Alera Elusion Review

​If you have a home office or any office, you need a good chair. It should have a good backrest as well as comfortable armrests, so you can spend the workday without any pain or discomfort. Alera makes a quality line of office chairs, including the Elusion Series which we look at in this review.

About the Alera Elusion

Alera Elusion chairs are made to be comfortable at a reasonable price. They are made to be durable yet have an aesthetic appeal. While these chairs aren’t as fancy as other chairs, they offer great value at a mid price point. If you’re in need of good comfort and don’t want to spend a lot on your chair, them the Alera Elusion could be the right fit for you.


There’s both a high-back and a mid- back model to choose from. The mid-back offers more lumbar support while the high-back has less lumbar support. The chair only comes in black, so you can’t color coordinate it with furniture.

Alera Elusion Review


  • ​Has a breathable back so you keep cool
  • ​The waterfall seat edge reduces stress on the knees and the legs
  • ​The back angle of the chair is adjustable to your overall comfort level
  • arrow-right The seat cushion is contoured and comfortable. It’s made with quality fabric upholstery
  • arrow-right The chair features adjustable tilt including infinite locking positions, free floating, and forward tilt to match your needs
  • arrow-right The base is durable and features casters, so it can be moved where you need it quickly
  • arrow-right The arms have width as well as height adjustments, so it can be customized for your arms

General Construction of the Alera Elusion

This chair is more adjustable when you compare it to similarly priced chairs.  It’s constructed with a plastic frame which is standard for these types of chairs.  It’s supported with metal which adds to the durability and the stability of the chair. The seat features a contoured cushion which is firm while the back rest features a mesh material which covers the plastic structure.The mesh is breathable so it’s quite comfortable to sit in when the room is hot and will help keep you cool when you need to work long hours in the office. One point to note is that that chair has a capacity of 250 pounds so those that are heavier set may need to look elsewhere for a chair to support them properly.

Arm Rests

The arm rests on the Alera Fusion offer good support for the forearms and the elbows and these are adjustable to width and height, so you can get the chair in just the right position for you. The armrest can me moved both up and down to match the length of your arms. You’ll be able to maintain a 90-degree angle with the armrests once you adjust them to your liking, so your arms will remain comfortable when you use the chair for a long duration. The rests can also be lowered to match your desk height, so you can slide your chair in and out of your desk when needed. The armrests will accommodate all body frame types, so you remain comfortable when sitting in the chair no matter your size.  The armrest can be a bit picky to adjust at times, so you may need to play with them to get to your needed comfort level.

Back Rest and Adjustable Seat

The seat features a waterfall seat edge which makes the chair comfortable and reduces leg pain. This is a good feature to have in a chair since it helps with blood circulation in the legs. You can adjust the tilt as well as the height of the chair. It can be lowered or raised to accommodate your legs or desk height, so you remain in comfort. A foot stool can help if you find that you sit too high in the chair. By tilting the chair, you’ll relieve pressure on the legs and rear, so you can sit for a longer duration in the chair. The back rest is adjustable for both tilt and height and there’s a built in lumbar support. When you have a lumbar support, this eliminates common lower back pain which can occur when you sit for a longer duration. I found that by adjusting the back rest, it eliminated back discomfort. Make sure you adjust it for your own needs to see what works the best for you.

Pros of the Alera Elusion 

  • check ​It’s a decent price
  • check ​It’s easy adjustable to meet your needs
  • check ​Nicely made fabric seat
  • check Durable chair
  • check Very comfortable chair

​Cons of the Chair

  • ​Mesh on back isn’t the best quality which may wear out before other parts of the chair do
  • ​Not as nice looking as other chairs due to the mesh design on the back as it looks a bit like patio furniture does
  • ​It’s heavy at around 50lbs.
  • exclamation-triangle Arm rests can be tricky to adjust at times


The Alera Elusion comes with a five-year warranty. The mesh part of the chair is covered by a two-year warranty.  This warranty is above average, but the lower warrant yon the mesh means this part will probable wear out first and will either need to be foxed or you’ll need to buy a new chair.


If you’re looking for a comfortable chair that won’t cost a lot of money, the Alera Elusion is a good bargain. The chair is quite comfortable and can be adjusted to meet your needs. The disadvantage of the chair is the fact that the back is made out of mesh and it’s not the most durable material you’ll come across. The mesh design gives the chair a less appealing look when you compare it to similar chairs on the market. Other chairs will offer you more for the money, but this chair is well designed for it’s price and recommend for those looking for a quality chair at a lower price. The only downside to the chair is the mesh back which could present some problems as the chair is used for a long duration.