10 Best High Pressure Shower Head – Consumer Reports

When it comes to showering, the only thing that matter is good water pressure. You can be in the most elegant of bathrooms but your experience can be ruined with a mediocre shower head that doesn’t provide enough pressure. In this article, we are going to go through some of the best high pressure shower heads and break down what makes them good and what doesn’t.
Besides, low water pressure from your supplier, the type of shower head you have determines the pressure of water. The equipment is suppose to deliver water at a consistent flow. Most have various spray settings which are adjustable to your want. Shower heads have a pressure chamber which adds pressure and air to the water, combining all three to force water out at high pressure.

Why are high pressure showers better?

Well, this is subjective and varies from person to person. Some people like high pressure shower while others may not. However, there are some advantages to high pressure shower and they are:

  • Cleans the body faster – the high pressure allows you to clean up quicker
  • Massage the body – it applies pressure to your body, can be a great feeling
  • Less water is used – since air and pressure is also added

When searching for a shower head for yourself here are a few things you should consider:

  • Pressure design
  • Quality
  • ​Narrow or wide style
  • The rate at which the water flows

To ease your shower head hunt, we have tested and hand-picked the 10 best high pressure shower heads.

Speakman S-2252 Signature Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable 2.5 GPM Solid Brass Shower Head

If you are looking for a shower head that is durable combined with leaving you with the best shower feeling, the Speakman S-2252 is for you. Made out of solid brass, the shower head is made of quality and longevity. That is why many hotels tend to install them in their showers from Marriott to Hiltons.

The shower head comes with Speakman’s Anystream Technology that makes switching from one setting to the other a smooth process. We really liked the intense and flood setting which provided a lot of pressure and really enhanced the showering experience. The S-2252 is elegant with a polished chrome finish and provides you with an experience you will not easily forget.


  • High-pressure
  • Classy design


  • The rain setting wasn’t to our liking, the drops felt a little too big

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

The High Sierra 1.5 gpm is an elegant yet simple shower head that is made with conservation in mind. It is constructed with solid metal and has a sleek, slender design. It comes in four different colors and we couldn’t get enough of the oil-rubbed bronzed which would make any shower look elegant.

The High Sierra 1.5 gpm is WaterSense certified and claims to save up to 40% in water and energy. We found this to be a surprise as you probably couldn’t tell a difference due to the exceptional water pressure the shower head provides. There was one drawback though, we felt that the High Sierra 1.5 gpm produced a lot of noise, more than any other shower head we tested. But that didn’t take away much from the wonderful experience. We recommend you set an alarm for yourself when you decide to take a shower with the 1.5 GPM. You will surely get lost in the experience and a normal 10 minute shower can go on for hours.


  • Elegant design
  • Exceptional pressure


  • Loud

Delta 75152 3-7/8

The Delta 75152 provides comfort while offering users water efficiency. It is part of Delta’s H20Kinectics which complies with WaterSense that feel like traditional water flow even though it provides low-flow spray patterns. Using 36% less water in the process as compared to a standard shower head.

The pressure of the 75152 is good. We could easily tell the difference as soon as we changed from our old shower head to this. It difference was like night and day. It felt like the water just gushed out with the 75152. For it’s low price, this shower head is definitely one you should give a try if you are looking for a low cost replacement for your shower head.


  • Good pressure
  • Low price


  • Has plastic material

Speakman S-2251

The Speakman S-2251 could have easily been the second best on our list but due to its higher price it had to be lower down in the list. It comes equipped with 8 jets which provide you with a full body wash system and extra added pressure.

The S-2251 is available in five colors, like the High Sierra 1.5 gpm we went with the oil-rubbed brass which looks elegant. It comes with the Speakman’s Anystream technology and has 48 adjustable settings. YES, 48! You will probably spend more time testing the different settings than actually taking a proper shower. The stream setting was our favorite and it really packs pressure. The shower left us feeling like we just came out of a massage parlor.


  • Elegant design
  • 8 Jets
  • Superior water pressure


  • Very expensive

Wantba Rainfall High Pressure Hotel Spa Shower Head

This premier stainless steel shower head is a real bargain. Constructed with high grade material, it comes with a swivel which allows you to position the shower head with ease. It is quite wide and gives an water flow output of 2.5 gpm.

When you first turn it on, you will probably notice how gentle the flow is. You won’t feel the pressure until you actually get under the shower head, it is quite powerful. It will have you thinking you are showering at a five star hotel. The sleek design matches the five star hotel feel. The Rainfall High Pressure surely delivers the outstanding results that Wantba promises.


  • 2.5 gpm water flow
  • Amazing water pressure
  • Made out of stainless steel


  • Can end up costing you more in water bills

Wet Brush AirJet Showerhead

With premiere engineering, Wet Brush has delivered a beauty with the AirJet. At 1.5 gpm, you would think that the water flow would not be that great but boy would you be wrong. It performs as well as any 2.5 gpm shower head.
The AirJet uses the Venturi Effect of fluid mechanics, this allows the pressure to increase even though the speed of flow decreases. This saves you water and energy so it has an positive impact on your bills also. It uses about half the water than a traditional shower while providing you with a high pressure shower. Overall, the AirJet is a great shower head that will having you singing in the shower.


  • Great pressure
  • Bullet Point 2


  • Some customers online have complained that it doesn’t save too much water, they didn’t see a change in their bill

Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead

The Waterpik Elements 5 Mode comes equipped with Waterpik’s OptiFlow, providing users with a full body, high pressure shower. It works well even when the water flow from the pipes are low, making it a great fit for those users that have low pressure water in their homes.

The Elements 5 Mode comes with a water limiting disc, if you truly want exceptional water flow then we suggest you remove it. You will surely feel a slight difference when you do and get the experience the true potential of the shower head. At it’s low price the Elements 5 Mode is a steal.


  • Great pressure
  • 5 different shower modes


  • Design is very traditional

Whedon USP19C Ultra Saver Strong Force Showerhead 1.9 GPM

If you are looking for a simple, yet powerful shower head then the Whedon USP19C is a perfect fit for you. It offers a 1.9 gallon per minute flow rate while also saving water and energy.

Installation of the shower was a snap. Unlike many standard showers which have nozzles in the center, this one has a conical spray pattern. This helps add a little more pressure, at least we thought it did. The shower will give you a feeling as if you are under a waterfall, minus that that water gushing down on you. We really liked this American made shower head.


  • Conical spray pattern, produces great pressure


  • Design is too basic

Waterpik Original 4 Mode Massage Showerhead

As the second Waterpik shower head on our list the Original 4 Mode Massage provides great pressure. Similar to the Element 5 Mode, it claims to increase water pressure by 30%. You can tell the difference if you switch from a standard shower head to this.

Unlike the Element 5 Mode, this shower head is made out of plastic. It has a very basic design but the 4 modes work well. We liked all four, with the rain mode really coming out a star. This is another low cost shower head so a great buy.


  • 4 shower mode
  • Provides 30% more water flow


  • Made with plastic material

Take A Shower Fire Hydrant

We round off our list with the Fire Hydrant. The Fire Hydrant comes in 6 different color options, our favorite was the brushed nickel long body which we surprisingly picked over the oil-rubbed bronze.

The Fire Hydrant promises to deliver high volume and pressure and it did fairly well in both departments. Even if you have long hair, the shower will easily rinse out all the shampoo without you constantly going at your hair. It won’t give you the same pressure as a fire hydrant but is surely comes close. You will definitely be satisfied with the Fire Hydrant.


  • 2 modes, great pressure


  • Uses more water

That wraps up our list of the top 10 high pressure shower heads. Please be aware no matter how much water a shower head saves the time you spent with the water running does impact your water bill. So make sure you don’t fall too much in love with these shower head because there is a good chance you may not want to come out of the shower.