The 5 Best Battery Operated Blender Reviews

Having the best possible blender is definitely great for anything around your house. You want something that you can use to make your favorite smoothies, dips, soups and a whole lot more. If you have a really great blender you may even be able to make nut butters and marinades as well. But what if you could get a blender that worked no matter where you were and no matter what the conditions? A battery operated blender can definitely be a great option for those who like all the features of a traditional blender with portability.

ProMixx Original Vortex Mixer

The ProMixx Original Vortex Mixer is inexpensive, at around $20, and it provides you with everything you need when it comes to a battery operated blender. It’s small enough to easily carry with you and it can actually make several different products so you’re always going to be ready to go. The blender itself comes in three different possible colors, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. Powered with only 2 AAA batteries, this blender actually has over 12,000 RPM so you can get anything you want blended down perfectly.

Made without BPA or DEHP, the entire unit is safe for you and your family and it’s super easy to clean. All you need to do is put some detergent in and start it up. There’s a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and a leak-free guarantee. That means you won’t have any problems getting the great products you want with all the nutrients and protein and a whole lot more. It’s also designed to resist odors and even impact, in case it gets dropped. Ergonomic in design and great for carrying with you to the gym, work or anywhere, it’s definitely a great choice.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is another inexpensive option that definitely helps you get what you’re looking for. Available in six different colors including blue, green, red and white, you also get to choose between a 1 or 2 jar system. With either one you’ll be able to use the blender whenever and wherever you want and you’ll get just the right amount of smoothie as well. This blender lets you mix up one for yourself and one for someone else in the family and because it fits in car holders and has a travel lid it’s ready to go as soon as it’s blended.

The entire system works quickly and easily so all you have to do is hit the button and it gets going for you, getting you just the right consistency so you can enjoy your smoothie. Lightweight and complete with a 175 watt motor you’ll have the portability that you’re looking for with things like shakes, smoothies and even baby formula or salad dressings. All of the food zones are BPA free so you can feel safe drinking out of it and the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

ZesGood Juicer Cup

The ZesGood Juicer Cup is designed for those who want to have some great juice and protein shakes while they’re on the go. It has an internal 5 volt battery that you can plug into the wall, your computer or any other USB port to charge up and then you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you want to go. Not only that but it looks pretty sleek while you’re at it. You won’t mind carrying this one around because it’s going to be small enough to fit wherever you want and it’s very stylish with the white and blue accents.

Made with ecofriendly and food grade materials it’s safe for use by just about anyone, whether you’re actually using it or cleaning after use. It’s able to pulverize anything you want from fruit and vegetables to protein powders and more and all in just 30 seconds. Waterproof and skidproof, you won’t have to worry about spills or anything else and you’ll even have lighting when you’re blending. Before you know it you’re going to be absolutely in love with this blender and everything that it can do for you on the go.

Keiskei Portable Juice Blender

The Keiskei Portable Juice Blender looks like a super elegant and stylish travel cup and comes in three different colors. It’s also super easy to use with a 5 volt battery included that can be charged via USB cable however you want. What’s even better is it’s inexpensive, just over $20, and has a magnetic safety lock that keeps it from making a mess as well as keeping your little ones from getting hurt. Unless the lid is fully tightened on the device it won’t turn on at all.

Made with food grade plastics and stainless steel, this blender bottle can make you juices, shakes and smoothies out of all of your favorite ingredients. The capacity is 400 ml, which means it’s perfect for one person who’s on the go and whether you’re carrying it along with you or setting it out on the cupboard, it won’t take up too much space or weigh you down. What’s even nicer is that you can use the device itself as a power bank when it’s charged up and you need a little bit of extra power for your portable devices. What could be better than that?

E-Uniona Portable Blender

With the E-Uniona Portable Blender you’re getting an inexpensive machine that is going to keep you going all day. It uses one touch options to get you a great smoothie and is made with food grade plastics and rubber. No matter what, you can feel comfortable feeding your family any smoothie you make from this. It’s also super lightweight and easy to carry along with you and comes with a blender jar that doubles as your juice cup. With 400 ml per jar, you’re definitely going to have everything you need to enjoy your next smoothie.

This is a great option for anyone who wants a blender on the go. What’s even better is you’ll be able to charge it by USB cable whenever you want, or you can charge your favorite other devices from it when it’s fully charged.

For right around $20 you could get any one of these blenders, which is definitely going to be a great bonus, so don’t let any one of them pass you by.