist and Chef Consultant at Toronto Food Share and a Freelance Chef and Recipe Tester at The Test Kitchen. Rebecca Death owns Café Estabar in Australia. Debbie Gulecki is Chef/Owner of Daisy's Cakes, a health-oriented pet treat company in ME. She also has a culinary consulting business. Christine Haskin is a Holistic Health Coach and Chef. Elizabeth LaMantia Vestal is Co-owner and General Manager at New Rivers Restaurant in Providence, RI. Jennifer Paulson is a Culinary Brand Marketer in Chicago. Sara Querbes is a Baker for the farm store at Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent, NY..

CTP 162 (2008)
Tanisa Amatayakul
is Teacher at the Hotel Management School of Silpakorn University and is also a Guest Lecturer at Stenden University in Thailand. Melinda Beaulieu is a Personal Chef in NYC. Wendy Berkovits is a Personal Chef in NJ. Lisa Fierro is Kitchen Manager at Roberta's in NYC.  Nelly Kerpner owns Nelly's Kitchen, a restaurant and deli serving healthy, organic foods in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She's also a Cooking Instructor at Bishulim Cooking School. Beth Kersey founded a business called Alaska Food Sovereignty and Edible Landscapes. She's also creating a non profit called Alaska Seed Savers and Healthy Foods Project. In addition, she is Associate Professor of Human Services at Alaska Pacific University. Sherry Perks McConnell is a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor in WA. Jaime Studley is a Yoga Instructor in NYC.  Nicole Torre is a Pastry Line Chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Aviva Vikstrom is a Personal Chef in Seattle.

CTP 161T (2009)
Hilla Abel is a Cooking Instructor, Caterer and Culinary Coach. Anna Bond is a Personal Chef/Consultant in NYC. Lindsay Brox is the Sous Chef at Organic Garden in Beverly, MA. Ryan Bufkin is AM Sous Chef at Five Leaves in Brooklyn. Nancy Liguori has a business called Sugar Snap Kitchen, offering culinary classes, private chef services, and nutrition consulting in NYC and Northern NJ. She also cooks for wellness retreats in the Hudson Valley, and writes a natural foods-oriented blog called Kale & Cardamom ( ). Giovanna Miller is the Wellness Club Team Leader at Whole Foods Market Tribeca. Craig Molino is a Personal Chef in NYC. Melissa Rebholz is a Farmer at Green String Farm in Sonoma, CA. Amber Van Wert is the Sous Chef at Cafe Santosha in Trexlertown, PA.

CTP 160 (2008)
Cindi Avila
launched an all vegetarian and vegan public relations firm to bring media exposure to all-veg companies: She is also a Food Correspondent for various outlets. Melissa Iacono is a Pastry Cook at Mesa Grill in NYC. Risa Lichtman is the Food Service Director of Jewish Community High School in San Francisco, providing organic, local, vegetarian food to the students. She also runs an underground supperclub called Sunday Supperings, featuring 5-course menus using all local & sustainable ingredients. In addition, she runs an underground Soup CSA. Larry Robbins is Supervisor at Resort Condominiums International in IN. Geri Petito owns Creatively Catered in NJ and does cooking classes at Whole Foods Market. Karolina Palmer is a Personal Chef in NYC. She's also a Cook at Williamsburg Northside Preschool in Brooklyn. Kat Turner is a Personal Chef in Los Angeles. Alison Wiener is Co-Founder of Evermore, a high-grade dog food available in NYC and the Hudson Valley.

CTP 159 (2008)
Nicole Novak is a Personal Chef in Vancouver. David Nuss is a Culinary Instructor for the Children’s Aid Society and the Harlem Children's Zone in NYC, teaching classes for elementary, middle and high school students. Flavia Scigliano owns Semear Culinaria Natural in Brazil. Pam Stampahar is Kitchen Manager at Babycakes in Los Angeles. Sachiko Taji-Windbiel has a custom cake decorating shop called Mimi Cafe Union in NYC. Jen Woodard is a Nutritionist in VT. Chelsea Zimmer is a freelance Food Stylist and Blogger in NYC.   

CTP 158W (2008)
Noriko Azuma
is a Private Chef in New York and Paris. Celina Grotell is a Private Chef in NYC. Kali Hamm is a Freelance Private Chef in London. Alissa Harrison is a Private Chef in NYC. Julia Knyphausen is a Cook at Lucky Dog Farm Cafe in the Catskills. Danielle Ott is the Sous Chef at Dirt Candy in NYC. Maria Puerta owns The Green Spiral in NYC. She offers personal chef services, cooking instruction and health coaching. Mark Tinkleman is Chef de Partie at Fork Restaurant in Philadelphia.

CTP 157 (2008)
Sarah Lynn Andrews
is Lead Line Cook at Pok Pok in Portland, OR. Phil Barth is the Food Service Director for the St. Meinrad Archabbey, Seminary, and School of Theology in St. Meinrad, IN. Anna Billingskog is Personal Chef and Baker in NYC. Sarah Fillius is the Production and Marketing Manager for the Lansing Urban Farm Project, managing an expanding 1/2-acre urban farm and facilitating the farm's education program. She also leads community food-related workshops. Jessie Gold is the Chef and Co-Founder of the 718 Collective, a Brooklyn based group of chefs and activists who promote food justice through community meals, catering, classes and internships, and urban agriculture. Wendy Isoda works at Field & Fork Catering in Santa Monica, CA and is also a Team Member at Whole Foods Market. Virginia Staska is Chef and Recipe Developer for Lakewinds Natural Foods Coop in MN.

CTP 156 (2008)
Susan Burdian is Executive Chef at the Flatiron Room in NYC. Lynn Denis is a Personal Chef in Boston. Virginia Corpus-McDermott owns Kitchen Vitality in Brisbane, Australia. Nicole O'Brien is a Baker/Decorator at Red Truck Bakery in Warrenton, VA. Linda Rubin owns L's Kitchen, LLC in NYC. She's a Personal Cher, Food Stylist and Photographer. Her photos have appeared in Organic Gardening Magazine, Health e Times and Tatyana Shamalov is a Personal Chef/Holistic Health Counselor in Queens. Idil Sanal is Chef/Foodist at Istanbul Doors. Karen Spirer is a Chef/Baker/Instructor/Consultant in NY.

CTP 155T (2008)
Eileen Botti
is the Soup Kitchen Supervisor and Music Therapist/Rehabilitation Specialist at Goddard Riverside Community Center, where she is transitioning the menu toward using ingredients that are fresh, seasonal, whole, and unprocessed.  She also creates custom vegan cakes for special occasions through her own side business, Headless Horseman Bakery. Tricia Brown is Executive Chef at Korbel Winery in CA. Andrea Danielson is a Private Chef in Brooklyn Heights. Ellen Emerson is a Cook with Wellness in the Schools. Natalia Gaviria owns Cook-Life Catering in Brooklyn. She also offers personal chef services and private instruction. Juliana Osleeb is a Private Chef in NYC.

CTP  154 (2008)
Sara Boan
is the Pastry Chef at Kendal on Hudson in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Georgia Dind runs food workshops and health programs in Sydney, Australia through She is a lecturer at Nature Care College and is finishing degrees in Nutrition and Naturopathy. Nikki King Bennett is Executive Chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC. Amy Miller is the Chef/Owner of The Golden Guernsey B&B, as well as Early Bird Cookery in NY. David Noritz is a Pastry Cook at Gramercy Tavern in NYC. Marni Wasserman is a Personal Chef/Holistic Nutritionist in Toronto. She recently spent time in Africa teaching communities about organic eating. Marti Wolfson is the Founder of MW Culinary Wellness, LLC providing culinary nutrition education. 

CTP 153W (2008)
Gretchen Brinson is teaching nutrition and cooking classes to middle school students in the Bronx. She is also Associate Director, Food Education with Steve's Camp at Horizon Farms in Sullivan County. Lauren Davidson is a Line Cook at Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan, PR. Hilda Eribo is a Personal Chef. She also freelances at Marcey Brownstein Catering in NYC. Heather Esposito is opening a new gluten-free, allergen-friendly bakery. Katie Gadsby is a Garden & Nutrition Educator at a non-profit  working with local schools in San Francisco. Kumiko Itagaki is a Personal Chef in NYC. Laura Marshall is a Personal Chef in NYC.  Marissa Peluso is the Sous Chef at Le Verdure Restaurant at Eataly in NYC. Tom Quackenbush is an Artisan Baker at Thanksgiving Farm Bakery at the Center for Discovery in Harris, NY. Chelsea Smith is a Culinary Instructor and Wellness Counselor in OK. Justin Zaslow is a Health Coach in NJ.

CTP 152 (2008)
Dean Boswell
is a Line Cook at the Tasting Kitchen in Venice, CA. Dale Fahrnow is a Pizza Chef at The Wild Tomato in WI. Andrea Mavro is Part Owner/Head Chef at Naturally Good Foods and Café in Montauk. Katie Sobel is Director of Marketing Communications for leading organic kids' nutrition company, Plum Organics. Chris Wegwart is Produce Supervisor at Whole Foods Market in Durham, NC. He's also the Farmer Liason for the Traditional Foods Club. Jessica Woods is an Owner of a pie business in Portland, OR called The Pie Spot.

CTP 151M (2008)
June Berry
is an on-site Prep Chef for Callahan Catering in NYC and Sous Chef at Promis Academy of the Harlem Children's Zone. Sarah Hill opened a vegan wholesale bakery called Mister Sister in NYC. She also runs Terri's juice cleanse program and offers vegan business consulting. Erika Layfield is an Event Planner in NYC. Bevin McNulty owns Bam Bam Bakery, a full retail gluten-free bakery and coffee shop in ME. Michael Rosner is a Yogi Chef in San Francisco. He offers catering, personal chef and nutrition coaching services. Cody Strauss is working at Bam Bam Bakery in Portland, ME. Christine Von Der Linn does workshops on health-supportive, seasonal eating in NJ and NY. 

CTP 150 (2007)
Rebecca Arnold
is Executive Chef at Pain D’Avignon Bakery & French Bistro in MA. Lisa Hviding is a Cheese Specialist at Blue Duck Tavern in Georgetown. Sita Palomar Brian is a Host of the radio show, "An Organic Conversation" in CA. Ashley Whitmore is Executive Pastry Chef at Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn.  Jason Wood is the Executive Chef at Tavern at Highlands Country Club in Garrison, NY.

CTP 149W (2008)
Danielle Heard is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Founder of Artemis in the City LLC. Jessica Hulett is Managing Editor at Synergistic Marketing. Edmund Lui is a Private Chef in the metro NJ area. Marina Schulze is the Chef at Nights & Weekends in Brooklyn.

CTP 148 (2007)
Amanda Anderson
is a Personal Chef and a Chef Instructor at the Sylvia Center NYC. Danya Bader-Natal is catering at Formaggio Kitchen in Boston and also working as a Personal Chef. Jonathan Gambino owns Three Sisters Farm in FL and is in the process of getting organic certification. He is currently serving multiple course homegrown meals a la friday night dinners except in a tropical setting in his giant two story tiki hut surrounded by crops. In addition, he is making fine wine with tropical fruits that he grows -- varieties of lychee, mango, jackfruit, banana, and more. Carrie McGowan is a House Manager in Park City, Utah. She also became a Hippocrates Health Institute Health Educator and is in the process of becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Patrick Stewart is the Lead Prep Chef for an adult group of volunteers at the Ceres Project in Sebastopol, CA.YunYun Zhuang, R.D. works in Product Innovations and Nutrition Applications at Kraft Foods Group.

CTP 147 (2007)
Alexis Blake
is a Personal Chef in NJ. Adfia Bristol is Co-Owner of YisRoYal, LLC, a Gourmet Vegan Cookie Dough Manufacturing Company and is wholesaling three flavors of Whole Grain Spelt Cookie Dough to Natural and Specialty Markets throughout NYC. Ruth Fehr is Director of Nutrition and Wellness at The Palette Fund in NYC. Molly Handler is Caterer/Sous Chef at The Balcony on Dock in Wilmington, NC. She's also a Personal Chef. Gia Ramos is a Personal Chef/Make-Up Artist in NYC. Federico Saldivar is a Personal Chef in NYC. Victoria Fernandez Salom is Content Manager at Foodity and blogs at Leah Shomron-Finder is a TV personality in Israel, as well as a Cookbook Author. Sarena Stern is a Line Cook at Cyrus Restaurant in Healdsburg, CA. David Wilke is the Chef at Blackbird Kitchen in MT. Robert Wilson-Smith is Sous Chef at Graze in Vancouver. He's also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.   

CTP 146 (2007)
Andrea Boje
Sprague is Culinary Producer for CookTasteEat, a Personal Chef specializing in allergy free cooking, and Recipe Tester.

CTP 145T (2008)
Christine Borzell is a Personal Chef on LI, a Holistic Chef for Integrative Health & Healing in Manhasset, a Partner in The Good Knife and an Instructor at Sur la Table in Manhasset. Paulo Brasiliero is a Cooking Intructor and Caterer in Brazil. Iris Cortes is a Chef Instructor at Turf in NYC. Lauren Donath is a Cooking Instructor/Caterer in NYC. Kristina Kulin has relocated to Saratoga Springs, NY, where she works in project management at the advertising agency, Fingerpaint. Andrea Lennon is Founding Partner at The Good Knife in NYC. Silvana Paulilo is a Personal Chef in CT. Andrea Rios Freeman owns Andrea Freeman Events in Los Angeles.  Laura Rosenberg, R.D. owns Green Napkin Nutrition in NY.

CTP 144 (2007)
Tanya Bielski is the Coordinator at the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry in Pittsburgh, PA. Melissa Gellert is the Director of Client Services and Baker at Sound Lounge in NYC. She's also a Guest Chef at Good Commons in Plymouth, Vermont, a boutique retreat and vacation home destination. Laura Gibson owns Laura’s Sweet Gourmet in PA. Bela Moriera is a Personal Chef/Ayurvedic Counselor in NYC.

CTP 143 (2007)
Emmy Miller is the Pastry Chef at Millennium in San Francisco. Daniel Selikowitz is Asst. to the Head Chef at The Art of Living North American Center in Canada.

CTP 142W (2007)
Peggy Chung Collier
owns Peggy’s Premium Edamame, as well as Crunchamame Edamame Veggie Snacks. Jamie Klotz is the Chef at Beer Table in Brooklyn. Mario Mastrandrea is a Cook in the Garde Manger kitchen for the Executive Dining Suites at Yankee Stadium. Richard Soriero is a Cook at Dovetail in NYC.

CTP 141 (2007)
Michael Giacomello is a Private Chef to a member of Congress and Convention Consultant to HSUS in Washington, DC. He is also Chef/Salesman at Field Roast Grain Meat Co. Erika Mallory relocted to Los Angeles . Roderick McCulloch is the Kitchen Manager at the Seward Coop in Minneapolis and has two little daughters.  

CTP 140M (2007)
Ellen Arian
owns Ellen’s Food & Soul in NJ. Jamie Askin runs Good Food, a craft service company specializing in organic snack foods for production crews and Good Mood, a massage business. Jessica Blumenthal lives in Seattle, WA and is a board member of Seattle Chefs Collaborative. Jennifer Columbo is Chef/Owner of Naturally Jeni in NY. Lisa LaRoche has a catering business called Shake-and-Stir in NJ. Laura Viegas is opening a restaurant/bar called Cook & Shaker in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia.

CTP 139 (2007)
Milan Doshi owns The Queen Anne B&B in Denver. Caroline Ishii is making truffles in Canada. Yuki Itoh owns Japan Living Food Assoc. in Tokyo. Gregg Lewis owns Green Zebra in Toronto. Luis Munoz is working in Operations for Intercontinental Hotels Group. Wiebke Wiechell is a Canteen Wizard at Jivamukti Canteen in Berlin, Germany.

CTP 138 (2006)
Beth DerGarabedian is a p/t Restaurant Consultant. Sally Rupert teaches high school chemistry in Seattle and works part time as Lead Chef for Parties that Cook. Montse Vallory is an Educator in the use of food for health in Barcelona. Charlie Wilson is President of Help Yourself Foods Inc. in Key West, FL. Tressa Yellig owns Salt, Fire & Time in Portland, OR.

CTP 137T (2007)
Stephen Flohr has a business called Ital Creations in NY. He offers personal chef services, cooking instruction, yoga instruction and personal training. He is also a journalist for, writing about current events in the world of peace and social justic activism. Michael Knight is Head Chef at Eden Village Camp in Putnam Valley, NY. Linda Monastra is a f/t Line-Cook at Sprig and Vine, a vegan restaurant in New Hope, PA as well as a p/t Pastry Chef at Chambers Walk in Lawrenceville, NJ. Kimberley Stakal, owner of The Green Gourmet, is a freelance food writer, editor, and culinary consultant living in Los Angeles, CA.  

CTP 136W (2007)
Jay Bither
owns Carving Board Catering in NYC. Laurie Gershgorn owns Healthy Culinary Creations, LLC in Westchester. She works as a personal chef, teaches cooking classes in schools and at local farms, and provides nutritional consultation services. Pam Goldberg owns a gluten-free bakery called Flour Buds in Nyack, NY.

CTP 135 (2006)
Kristen Palmer
owns The Gluten Free Bread Factory in Toledo, OH where she is the Baker. Mary Wilson is the Creator of Mary Louine Comtemporary Culinary Apparel in TX. Conor Yates is a Teacher and Studio Manager at Prana Power Yoga Brooklyn and also does private consultations with Yoga and Cooking with Conor.

CTP 134 (2006)
LaMana Donadelle has a Personal Chef business called Culinary Healing. She's also the Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market in Durham.

CTP 133 (2006)
Anna de Castro
has a catering company called 3 Na Cozinha and a TV show called Sem Tempero nao Da in Brazil. Molly Chester manages a 130-acre farm in Moorpark, CA with her husband.  It's called Apricot Lane Farms. They're producing lemons, avocados, lamb, poultry and other things. Emily Marciniak is a Health Educator in the DC Metro area. Olivia Go owns Tosho Knife Arts in Toronto, a knife store that sells hand-forged knives from Japan and other accessories. She offers sharpening services and classes as well. Olga Perez is a Caterer, Instructor, and Food Writer in Colombia. 

CTP 132S (2007)
Judea Johnson is a Nutrition Consultant in Berkeley, CA. Stefania Rubicondo is Chef/Baker at the Spence School in NYC. Melinda Tracy is a Corporate Chef at Bridger Capital in NYC. She also has a business called Nuts & Bolts in Brooklyn.

CTP 131 (2006)
Diogo Andrade
is a Cook at Esteva in Portugal. Sonja Lohage is a Baker/Cook at Food Dance Café in MI. Danielle Steffener is working at Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in AZ.

CTP 130 (2006)
Andrea Basile
is a Personal Chef in Woodstock, VT. Michael Schurr is a Demo Chef and freelance Consultant for TV production, restaurant development, menu creation and retail brand development.

CTP 129E (2006)
Ela Guidon
recently did a workshop for the project Food, Health and Choices offered by Teachers College, Columbia University. She taught Spanish-speaking parents why fruits and vegetables are important for them and their children and how to introduce these foods to their diets according to their ethnic traditions. Rose Canale is a Chef, Educator and Food Co-op Coordinator in NJ.  Theresa Morelli is a Chef Instructor at The Sylvia Center in NYC>

CTP 128 (2006)
Amy Ball
is Assistant Chef at Palo Alto Community Child Care in CA. Ginny Evans is a Personal Chef in the Bay Area. Brandi Kowalski  is a Restaurant/Cafe Consultant who specializes in beverage, launching juice programs.  Summer Kriegshauser is a Public Health & Wellness Expert at Deloitte in Washington, DC.

CTP 127S (2006)
Leslie Angle
owns Sheffa Foods in NYC. Nick Dimartino is a Naturopathic Doctor in PA. Jill Engelhardt is a Personal Chef on Long Island. Philip Kess is the Mgr. at Provisions Natural Foods on Long Island. Asya Ollis is General Manager at Agava Restaurant in Ithaca, NY. Carly Smith Sitner is Head Pastry Chef at Russellville in OR. She maintains two 5-star restaurants and 2 cafés within the establishment. She also plans to open a vegan soul food restaurant. Lindsey Williams is a Cookbook Author. Brenda Winiarski founded Cook for Love Inc., a culinary not-for-profit dedicated to the PKU community. Her website provides low-protein recipes and online video demonstrations. 

CTP 126 (2006)
Susie Arnold is a Private Vegan Chef in Baltimore, MD. Karen Formanski is the Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market, Lincoln Park in Chicago. Doron Hanoch is a Holistic Health Consultant and Yoga Instructor. Claire Levitch Cohen has a Personal Chef business called Nosh. Minna Hughes owns Health by Whole Meals in NYC.

CTP 125 (2006)
Jana Keith-Jennings is Chef/Partner at Sweet by Jana in NYC. Chandra Lee is a Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, Vegan/Raw Vegan Chef, Kangen Water Distributor and Spokes Person for Vegan Living. Her company is Organic Flava’s, LLC.  Aja Marsh is Project Assistant at Forum for the Future. Michelle McKenzie is a Personal Chef, Culinary Instructor and Nutrition Consultant in San Francisco. She's also a Chef Instructor at Nextcourse/Mission High School. Stephanie Roston, RD is Executive Chef at St. Helena's Hospital in CA. Derek Treuer is cooking at Carolina House, a residential treatment program for persons with eating disorders in Durham, NC.

CTP 124S (2006)
Madea Allen
is a Culinary Technician at the Fund for Public Health in NY. Her position is also called Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) Salad Bar Chef.  The CPPW initiative aims to decrease obesity among NYC children by increasing their fresh vegetable consumption. Kate Christman is Nutrition Coordinator/Educator at Urban Nutrition Initiative, Univ. of PA. Adrianna Holiat is Founder & CEO at Greenwich Village Green in NYC and Chief Product Developer & Owner at Baked By Bub. April Neujean is Health & Wellness Manager at Edible Schoolyard in New Orleans, as well as Food and Nutrition Services Coordinator for Firstline Schoools, Inc. Sarah Peltier owns Woodside Bakehouse in Queens, NY.    

CTP 123 (2005)
Seth Aubuchon
is a Private Chef in Orland Park, IL. James Barry owns Wholesome2Go, a healthy meal delivery company in Los Angeles. He co-authored the recipe section in Margaret Floyd's book, Eat Naked and authored the cookbook, The Naked Foods Cookbook. He is also a Private Chef for celebrities in his spare time. Kate Billet is Owner/Exec. Chef at Kate's Natural Gourmet. Emily Elliot-Casey is Executive Chef at The Works Catering in NYC. Jennifer Goldberg-Engel owns Spork Foods in Los Angeles. Her website is a resource for vegans and everyone interested in healthy cooking. Jenny is also a Cookbook Author. Neal Harden is Executive Chef at Pickle Shack and a Culinary Consultant at Powerplant Inc. Maleta Van Loan owns Pacific Spring, Inc., a restaurant consulting firm in HI. She's also Co-Founder of Maui Preserved - specialty food products made in season with island-grown ingredients. 

CTP 122E (2006)
Matt Slagle
is the Sous Chef/Production Mgr. at the Isabella Geriatric Center in NY.

CTP 121 (2005)
Dree Andrea is an Energy Coach, Writer and Filmmaker in NYC. Devin Colon is a Personal Chef in FL. Kelly Geary is a Cookbook Author and Owner of Sweet Deliverance in Brooklyn. Carrie Anne Murphy is a Buyer for Whisk in Brooklyn. Sunie Pope is a Personal Chef, Yoga Instructor and Production Coordinator at Provincetown Theatre in MA. Melissa Weisman is Head Baker at Crunchcakes Cupcakery and Asst. Pastry Chef at Café Luck in Santa Barbara, CA. 

CTP 120 (2005)
Sara Driscoll
is a Personal Chef in Westchester, NY. She also works in a school district helping train the staff to cook a variety of healthy lunch options. Liz Fleischman is Quality Assurance Specialist at Culinary Concepts, NYC Dept. of Education. Erika Geldzahler is a Partner in Pies 'n Thighs in Brooklyn.

CTP 119 (2005)
Julie Cole
is a Cooking/Dietetic Consultant at The Mindful Health Foundation in Naples, FL. Matt Downes is a Chef/Consultant in NYC. Adrienne Felder owns The Whole Bite, Inc. in Chicago. She also writes recipes for The Active Survivor Network Newsletter. Carolyn Gilles-Hannan is Marketing & Events Manager at Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods in Louisville, KY. Schot Hannan is doing his residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Louisville. Shane Kelly is a Chef, Instructor, Speaker and Cookbook Author. She has a food blog called She recently did a "real food re-design" of the breakfast menu at Nashville Rescue Mission, the largest homeless shelter in Nashville.  

CTP 118S (2006)
Ori Cosentino is Kitchen Supervisor at Hotel Delmano in Brooklyn. Abby Fammartino owns Abby's Table in Portland, OR. She offers catering, cooking classes and weekly family-style dinners.

CTP 117 (2005)
Aviva Allen
is a Nutritionist/Cooking Instructor/Cookbook Author in Toronto. Naomi Close has a food truck business in Boston called The Dining Car. Kit Libenschek is Prep Manager at Victory's Banner in Chicago. Nicole Napoli, R.D. is a Personal Chef, Caterer and Instructor in Asheville, NC.

CTP 116E (2005)
Trish Buldo is a Senior Food Technologist at Ghiradelli Chocolate in San Francisco. Tino Carero is Chef/Owner of VivaVega in Belgium. Danny Casbarro owns The Yogi Chef in CT. Theresa Gaimaro is a Private Cooking Instructor. She also does food tours around NY. Joel Mittentag is a Team Trainer and Green Mission Team Leader in the Prepared Foods Dept. at Whole Foods Market in Paramus, NJ. Colleen Torma owns Medicinal Foods in NY.   

CTP 115 (2005)
Jay Hough
is Co-Chef at Manhattan Inn in Brooklyn. Kieren King is a Bread Baker at The Model Bakery in Napa, CA.

CTP 114S (2005)
Jennifer Asfar
is a Personal Chef in NJ. Tracy Jorg is a Personal Chef/Caterer on L.I.  Carla Martinez is Chef de Cuisine at Bar Corvo in Brooklyn. Wendy Schnitzer is a Fit Food Coach in Kirkland, WA. Jason Sellers has a vegan restaurant in Asheville called Plant where he is the Chef.

CTP 113 (2005)
Lindsay Chapman
is a Personal Chef in NYC and the Hamptons. She's also an Event Planner and freelance Caterer. Nathan Donahoe owns Chef of the People in CA. He does cooking, counseling, recipe development, writing and public speaking. He is also an elected official and medical cannabis activist in Los Angeles. Lakshmi Harilela owns Love True Food in Hong Kong. Dana Jellinek is a Registered Dietician specializing in vegan raw living foods. Mark Mebus is Co-owner and Chef at Blackbird Pizzaria in Philadelphia. Erica Strait owns Foxy Falafel, a restaurant and food truck in Minneapolis. 

CTP 112 (2004)
Maiko Amemiya is a Consultant for SAF Catering in Istanbul. Jennifer Brawn is a Private Chef in Paris. Her position includes world travel. Josh Gonzales is the Head Cold Cook at Do Di Yo’s in AL. Jennifer Trinkle is in the Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling graduate program at San Francisco University.  

CTP 111E (2005)  
Judy Montesarrato
is a Personal Chef in RI. Jennifer Goren is Director of Culinary Arts at The JCC in Manhattan. Cindy Siegenfeld is the owner of Turning Point Culinary, LLC – personalized culinary instruction.  

CTP 110 (2004)
Aliye Aydin is Owner/Manager at Beachgreens in Long Beach, CA. Laura Demeri is the Founder of Believe in Movement Studio in Portland, OR. Kristen Kancler is a Body Transformation Coach and Owner of Body Bliss Coaching in CA. Becky Mendez owns Frescura in PR. Mary Serrilli is a Personal Chef in NJ. 

CTP 109E (2005)
Eric Lucas
is Event Manager at Cornell University. Gilda Mulero is Owner of Naturally-Tasty, a Personal Chef Service, and a Cooking Instructor. Diane Raymond is Team Leader of the Specialty Department at Whole Foods Market in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.

CTP 108 (2004)
Alyson Crispi
is a health-supportive Chef/Teacher in Rockvill Centre, NY.Lauren Pilgrim is a Personal Chef in NYC.     

CTP 107 (2004)
Nick Beitcher is a Baker at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. Emily Cavelier is the Owner of Nourishing Root, offering herbal and dietary wellness consultations, private cooking, and cooking lessons. Larayn Halton-Clegg is the Chef at Union Street Eats, a vegan, Mexican-inspired food cart in UT. She's also a Personal Chef. Tal Ronnen is a Chef and VP of Culinary Innovation at Garden Protein. He’s also the Author of The Conscious Cook:  Delicious Meatless Recipes that Will Change the Way You EatShannon Sullivan is approaching health from a new angle as owner and practitioner of the Grinberg Method at Bodies Learning ( in Chicago, IL

CTP 106E (2004)
Kathleen Green
is Head Chef at Child Center of NY in Queens. Linda Mills is Executive Director at Medical Society of NJ. She also owns To Your Health.   

CTP 105E (2004)
Fredrik Berselius is a Chef/Partner at a Scandinavian pop-up restaurant in Brooklyn called Aska. Tolga Klein is a Recipe Developer for a grocery store concept called Kochhaus in Berlin, Germany. He's also a Cooking Instructor there and has a food blog on Facebook: Maleigha Liburdi owns Bowery Coffee in NYC. Claudio Regueira is a Private Chef in NYC and the Hamptons. Tara Smith (formerly Delanghe) is a Specialty Team Mentor at Whole Foods Market in Franklin, TN.

CTP 104 (2004)
Anne Baptiste
is in law school studying environmental law. Rossana DeAngelis is Chef/Owner at Chili and Fennel in Toronto. Laura Heifetz is Catering Manager/Perishables Buyer at Green Grape Provisions in Brooklyn. Liz Kahler is Culinary Lead at Sur La Table in San Diego. Maki Stevenson owns Makifood Cookery School in Budapest.  David Stowe is a Personal Chef in MI. Dana Wallace is the Creator of the cooking app, Simple Enough: Matt Weber is Chef/Proprietor at Table Grace Ministries in Omaha.

CTP 103 (2003)
Joni Cushman
has a personal chef business called Conscious Cooking in Portland, OR. She works with autism, diabetes, cancer and special diets. Fabiana Esteves is Project Delivery Director, Ecommerce at Polo Ralph Lauren in NYC. Chrisi Harper is a Personal Chef in NYC and Head Chef at the annual Kushi Macrobiotic Summer Conference. Deborah Hetrick owns Chef Deb's Pastry Shoppe in NYC.

CTP 102E (2004)
Elena Balletta
is working at Brooklyn Brine. Maria Diaz is a Patient Consultant and Chef Instructor for Dr. Theresa Dale in Ventura, CA. Colombe Jacobsen is a Personal Chef, Instructor, Food Consultant and Yoga Teacher. She also plans and teaches Harvest Time in Harlem. Yoshiko Mukai-Williamson is a Cookbook Author, Photographer and Food Stylist in NYC. Nathalie Reid owns Thyme Natural Market in Kew Gardens. Sara Ross is Catering Chef at Bon Appetit Management Company in Austin, TX.  

CTP 101 (2003)
Hilary Brown
is Founder and President of Hilary'sEat Well in KS. Eavan Dailey is the Chef at Olsson's Fine Foods in Princeton. She is also a Personal Chef/Caterer. Kat Matutina is Account Manager at Vega, as well as Whole Body Team Leader at Whole Foods Market in Venice, CA. Veronica Rodriguez Ojeda is Sous Chef at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

CTP 100 (2003)
Sara Barker
a Personal Chef in Fort Worth, TX. Rachel Brumitt is a Natural Foods Personal Chef in the DC area. Suki Bergeron is doing healing foods workshops in South Korea and Maui. She published a book in Korean called Natural Healing. Jennifer Dudek is Assistant Administrator at Brooke Grove Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Sandy Spring, MD. Meadow Sisto is a Personal Chef in Portland, OR.

CTP 99E (2004)
Deb Brower
owns and operates Bluewater Farm in NH. Nir Cohen owns Paloma Café in Ibiza, Spain. Sara Grizzle is the Owner and General Manager at Poco in NYC. Sarah Huck is a Recipe Developer, Editor, Food Writer, and Author of Campfire Cookery: Adventuresome Recipes & Other Curiosities for the Great Outdoors. In addition, she and her husband own a coffeehouse in Brooklyn called Kos Kaffe. Megan McClusky-Gottig is the Culinary Expert and Cooking Instructor at Williams-Sonoma in Chicago. Justin Pogge owns Sweet Pea Cafe in Tallahassee, FL.

CTP 98 (2003)
Lance Cohen
is Chef/Assiatant GM at Miami Beach Longevity Resort and Spa in Miami, FL.  He’s also a Personal Chef/Caterer. Dan Epstein is the Cheesemonger at Eden Gourmet in NJ.  Sheri Lazar owns Blissful Palate in MI. Danielle Orthwein is a Personal Chef in Petaluma, CA. Stefania Patinella is Manager of Food and Nutrition Programs at The Children’s Aid Society in NYC. Lisa Reeder is Value Chain Coordinator and newly appointed Farm to School Manager for the non-profit Local Food Hub in Charlottesville, VA.. Michael Welch is Owner/Publisher of Edible Finger Lakes magazine.

CTP 97 (2003)
Stacey Dickenson
is a Personal Chef in San Diego. Melissa D’Elia is a Nurse and pursuing another degree in Holistic Studies in NYC and NJ.  Beth Kaufman is Catering Manager at Max & David’s Restaurant in Elkins Park, PA. Jennifer Luttrell is on-site Chef and Culinary Coordinator at The Fork, the culinary education center at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company in Point Reyes Station, CA. Janet Rosenholz owns A Second Helping in NJ. 

CTP 96E (2003)
Marian Buck-Murray
is a Nutrition Coach and Cooking Instructor in NJ. Elizabeth Johnson is the Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market in DC. She also has a business called Breastfeeding Chef:   

CTP 95 (2002)
Susan Anzalone is the general manager at an American Country Food restaurant in CT. Becky Bender-Marrs is a Holistic Nurtition Consultant in the DC area. Jennifer Hamilton-Prochilo has a vegan blog: Danica Pollard is Exective Pastry Chef at Lidia’s Kansas City and Lidia’s Pittsburgh. Rebecca Stevens is the Chef at Poulet in Berkeley, CA. She's also a Cookbook Author. Dr. Rob Streisfeld is the Director of Personal Health Design, Inc. He’s also an Author, Consultant, Educator and Spokesperson in the natural products industry.

CTP 94E (2003) 
Katrina Bisanti
is a Caterer/Event Planner in RI. Matt Case is the Sous Chef at All Seasons Café in British Columbia. Lee Glenney is a Fitness Instructor in NYC. Michele Lucido is Chef/Marketing Director at Tidal Creek Co-op. in NC. Pete Solomita is the Head Chef at Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar and Cafe in Brooklyn.

CTP 93 (2002)
Celeste Oertel Kellerhouse
is a Personal Chef in CA. Russell Lash is a Producer for The Food Network. Andie Montgomery is Head Chef aboard The Majestic Line in Scotland. Christina PioCosta-Lahue is a Strategic Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture in Sierra Leone with the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative. She is working specifically to support the Smallholder Commercialization Program that the government is implementing.

CTP 92 (2002)
Julie Ayotte is Key Accounts Manager for Dancing Deer Baking Company in Boston.    

CTP 91E (2003)
Tanya Lopez, RD
is a Retail Dietician at ShopRite Supermarket in Poughkeepsie, NY. Heather Orkin is an Admissions Counselor at the Hotel School at Cornell in Ithaca. Claudine Sallin works in Garde Manger and Special Events at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Nigel Simister owns OC Vegan Food Distributors in Memphis.

CTP 90 (2002)
Carla Cohen
owns Food for Thought Holistic Health Counseling & Health Supportive Meal Service in Ithaca, NY. Anthony Di Rienzo is Executive Chef at The Route 6 in Philadelphia, PA.. Kassidy Harris is the PR and Marketing Director for Dominus Estate in Napa/ Brand Ambassador for Ets. JP Moueix in France. Cheryll Jarrett owns You Choose I Cook in NYC.

CTP 89 (2002)
Jonah Chasin
is Executive Chef at East Harlem School in NYC. Gretchen Kohan is a Private Chef in NYC. Uma Yaparpalvi is a Health Counselor in NYC.      

CTP 88 (2002)
Gillian de Seve
is a Personal Chef/Cooking Instructor in NYC. Catherine McConkie is a Cooking Instructor at Bauman College in Berkeley. Anna Sobaski owns Breads from Anna in IA. Elizabeth Sentianin is a Personal Chef, Instructor and Holistic Health Coach in Los Angeles. Omawali Stewart owns Omawali’s Soul Food Kitchen in the DC area. Adam Tyner owns Sprout in Austin, TX.    

CTP 87E (2002)
Annmarie Butera
is a Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor in PA. Leda Scheintaub is a Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer and Editor in VT. Bryant Terry is an Eco Chef, Author and Food Justice Activist in CA.

CTP 86 (2001)
Katy Bounds is the Manager at Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge and Lunch Manager at The Grove Restaurant in Austin, TX.

CTP 85 (2001)
Bethenny Frankel
is a Celebrity Natural Food Chef and Author. Holly Mendenhall is Director of Food and Nutrition Programs at Lantern Community Services in NYC. Alec Schuler is the Chef / Proprietor of Arugula Bar e Ristorante and Tangerine Restaurant~Breakfast+Brunch+Lunch in Boulder, CO.  

CTP 84E (2002)
Glenna Clark
is the Finance Manager for the Kripalu Shop at the Kripalu Center for Yoga. Seana Luddy is a Baker at Brickmaiden Bread in CA. Ladan Raissi is Executive Banquet Chef at Devon Energy in Oklahoma City, OK.

CTP 83 (2001)
Porsche Combash
is a Partner in Three Stone Hearth in CA. Taffy Elrod is a Chef Instructor in the Culinary Arts Training Program at Project Renewal iin Long Island City. She's teaching Veterans basic culinary skills as part of a job training and placement program. Alex Jamieson is a Holistic Health Counselor and Author of The Great American Detox Diet, Living Vegan for Dummies, and Vegan Cooking For Dummies. She is also the founder of, and blogs for, Dr. Oz's, and works as a consultant with food service start-ups and fitness companies. She's also Product Development Advisor at Stevia First Corp. Kathy Maddux owns Great Life Cuisine in HI. Matteo Silverman has a business called Chalk Hill Cookery in Sonoma County, CA.

CTP 82 (2001)
Bing Lam owns Bonkuchen in Hong Kong and Focus Pilates in Singapore. Anie Salerno is a Personal Chef in NYC. Whitney Waara is Director of Operations at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in DC.

CTP 81 (2001)
Ted Hobart
is the AIDS Walk Outreach Coordinator at Whitman-Walker Clinic in the DC area. Jerri Jensen is an Integrative Family Physician & Health Coach at Globe Family Health in AZ. Martha Newell Maier is a freelance Chef in Pittsburgh. Jason Olensky has a spice rub company called Therein Lies the Rub. He's also a Personal Chef in NY. Louisa Shafia owns Lucid Food in NYC. She's also the Author of Lucid Food: Cooking for an Eco-Conscious Life.   

CTP 80E (2001)
Melanie Driscoll
is the Chef at the Kosher Kitchen at Yale in CT. Anne Gallagher is a Caterer, Instructor and Co-Founder / Coordinating Chef of the nationally recognized coalition Plow to Plate in CT. Luke Gorey is the Food Service Supervisor at Daytop New Jersey, a drug and alcohol treatment facility. Camille Scuria is a Membership Coordinator at the Park Slope Food Coop, in Brooklyn, and a food/recipe blogger at

CTP 79S (2002)
Isabel Marin is a Private Chef in NYC. Aliyah Rowe is Manager of Nutrition Education and Cooking Matters Coordinator at City Harvest in NYC. Cathy Vogt owns A Natural Chef in Ulster County, NY. She's a Personal Chef and Culinary Educator who also does health coaching, freelance writing and recipe development.          

CTP 78 (2001)
Tiffany Betts is a Partner at Good Karma Cafe in Red Bank, NJ. Mary deBakker owns De Bakker's Kitchen, a bakery/pizzeria in Kelowna, BC. Cari Herskovitz operates a Glatt kosher kitchen, bakery and carry-out food business in the Farm Fresh supermarket in MI. Thom Kotch teaches Chemistry at Elk Lake High School in PA.He is also an adjunct professor of chemistry at Misericordia University. On weekends, he cooks at BeLife Cafe in Clarks Summit and also teaches cooking classes there. Maria Washburn is a Food Stylist in NYC. She styles for food magazines, The New York Times, print ads, movies and commercials.

CTP 77 (2000)
Leslie Bauer
is teaching in LA and attending school for Nutritional Consultant via Bauman College distance learning program. 

CTP 76E (2001)
Larissa Gibson
is a Modern Psychoanalyst in NJ. Jenny Sanchez is the Brunch Chef at Tuttoriso Cafe on Staten Island. Lagusta Yearwood owns Lagusta’s Luscious in New Paltz, NY.

CTP 75 (2000)
Susan Lehman
is a Caterer in IL. Sheila Prochnow is Chef/Owner at The Phoenix Café in MI. 

CTP 74 (2000)
Laura Aro
is Intake Coordinator at Hall Mercer Community Mental Health Center of Pennsylvania Hospital. Catherine Barker-Hoffman is a Personal Chef, Instructor, Consultant and Food Stylist in NYC. She has a blog documenting her adventures in food:  Marisa Caltagirone is a Nutritionist/Educator for Country Life Vitamins in NY. Gwyneth Jones is a Nutrition Consultant at Seattle & King County Public Health. Sara Robillard is a Private Chef in NYC. Andrew Semler owns Lucky Cat Farm & Lucky Cat Bakery in OH. Camilla Sherret is a Personal Chef and Caterer in Calgary, Alberta. Deborah Soffel is a Personal Chef and Caterer in NYC. She works as a Liaison for the non-profit Wellness in the Schools and writes regularly for the Edible Queens Magazine blog as well as her own food blog: Carrie Spence is a Personal Chef in NJ. 

CTP 73 (2000)
Scott Barnes
is training to become a Holistic Health Nurse Practitioner in NYC.  Fern Wilson is Deli Manager at The Healthy Grocer in PA.   

CTP 72E (2000)
Judith Friedman is the Program Director at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health and a member of the Executive team. Athina Holmes became a pilot in 2006 and competes in all women's air races. She's currently completing a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science and also working on a business plan for a food truck in FL.    

CTP 71 (2000)
Vanessa Allen is a Personal Chef/Caterer in NJ. Monique Rugile owns Savor in Denver. She’s also an Instructor at The School of Natural Cooking in Boulder. Sofia Wilt is a Personal Chef, Caterer and Instructor in HI.   

CTP 70S (2001)
Rita Cerilli is a Private Chef/House Manager in Key West, FL for author Jean Carper.

CTP 69 (1999)
Carrie Bader is a Health Education Instructor at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. Bonnie Bayly teaches vegetarian/vegan/raw classes at the local health food store, Ever'mans, and the kitchen store, Distinctive Kitchens in FL. She has just published her first book, Spirit Emerging, which promotes eating a vegan diet. Jennifer Casey is an R.D. at Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center in WI and blogs at Heidi DeCosmo is Exec. Asst. to Chef Cary Neff, V.P. of Corporate Culinary Services at Morrison Management Specialists in PA. Yvonne Reece owns Jorac Associates, Inc. in VA. She conducts vegetarian cooking classes, lectures, workshops and private consultations.

CTP 68E (2000)
Jennifer Brewer
is a Cooking Instructor and Co-Host of a weekly radio show called Green Tea & Honey: Delicious Food, Smart MedicineNicole Burrows is Executive Chef at Collins Pub in Seattle, WA.

CTP 67 (1999)
Peter Brown is the Chef at the Jimtown Store in Sonoma County, CA. Tracy Horwitz Milenkovic works at Chef’s Inc. as a Teacher’s Assistant. Adina Niemerow is a Holistic Chef, Nutritional Counselor and Author of Super Cleanse.  She has a boutique private chef business through which she does tailored rejuvenation programs from her book.

CTP 66 (1999)
Amy Beth Cupp writes a lifestyle blog called ABCD Design in NYC. Sommer Gard is a Distributor for Juice Plus. Robin Gill is Regional Merchandising Manager at Central Market in TX. Rebecca Katz is an award-winning Cookbook Author and Founder of the Healing Kitchens Institute at Commonweal, in Bolinas, California. Shawn Kroop is Exec. Chef / President of Personal Chef Services of Hana in HI. Mafalda Pinto Leite is Food Editor of Blue Cooking Magazine in Portugal. She’s also an Author and a regular on a TV show for women.  

CTP 64E (1999)
Irene Dorosh is a Personal Chef in NYC. Michelle Sister is a Personal Chef/Caterer in CA. 

CTP 63 (1999)
Donna Maggio is a Holistic Health Counselor in NJ. Janelle Sterner is Chef/Director of Research and Development at Inland Empire Foods, Inc. in CA.

CTP 62 (1999)
Ellen Abraham
owns Burning Heart Studio, a yoga, spin, pilates, food studio in Greenfield, MA. She also has a blog called The Vegan Love Project: Sara Kuntz is Founder and CEO at Kitchen Wisdom in Toronto. Mike Meyer is the Chef at Red Agave in Eugene, OR. Randy Rabney is a Cookbook Author and Owner of The Conscious Plate. Kookie Silva is Assistant Director for Enrollment Services Technology at Teachers College, Columbia Univ. in NYC. Cassie Tolman owns Pomegranate Café in AZ.

CTP 61 (1999)
Erika Closter owns God Pods Cacao in HI. Julie Kaye is an RD. Amanda Nahas is a Personal Chef and Owner of Whip It Out in NJ. She's also a Radio Host at Gourmania Radio.     

CTP 60E (1999)
Gail Doherty is a Partner at Good Karma Cafe in Red Bank, NJ.  Sarah Doyle is a Food, Wine and Travel Journalist. She recently returned to school for a degree in winemaking, and currently works at Halter Ranch Vineyards in CA. Mary Jo Fuoco is a Corporate Flight Attendant/Chef for Graham Capital. Laura Solimano-Christie is Chef/Co-Owner at Christie Caters LLC in CT. Elise Spiro owns Conscience Confections in Eugene, OR. Lisa Wrona-Maldonado is a Private Chef in NJ.   

CTP 59 (1998)
Birgitte Antonsen is a Culinary Educator and Nutritional Therapist in Seattle. Her business is called Nature’s Way Food. Alexandra Borgia is a full-time Instructor at the Natural Gourmet as well as a Personal Chef.   

CTP 58E (1999)  
Marcella Friel is an Instructor at Bauman College in CA. Lacey Sher is Executive Chef/Co-owner of Encuentro in Oakland, CA. 

CTP 57 (1998)
Antonia Chan is involved in farming, nutrition and cooking projects in southeast Asia. Jacques Gautier owns Palo Santo & Fort Reno restaurants in Brooklyn. Sherry Krum owns The Wholesome Krum in MD.

CTP 56 (1998)
Miel Bernstein is working with another chef on a project called Food for Thought, teaching nutrition and cooking to elementary school children. They are also working on a food line to sell at the local farmers markets.  Amanda Cohen owns Dirt Candy in NYC. Nino Jovicic is a Personal Chef and Certified Nutrition Consultant in San Francisco. Claudia Mouw Sack works at Universal Studios in CA.

CTP 54 (1998)
Jennifer Stevens-Mullen is a Private Chef/Caterer in Hingham, MA.

CTP 53E (1998)
Donna Goldman, aka “D,” is catering and hosting Dstinctive ParTEAS (TM) in NYC. She is also developing a line of finishing salts called Salt of D Earth. Her blog is: Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN is a professional chef with a masters of science in nutrition from Columbia University. She works with people to help them transition to a healthier food lifestyle through nutrition therapy and culinary guidance. She is on the nutrition faculty at the University of Bridgeport and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She hosts a weekly radio show, Stirring the Pot, on Hamptons NPR, WPPB 88.3 and writes a weekly blog of the same name. She is a sought after speaker and contributor to print, online and broadcast media and is currently working on her book that will be released by Tarcher/Penguin in Fall 2014.

CTP 52 (1998)
Carlin Greenstein has returned to NYC after a year abroad. She is seeing clients for culinary nutrition at The YinOva Center in Union Square as well as maintaining her personal chef business. Rachel Koladis is working on her Master's in American Studies at Trinity College and works part time in catering for the Max Restaurant Group in Hartford. She also writes a food blog called Hartford Foodie. Sally Lukash is the Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market in Chevy Chase, MD. Meghan Murphy is a Prepared Food Specialist at Publix Supermarket. Mary Jo Romano is a Food Consultant in CT. Services include culinary production for cooking videos, recipe development, food styling assistance and sales/consumer event support for national food companies. She studied Chinese Dietary Therapy with Jeffrey Yuen at the Chinatown Wellness Center learning the energetic and healing aspects of food.

CTP 51 (1998)
Kathleen D’Angelo is a Personal Chef for the New Jersey Nets. Tatiana Cardoso owns Moinho de Pedra in Sau Paulo. Marcella Dirks is the Chef at the yoga and meditation retreat center "The Sanctuary at Two Rivers" in Costa Rica. Eric Hunter is a Private Chef in NYC. Gillian Rosenthal is a Personal Chef as well as a Yoga and Pilates Instructor in Maui, HI.

CTP 50E (1998)
Elana Cohen is a Food Counselor and Menu Consultant in NJ. Adriana Estefan owns Cullins Fresh Gourmet Foods in Florham Park, NJ. Jackie Sharlup owns Tula Kitchen on Long Island. Heidi Klein Valenzuela is a Personal Chef.

CTP 49 (1998)
Kristin Fusco
is a Children's Cooking Instructor in CO. Kate Potter owns Kate's Cottage Farm in central Illinois where she raises  pastured broilers and heritage turkeys, goats and grassfed beef.  She's also a producer for a cooperative CSA called The Good Earth Food Alliance.

CTP 48 (1997)
Bonnie Banks-Beers is doing readings & signings for a book she published in 2012, What Do Animals Eat? : Animal Appetite ABC's, geared toward 1st-3rd graders. Colleen Holland is Co-creator and Assoc. Publisher of VegNews in CA. Soraia Haberli is Executive Chef at Organic Valley Kitchen in Jeffersonville, NY.

CTP 47 (1997)
Luise Bolleber is an Information Specialist and natural foods Instructor at Oryana Natural Foods Market in Traverse City, Michigan. Dina Brigish owns The White Pig Bed and Breakfast in VA. Nicole LoBue owns LoBue Events in San Francisco. Yolanda Hawthorne is a Partner and Chef at Hawthorne Homemade Organic Juice Bar and Market in DC. Mitch Orland is the Executive Chef & Director of Food Service & Sustainability at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in Asheville, NC. Cheryl Robbins-Dooley owns and operates Blackflower Chocolate in VT.

CTP 46E (1997)
Jennifer Branitz owns Karma Road in New Paltz, NY. Jane Ramp is a Cook & Baker at Pacific Fine Foods in Alameda, CA. Natanya Siegel is a Chef, Consultant, Teacher and Knife Sharpener in Tucson.

CTP 44E (1997)
Michal Schlierer is a Product Development Chef at Unilever in Germany. He also owns a small farm where he grows vegetables and raises sheep and chickens. Margot Schulman has a dinner delivery service serving Dutchess County, NY called Meals by Margot. She is also introducing the first community cafe with a pay-what-you-can model to the Hudson Valley. It's called Fareground.

CTP 43 (1997)
Lisa Gabriel Eklund is a Contract Chef at Hilton Head Health Institute in SC. Rebecca Hays is Managing Editor of Cook’s Illustrated in MA. She also appears regularly on the PBS cooking show, America’s Test Kitchen. Melissa Heffernan-Abbott is a Health & Wellness Trends Analyst at The Hartman Group in Seattle. Marie Holtz is the Pastry Chef at Café Flora in Seattle. Daniel Landes owns WaterCourse Foods, WaterCourse Bakery and City O’ City Bistro in CO. He also opened a vegetarian travel hostel in Oaxaca, Mexico. Laura Pole owns Eating for a Lifetime in VA. She is Head Chef for the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts Cancer Help Program Retreats.  She is also Director of Nourishment Programs for the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts. She co-presents Healing Journey's "Cancer Fighting Kitchen"  workshops with Dr. Lise Alschuyler. In addition, she has co-written a children’s theatre project called "Cooking It!"  focused on healthy eating. Julie Roberts owns Julie’s Dinner Delivery and Durga's Divine in CA.

CTP 42 (1996)
Patricia Call is Chef/Partner at New Leaf Natural Cuisine, LLC in San Diego, CA. Jody Mutzenberger is a Wellness Specialist at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in Center City, MN. Jessica Prentice is a Chef, Food Activist, Author and Founder of Wise Food Ways in CA. She is also a Co-founder of Three Stone Hearth, Locavores and the Eat Local Challenge. Barbara Schwartz writes for a children's educational website in Los Angeles.

CTP 40 (1996)
Tommy Habetz
owns Bunk Sandwiches in OR. Joshua Miller is Chef/Kitchen Manager at Food Dance Café in MI.

CTP 39E (1997)
Hillary Stern
is a Food Counselor/Educator in New Milford, CT.       

CTP 38 (1996)
Christine Maguire owns Rinconada Dairy in CA.

CTP 37 (1996)
Elizabeth Edwards
owns Simple As Gluten Free in IA and works as a Lifestyle Coach & Mentor. She also works with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness educating schools, restaurants and hospitals in how to safely serve gluten-free foods. Dan Esses is Chef/Proprietor at Three Muses in New Orleans. Laura Hilliard is a Personal Chef/Instructor in CT. Bill McVeigh is the Chef at The Health Shoppe in Morristown, NJ.

CTP 36 (1996)
Chris Erickson is a Chef, Caterer and Instructor in RI. He is also the Special Event Chef for the "Holistic Holiday at Sea" Health Cruise in the Caribbean each winter. Ken Hubscher owns Planet Lime Marketing in Canada.

CTP 35E (1996)
Gabrielle Ettlinger relocated to Los Angeles. Alex Grant is a Yoga Teacher in Byron Bay, Australia. . He runs and 

CTP 34 (1996)
Ali Ghiorse owns Savory Thymes in CA. Sheri DiPelesi-Silver, a certified health coach, and her husband, David, do private cooking instruction in the NYC area as well as vegan consulting for restaurants/product development. They also own/run vegan vacation rentals in Saugerties, NY. In addition, they are in the process of building an incubator kitchen for caterers/product development projects. Marguerita Mees is The Edible Schoolyard Director at Larchmont Charter School West Hollywood, the Los Angeles affiliate of the Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard program. 

CTP 32 (1995)
Elliott Prag is a full-time Instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute. He also develops recipes for Vegetarian Times Magazine. Lisa Zullig Is Director of Nutrition Services at God's Love We Deliver in NYC. 

CTP 31E (1995)
Kathryn Bari is a Private Chef on Long Island specializing in health supportive foods for families and individuals with special needs. Her first Ebook, celebrating her twenty years in the field, will be available on her site by the middle of November 2013: Glory Mongin is the Chef at Café Paradiso in Irelend.

CTP 30 (1995)
LuAnne Blaauboer
is the Catering Manager at the Children's Aid Society in NYC.

CTP 29 (1995)
Kate Colson
is self-employed in St. Louis.

CTP 28 (1995)
Rachel Gitlin Herman is a Private Chef, and together with Josh, they own Josh Herman Ceramics in San Diego, CA. Amy Gordon, R.D. has an M.S. in Holistic Nutrition and is part-time Instructor at the Natural Gourmet. Amy Pearce teaches pastry classes at Cooks Boulevard in San Francisco. Sascha Weiss is Executive Chef at The Plant Café Organic in San Francisco.

CTP 27E (1995)
Hiranth Jayasinghe is a Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant in NJ.

CTP 26 (1994)
Lisa Boymann is Director of CTP Faculty at the Natural Gourmet.    

CTP 24 (1994)
Shawna Goodman
is a Chef Instructor at Loblaws Supermarkets and for private clients in Montreal. She was also the Editor of Panache, Montreal's flair for Kosher cooking. Judith Shapiro is the Night Manager at the Natural Gourmet.

CTP 23E (1994)
Laura Stucin
is a Personal Chef in NYC.

CTP 22 (1994)
Frank Morris
is a mutual fund portfolio manager. He manages the Global Ecological Mutual Fund, EPENX.

CTP 21 (1993)
Caroline Fidanza
owns Saltie in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dana Nichols is a Juicepreneur and Principal in Adina World Beat Beverages in CA. David O’Brien is a Personal Chef in NYC. Carolyn Weeks works at Whole Foods and does freelance catering in CA. 

CTP 20 (1993)
Heather Carey
owns a nutrition and culinary service company called Green Palette.    

CTP 19 (1993)
Elizabeth Kapstein
is a Social Worker in NYC. Karin Turett is a Personal Chef in Utica, NY.

CTP 18 (1993)
Bob Arndt owns Jackson Hole Grocer in WY. 

CTP 17 (1993)
Intaba Liff-Anderson
is the Kitchen Manager at Mt.Kisco Childcare in Mt. Kisco, NY

Prior to 1992
Daphne Blacker is the owner of Pre-pear. She teaches, lectures and counsels people on eating well in the Boston area. Louis Centeri is Retail Store Manager at Organic Avenue in NYC. Kathryn Champion is Exec. Chef and Owner of Kathryn Champion Catering in Toronto. Ken Charney is a Marketing Copywriter at Learning Tree International and the Author of The Bold Vegetarian Chef. Fran Costigan, New York City based, is internationally recognized as the "The Queen of Vegan Desserts".  She teaches regularly scheduled vegan pastry classes at NGI (including her twice yearly Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive®) and at I.C.E. and presents at major events throughout North America and Europe.  Fran is an advisory board member of the Coalition of Healthy School Food. Her third cookbook, Vegan Chocolate: Unapologetically Luscious and Decadent Dairy-Free Desserts (Running Press) launches Nov 5, 2013. Visit Sarah Cuyler is a Private Chef in Sag Harbor, NY and Palm Beach, FL. Peggy Tobin Edwards is a Vegan Chef at Johnson State College in Johnson, VT. She also started an organic farm called Dandelion & Clay. Liz Gagnon is the Chef at Nature’s Temptations in NY. Myra Kornfeld is a Cookbook Author and an Instructor at the Natural Gourmet. Matthew Kurek owns Golden Earthworm Organic Farm on Long Island. Jeanette Maier owns Fancy Girl Table in NYC. Monte Matteotti is a Private Chef in NYC. Leslie Morrison is a Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor in NJ. Cheryl Perry owns Pie Corps. Cliff Preefer owns Sacred Chow in NYC. Eric Tucker is a Cookbook Author and Executive Chef at Millennium in San Francisco. Catherine Walthers is the Author of Greens, Glorious Greens, Raising the Salad Bar and Soups + Sides. She's also a Personal Chef on Martha's Vineyard and in Boston.

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