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Baby Steps for Better Health: Fourth of July

Posted June 29, 2018

Welcome to our series, “Baby Steps for Better Health,” where we share small food, nutrition, and sustainability tips that go a long way. This month we are sharing a few tips on ways you can celebrate a healthier Fourth of July without having to deprive yourself of enjoyment.

With Fourth of July around the corner, many of us are gearing up for barbecues and festivities. We’ve emphasized on our blog that holidays like this should be a time of enjoying family and friends and eating delicious food together while nourishing our bodies and our entire selves. So, how can we put this plan into action this Fourth of July? Here are some ideas.

  • Start with breakfast – Having a healthy breakfast will help you make smart choices about your food later in the day. Keep your first meal of the day balanced by including carbohydrates, protein, protein, and healthy fats like this vegan frittata with carrot ‘bacon’ and roasted potatoes.
  • Fill your plate with vegetables – Whether you’re eating at home or heading to a friend’s barbecue, fill half your plate with vegetables before adding anything else. This stone fruit caprese salad or tomato salad are delicious, refreshing options that are both easy to put together and can be made ahead of time to bring to a barbecue!
  • Stay hydrated – With summer temperatures on the rise, it can be easy to get dehydrated, and prolonged dehydration over time means a less efficient metabolism. The best way to stay hydrated is by taking sips of water throughout the day rather than chugging a large glass of water before you actually need it. Serving watermelon is also a great way to keep guests hydrated!
  • Get creative with your veggie burger – Gone are the days of bland and boring veggie burgers. You can elevate your plant protein burgers with delicious spices and garnishes. Try making these Edamame & Black Quinoa Sliders or Wild Rice & Lentil Veggie Burgers – you’ll get delicious flavor without having to fire up the grill!
  • Prevent food wasteMake the most out of your produce when prepping for your Fourth of July barbecue. Use petite greens or fronds to garnish your dishes, use leftover citrus peels or rinds to infuse water pitchers, and save your vegetable scraps to send through the juicer for a pick-me-up the next morning!