5 Best Women’s Electric Shavers – Consumer Reports

As much as there are many hair removal methods in the market, shaving still carries many people. Most people find waxing painful, laser too much hustle and thus their only go to option is shaving. The rise of electric shavers took the market by a storm since it made it way easier as compared to the conventional shaving methods. As for women electric shavers, they have specific features that categorize them for women. The fact that women have curves, Contours and hard to reach places, the shavers have to be made in a specific way to make sure it serves its purpose well as compared to men’s shavers which can be made in any way since most of the time what is required is straightforward. Most women’s electric shavers have a soft grip handle to give more comfort when using it and have also been made with feminine colors not forgetting the size.

There have been misconceptions that shaving results in ingrown hairs or itching. There are people who believe this but it is not true. Most of the time shaving results depends on the blades the shaver uses and the shaving technique. The hair should be shaved against the direction of hair growth and the blades should be made of high quality.

A good electric shaver is most of the time relative though there are factors that remain and must be considered in choosing an electric shaver for women. With many brands in the market with many shavers out there it is important to k now what to look out when choosing a shaver.

Factors to consider in choosing a women’s electric shaver

Some of the factors to consider in choosing a shaver include:


As much as there are many electric shavers in the market, women’s electric shavers have made with a feminine touch. The have been made in an appropriate size to fit well in a woman’s hand since many women have a smaller hand. They have been designed to provide a comfort grip by having a contoured body and a rubber grip. Women’s electric shavers have been made with a pivoted head so that it can access the curves and reach any corner without any problem. In design one should also consider the blades used and if it uses rotary or foil. Color also comes into play as many women are into feminine colors.

How it operates

There are shavers that you can only use when you are wet and there are those you can only use when dry. This is an important factor to consider depending on one’s preference. Normally dry only shavers are cheaper as compared to wet shavers. The only problem is that dry shavers cannot be used with water and most of the time wet shavers are also dangerous when they are used dry. Dry only shaver can pose an inconvenience when cleaning them since one cannot run them under water to clean them but has to follow a set of instructions when cleaning them. There are some shavers even though they are wet they require one to use a shaving gel alongside it. This should also be put in mind.

Foil or rotary

As much as foil shavers are mostly used in women’s electric shavers, it is important to know the specific roles of either rotary or foil in electric shavers. Rotary shavers are made with rounded blades to help them reach hard to reach areas. The blades 360 degrees and can flex as well. Foil shavers are made to cover a large area while doing a close shave. It is made for legs and arms mostly. Rotary shavers at the same time are preferred by some people since they are easy to use and make shaving way easier than foil since they have rounded blades. They are also less likely to cause irritation. The only problem with them is that they do not offer much precision as compared to foil shavers. For those that are into precision then they should consider foil shavers and for those that are into convenience they should go for rotary shavers.


Electric shavers for women can either be corded or cordless. Performance is more or less the same though corded shavers are believed to be more powerful as compared to cordless shaver. This is due to the fact that when charge reduces in the cordless shaver its performance becomes low as well. Cordless shavers however offer a lot of convenience in usage especially for those who travel a lot though many are unreliable at times. This is an important factor to consider in choosing a shaver. Another factor one needs to put in mind is that some shavers use batteries and some are rechargeable. This is especially for the cordless shavers. It is important to keep in mind the time it takes to fully charge the batteries and how long it lasts. Different shavers operate differently and thus when buying a shaver this is an important factor to consider. When you know the factors you can make sure that you have your batteries charged or replaced when you need to use the shaver. For corded shavers one should always have a multi-plug that can help you connect to any socket when you need to use the shaver. This is because not all the sockets have been made the same way.


There are electric shavers for women that come with more accessories than others. This depends on one’s needs. For example there are shavers that come with shaving guards to help you shave more easily and there are those that come with plastic guides to help in giving more precision in shaving. There are those that come with cleaning brushes for cleaning the shaver, and a bag for storage and those that don’t. So one can get whatever they want it all depends on what they need.

Blades used

There are different blades that can be used for shaving and they all have different reactions when in contact with the skin. There are people who react to some metals and not others. The choice of the blades used therefore is important in choosing an electric shaver. For those with sensitive skin a blade made of pure metal would be great. The more the blades in a shaver the better it is to shave. More blades give a smooth skin sensation meaning you are less likely to be irritated by the shaver. There are shavers that come with floating blades which is even better as it can easily glide down the skin without much effort required.

Pop up Trimmer

Since many women like comfort while shaving, it is important to consider factors such as a pop up trimmer. A pop up trimmer will make the shaving process way easier since it helps to tame stray hairs without causing a lot of pain. Most of the time most people would not lack at least one or two stray hairs and some are normally very short and hard to get rid of. That is why a pop up trimmer comes in. A pop up trimmer is especially important when shaving the bikini line. It helps you to shape your bikini line as you shave to achieve the desired shape. As for men it is not a very important factor to consider but for women it is worth it.

Bienna Electric

Many women would love a shaver that would not limit them to only shaving a certain place and this is the Bienna electric shaver. It is a multi-use shaver has been made to be used on any part of the body and not limited to legs, arms, bikini, face etc.

It has been specially made for women with consideration on the skin’s moisture by being gentle to reduce irritation and make sure the skin maintains its natural moisture balance.

The shaver has been made with a foil that has a flat and curved trimmer to make sure that it can reach hard to reach places by having the ability to adjust to every curve and contour of the female body.

It’s a Waterproof shaver that can be used either wet or dry. This provides convenience in usage and cleaning. Upon purchase one gets a cleaning brush which makes it even better, one can clean it whenever they please.

It is a cordless and rechargeable. It is therefore convenient for those who are always on the move or those who prefer cordless shaver. Charging the shaver for 8 hours provides charge that can last up to six weeks.

Scheam 4 in 1 Rechargeable Electric Epilator, Callus Remover, Lady Shaver and Hair Clipper

As the name suggests, this is a 4 in 1 rechargeable electric epilator that is highly multifunctional. It is a callus remover epilator, shaver and hair clipper. It gets rid of cracked heels and exfoliates the skin to buff away hard skin for a smooth skin. It gets rid of unwanted hair in whatever part of the body. It has a foil which helps to get rid of hairs in hard to reach areas such as the lady’s curvaceous zones. The shaver also comes with dual integrated hair trimmers. It has a clipper to tame long hairs for less pain during epilation.

It gives sensitive skin consideration by having two level rolling speeds so that one can use the speed that they prefer and those with sensitive skin can use a lower speed. Apart from that it is easy to handle with the header made such that it is easy to change.

It is rechargeable and cordless. The fact that it is rechargeable can save you money that you would use to purchase batteries when it is out of power. It is cordless to give you the convenience that you need while using it.
It is convenient in that one can use it for different purposes while it is just one device. It can help you get the experience of a spa from wherever you please.

Women Electric Shaver

This is also a multipurpose 5 in 1 device that does several functions to give you the convenience that you need other than buying different devices separately. It comes with a facial epilator head, lady shaver head, callus remover head and facial massager head.

It does a proper facial cleansing that is eight times better than the normal wash giving you a deep pore cleansing for a younger looking skin. The facial massager helps to circulate blood on the skin which helps in reducing wrinkles and skin tightening.

The epilator and shaver helps to remove the shortest of hairs more than wax would. It removes 4x shorter hair than wax. The heads have been made in such as a way that it gives an anti-irritating and long lasting hair removal. It has a comb attachment to help in the trim and shaping process while shaving.

The pedicure head helps in removing dead skin from the skin to give soft and smooth legs. It gives you smooth beautiful legs while saving you trips to the spa.

It is Cordless and Convenient. One does not have to be confined in one place because of the cord. It is rechargeable saving you from replacing batteries when it is out of charge. It is suitable for both wet and dry use which gives more convenience in usage and cleaning when need be. It is easy to use in that it has simple switch button that can be turned on and off when using it. It has an ergonomic and compact handle design to give precision during epilation.

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver

As a woman who wouldn’t love an electric shaver that glides through the contours of the body. This is exactly what Panasonic ladies electric shaver does. It comes equipped with four independently floating heads and four foils to smoothly glide the contours of your body to closely and comfortably shave legs, underarms and other areas. It has a pivot action shaving head that makes the shaving process bliss. Since bikini shaving proves to be a challenge for many ladies, the Panasonic ES2216PC has been made with a snap on bikini trimmer attachment which has multiple trim length settings to make shaving the bikini easier and tame long stray hairs effortlessly.

Most people prefer wet dry shavers not to be limited in any way and this shaver has been made with that in consideration. You can either shave wet or dry depending on what you prefer.

Due the fact that we always have areas that are more sensitive than others and they may need to be shaved, the Panasonic shaver has sharp hypo-allergenic stainless steel inner blades that help to tame irritation and provide more comfort in shaving.

It has been made with a great feminine design, sleek slim and lightweight to give more control when using it. The shaver being cordless it provides the convenience of being used anywhere without worrying about using it where there is a socket.

It is easy to clean unlike some shavers that are hard to clean. To clean it one simply needs to put on the switch and hold the shaver under running water.

The shaver has a rechargeable durable battery. Upon charging it for up to 12 hours it can provide one hour continuous use.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

Specifically made for women, this is what you need for your shaving needs. The shaver is equipped with three floating blades that smoothly glide along the contours of your body giving you super smooth skin that will make others envious. You don’t have to worry about that sensitive skin since it has hypo allergic blades that are sharp and can shave anywhere without causing any kind of irritation for maximum comfort.

It provides the convenience of using it either dry or wet depending on what you prefer. You can carry it to the shower and use it with your favorite soap or use it dry, it’s up to you.

Your long stray hairs have been taken care of as the shaver comes with a pop-up trimmer that helps to trip closely and safely the bikini area while making sure you can still shape your bikini line.

Cleaning your Panasonic woman’s electric shaver does not have to be a nightmare, you only have to put it under running water as much as it has a waterproof design at the same time?

Tips on using a women’s electric shaver

In order to get the most out of women’s electric shaver, you have to know how to use it. You might have the best electric shaver but if you don’t know how to use you will still experience problems while using the shaver. Some of the tips on using an electric shaver are:

Know the shaver you have

There are different shavers in the market and they all operate differently. There are shavers that use foil and there are those that use rotary. There are those that are waterproof and can operate both dry and wet and there are those that are only dry. There are those that have several blades and there are those that have a single blade or a roller. It is important to know which shaver you have. Most of the time, electric shavers for women come with instructions that should be adhered to in order to get the most out of the shaver.

Shave against the direction of hair growth

Failure to shave against the direction of the hair growth will result in ingrown hairs which can be really painful and can result in pimples that may take time to heal and can later leave a scar that may take time to fade. It is recommended to shave different areas differently since some areas are more sensitive than others. Sensitive areas should be shaved more gently as compared to other areas.

If you are using a dry wet shaver, it’s better to shave from the bathroom

If is a waterproof shaver, shaving from the bathroom will help you to track your progress and thus help you in the shaving process. Moisture makes the skin softer as it uplifts the cuticles and helps the blades to get some moisture which will help them to glide more easily and thus shaving will be easier and less painful.

Use a shaving gel if it’s necessary

There are electric shavers for women that recommend use of shaving gels, and there are people who prefer shaving gels since it makes the process less painful. Be sure to confirm with the manual if it’s necessary or not.

Don’t wait until the hair is too long to shave

Longer hairs are more painful to shave than shorter ones. Shorter is easier and even less painful .It is also easier to tame short hairs to achieve what you want than long ones. This is especially true for electric shavers for women that do not come with pop up trimmers.

Choose the right shaver

Shavers are made differently to fit different needs, there are shavers made for coarse hair and there are those made for silk hair. One should consider that when they are choosing. There are those that are specifically made for sensitive skin, those that are made for normal, those that are cordless and those that are corded. The wrong kind of shaver may to give you the results that you expect. All in the entire shaver should be of high quality. High quality shavers are made with high quality blades that are hypo allergic and will be more long lasting.