5 Best CrossFit Jump Rope – Consumer Reports

The jump rope is a very versatile and convenient exercise tool. It is easy to carry and can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to go carry it with you to competitions, while travelling, or wherever you want to do a quick WOD. Not only that, the jump rope has many great benefits and can do wonders to burn calories and improves body fitness in various ways during a cardio workout. It is great for weight loss, helps tone muscles and increases cardiovascular fitness. Cognitive functioning and coordination are also improved by regular use of Jump ropes. It is a must have for anyone concerned about fitness. If you are new to crossfit or have been doing it for a while and are in need of finding the best crossfit jump rope then this guide should help to point you to the perfect one for your WODs, buying a jump rope shouldn’t be hard so we took the best of the best and compiled an unbiased review of them all.

5 Best Crossfit Jump Ropes to Using in Your WODs

WOD Nation Double-Under Speed Jump Rope for Crossfit

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is a top pick. Replacement hardware, extra cable and a nylon drawstring bag are given with it for free. This jump rope for crossfit is designed to be fast and allow for more stability. the handles and cable are durable, and it also has a 100% guarantee, promising good customer service. The length of the metal coated rope is adjustable. The WOD Nation jump rope is available in nine colors, including black, red, blue and purple. The rope slices through the air easily to make double-unders easier to do.


  • Has a replacement cable in case something happens
  • Smooth bearing allowing for quicker turnovers
  • Comes with a bag
  • Metal coated cable is adjustable for different heights


  • May wear on hard surfaces
  • If you have bigger hands, the smally handles may be harder for you to hold onto

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

The best option for Boxing and MMA training on top of crossfitting is the Survival and Cross Jump Rope. This crossfit jump rope comes with a 5” handle and a 10 foot cable which makes it great for both tall and short people as you can customize the length of the cable. Extra hardware is also given as part of the box kit and it can be adjusted to your height. It has steel bearings which have been added to increase speed. Its weight is perfect for long cardio sessions, double-unders and if just starting out at crossfit, singles. Its size makes it easy to store and carry in any gym bag making it easy to transport to and from your crossfit box.


  • Lightweight making it easier on the wrists for longer cardio workouts
  • 10-foot-long adjustable cable making it perfect for people of all heights
  • Steel bearings for increased speed in turnovers


  • Small handle size might not be a best fit for everyone

EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0

The Elite Surge Jump Rope has 5.25” High Grade Aluminum Handles with Slip-Resistant Foam grips increasing speed and smoothness of the rope attached. It comes with a 10 foot kink-resistant rope and is also compatible with six different types of cables, both Thick Outdoor and Ultra-Thin Cables, PVC Freestyle Cord and 3/32” Nylon Coated Rope. The screw/collar system allows you to easily adjust the length of the rope to your requirement so whether you have short or long arms this rope can be adapted to work for you. The patented dual ball bearing heads increase the smoothness of spinning the rope and improve your workout by making double unders easier to do. The cable has six color options including copper, black and blue. The Elite Surge Jump rope increases your speed, agility and stamina and is a great choice for training for Boxing, Muay Thai or cross fitness.


  • Handles have good grips
  • Durable and various options for cable
  • Easily adjust the length of the rope with the screw/collar system


  • Compared to other ropes, this one is a bit more expensive

Fit Skuad Jump Rope for Crossfit

The Fit Skuad Jump Rope is made for both professionals and beginners. Its 6” Aluminum handles are light, durable and have foam grips for better handling. The 10-foot-long rope is easily adjustable, with extra-large screws, appropriate for both adults and kids. The rope design is coated with a PVC sleeve for protection, allowing you to use it outdoors and on hard surfaces as well without worrying. Fitted with an efficient double ball-bearing system, the rope has a balanced weight and allows you to reach great speeds, even up to 320 jumps per minutes. With the rope, you get a one year Limited Warranty and also a 120-day Replacement guarantee. You can carry the rope anywhere in the premium carrying bag given free with it.


  • Durable Rope which can be used both outside and inside
  • Bearing speed is quick making your turnovers quicker for double unders or singles
  • Balanced weight throughout the rope for consistency


  • Simple Design, may not appeal to those looking for a a thicker hold

Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

The Sonic Boom Rope is made for athletes and built for speed which is great for crossfit workouts! The 6.6-inch stainless steel handles ensure durability and the silicone grip on top gives a firm and comfortable grip. The problem of loose screws has been done away with the addition of Self-locking, screw free, jump rope. To achieve high speeds, a 360-degree spin ball-bearing system has been added, for increased rotation speed. Two 10-foot speed cables are given, which have 0.1-inch steel wire covered with polymer coating. A carry case and Luxury Gift box is given for free as well which means you don’t have to worry about a tangled mess inside your gym bag.


  • 360 degree spin ball bearings, self-locking jump rope, and high speed
  • 6.6 Inch stainless steel handle
  • Two different 10-foot cables come with it


  • Heavier rope which takes a bit longer to get use to
  • Long handles which is good for people with bigger hands
Hopefully this list above will help you in finding the best crossfit jump rope for you. Each one has a different feel so sometimes it takes testing them out and finding the correct on before being able to RX jump ropes in your WOD. Whether you are looking at perfecting your singles or looking to learn double unders, these ropes are the best of the best and will help you with your training.