Best Backpack for Travelling in Europe 2022 Review

It is important to travel and see the world.  Traveling teaches you so much about the environment, different cultures, different people and different ways of life.   It is one of the most enriching experiences you can take on in your life.
Europe is a popular travel destination for foreigners.  It is also one of the best places to visit in the world because there are so many wonderful things to see and do.  In Europe, there is something for everyone from the history lover to the thrill seeker. 
Traveling, in general, isn’t very affordable and the cost of traveling is exactly what inspired the backpacking movement.  Backpacking is a form of travel where youngsters or even adults tour the country via minimalistic routes.  They often sleep under the stars or in the most affordable establishments.  The goal here is to explore not to indulge in luxury.
The best time to travel Europe is during shoulder seasons such as May, September, and October.  This is because crowds are smaller during these off-peak seasons, the weather is nicer which means you don’t need to pack quite as many clothes and accommodation and excursion rates are generally much more affordable than in peak seasons.
If you are going to travel in Europe then the one essential you need is a good quality backpack.  Plenty of travelers and backpackers make a huge mistake by choosing a cheap bag and end up with something that breaks after just a few days of use. 
In this review we are going to touch on the best backpacks you can buy to travel and explore Europe this year.  Our guide takes us through different sized backpacks, the best types for backpacking and gives you more insight into the type of features to look for in a good backpack.

Comparison Chart of the Top 9 Backpacks

 Out of all the backpacks available online and discussed in this review, the following top 3 are, in our opinion, the best of the best you can buy for your journey. These three bags have all the needed features, are made of high-quality materials and are very stylish.







OUTLIFE Hiking Backpack 60 Liter bag OUTLIFE Hiking Backpack 60 Liter bag
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Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack
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Mountaintop 50L, 70L and 80L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack Mountaintop 50L, 70L and 80L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
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Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack
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Teton Sports Ultralight Outfitter Backpack Teton Sports Ultralight Outfitter Backpack
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High Sierra Women’s Summit Top Loader Backpack High Sierra Women’s Summit Top Loader Backpack
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AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
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Teton Summit Sports Adventure Backpack Teton Summit Sports Adventure Backpack
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Wasing 55L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack Wasing 55L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
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Is It Smart To Travel With A Backpack?

Is It Smart To Travel With A Backpack
Modern luggage designs are quite diverse and you do have quite a few bag solutions that you can choose from.  So why is backpack traveling so popular when you can buy other types of luggage such a suitcase?  Well, it is probably because backpacks offer quite a few benefits to travelers.  Here are a few good reasons most travelers prefer backpacks for touring Europe;
Easier to maneuver – Backpacks are much easier to maneuver all over the country onto trains, buses, through busy streets, up and down stair and escalators and over rough terrains than wheeled suitcases. 
Easier to carry – Backpacks are much easier to handle and carry than duffle bags.  The strain a duffle back puts on your shoulders and back can cause quite a lot of agony when you are taking on long hikes or when you walk far distances.
You will probably do lots of walking- When traveling to any destination you can count on one thing; lots and lots of walking.  All the best places to see and explore don’t have paved roads and unless you plan on going back for your luggage after every expedition, a backpack just is the best solution.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Backpack for Travelling In Europe

There are lots of different backpacks available on the market today and many of these bags sure do look amazing.  The diversity is mostly because there are so many different types of people out there with so many different types of needs.  When you are exploring Europe there are a few basics you will need from your backpack.  Here are a few things to consider when you are choosing the best backpack for traveling Europe.

Bag type

 Bags suitable for traveling Europe mostly fall into two categories;  traditional top loading backpacks and modern travel backpacks.
Traditional top loading backpacks – Top loading backpacks have been the only option for many years.  These bags offer quite a lot of benefits such as the following;

  • They can be worn for longer
  • They are very comfortable for carrying lots of weight
  • They can be adjusted according to your body type
  • They are great for distributing weight evenly across your back
  • These bags are highly durable
  • Perfect for hiking and other urban adventures
  • Come with lots of pockets and straps for stashing small items

But these bags also do have quite a few drawbacks you need to keep in mind before you decide to buy a top-loading bag.  Here are a few cons of these backpack types;

  • Can be hard to reach specific belongings
  • Often need to empty your entire bag just to find one thing
  • These bags are often labelled as oversized luggage at airports
  • These bags are not very secure since they are very hard to lock tight

In general top-loader bags are preferable if you plan on taking on lots of hiking adventures or if you plan on camping. 
Modern travel backpack
Modern travel backpacks – These are a newer version of the traditional top-loader backpack.  These backpacks are different since they open like a suitcase.  The benefits of these bags are the following;

  • Easier to pack
  • Easier to find what you are looking for
  • You don’t have to empty your entire bag to reach something
  • Easier to keep your belongings organized
  • You can zip away the straps for easier check-ins and outs at airports
  • Harness zips away giving the bag a duffle bag look which is nicer for hotels

But these bags also have a few drawbacks you need to keep in mind.  Here are the cons of travel backpacks;

  • Suspension isn’t as advanced as top-loading backpacks
  • Can be uncomfortable to wear
  • Challenging to distribute weight evenly across your back

Travel backpacks are preferable for touring Europe since they are suitable for hiking and urban adventures if you pack them correctly and they offer more convenient advantages that are preferable for traveling Europe.

Travel duration

The duration of your travels will have a huge impact on the size of bag you will need.  It is, however, important to remember that you cannot take a backpack that is too heavy for your body to carry.  Ideally, travelers that explore Europe choose backpacks with around 60-liter capacity.   These bags are great for traveling 5 – 7 days or perhaps even for several weeks.  If your trip is only for a few short days then you can get by with a smaller capacity bag. 

Your body type

It is important to consider your body type when you are choosing the right type of backpack.  For some people, a big backpack is just too heavy and bulky to carry around.  For tall people, a small backpack might just be too small.
Female travelers should consider buying backpacks specifically designed for women whether you decide on a top loading or travel backpack.  These bags are made to fit your body, are typically lighter and can be much easier and more comfortable for carrying.  A men’s backpack can be bulky, won’t have the right fit and can cause back pain.


When traveling in Europe you will be doing lots of walking and it really helps to choose a backpack that fits your body comfortably.  Backpacks with high-straps tend to be much more comfortable because they distribute the weight from your shoulders onto your hips, thus reducing the impact on your spine.  But with that in mind, you probably won’t be carrying your backpack for longer than 1km walks at a time so don’t be too fussy about choosing the most expensive backpack just for the sake of comfort.

How to Find the Best Backpack for Backpacking Europe

How to Find the Best Backpack for Backpacking Europe
Now that you know what to consider when choosing the best backpack, it is time to find out how to find the best backpack to suit your unique needs.  Here are a few tips to help you find the best backpack for your backpacking expedition in Europe;

Choose the right fit

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the right size of backpack you need.  Traveling light is always the best solution.  It’s better to buy something you might need along the way than it is to carry unnecessary weight. It is also better to get your laundry done more frequently than it is to stock up on loads of clothing.  Smaller bags are often better for the following reasons;

  • You save money on the carry on size at airports
  • Smaller bags are easier to transport since they fit easier into compartments on trains or in the lockers of hostels.
  • Smaller bags are lighter and easier to carry or maneuver
  • Smaller bags don’t take as much space in hostels or dorm rooms

Choose a comfortable bag
You will likely have to carry your bag quite a lot and comfort can save you from a lot of pain on a trip that is meant to be fun.  Here are a few features that enhance backpack comfort;

  • Waist straps distributes the weight form your shoulders onto your hips for easier carrying
  • Soft padded straps will keep your backpack from eating into your shoulders
  • Breathable or airflow technology will reduce the amount of sweating you experience while carrying your bag
  • Bags with internal frames tend to hurt more than frameless bags

Choose durability
Don’t just go for the cheapest bag you can find.  Durability is much more important than price.  There is nothing more annoying than struggling with a backpack with broken straps or stripped zippers while you are traveling abroad.  Good quality backpacks are also much more secure and can prevent theft or the loss of important items while you journey.

Choose the features you need

Backpacks come out with all sorts of features such as internal frames, lots of pockets and bags, waterproof fabrics, raincoats and more.  The right type of features can ease your journey tremendously. Here are the best features to look for in a bag suitable for traveling Europe;
A rain cover – Don’t choose a fully waterproofed backpack.  They are heavier and can cause you to sweat a lot since the fabric isn’t breathable.  Opt for a backpack with a rain cover instead.  You might get rain on your journey but it isn’t raining all the time.
Pockets – Ample pockets are great for storing lots of items but you should keep in mind that these pockets can also be annoying.  Choose a bag that has exterior pockets but not something with more pockets than you will ever use.
Water bottle pockets – In our opinion, this is a must for any good backpack.  It is quite annoying to always look for a good place to stash your drink when you want to quickly take a few pictures of your adventures.  Mesh type pockets don’t contribute to more weight and gives you a comfy place to stash lots of things.
Weight – The weight of the bag is quite important since you will also be taking along lots of things that also weigh a lot.  Choose a bag that is lightweight yet durable.
Style – When you are checking in and out of hotels and restaurants you probably don’t want to look like a bum looking for a place to crash.  A stylish backpack will make you feel much more confident amongst friends, while meeting new people and whenever you visit quality establishments.

The Best Backpack for Travelling in Europe

The Best Backpack for Travelling in Europe
Now that you understand the differences between backpack types and the basic requirements for a good travel backpack it is time to start discussing the best backpacks for your journey.  Here are some of the top picks for those traveling this beautiful country;

Mountaintop 50L, 70L and 80L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

This travel backpack is a popular pick for hikers, campers and for backpackers.  The Mountaintop Internal Frame backpacks are available in different sizes which include 50l, 70l and 80l sizes.  Europe explores visiting for 5 days or less can certainly look into buying the 50l bag but for those that stay longer the 70l bag might be more suitable.  An 80l bag could be too heavy and bulky for summer time but might be preferable if you are visiting the country during winter.  The bag is available in various colors such as maroon, black, blue, purple and green and offers a very stylish design.  Here are the main features of these backpacks;

  • Bag type: Travel with internal frame
  • Weight: 2.73 – 4.96 pounds
  • Fabric: Water resistant polyester with YKK zipper and buckle and padded nylon mesh straps and back
  • List Element
  • Capacity: 50, 70 and 80 liter
  • Access:  Easy zippered front access
  • Extras: Daisy chains, 8 compression straps, hip belt, hydration system compatible and rain cover
  • Adjustable: Can adjust back length to 8 different levels
  • Pockets:  Side pockets, front pocket and bottom compartment



  • Ample space for everything you need for the journey
  • Adjustable back length with 8 different levels
  • Just enough pockets and bottom compartment for dirty shoes or messy items
  • Made of good quality materials
  • Hip belt and padded nylon straps for enhanced comfort
  • Compatible with hydration bladder
  • Stylish design



  • Can be heavy
  • Sporty design might not suit high-class establishments

Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

If you are looking for a popular backpack that have been tried and tested then this is the right pick.  This is one of Amazon’s best seller large backpacks with over 1600 reviews.  This top loading backpack is a high performance sports backpack that is perfect for hiking, backpacking and camping expeditions.  The backpack is available in three different colors; metallic silver, hunter green and navy blue.  It is a good pick for your Europe travels because the 65 liter capacity is perfect for 5+ day trips in Europe depending on how you pack.  The bag offers comfortable fit, is made of quality materials and has a nice overall design.  Here are the main features of this backpack;
Bag type: Top loader backpack with internal frame
Weight: 5 pounds
Fabric: Aluminum stays, padded back panel and shoulder straps, 600D Diamond Ripstop shell
Capacity: 65 liters
Access: Top loader backpack
Extras: Sewn in rainfly, hydration bladder compatible, multi-dimensional compression straps, waist belt and airflow system
Adjustable: Fully adjustable torso, shoulders, chest and waist
Pockets: Sleeping bag compartment, pass through side pockets,



  • Top selling backpack with lots of reviews to check out
  • ​Made of good quality materials
  • Waist belt for better weight distribution
  • Hydration bladder compatible
  • Lots of external pockets
  • Fully adjustable to suit your body



  • Could be too many exterior bags
  • Top loader feature isn’t desirable for EU travels
  • Can be heavy

Teton Sports Ultralight Outfitter Backpack

The Outfitter backpack from the Teton range is another good investment for travelers.  This backpack is available in different sizes which include the following; 70 liter escape, 60 liter hiker and 65+10 liter outfitter.  We have chosen the Outfitter backpack for our list because it gives you just a little bit more storage flexibility which is perfect for bringing home a few souvenirs from your journey.  Here are the main features of this internal frame backpack;
Bag type: Travel backpack
Weight: 5.25 pounds
Fabric: Molded foam back and straps and high-denier double line ribstop shell
Capacity: 65 + 10 liters
Access: Front zipper
Extras: Padded waist belt, detachable hood, multi directional compressional straps, daisy chains, gear ties and rain cover.  Hydration bladder compatible
Adjustable: Multi-position torso adjustment thanks to wishbone construction, top and bottom hip adjustments
Pockets: Sleeping bag compartment, 8 pockets and 2 pouches



  • Made from durable materials
  • Fully adjustable to suit different body types
  • Large capacity for ample packing
  • Designed with airflow technology to keep you cool
  • Lots of exterior pockets
  • Streamline design
  • Pockets for water bottle storage



  • Can be heavy

Teton Summit Sports Adventure Backpack

If you are looking for a smaller backpack for a shorter trip to Europe then we highly recommend the Teton Summit Sports Adventure Backpack.  This backpack looks like the Outfitter backpack from the Teton range but is much smaller.  These bags are available in 25 and 45 liter sizes although we don’t recommend traveling Europe with anything smaller than a 45 liter bag even if you are only going for a few short days.  This bag features a beautiful design and is perfectly suitable for exciting hiking adventures.  Here are the main features of this wonderful bag.
Bag type: Travel backpack
Weight: 3 pounds
Fabric: Double line ribstop shell, durable open chell foam straps and back,
Capacity: 25L, 45L
Access: Top or bottom access
Extras: Rain cover, hydration bladder compatible, waist belt, sewn in rain cover
Adjustable: Fixed 19” torso length, adjustable waist straps
Pockets: Zip pockets and mesh pouch on sides, sleeping bag compartment



  • Made from good quality materials
  • Light weight
  • Top or bottom access eases travels
  • Hydration bladder compatible
  • Waist belt included for comfort
  • Exterior pockets and pouches for water bottle storage



  • Fixed torso length might not suit all body types
  • Could be small for Europe trips

OUTLIFE Hiking Backpack 60 Liter bag

If you are looking for a more affordable backpacking solution or need something with a laptop compartment then this is the right solution for you.  This backpack is made of quality materials, is waterproof and has a 60 liter capacity.  The bag is available in different colors which includes blue, black, green red and navy.  Here are the main features of this stylish yet simple bag;
Bag type: Top loader frameless bag
Weight: 1kg
Fabric: Scratch resistant nylon, waterproof oxford cloth fabric with breathable mesh shoulder straps
Capacity: 60 liter
Access: Top access
Adjustable: Adjustable shoulder straps
Pockets: Two front zipper pockets with laptop compartment, two side pockets



  • Good bag for infrequent travelers
  • Affordable price
  • Light weight
  • Side pockets for water bottle storage
  • Waterproof
  • Good for carrying a laptop along



  • No rain cover
  • Waterproof fabric back can cause sweating
  • Fabric could be thin

Wasing 55L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

This backpack is perfect for short but sweet backpacking trips to Europe.  The bag has a 55 liter capacity which is big enough for 3 – 5 day trips or more preferable for female travelers.  This bag features a sporty and interesting design and is available in colors that include dark blue, fuchsia, green, light blue and yellow.  Here re the main features of this beautiful backpack;
Bag type: Travel backpack with internal frame
Weight: 2.98 lb
Fabric: Modled foam back panel with airflow channels, single contoured aluminum frame bar and water resistant rip-stop polyester
Capacity: 50L + 5L
Access:  Top access
Extras: Hip belt, hydration bladder compatible, rain cover
Adjustable: Adjustable buckle and shoulder straps
Pockets:  Hip belt pocket, bladder sleeve pocket, front pocket, rain cover compartment, 2 mesh bottle pouches



  • Made of high quality materials
  • ​Enough added pockets
  • Hydration bladder compatible
  • Light weight
  • Mesh water bottle pockets
  • A good bag for female travelers
  • Airflow channels keeps you cool



  • Can be too small for EU travels

High Sierra Women’s Summit Top Loader Backpack

This 40 liter backpack is perfect for petite ladies traveling Europe.  The bag is available in a beautiful boysenberry pink and true navy and features a very beautiful and sporty design.  This bag is made of strong ballistic nylon fabric, is designed for comfort and easy carrying and offers great stability.  It is a perfect bag for all sorts of adventures including backpacking, hiking and camping.  Here are the main features of this quality bag;
Bag type: Top loader backpack   
Weight: 4.5 pounds
Fabric: Ballistic Nylon, padded straps, molded foam back panel with airflow channels
Capacity: 40 liters
Access: Top loader
Extras: Compression straps, waist belt, bottom compression straps, webbing daisy chain and rain cover
Adjustable: Adjustable frame, load lifter and compression straps
Pockets: 2 side fitted mesh pockets, internal hydration bladder sleeve,



  • Perfect for female travelers
  • Made of quality materials
  • Airflow technology keeps your back cool and sweat free
  • Waist belt for better weight distribution
  • Beautiful design
  • Side fitted mesh pockets for water bottle
  • Hydration bladder compatible



  • Not suitable for men
  • Can be small for extended trips to Europe

Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack

This backpack is very adventuristic in design.  It is available in different colors of black, graphite and orange, navy and purple and comes in various sizes which includes 55l, 65l and 85l+20l.  What really makes this a good top loader backpack for you is the fact that you can access the main compartment from a lower access so you can reach items much easier. The backpack is made of sturdy materials and has ample pockets and accessories that make it a perfect travel pack for your European journey.  Here is a quick look at the many features of thus fully adjustable hiking backpack;
Bag type: Adjustable hiking backpack for men and women
Weight: 2.26 kg
Fabric: Breathable mesh back panel and shoulder straps, SBS buckle
Capacity: 55L, 65L and 85L + 20L
Access: Top loader backpack with lower access on bottom
Extras: Tool attachment points, elastic bungee cord system, 8 compression straps, trekking pole attachments, elastic bands, hydration system compatible and a waterproof rain cover
Adjustable: Adjustable internal frame system, shoulder straps and waist band
Pockets: Inside pockets, deep butterfly expansion pockets on sides, mesh side pockets and sleeping bag compartment



  • Good quality backpack
  • Available in different sizes including a 65l suitable for European travels
  • Beautiful overall design
  • Adjustable in order to fit different body types
  • Hydration bladder compatible
  • Ample pockets
  • Easy lower access point



  • Can be expensive for infrequent travelers

AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

This dark backpack doesn’t have any flashy or outstanding features which make it a good pick for those looking for something sturdy and practical.  The backpack is quite popular amongst travelers and is available in black and green.  You can choose between different sizes such as the 55l backpack which is suitable for shorter journeys, the 65 liter backpack which is a good size for most European travelers and the 75 liter backpack which might be more suitable for tall travelers.  Here are the top features of this quality backpack;
Bag type: Top loading internal frame backpack
Weight: 5.2 pounds
Fabric: Polyester construction, water repellent coating and padding in shoulder straps and at the back
Capacity: 55L, 65L and 75L
Access: Top loading
Extras: Comes with a rain cover, multi directional compress straps, extension collar, adjustable straps, waist band
Adjustable: Adjustable fit around torso, adjustable waist band and straps
Pockets: Side fitted exterior pockets and sleeping bag compartment.  Side fitted mesh pockets for water bottle



  • Made from durable fabric
  • ​Affordable price
  • Ample storage for everything you need
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Adjustable to suit your body



  • The design isn’t outstanding
  • Not hydration bladder compatible
Final Verdict
All of these backpacks are superb investments for European travelers.  They are sure to provide you with great flexibility and will help you travel and carry all of your belongings with great ease whether you choose to take on physical adventures such as hiking trails or simply want to go sight-seeing in some of Europe’s most extravagant tourist attractions. 
If you still cannot decide on the best backpack for your need then you can certainly choose to invest in our three top picks;
High Sierra Women’s Summit Top Loader Backpack.  This backpack is a good pick for female travelers, youths or shorter people.  The backpack is stylish and features everything you need for comfortable traveling.
Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack.  This Amazon bestseller is one of the most popular touring backpacks on the market.  It has all the leading features that is needed for comfortable traveling and have been tried and tested over and over again.
Mountaintop 50l, 70l and 80l Internal Frame Hiking Backpack.  This is also a good pick for your international travels because the backpack is very stylish, made of quality materials and it is available at a relatively affordable price.