Airfloss VS Waterpik – What’s Better? – Consumer Reports for 2022

We all know that it is important to floss regularly.  Flossing keeps your teeth and gums clean and prevents cavities and gum infections.  It is also one of the best remedies for preventing bad breath that is so often caused by food pieces that get stuck in your teeth.

Conventional flossing isn’t the best way to keep your teeth clean though.  In fact, many believe that using traditional string dental floss can cause gum infections or can loosen your teeth.  But the good news is that there is a modern and ultimately healthy way to floss and that is with the help of a high pressure water or air flossing device. 

Instead of using traditional string floss these devices works by spraying your teeth clean with pressured water, air or dental liquids.  These water or air flossing devices are much easier to use, more gentle ton your gums, quicker to the task and doesn’t have any negative side effects on your teeth. Water and air flossers are also very handy for whitening teeth or for preventing tooth stains. 

The Best Flossing Device Types

There are two major dental flossing devices to choose from; Air and water flossers.  By flossing you remove 40% more buildup from your teeth and both air and water flossers are a lot easier, more comfortable and more convenient to use than string floss.  Not to mention the fact that you eliminate the chance of bleeding gums when the string cuts into your gums. 

These flossing devices are available in different device options such as cordless, corded, rechargeable, battery operated, portable or standing units.  The two leading brands on the market are the Waterpik and the Airfloss flossers.

If you are wondering which brand to choose then wonder no further because this article is all about Airfloss VS Waterpik and all of their uses, advantages and disadvantages. 

What Is A Waterpik Flosser?

WaterPik Ultra Dental Water Tips

The Waterpik brand is quite popular since the brand produces quality water flossers that make it remarkably easy to keep your teeth brilliantly clean.  There are two different types of Waterpik flossing devices; a countertop unit and a cordless device.

The cordless option is smaller, cable free and is usually powered by rechargeable or replaceable batteries.

The countertop flosser is bigger, produces a more powerful water jet, is attached to your water supply and is highly effective.

Waterpik flossers function by pressurizing water that is sprayed onto your teeth to remove plaque, bacteria, food pieces and anything else that might be stuck between your teeth or on the surface of your tongue. 

Aquarius Professional WP-660

One of the best Waterpik flossers on the market today is the Aquarius Professional WP-660. This waterpik flosser is very easy to use and gets up to 50% more tartar and debris in the mouth than regular flossing would. Its also very safe to use for people with braces, implants or other dental work that may have been done.  The Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser also has 10 settings for different pressures so if you have more sensitive teeth or gums, you can adjust the setting to a lower setting that feels comfortable for you. If you have debris stuck in your teeth thats harder to get out, you can switch it to a higher setting to help push it out more. There is also 7 tips that come with this unit, which is great for either backups, guest or if you have multiple family members using it.

What Is An Airfloss Flosser?

Airfloss is a Philips product that is marketed under the Sonicare dental brand.  These units are a lot like water flossers but work differently.  Airfloss flossers are designed to be cordless and portable and are thus cordless and function with rechargeable or replaceable batteries. 

Airfloss devices works by bursting pressured air onto your teeth combined with micro droplets of water.  This flossing unit produces less mess than water flossers and as a result is often preferred for when you are on the go.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss

One of the best air flossers on the market is the Philips Sonicare AirFloss. This handy machine is cordless and can be recharged to last up to 3 weeks. You can use either mouth wash or water in this device which is great if your want to kill germs and bacteria with the mouth wash at the same time. This device is 5x more effective than brushing along and can help to breakdown tarter and get debris in some of those hard to reach places. There is also a more heavy duty air flosser called the Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra, however the reviews on this one isn’t as great as the regular one and its more expensive.

Advantages of Airfloss

Advantages of Airfloss

The Phillips Airfloss brand produces quite a few different types of air flossing devices.  Some of the best types you can consider include the HX8211 Philips Sonicare Airfloss Rechargeable Flosser, the New and Improved Philips Sonicare Airfloss or the Philips Sonicare HX8332 Airfloss Ultra.  These flossing devices offer plenty of great benefits such as the following;

  • Reduced mess – Airfloss uses microbursts of water along with pressured air to clean your teeth.  This means you don’t need to spit out waste or stand over a sink to get your teeth clean.   It is a pretty convenient teeth cleaning solution when you are on the go.
  • Cordless device – Airfloss devices are designed to be portable and are completely cordless.  You can move around with no messy wires getting in your way.
  • Convenient – The unit isn’t just convenient because of its small and smooth design, it is also convenient because it is so easy to use.
  • Generous battery life – The unit is rechargeable and the battery life lasts up to two weeks before you need to plug it in at the docking station.
  • Auto power off – One of the reasons the battery lasts so long is due to the auto power off function.  After 4 minutes the unit turns off all on its own.
  • Comfortable charging stand – There is no need for you to struggle to plug the flosser into a USB device.  It comes with a charging stand.

Disadvantages of Airfloss
All flossing devices have a few disadvantages you need to consider before you buy.  But Airfloss doesn’t have too many to be worried about. Here are the top drawbacks to keep in mind when you buy this terrific device;

  • Small reservoir size – The portable design also means that it has a small reservoir.  You need to refill it after about two flossing sessions.
  • No pressure control – The device doesn’t have settings or adjustments over pressure control which means it can be hard to find comfortable force when you have sensitive teeth.
  • Not for shared use – Airfloss do come with replaceable nozzles but it isn’t quite as easy to switch between different nozzles.

Advantages of Waterpik

Waterpik has quite a few flossing devices on the mark including various cordless and countertop units.  Some of the top units you can certainly have a look at include the WP-560 Waterpik Portable Oral Irrigator, The WP-667 Waterpik Electric Countertop Oral Irrigator or the WP-900 Waterpik Complete Care Flosser with Sonic.  Waterpik flossers are very popular because they offer so many great benefits such as the following;

  • Highly effective – These units clean really well between your teeth and are considered the clinical best.
  • Different pressure settings – Most units come with pressure and flow rate controls which make it a more suitable investment for those with sensitive gums and teeth.
  • Loosens bigger particles – Water flossers can dislodge larger particles because the pressure is better and more water is used during flossing.
  • Available in cordless and countertop units – This is a big plus for those that love to have a unit at home.  Waterpik produces both cordless and countertop units.  The cordless options are cable free and very convenient for traveling while the countertop units has bigger reservoirs  for proper and highly effective teeth cleaning at home.
  • Different nozzles available – Waterpik’s flossers are compatible with different nozzle types and it is much easier to switch between nozzles.  This makes it very functional for family or shared use.
  • Fantastic control – The flossers have rotating nozzles that allows you to target specific areas in the mouth with great ease.

Disadvantages of Waterpik
Waterpik, like all other flossing methods and devices, also has a few disadvantages you need to keep in mind before you buy.  Here are the top disadvantages of using these types of flossing units;

  • Can be messy – More water is used for cleaning your teeth which can be messy.  The best way to clean your teeth when using these units is at the sink and even then teeth cleaning can be messy because it can be so easy to spray water all over the bathroom.  Even the portable units are messy but you can master the technique of mess free flossing with a bit of practice.
  • Bigger size – The countertop units are quite big and even the portable units are much bigger than Airfloss units.
  • Not quite as portable – The portable or wireless Waterpik units are still quite big and bulky and isn’t as easy to transport.  The messy cleaning also makes it a less desirable unit for cleaning your teeth at the office or on the go.
  • More time consuming – It takes longer to clean your teeth using a water flosser than air flosser.
  • Uses more water – The reservoirs on these flossing units are bigger than Airflow reservoirs but you do use a lot more water during flossing.  This means that the bigger tank often isn’t enough for proper teeth cleaning.

Airfloss VS Waterpik – What’s Better?
Airfloss VS Waterpik
It can be tough to decide on the best flossing device to buy when both of these brands offer so many great benefits.  Here is a little guide to help you decide on the best brand or device to choose for your need.

Choose according to price

The cost of a product usually has a big impact on your decision to buy.  Airfloss and Waterpik come in different unit devices which greatly vary in price.  It is much better to choose according to functionality because your need is a more important factor to consider. 

Airfloss devices are portable and usually range from $50 – $70 depending on the unit you buy. 

Waterpik ranges from $30 – $100 for portable units and from $50 – $200 for countertop units, some of which also come with an electric toothbrush and lots of pressure settings.

The most affordable way to floss your teeth is of course with traditional dental floss since a pack of floss can last you quite a long time and these string flosses are pretty affordable.

Choose according to clinical results

A clinical study done in 2012 by BioSci Research Canada on Waterpik and Airfloss devices concluded that both of these devices removes plaque effectively.  Waterpik was more effective in cleaning since it removes 74.9% of plaque where Airfloss removed 57.5% of plaque.  Waterpik flossers also removes bigger pieces of food which makes it a better pick for those with braces or with large gaps between teeth. Basically this means that both products work fantastically but if you are choosing according to clinical performance then it is probably best to go with the Waterpik units.

Choose according to portability

If you love to clean your teeth just about anywhere then the Airfloss is the better pick.  It uses less water where Waterpik units can be messy.  If you are cleaning on the go then it probably is best to avoid Waterpik flossers.  Airfloss units are also much smaller and more portable.

Choose according to convenience

When it comes to convenience the Airfloss might be the better pick.  The portable units are smaller and easier to travel with.  They are quicker to get started and you can get your teeth clean in less time.  Airfloss doesn’t cause quite as much mess which also reduces the cleanup time you require.  It is also a better solution for those that love to floss after every meal, especially if you love to wear makeup.

Choose according to tooth sensitivities

If you have sensitive teeth and gums then Waterpik is a better solution.  These units offer much more pressure settings and the greater control over the nozzle also makes it much easier to work your way around sensitive areas in your mouth.  There also isn’t cold air blown onto temperature sensitive areas in your mouth which is more convenient for those with painful gums, infections, or sensitive teeth.

Final Verdict

Both of these flossing devices are superb picks for those that love clean teeth and fresh breath.  They are both clinically effective, easy to use and offer great results. 

For general use we do recommend the Airfloss because it is cleaner to use, quicker and effective.  It is a much more convenient tool for traveling, keeping your teeth clean throughout the day or for consistent use.  It is especially preferable for women that wear makeup or for businessmen that love to give their teeth a good clean after lunch breaks. 

For tooth sensitivities, home specific use or for ultimate clean clinical results, the Waterpik units are the best picks because they offer the cleanest results and can be set to different levels.

But all in all either of these brands are a must if you are looking for a great alternative to using traditional string floss that can be so bulky to use and that can cause so much discomfort and pain.