3 Best Direct TV Satellite Signal Finder

You cannot underestimate the importance of direct TV satellite signal finder if you depend on your satellite dish to watch all your TV shows. Having a clear reception is critical to viewing any show and having a bad reception in the middle of any exciting sports match is the last thing you want. If you are tired of bad reception for your satellite and have to depend on the satellite repairman than this is where a Direct TV satellite signal finder comes in.

What is a Direct TV Satellite Signal Finder?

The bad reception on your television is sometimes caused by heavy rain or high winds, and in the case of extreme weather, you can totally lose the signals. Having to wait around for a satellite repairman can take hours and sometimes days. Which means you will end up missing your favourite shows, not to mention, you would have to live without tv during that time. But this can all change if you own a direct TV satellite signal finder as this is all you need to fix the reception issues yourself. It does require patience and practice to operate a satellite finder, but with all the help available, you can find detailed YouTube videos which can show you everything you need to know.

How to Use a Satellite Finder

A satellite signal finder is a small handheld device which connects to a satellite dish, so when you move the dish, it reads the satellite’s signal strength. The device not only displays the signal strength but also tells you the direction of the signal as well. This information will enable you to adjust your residential satellite dish.

This device is ideal for people who like to live in camper vans or go camping frequently. Because every time the van will move, the satellite television dish will lose its signals. It will require you to reposition it. And if you don’t have a satellite signal meter with you, then it will take you a long time to find a signal. This device is also a necessity if you live in areas where the weather is always bad, and you have to keep adjusting your satellite dish after every storm.

When you use this device, it determines the location and strength of the signal so if there are any trees nearby you can work around those areas and lock on the highest signal. There will never be a bad reception, and you will never have to miss any important sports event ever.

Buying a satellite signal finder will change your life, and you will never go back to being without one, especially if you have spent a lot of hours fixing your satellite dish. You will truly appreciate the convenience and maybe enjoy the experience next time around. A digital signal meter not only allows you to enhance the signal strength but also lets you view them on an LCD screen. So, you know exactly where to lock the signal, and the buzzing sound is an added feature to ensure that you have found the best signal for any channel.

We have found the top 3 digital satellite signal meters which are available in the market. You can read about the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them here, and if you are looking for more information, we have also put up some links for you to view.

AGPtek Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter with Compass and Audio Tone

This digital satellite signal finder comes in grey color and is very lightweight and portable. It has an amplifier that is built inside it, which compensates for insertion loss. It is easy to operate, and even beginners will find the instructions easy to follow. The manual is simple to understand, and there is always a lot of information available on the internet if you have questions. If you do however find yourself struggling in setting up this meter, then there are a lot of YouTube videos which can help you. I personally don’t think anyone will need to look for YouTube videos as the manual itself is enough to help connect this device to your dish.

The AGPtek digital satellite signal finder has an LCD screen which has a backlight. If you have ever been in a situation where you found yourself trying to fix the bad reception on your TV at night or during the evening, this backlight can make a significant difference to the whole process. You will not need a torch to view the screen, thus saving you time and a lot of hassle.

You can use this signal meter to either install your satellite dish or to fix the bad reception if it’s already installed. You can take this along with you on camping trips and set up a small TV in your tent because this device will allow you to catch satellite signals anywhere. You can view all the FTA channels for free.

The smart thing about this digital signal meter is that it has a buzzer, so when it locks on a signal, it makes a sound. This helps to ensure that you have found the highest signal for the channel you want to view. So, you will always have good reception while watching your favorite show. The input frequency for this model is set at 950MHz at minimum and 2150MHz at maximum. It also has a built-in mini compass and a sensitive meter for in-line use.


  • It is a professional model, but it is very affordable.
  • The LCD screen comes with a backlight for use at night time.
  • It is easy enough for beginners to set up.
  • It has been reported to work for ANY satellite.
  • It is perfect for enhancing the signals.


  • The instructions on the manual can be confusing for some people to understand.

Digital Satellite Signal Level Meter for Dish Network FTA

This digital satellite meter is few of the good ones on the market in terms or price, functionality and ease of use. You may be a beginner, but this satellite signal finder will help you find and tune the signals quickly. It comes with a built-in IF signal strength meter and also has a small electric buzzer which makes a sound when the signal is found.

You can get professional satellite signal results without a second helper. It is extremely lightweight and has a frequency 950-2150MHz. It also has a compass built in, so the signals are easily found and locked. This device is ideal for satellite installation and re-pointing your satellite dish.


  • This direct TV satellite signal finder has two unique features, the compass and inbuilt IF signal strength meter, making your job convenient.
  • It is compatible with both Direct TV and Dish networks.
  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • It comes with a bright blue LCD screen.


  • A big problem with this model is that it does not display the name and only shows the signal strength which can be annoying.

Satlink WS-6906 Digital Satellite Finder Meter

This satellite signal finder comes with a unique calibration system, so you don’t ever have to send it for upgrades or re-calibration. It comes with a Lithium-ion 3000Ma battery and a neck strap, so you don’t lose it. It is light in weight and has an LCD color screen. You can watch all the free channels, and it is fully DVB compliant. The user can modify the frequency, polarity, symbol rate and signal level to suit their needs.

It has a frequency range of 950mHz-2150mHz, and the signal finder can be charged with a 12V power charger. It can be connected directly to the electric supply if you forgot to charge it.

This satellite meter allows you to view the actual channel on its 3.5 LCD color screen so you can see the reception quality. This makes finding the best signal a quick job because you don’t need someone to sit front of the TV and shout instructions at you. You can fix the signals all by yourself and don’t have to depend on anyone else. It saves you time as well because you don’t need to run between the satellite and television to constantly check the reception. However, there is one issue with the LCD screen that has been reported by the users, if the sunshine is too strong then is becomes difficult to read the screen during the day.


  • It automatically calibrates each time it boots up, so you get optimum performance.
  • The LCD screen allows you to view the reception, so you don’t have to check the television again and again.
  • It is extremely lightweight and can be carried around easily.
  • It gives you the option to use it even if you have forgotten to charge it.
  • When there is a signal lock, it shows a blue display and makes a sound.
  • It comes with a protective cover and charger.


  • It requires the user to input all the details manually, and this is not easy for beginners to do.
  • The manual was difficult to understand and it has poor instructions.


The best satellite signal finder for us has to be the AGPtek, it is extremely affordable and offers professional results. The Satlink W6909 was a disappointment, not only because it was more expensive than both the AGPtek and the Digital Satellite Signal Level Meter for Dish Network. But also, because some of the users reported a few issues with it. The most annoying one is that you have to install all the details manually as there is no computer program or software which can be downloaded for this. Everything has to be done manually by the user, and this can be challenging for most beginners. Another issue with the Satlink W6909 was that the display screen cannot be seen properly when there is sunlight. You have to cover the screen with your hands to view it, and if you happen to be on the roof while fixing your satellite, then this will make things difficult for you.

The best feature of AGPtek is that it can link with any satellite. So, you can be in any part of the world and can watch your favorite show if there is a satellite signal near you. It is a handy device and can be carried in your pockets with ease. It has a built-in compass and an amplifier. So, when it is locked on a good signal, it not only makes a buzzing sound to inform you but it also helps to enhance that signal with the help of its inbuilt amplifier. The result is the best reception quality for any channel. This feature is unique only to the AGPtek digital satellite signal meter, and for the price, it is the best bargain available in the market.

Although if you want to know more about other satellite signal meters, then you can search on the internet. But if you want to save time and want the best option out there, then we cannot recommend the AGPtek enough.