10 Best Dual Shower Heads – Consumer Reports

Do you and your partner find yourself running late in the morning due to the fact that you share a bathroom and have to wait for the other to finish showering? Well, why not just get a dual shower head. The dual shower head easily allows two individuals to shower simultaneously so you no longer have to wait for your partner to get done, you can just jump in with them. Whether it is to shower with a partner or to get more water flow on yourself as you shower, the dual shower head can make showering a swift and easy task.

We warn you though, with the dual shower head you are likely to use more water so don’t be surprised if your water bill goes up. However, in the case of two persons showering together it saves time and you typically use up the same amount of water.

The benefits of a dual shower head are as follows:

  • More shower coverage
  • More water flow
  • ​Take less time to shower
  • Allows you to combine two different spray pattern at once

When searching for a dual shower head you need to consider the following:

  • Pressure
  • Design
  • Option to just turn on one head to save water
  • Water flow rate per minute, don’t want your water bill to go off the roof

10 Best Dual Shower Heads

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury Shower Head


  • 24 different combined water flow patterns
  • Has 5 settings: Massage, Warm-Mist, Economy Rain, Power Rain and Pause


  • We wished the overhead shower head was slightly bigger

With over 24 full and combined water flow patterns the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury will surely give you the shower experience you have been longing for. With a 4-inch chrome face, you will get plenty water flow with an option of a handheld and overhead shower. You and your partner can choose which one each of you prefers.

The shower comes with the option to utilize a single head or both together so when you shower alone you can save water and use just one. The chrome finish gives the shower head a nice feel and allows it to blend in with the most sophisticated of bathrooms without sticking out like a soar thumb. Overall, you will not find a better performance and functionalities in a dual shower head for such a low price making the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury our top pick.

AquaDance 7


  • 7 inch overhead shower
  • 30 combined and full settings
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • You will use a lot of water in the shower

Another dual shower head that packs a punch, the AquaDance 7″ Premium Combo permits for numerous combinations between the two shower heads which each come with 6 spray settings. The click-lever dial makes for easy transition from one setting to the other and the water-saving mode will ensure your water and energy bill doesn’t dent your wallet.

What really appealed to us with the AquaDance 7″ Premium Combo was the 7 inch overhead shower. Yeah, it uses up more water than the 4-inch overhead in Hydroluxe but the additional coverage it adds is an added bonus especially when two people decide to shower together. The chrome finish on the shower heads gives it a nice, sophisticated feel. Overall, the AquaDance 7″ Premium Combo is wonderful for the numerous functionalities it offers and for its perfect size.

HotelSpa Aquadance 24-Setting Slimline Design Ultra


  • 24 different settings
  • Exceptional Power Rain setting


  • Massage setting wasn’t very soothing

HotelSpa has been known to make shower heads that are powerful yet elegant and it is no different with the Aquadance 24-Setting Slimline Design Ultra. The combination of a handheld and overhead shower allows you to get the best of both worlds while the 24 different full and combination setting allow you to customise the shower to your liking. The 5 ft hose allows you to easily take the handheld shower and wash yourself off.

We really liked the Power Rain setting on this shower, the best Power Rain shower in the list. The setting gives a nice gentle feel while also provides a nice massage for your complete body. Overall, the HotelSpa Aquadance is a shower we would highly recommend due to its strong build and the fact that we couldn’t get enough of the Power Rain setting.

DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower


  • Combination of 7 inch and 4-inch shower heads
  • The 7 inch overhead shower provides great coverage


  • Handheld shower’s coverage wasn’t that great

The combination of a 4 inch handheld and a 7 inch overhead shower in the DreamSpa 1432 give you exceptional coverage in the shower. Whether you are showering alone or with a partner, the two shower head allows you to easily shower together with 11 inches of shower head face combined. When you shower alone, you also have the option of using just one shower head and we preferred the massive 7 inch overhead shower over the handheld.

The shower heads come packed with everything you would need to install it so you shouldn’t really need an experts help. Overall, the DreamSpa 1432 will easily fulfill all of your partners and your needs without the two fighting of you fighting for space under the shower.

DreamSpa 9-inch Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo


  • 9 inch overhead shower
  • All-chrome finish


  • Handheld shower’s functionalities weren’t that great

If you enjoy rainfall showers, then we highly recommend the DreamSpa 9-inch Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo. The 9 inch shower head gives such exceptional coverage that at times you and your partner may just find yourself using just the overhead shower. The pressures of the overhead shower isn’t the best, the HotelSpa Aquadance was slightly better, but it does provide an exceptional experience in the shower.

The all chrome finish allows for the shower to easily blend with your bathroom and the limited lifetime warranty ensures you are satisfied with the shower. If not, they also offer an exchange policy making this a shower you can purchase with an ease of mind.

HotelSpa AquaStorm 30-Setting Spiral Flow


  • 30 setting combination
  • Option to use one shower head at time


  • Rain/Mist setting wasn’t to our liking, not enough pressure

With over 30 combined settings, the HotelSpa AquaStorm will surely have you spending a little more time in the shower then you probably intend to. The massage functionality on the shower are top of the line, matching what you would find in 5 star hotels. With 6 different water settings on each of the shower head, you can customise it to your needs.

Overall, if you want a dual shower head that is economical and enables you to easily share space in the shower with your partner then the HotelSpa AquaStorm is great.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower Combo


  • Water saving technology
  • 5 inch handheld shower


  • Brushed Nickel Finish

If you want a fantastic shower feel with a decent size shower head then the Ana Bath SS5450CBN is perfect for you. It comes equipped with water saving technology which allows a maximum flow rate of just under 2.5 gallons per minute, so you will not experience too much of a difference in your water bill.

The Ana Bath SS5450CBN comes with the standard spray settings with the exception of the bubbling spray which is a setting we weren’t too fond of. It is similar to the rain setting with a slightly slower rate of water flow which wasn’t to our liking. Overall, both shower heads work well and come with a 3 years limited warranty so a good buy.

WantBa High Pressure Chrome 5 Setting Massage Spa Shower Head Combo


  • Chrome plated finish
  • Offers great pressure


  • We found it a little harder to install

The easy to set up, WantaBa Combo Spa Shower provides enough pressure and plenty option with 5 different settings. With a 2.5 GPM the shower head will not have a huge impact on your water bill. Even when you have a low water flow in your pipes, this shower head will provide you with exceptional pressure.

The shower is finished with a high-grade chrome plated ABS, making it a wonderful addition to any bathroom.

HotelSpa 30-Setting 3-Way Spiral Rainfall Handheld Shower Head Combo


  • Nice spiral design
  • 30 different setting


  • The finish on the shower isn’t the best

The HotelSpa 3-Way Spiral Rainfall Handheld
Shower Head Combo offers a shower experience you will not easily forget. The overhead shower comes with 6 different settings while the handheld offers 7 settings for you to play around with. We enjoyed the combination of drenching rainfall on the overhead and pulsating massage on the handheld.

The handheld comes with a 7 ft flexible hose so you can easily manoeuvre it around. Allowing you to easily get the best of both the overhead and handheld shower at the same time.

Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head Combo with Air Jet LED Turbo Pressure-Boost Nozzle Technology


  • Comes with LED installed in the shower head
  • Each shower head comes with 4 settings


  • Not the best of water pressure

With a pair of 4 inch shower head, the Luminex by PowerSpa provides a decent shower experience. The functionality that stands out with the Luminex is the LED installed in the shower head that help determine the temperature of the water before you jump in the shower. Powered by water, you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries or anything.

When it comes to functionality the Luminex doesn’t really stand out, each shower head comes with 4 settings and is easily adjustable to the angle you want. If you want to add a little more color to your bathroom, then the Luminex is a perfect way to do it.

That concludes our list of the 10 best dual shower heads. Anyone of the shower head on our list will surely enhance your experience in the shower whether it is by yourself or with your partner.