5 Best Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machine of 2022 – Consumer Reports

Depending on where you live, the cost for a pack of cigarettes can range from $5 to almost $13, which is why people are looking for cheaper ways to smoke. What better way to save money than making your own cigarettes with an automatic cigarette rolling machine.

One pound of tobacco costs about $13 which will yield you about 2 cartons of cigarettes. A box of 200 cigarette tubes can be as cheap as $3. With your own automatic cigarette rolling machine, you could have a carton of cigarettes for just about $11.

Cigarette Price Comparison

  • 1 carton of name brand cigarettes = $25 – $30
  • ½ pound of tobacco = $6 – $10
  • 200 cigarette tubes = $3 – $5
  • 1 carton of homemade cigarettes = $9 – $15

Cigarette Rolling

It makes sense to buy tobacco in bulk and roll your own cigarettes to cut your cigarette costs by more than half. Hand rolling cigarettes can be a fun task if you have time, patience, and a steady hand, but still it’s probably only fun for a couple of cigarettes. If you want to roll an entire pack or more to get you through a day or two, you may want to investigate automatic cigarette rolling machines.

Automatic cigarette rolling machines come in different sizes, materials, and styles. There are simple hand held models that require a little effort from its user – using your fingers to roll the band with the tobacco and paper in it. The larger table top styles require a little less effort from its users, instead having a more automatic system that goes to work as you close the lid or push a lever. And there are electric cigarette rolling machines that do everything except put the tobacco into the machine.

There are machines that fill cigarette tubes and systems that use rolling papers. Cigarette tubes are constructed from cigarette paper, a filter, and tipping paper. The filter in the tubes can even be flavored to your taste. Rolling papers are usually a small sheet of cigarette paper, made from a variety of products, with a gum edge that can be moistened to seal the cigarette once rolled.

Types of Rolling Paper

  • Esparto
  • Imitation cork
  • Filter encasing
  • Cigar or cigarillo casing

What to look for when buying an automatic cigarette roller


With the numerous varieties and brands of cigarette rolling machines, how do you know which is the best one for you? The answer to this depends on your cigarette style. If you want to use rolling papers with your system, you will find yourself looking more towards manual hand held models. If you want to use filtered cigarette tubes, you have a number of automatic options – both manual and electric.

If you are looking to create uniform cigarettes while out hunting, on the beach, or just travelling around, you will want to look for a system that is generally small in size. Carrying around a bulky rolling machine is not conducive to an active outdoorsy lifestyle.

If you don’t have access to an outlet or electricity, you will want something that works manually, so you are always able to make a new cigarette or two. You can get a system that works from your car lighter, but if you’re out in the woods without some sort of power source, you’ll be happy to have an easy to use manual system. And don’t forget about storing your accessories. Many systems come with their own storage to keep your excess tobacco, rolling papers or cigarette tubes, lighter/matches, and even your already rolled cigarettes safe and in one neat space.

cigarette roller

Features for on the run users

  • Unit size – the more compact, the easier to travel with and store
  • Manual operation – no need for outlets
  • Accessories storage for your tobacco, tubes/papers, rolled cigarettes
  • Ease of use

If you’re going to be home when you make your cigarettes, you wouldn’t have as many restrictions on the features you require. You can also get a small, manual machine or you can go with something more powerful and requiring less effort from you. The size of the system may still be factor for you, as you may live in a tiny house or small apartment with limited counter and storage space. There are super compact units in both electric and manual varieties or you can find bulk-producing models as large as a coffee maker.

To produce a few cigarettes at a time, you can go either manual or electric. But if you’re looking to make cigarettes in bulk runs, maybe a carton at a time, you’ll want to look into the automatic, electric cigarette rolling machines. The speed of cigarette production can depend on you for manual versions, or the motor on the electric ones. Some systems even let you store excess tobacco in the filling chamber until your next use. Electric machines can be noisy, but there are many whose motors run quietly, for those with neighbors on the other side of their walls.

Features for at home users

  • Unit size
  • Operating system – manual or electric
  • Cigarette tube or rolling paper preference
  • Speed
  • Sound of motor in use
  • ?Ease of use

Regardless of where you use your rolling system, the main issue to address is the ease of use. Everyone works differently, so be sure your system is simple for you and produces the exact cigarette you want to smoke. Some electric units can be so easy to use, you only need one hand to operate them.

Once you’ve determined which features are important to you, you can look for your perfect cigarette rolling machine. We’ve created a list of five different style machines that best others.

Best Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machines – Consumer Reports

Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

Electric Cigarette Injector Machine has a spoon injection system that produces a cigarette with an even burn. It works with standard size tubes – both king and 100mm. The Powermatic II works quickly and efficiently to create your perfect cigarette and it’s made in the USA.

Technical Specs

  • Weighs 2.25 pounds
  • Measures 5.5” x 4” x 3.8”
  • Aluminum body and support arm
  • Electric spoon injection
  • Portable size
  • Maintenance and cleaning tool set included
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty

There are two motors and a microprocessor that monitors the quantity and compaction level of the tobacco. The Powermatic II comes with a 2 day 100% money back guarantee, a replacement warranty if it doesn’t function when it arrives, as well as a 1 year warranty against factory defects in workmanship and materials. Not only will you receive a set of tools to clean and maintain the machine, but you will also get a DVD with detailed operating instructions, even though operating it is quite simple.


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet when in use
  • One hand operation
  • Compact size fits perfectly on desk


  • Doesn’t fill the cigarette tube entirely
  • Loose tobacco fill
  • Fills too slowly

To use this machine, slide your empty tube onto the filler tip on the left side, then raise the lever on the right side. Drop your tobacco into the tobacco chamber on top and push the fill button on the right. Be sure you are not using the fines of tobacco as they will not pack as nicely and will fall out if on the end. Once the spoon pops out, you have a filled cigarette tube. If you want your cigarettes packed tighter or looser, you can adjust with the compaction knob on the left. The tobacco hopper even lets you make multiple cigarettes without having to keep reloading the chamber.

Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Cigarette Rolling Machine fills cigarette tubes with lever action injection. With a solid, durable build, you can efficiently roll well packed cigarettes quickly. Made in the USA, this product is only available to ship within the United States.

Technical Specs

  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Adjustable chamber
  • Rolls king size and 100mm cigarettes
  • Weighs 3.6 pounds
  • 12” x 6” x 8”
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty

The Top-o-matic is one of the easiest RYO (roll your own) systems to use. Slip on your cigarette tube, fill the tobacco chamber based on your cigarette size. The tobacco chamber has two size options – king or 100mm. Using the selector switch, pick the size for your cigarette tube and pull the lever. The machine will push your tobacco into the tube quickly and tightly. For perfectly filled tubes, be sure to add your tobacco into the chamber evenly, not forgetting about the corners. If the lever becomes difficult to pull, clear the tobacco chamber and refill, as you could have some loose tobacco clogging it.


  • Simple process
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable build


  • Jams frequently
  • Handle loosens with repetitive use

The bottom of this system is rubber for a stronger grip on your table or working surface. Removing the bottom grip allows you full access to the mechanics if servicing is required. The handle on top gives you extra hold as you pull the lever to fill your cigarette tubes.

All In One Automatic Cigarette Roller & Storage Box

All In One Automatic Cigarette Roller & Storage Box provides a simple way to roll your own cigarettes inside a compact carrying storage box. You can keep all of your rolling papers, rolled cigarettes, as well as your tobacco right inside the storage box for easy access whenever you’re ready to roll a new cigarette. The cost is incredibly affordable and there are several different styles to choose from.

Technical Specs

  • 70mm wide
  • 5.12in x 3.54in x 3.15in
  • Storage case and rolling machine in one
  • Variety of cover styles
  • Uses rolling papers

A simple, durable system that rolls your cigarettes when you close the lid. To use, simply place your rolling paper on the rolling band with the gum band up and facing out – any paper brand will work. Fill the paper in the trough evenly. Too much tobacco will make the system difficult to operate. You’ll get a feel for the amount you can easily use to form perfect cigarettes with a few uses. Lick the paper’s gum strip, then slowly close the lid, applying even pressure on both sides as you push it shut. Once the lid is closed, it engages the rolling band and a perfectly rolled cigarette will eject from the top of the box. The storage box will even catch any excess tobacco that may spill from the band.


  • Inexpensive
  • Compact
  • Storage case for accessories


  • Loose tobacco spills out
  • Band fabric can be stiff
There is no easier system to work and the storage case is quite handy. You truly get an all in one system and case that is compact enough to fit in your glove box, backpack, or purse. Keep everything together in one place. This product is made overseas.

Nihao Cigarette Rolling Machine Electric Automatic Tobacco Roller

Nihao Tobacco Roller lets you save money by rolling your own cigarettes. A simple, quick operation rolls only king sized cigarettes. You should stock up on the 8mm cigarette tubes. The ergonomic body design is compact enough to fit in a desk drawer or on your kitchen counter or desktop without being obtrusive.

Technical Specs

  • 7.7” x 2.6” x 2.5”
  • 5 Speed density level
  • 110-240 Voltage
  • Compact size

The motor speed is easily adjusted with the knob on the front of the system to let you choose your compaction level. An easy to use system lets you feel like a pro. Simply plug in the system with the included US adapter. Fill the top chamber with your tobacco. Push down on the lever and place your cigarette tube over the metal tube holder. Turn the compaction knob to your desired density. Press the ‘forward’ button on the top of the machine until the tube is completely filled. It may take a few tries to learn which compaction level you prefer, but once you’ve figured it out, you’re on your way to making perfect cigarettes every time.


  • Rolls even, packed cigarettes
  • Fast operation
  • Speed 3 seems to roll the best


  • Extra tobacco does fall out during operation
  • A bit noisy
You’ll be happy with the compact size even if it is only available in black. Included with your machine are the operation manual, US adapter plug, brush, and spring – everything you need to keep your system operating smoothly.


The financial benefits of rolling your own cigarettes is hard to ignore, but one other major benefit is your control over the fill of your cigarette. You know how you want to smoke, and maybe that changes each time you light up. Rolling your own lets you make a different cigarette each time, if you want. Cigarette manufacturers have machines to consistently fill their cigarettes, but making your own gives you the power to overfill your cigarette or pack it tighter when you want. Whether you roll with papers or fill tubes, you determine exactly how your cigarette will come out.

You also have the ability to select which tobacco and paper you make your cigarettes out of. There are so many varieties of tobacco flavors and leafs, you can easily find one to suit every one of your moods. As well, you can select the rolling paper or cigarette tube with or without a filter and flavor to enhance the tobacco inside. And now that you are armed with the information here, you can intelligently shop for the perfect style, size, and brand of cigarette rolling machine for you. Happy smoking!