Top 5 Best Bar Stools for Kitchen Island in 2022 – Consumer Reports

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Just the way you keep all other rooms updated and renovated, it is important to follow the same approach with your kitchen. It is easy to make your kitchen feel both stylish and comfortable – especially with the right type of furniture. 

Although many people are not big fans of furniture in their kitchen, the truth is that some stylish bar stools for your kitchen island can help transform the look entirely. The best part about kitchen bar stools is that there is a range of diversity present in the market – including different styles, price points, and designs for everybody. 

Here are some of the best bar stools for kitchen island in 2022.

Top 5 Best Bar Stools for Kitchen Island in 2022

Walker Edison Douglas Faux Leather Bar Chairs

If you are looking for something sleek and stylish for your kitchen, then these Walker Edison Douglas bar chairs are the right choice. The best part about these bar chairs is that they can suit a range of different kitchens. Whether you have a modernistic kitchen or a traditional one, these Walker Edison Douglas bar chairs will surely compliment your kitchen island. 

With tall and thin legs, the Walker Edison Douglas bar chairs tend to have an industrial look. However, with the warm leather seats, the entire look is instantly transformed into a more comfortable one.

The frame of the chairs is made with metal, meaning that you never have to worry about the chairs breaking or cracking. Even if you wish to move around the chairs often, then these Walker Edison Douglas bar chairs are lightweight and easily movable. 

Depending upon the theme of your kitchen, you can get these Walker Edison Douglas bar chairs in black, brown, navy blue, gray, or whiskey brown color. The variation in colors allows homeowners to select whichever leather chair suits their kitchen and accessories perfectly.


  • Can support up to 300 lbs. weight
  • Purchased in a set of 2
  • Box contains step-by-step instructions for assembly


  • Leather seats may stain easily
  • Metal legs can make noise when being moved
  • Does not have arms

Armen Living Kitchen and Dining Counter Height Barstool

If your house follows a more luxurious aesthetic appeal, then the Armen Living Barstool is exactly what you need to compliment your kitchen island. The frame of the chair is made with walnut wood, which looks appealing enough to grab the attention of every visitor. The Armen Living Barstool also has a sturdy metal footrest on either side of the chair, providing high levels of comfort and ease.

Since the Armen Living Barstool has a contemporary design and finishing, it can fit easily with the aesthetic of any home. With this minimalistic design, you need not worry about adding any additional décor materials to your kitchen in order to compliment the barstools. Instead, the Armen Living Barstools will be able to add enough personality to your kitchen counter as it is. 

The Armen Living Barstool comes with a padded seat that is filled with high density foam. Paired with the low back design, the Armen Living Barstool is ideal for the correct posture alignment.

Even if you spend all day sitting on these barstools, you are unlikely to experience any backaches.


  • Offers 1-year warranty
  • Smooth faux leather seats
  • 360-degree swivel feature
  • Easy set up using the instruction manual


  • Only available in the standard walnut and grey color
  • Wooden legs can take up more space in the kitchen

Signature Design by Ashley Challiman Bar Stool

For those who like to keep things simple and minimalistic, these Signature Design Bar Stools are the perfect accessory for any kitchen island. With the standard design of a typical bar stool, the Signature Design Bar Stools bring a whole new trendy look to your kitchen. With a basic brown and black color variation, it is easy for these Signature Design Bar Stools to fit perfectly with the theme of most homes.

The frame of the Signature Design Bar Stools is made with durable metal and has footrests all across the chair. Instead of a fancy seat, these Signature Design Bar Stools feature a trendy plank surface made with engineered wood. This type of casual seating can enhance the look of your kitchen without making it look too formal. With the Signature Design Bar Stools, your kitchen island can become the perfect place for midnight conversations with family or a round of drinks with your friends.

These Signature Design Bar Stools measure 19.5 x 29 inches, which is a perfect size for most kitchen islands. Whether you have a marble or a wood kitchen counter, the Signature Design Bar Stools will fit in perfectly with their sculptured metal legs and the rustic finish of the seat.


  • Sturdy metal frame of barstool
  • Instructions and hardware included for easy assembly
  • Compact design that does not take much space


  • Wooden seat can become uncomfortable over time
  • Toe-stabbing hazard with metal legs

2xhome Modern Bar Stools

When you think of luxury, modern homes, you probably have the image of bar stools with wooden legs and plastic seats. Luckily for you, these 2xhome Modern Bar Stools fit that criteria perfectly.

If you have a modern-themed kitchen and wish to make your house look more Instagram worthy, then the 2xhome Modern Bar Stools can be the right choice for your kitchen island. 

The overall frame of these 2xhome Modern Bar Stools includes metal, wood, and plastic. While the legs of the chair are wooden, the round leg rests are made with durable metal in order to provide relief to knee joints whilst seated. The design of these 2xhome Modern Bar Stools also encourages proper posture, especially with the bend-resistant back support. 

The best part about having a plastic chair in your kitchen is that you will never have to worry about staining your chairs.

These 2xhome Modern Bar Stools can be cleaned with a damp washcloth and will not stain easily.


  • Heavy-duty chairs, can handle heavy weight
  • Modernistic aesthetic appeal
  • Metal footrests for support
  • Solid wood frame provides sturdiness to chairs


  • Plastic seat can become uncomfortable over time
  • Only available in white color

Boraam Augusta Counter Height Swivel Stool

If you want some classic chairs for your kitchen island, then the Boraam Augusta Counter Height Swivel Stool is the perfect option. Even though these chairs are made with solid hardwood and offer impressive durability, the Boraam Collection is still affordable enough for everyday usage. 

These Boraam Augusta Counter Height Swivel Stools are carefully designed by keeping both stylistic elements and comfort in mind. With the padded faux leather seat and the hardwood frame, the Boraam Augusta Counter Height Swivel Stool is likely to stay in your kitchen for many years to come. The best part about these bar stools is the comfort they provide. No matter how long your meals or drinks at the kitchen counter last, you are unlikely to feel fatigued with these chairs. 

The Boraam Augusta Counter Height Swivel Stool is equipped with a round footrest as well as a contoured back that corrects your posture as you remain seated. The slightly flared legs contribute towards added stability, meaning you never have to worry about slipping off from these chairs.


  • High-density foam that will last a long time
  • Available in three different finishing options
  • Hardwood structure that promises durability


  • Seat might be too small for some people
  • Traditional chair design

Best Bar Stools for Kitchen Island Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy the best bar stools for your kitchen, then you need to make an informed decision. The bar stools are going to stay in your kitchen for the next few years, and you should make sure that they compliment your existing interior design as much as possible. 

Before you make a purchase for bar stools for kitchen island, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Pricing

When you start looking at bar stools for kitchen island, you will notice that the price range is incredibly diverse. You can easily find a kitchen bar stool for either $60 or $400, depending upon the brand and material. If you want to keep your furniture within a budget, then the easiest way to do so is by purchasing bar stools in sets. 

Instead of opting for real leather, you can opt for faux leather options in order to save more money on your purchase. Remember that you should set your budget for your bar stools beforehand in order to find the best deals. 

2. Size

Have you measured the height of your bar stool requirement yet? If you haven’t, then now is the time to grab a measuring tape and note down the height between your floor and the underside of the kitchen island. A typical kitchen bar stool will range between 29 to 32 inches in height.

Depending upon your own kitchen island, you might have to adjust the height of your bar stools accordingly. Since most bar stools do not have adjustable heights, it is important to know your requirement before you make a purchase. 

In case you have a small kitchen, you might also want to consider the width of your kitchen island before buying the bar stools. For smaller spaces, more compact and narrow bar stools are a better choice.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Like any other room inside your house, you should pay attention to details for your kitchen as well. When it comes to deciding upon the bar stools for your kitchen island, you will discover that you have a range of options to choose from. From minimalistic designs to traditional ones, you will always be able to find one that suits your existing aesthetic appeal. 

However, it is important to consider the overall theme of your kitchen before purchasing any bar stools for kitchen island. If your whole kitchen has a traditional aesthetic, then it may be best to opt for chunky hardwood chairs. If you have a modern kitchen, then bar stools with metal frames can be a better choice. 

Why You Should Buy the Best Bar Stools for Kitchen Island

Once upon a time, bar stools were limited to fancy restaurants or resorts where drinks were served. Due to their functionality and unique aesthetic, these bar stools have finally made their way inside the home.

The biggest reason to invest in a bar stool for kitchen island is for the ease of use. If you find it difficult to cater to guests if they are seated all the way in the dining room, then you can simply have some fancy bar stools on your kitchen island and serve the appetizers or drinks right there.

Having bar stools in your kitchen can also make dining in the kitchen more comfortable. Depending upon your priorities, your kitchen bar stools can have backrests and footrests to provide the ultimate kitchen experience. 

Here are a few more reasons why you should add bar stools to your kitchen island:

  • Can add a new sense of aesthetic to the kitchen,
  • Ability to customize the bar stools with new cushions,
  • Tired legs can be rested on the footrests,
  • Easy to clean and avoids creating a mess on the floor 

Final Words

Now that you have our top suggestions for the best bar stools for kitchen islands in 2022, there is no reason to step back on this trend.

By adding some bar stools to your kitchen island, you can easily make the most of your kitchen space and enjoy a new way to cater to close family and guests in your kitchen. 

Not only are these bar stools great for their functionality, but each style of bar stools has a unique aesthetic appeal attached to it as well.