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A Gallon of Water a Day Keeps Dehydration Sides Away! Days of counting and consuming 8-10 glasses of water have gone. Being energetic and well-digested with appropriate water intake is the least effortless task you can do. It is high time you took a step forward to kick-off using a gallonand start using water jugs.

Whenever we think of starting our days with a gallon of water, we assume there are no worries regarding the “Gallon” itself. Brands prove us wrong by maintaining quality hygiene in water containers to nurture our body and soul.

Best 1 Gallon Water Jugs in 2022

Image Product Features Price Check Price
Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs BOTTLED JOY

A comfortable built-in handle is available

Easy to transport

Perfect for outdoor activities


The capacity is 128oz

Eco-friendly and leakage-proof

It comes with a detachable straw

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs AQUAFIT

This jug measures your daily water intake

Two replaceable leak-resistant lids

Easy to hand-wash


Easy to fill and drink water

It comes in a wider size

A portable built-in steel handle

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs Giotto

A colorful transparent jug

BPA and Toxin-resistant

It ensures appropriate durability


Inspirational quoted body part

High-quality food-grade plastic

Odor-free water bottle

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs BuildLife

Well-suited bottle for regular use

Well-built with non-polluting PETG Plastic

Cleaning materials include baking soda and vinegar


It is a multi-purpose water bottle

A good-quality PETG resin

A cleaning brush comes with this bottle

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs KEEPTO

Dual purpose-with or without straw water jug

Colorful-shaded design

Well-constructed with quality food-grade PETG Plastic

Hydration Nation

The jar comes with an integrated polyester strap

Well-equipped with a button press lid cap and silicone seal cover

The bottle consists of a milliliter (ml) measurement scale


1. BOTTLED JOY – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

This solid water jug comes from the brand BOTTLED Joy with the capacity of holding one gallon of water. It not only meets your daily intake of water but also keeps you hydrated both indoor and outdoor. However, this easy-to-carry water jug has a suitable in-built handle.

The best-quality PETG resin makes it environment-friendly all day long. You must not worry about stink, odor, and BPA, as this jug removes all these challenges. Besides, the container is well-constructed of a screw and a silicone gasket.

The lid is leak-proof that saves your jug from any scratches during the fall. Do not forget to clean your jug with a cleaning brush using baking soda and white vinegar. Also, the jug will come with a set of guidelines, and you have to make sure of the maintenance. The mouth seems narrow, yet it takes up a whole ice cube or a fruit.


  • Endurance capability of a hectic lifestyle.
  • No preservation of powder-flavors.
  • Durable features.


  • Not applicable to cold storage.

2. SANKUU – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

A full-covered black or transparent aqua jug has become outdated. Playing with color would not cause a fatal crime. Because of this reason, brands are coming with color-shaded jugs containing complete one-gallon water in the market. If you are among those who get scolded by others to intake water as much as you can, then this product will be your well-pick.

Staying hydrated is so easy with these jugs, and by keeping these jugs you would be reaching your goal in the near future. Let us not beat around the bush and get to the main specifications.

Here, the jug has a spacious mouth opening capable of taking ice cubes and fruits. Dust and leakage will not cause any harm to your container. Keep this mind this jug is not suitable for dishwasher-clean.


  • A measuring scale comes with this jug.
  • Dust and leakage-free.
  • Suitable for outdoor activities.


  • Dropping from 1 meter high can cause scores.

3. AQUAFIT – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

This black glassy jug from AQUAFIT comes with the time markers to keep you updated about your daily water intake. While buying any water jar, we always seek feathery and easy-to-carry features.

This jug will fulfill these demands by containing a full day’s worth of water. There are two replaceable lids with a leak-resistant specification to fit your every need.

The lids are basic and interchangeable with both straw and without straw. Cleaning is moderately easy to this jug with the hand-wash process. Also, this jug is easy to hold using a large handle and handling strap.


  • Trouble-free cleaning with a bonus brush.
  • Convertible leak-proof lids.
  • Transportable.


  • Plastic-material could be more high-graded.

4. RTIC – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

Having a glossy-designed water bottle is an advantage to many of us. While keeping this in mind, RTIC came with an extra-spacious water bottle, well-constructed with advanced graded stainless steel.

The water jug is Toxin leaching and BPA proof. The mouth opening is much larger that makes it convenient to fill, drink, and clean. The handle of this jar is exceptionally well-equipped with steel.

Jugs come with advanced technology to keep ice cubes longer, remove sweat in the exterior part, and insulate hands from the cold.


  • Affordable price range.
  • Portable steel-made handle.
  • Leaching and BPA- free.


  • Not a sustainable product.

5. Giotto – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

A gallon of water with positive sayings keeps you motivated in outdoor relaxation. Following this trend, Giotto has come up with their exquisite color-shaded water jugs in the market.

The outer part of the water bottle is lightweight, and it is flexible to use. You can measure your daily intake of water using this aqua jug. Fitness goals are not daydreams these days.

Instead, this water bottle does not require to-refill in a frequent time. There is a detachable straw that comes with this jug and allows you to enjoy sipping.

As we explain the outer part, let us inform you that you can measure exact water intake through a transparent appearance. The mouth opening of the jug is much outspread and enough to fill with ice-cubes and fruits.

The material of the water bottle is co-polyester plastic, free from both toxin and BPA. We cannot assure you better presents to give than this one. Most importantly, the jug is easy to carry, well-equipped with a flip flop mechanism.


  • A spill-proof product.
  • Nutritious for daily water consumption.
  • Easier to carry.


  • The ergonomics handle is not suitable for all.

6. Fidus – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

The exciting part of today’s water jugs is the inspirational quotations. Fidus did not disappoint us with their water bottle that is more durable and climate-friendly.

The water jug is well-designed with a removable paracord handle. Tritan plastic is the primary element of this product that also ensures toxin, odor-free water jug.

Moreover, this water bottle is no different from other bottles in the aspect of the dual-purpose matter. To keep your water bottle vibrant and engaging, you may need to clean with baking soda and vinegar.


  • Convenient to carry around.
  • One removable straw leads to spill-proof sipping.
  • Easy cleaning with baking soda and white vinegar.


  • Droppings cause cracks and leakage.
  • Not a dish-washer safe bottle.

7. BuildLife – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

This aqua jug from BuildLife comes in several sizes and specifications. The bottle is plastic-made and convenient to squeeze during shipping. But, the color of this water jug is awful, and many of you might avoid choosing this.

We want to ensure the positive features of this product. The product is eco-friendly, has high-quality food-grade color, leak-resistant, and a durable mode of justification.


  • User-oriented for daily usage.
  • High-quality plastic-made product.
  • Plastic-taste and odor-proof.


  • Cleaning with hot water causes damage.

8. Letsif – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

Letsif safeguards their water bottle with motivational sayings that intend to keep users aware of their water intake. The water jugs are a perfect bunch of fitness goals and appetite control. BPA-resistant materials make this water bottle to use for a multi-purpose approach.

On the other hand, they are portable and consist of an easy-to-hold handle. If you are among those sports enthusiasts who look for water jugs to keep hydrated, you should have this on your buying lists. Similar to other water jugs, these are comfortable enough to clean using baking soda and vinegar.


  • A perfect container for achieving fitness goals.
  • Easy to grab handle.
  • Chemicals-free.


  • Not applicable to wash with hot liquid.

9. KEEPTO – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

You may have already got a lot of ideas regarding 1-gallon water jugs. One thing that is significant to notice, most of the jugs are not dishwasher-safe. Nowadays, water bottles come with an inspirational quote, time marker, and KEEPTO has followed the same trend.

Here, this water jug has a dust-free cap with a seal ring, completely leak-resistant. Dual-purpose water bottle tends to allow us having a drink in both straw and straw-less manner.

Unfortunately, this water jug is not applicable to have hot liquid. Apart from all these, we can say that this jug would be more beneficial for carrying out outdoor activities.


  • Tracking water intake is effortless.
  • Multi-functional water bottle.
  • Slip-resistant design.


  • It does not hold more than 8 cups.

10. Hydration Nation – Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs

Hydration Nation is one of the familiar brands among water jugs manufacture companies. Their product of a one-gallon water jug can hold enough water.

With this jug, a removable white straw and the in-built polyester strap comes in. Besides, the core element of this product is Tritan material which tends to be lighter, transparent. However, the well-equipped leak-proof design helps you to carry it anywhere.


  • A built-in polyester strap makes it painless to hold.
  • The mouth opening diameter is pretty much appreciable.
  • Grip-shaped design is comfortable to carry.


  • Both a handle and strap could make it easy to hold.

Best 1-Gallon Water Jugs Buying Guide

After choosing the most well-liked water jugs among the featured products, you cannot but have to decide which one goes with your daily usage. Before you get engaged with selecting the best pick, you should consider the materials, resistance support, and durability of aqua jugs. Here, we have recommended some issues related to your choice. They are:

Choose the Correct Material

In most of the water jugs we see, there are two materials: stainless steel, high-grade plastic. These materials tend to be BPA (Bisphenol A), toxin, chemical substance, odor-free. Choosing a stainless steel-bodied jug is convenient in maintaining the temperature of drinks.

Why Select Jugs with Wider Mouth Opening?

To fill the jug with fruits, ice-cubes, and chocolate syrups, you may need a large mouth of the water jug.

In-built Handle vs. Solid Handle

If you have gone through the features of the given products, you may have seen a built-in handle or “sturdy” handle with each of the jugs. You can rely on both of these types.

Most Essential Spec- Leak-Proof Lid

If your aqua jug accidentally drops from your hand to the ground, it may lead to scratches and leaks. So, you should remember to buy a leak-proof lid water jug to avoid such events.

Wash your Jugs with Suggested Stuff

Most of the jugs are not dishwasher-safe. That is why you need to use the suggested materials- baking soda, soapy water, vinegar to wash your water jugs. On the other hand, some jugs come with a cleaning brush that helps to deal from scratch and odor.

Why Buy Eco-Friendly Water Jugs?

Climate-friendly aqua jugs are more tend to reduce pollution to the environment. As most of the jugs come in plastic, you should address whether they are recyclable.

Final Words

Carrying a water jug is similar to conveying an eternal life cycle. The water jug keeps you both moisturized and engaged in your daily activities.

Before you pay your savings to buy a one-gallon water bottle, you need to keep in mind its positive annotations related to your soul. With that, we can say, all the containers featured above assure excellent feasibility as per standards.

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