Best Bean Masher – Consumer Reports

Sometimes, it is the little things in life that you cannot help but appreciate. And for foodies and people who love cooking, happiness comes from stocking up on tools, appliances, and utensils that you never knew you needed.

Like bean mashers. You can try working with mugs, cans, or large spoons but it would not result in that fine texture that melts into your mouth. But using a good if not the best bean masher will give you that perfectly smooth and silky consistency without exerting much effort.

Mashers are also multi-purpose, so you can apply them for other tasks as well. We have rounded up 10 top options in the market, which will be a great addition to any kitchen.

Top 10 Best Bean Masher Reviews

These utensils have been specifically designed and made to help reduce your efforts and time while cooking. It is a simple tool, but you can still get overwhelmed with all the options available in the market. But don’t worry because we are here to help.

1. Joyoldef Heavy Duty Bean Masher


  • 430 food-grade stainless steel construction
  • Non-slip handle
  • Double arch design
  • Storage hanging hole

If it is time to upgrade or replace your masher, you can never go wrong with Joyoldef. It is constructed with 430 food-grade stainless steel that makes it safe for cooking and durable enough for everyday use.

The most prominent aspect of its design is the bilateral arch design and non-slip handle that puts your convenience as its priority. You can exert as much pressure as you want for making mashed potatoes, beans, apple purees, crushing boiled eggs, amongst other things.

Each of the holes on the masher is polished and uniformly shaped to even out the texture as regularly as possible. Once you are done, you can just clean it up and hang it to dry, and store using the hanging hole at the top of the handle.  The unit provides excellent value for money. It is sturdy and safe for food and creates lump-less consistency.


  • Space-saving and does not take up much storage space
  • Can handle high pressure due to its ergonomic design
  • Handle feels comfortable to hold and apply pressure with
  • Shape allows you to reach all areas of the pot


  • Holes may be slightly small

2. Cooking Light Bean Masher


  • Comfortable handle
  • Made with sturdy nylon
  • Oblong-shaped holes
  • Safe for non-stick kitchen appliances

Cooking Light is a popular name in the culinary industry, mainly for their appliances along with their food and lifestyle magazine filled with healthy meal recipes. And when it comes to nylon bean masher, very few can compete with the Cooking Light inspired utensil.

To ensure its durability and eliminate the possibilities of rust formation and corrosion, this masher has been using nylon. It is easy to use and can handle up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit, so you can start working on your potatoes and beans right off the stove.

Since it is non-stick safe, you do not need to transfer your food to another dish as it will not scratch the surface of your precious pots and pans. It would save you so much time during clean-up, especially more as the masher itself takes only a gentle scrubbing with warm soapy water. This one is high-performing and easy to use, relieving pain and stress from arthritic hands.


  • High-temperature capacity allows you to work while the pan is still steaming hot
  • Does not rust or corrode and can be used for long periods
  • BPA-free so safe to handle food
  • Does not scratch or ruin your non-stick surfaces


  • Cannot handle heavy-duty use

3. FLYINGSEA Bean Masher


  • Acid and alkali resistant 18-10 stainless steel construction
  • Mirror polishing and clean edge design
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Designated high-temperature welding

Made with 18-10 stainless steel, FLYINGSEA’s potato masher is one of the most perfect kitchen tools out there. It has a very efficient performance with added protection against corrosion, rust, acid, and alkali.

The utensil’s integrated design is a combination of ergonomics, soft-touch, and anti-skidding that distributes the force evenly when you work. So, you do not have to apply much body pressure or effort. It is tough but nimble at the same time and a lot like the mashers used by our parents and grandparents.

As for the design, it has a very smooth edge design for a modern outlook with seamless stamping to avoid hurting the surfaces of your appliances. Its mirror polishing effect also makes it perfect to use as a serving tool during family gatherings and dinner parties.  It has a classic design and is tough without being heavy. But it is not very efficient and cannot handle too much pressure.


  • Dishwasher safe so you can clean it with the rest of your dirty dishes
  • Well-balanced with anti-skid handles for increased comfort while you work
  • Smooth edge design makes it perfect to use as serving tools and does not hurt your dishes
  • Sturdy enough to mash thicker ingredients than potatoes


  • Cannot cover all the areas of the pot and leave chunks

4. Home Hero Potato Masher


  • FDA approved and BPA certified
  • Durable material used
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Modern and unique design

If you are not a big fan of the double arch design of bean mashers, then you should check out Home Hero. Their mental bean masher has a unique and elegant design and is rounded-shaped to fit most bowls and pans.

This utensil ticks off all the safety marks and has been FDA-approved and BPA-free certified. It is stain and odour resistant so you will not have to worry about bacteria and germs growing and transferring toxic materials to your food.

You will find it to be very high-performing and sturdy due to the material used. It is also heat-resistant, which makes it safe to use on hot pans and to pop it inside dishwashers for cleaning. However, due to the masher’s hollow handle ends, soapy water can accumulate there if it is not rinsed properly and dried properly. Extremely safe to use but is more suitable for occasional cooking. Attention needs to be paid to ensure proper cleaning and drying.


  • Stain and odour resistant properties keep the utensil clean and safe
  • Easy to hang, place it in a holder, or stuff it in a drawer due to its sleek design
  • Heat resistance allows it to be washed in the dishwasher
  • Small enough to fit in most bowls but still large enough for moveability


  • Handle has no cushioning and digs into the skin when pressed

5. MDS Cuisine Cookwares Bean Masher


  • Handle is made with 18/10 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel head is 3” OD
  • Bottom plate size (L x W) = 11” x 3”
  • Decent sized round shaped holes

The MDS bean masher tool is a heavy-gauge kitchen gadget that can press beans straight from the can, no matter how firm they might be. It is made with a strong and thick metal that creates a light and fluffy texture with little chunky bits when used.

The handle is slightly bulky but comfortable, enforced with 18/10 stainless steel to offer you complete control. However, the handle might not be as sturdy as you might like and can retain water from the dishwasher. This water can drip into the food if not dried properly.

MDS Cuisine Cookwares went with a very simple design for this utensil. It has a circular head with round-shaped holes, and its compactness makes it very easy to carry around or store. While the frame itself is tough, the handle is prone to snapping. So, you can keep it in your bags and utensils to be used during weekend trips.


  • Compact and portable to be taken on weekend trips
  • Creates light and fluffy consistency without overwhipping
  • Handle length and grip is comfortable
  • Sturdy enough to press beans straight from the can


  • Handle can retain water

6. JOFUYU Household Heavy Duty Bean Masher


  • Strong and Heavy-duty
  • Elastic non-slip handle
  • Hanging holes for easy storage
  • Safe and corrosion-resistant

The JOYUFU potato masher is a very underrated kitchen utensil in the market. It is strong and sturdy and built to be efficient, just like most premium quality mashers. You can not only press and smash your favorite vegetables but also create different dishes.

Due to the sharp and burr-free mashing head holes, you can use this masher to even and smooth out the lumps of almost any ingredient.

It has a bilateral arch design that allows you to press down using minimal force and work fast, which is perfect for cooking for large family dinners or parties. You can also use the rounded bottom plate as a scraper if needed.

The stainless-steel handle is wrapped in an elastic non-slip covering which provides a sufficient and comfortable grip. This makes it a breeze to rinse and clean. It also dries fast without leaving any oily traces.  Well-balanced design to create lump-free texture. Highly efficient so can easily undertake large tasks.


  • Burr-free round holes can cut through the food quickly and effortlessly
  • Non-slip elastic handle hands over complete control to you and maintain strong power
  • Both sides of the arched design distribute the pressure equally
  • Attractive coloured handle


  • Can be hard to fit it in cutlery drawers

7. TCCMEIR Bean Masher


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Non-slip rubber handle
  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Easy to store

When it comes to foolproof multifunctional kitchen tools, the TCCMEIR potato masher might be an excellent option for you. It is ideal for mashing veggies of all sorts, pulping and mixing delicious soft fruits, and even beat and fold eggs into an airy and light consistency.

The potato masher is perfectly durable to handle household tasks. And it is expected to last at least a decade at a time due to its solid frame of stainless steel with an anti-skid rubber layer molded around the handle.

Moreover, the whole design is well-balanced, and it easily takes away the stress and annoyance that usually accompanies this tedious task.

Its bottom plate is circular with a flat edge sound. So, you can easily fit it in both round and square containers without any difficulty. You also have plenty of space to move your utensil around to get an even consistency throughout. The price is worth all the features and values it provides, such as durability, comfort, ease of use, etc.


  • Bottom plate’s shape allows it to be used in containers of any shape and size
  • Rubber handle does not retain water and damage easily
  • Can handle the high temperature of hot dishwasher cycles
  • Round holes on the bottom plate are large to create a fluffy texture


  • Not heavy-duty or suitable to be used on a large scale

8. Amazon Basics Store Nylon Smasher


  • Made with nylon
  • Flat bottom with laser cut holes
  • Durable and food-safe
  • Dishwasher safe

Amazon Basics Store is a pretty good place to shop for household items. While they may not be premium products, they are still good enough to meet your satisfaction. So, of course, we had to claim this product as a non-stick best bean masher.

It is made with nylon which is food-safe and guaranteed to have no toxic leaks. It has an overall solid grey color with a light green streak running along the handle to add to the visual appeal. This masher is not just good for its looks, but for its performance too.

The holes at the flat bottom are laser cut and cover most of the area. But they are sized a little too big, which can decrease the effectiveness slightly. However, this utensil is super affordable and provides amazing value as well. Due to its design and price point, it is more suited for students living in dorms who still want good-looking products.


  • extremely affordable and can be used by students or budget-spenders
  • Effectively smashes food due to the sharp laser-cut holes
  • Good color combination used to improve its attractiveness
  • Non-stick so it would not scratch or ruin your appliances


  • Holes are too wide and food gets stuck

9. Lika Masher For Food


  • Tough nylon built
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Safe for non-stick appliances
  • Sleek design and color

Lika’s potato smasher is another best masher in the market. It is made of nylon but is just as long-lasting and durable as a metal-constructed utensil. And if you like the looks of your utensils as much as their utensils, the classic black color of this masher will make it a perfect fit for your kitchen.

It has an ergonomic grip handle that allows arthritic hands to work with full control without straining their joints. The anti-skid layer ensures higher abrasion as well as resistance when you work so that your bowls and masher do not go flying around while you work.

This non stick best bean masher will reduce your clean-up duties by half as you can directly use it at high temperatures. So, you will not have to dirty up multiple pots. Sleek and solid design that looks and works well. It also boasts comfort and convenience.


  • Grip handle takes the pressure off your wrists and gives comfort to arthritic hands
  • Heat-resistant so the masher will not melt even if the pot is still on the stove
  • Ideal for non-stick pans as it leaves no mark
  • Rounded mashing head can be doubled as a scraper so you will not have to use extra bowls and utensils


  • Too large to be used on small bowls

10. Dodolly Heavy Duty Bean Masher


  • 180-degree rotating head
  • 430 food-grade stainless steel construction
  • Rectangle-shaped holes
  • BPA-free

For making lump-less and airy mashed beans and potatoes, stainless steels mashers are the best. The Dodolly uses the 430 food-grade version, which has excellent corrosion resistance to most organic and nitric acids. This makes it rust-proof while increasing its longevity.

The masher’s head is round and curved to get the best results, allowing you to reach the entire container surface while having enough swiveling room. You can also rotate the head at 180-degrees for convenient storage.

However, this masher tends to overwork and pulverize your vegetables, so you might have to ease up on the applied pressure. But aside from that, it is very sturdy and does a great job. Well-built and safe for food. But it is not the most aesthetically pleasing utensil with the best values.


  • Saves cabinet space by folding the masher head
  • Ergonomic handle design requires less strain on your joints
  • A large head allows for faster work
  • Attractive design that makes it look good on kitchen counters


  • Pulverizes the ingredients

What to Look for Before You Buying Bean Masher?

While bean mashers may look like a simple utensil, there are still many factors to consider before reaching a purchase decision. A stainless steel or nylon masher works best, but if you want a plastic bean masher, make sure that it does not leak toxic substances.

  • Comfortable Handles

Since you will be applying large amounts of pressure to flatten thick and firm ingredients, the handle should feel comfortable. It should have a non-slip rubber or elastic material so that you do not end up accidentally toppling everything over.

Moreover, the handle should be strong enough to handle the pressure without bending or snapping.

  •  Hole Shapes and Sizes

To get smoother consistency, a perforated surface is the better choice. It can cut through the material at the same times and add in fluffiness and air.

But you should make sure that they are decently sized and shaped. Too small or too large would create chunkier and inconsistent texture, overwhip the potatoes, and are harder to clean.

What to Look for Before You Buying Bean Masher

  • Cleaning 

The best refried bean masher grid plate should not be difficult to clean. You should either be able to rinse it out using soapy water or place it in the dishwasher. To be dishwasher safe, it needs to be heat-resistant as well.

Gummed-up beans or potatoes can be very nasty and cause bacteria to grow that can later be transferred to your food.

  • Storage

It should have a hanging hole at the end of the tail, which you can use to hang your masher to dry as well as reduce storage problems. But if you plan on keeping it in cutlery drawers, it should fit in with plenty of space to spare.

If you like taking weekend trips and cook while you are away, having a compact masher can help a lot.

How to Use Bean Masher?

A potato masher can be very handy-dandy and easy to operate. Just follow the steps down below

Step 1: Cook Your Veggies

You need to boil your potatoes in a medium saucepan with a generous amount of salt. It should be tender yet firm, which should take about 15 minutes. The beans or potatoes can be peeled or unpeeled.

Step 2: Add Ingredients

Drain the water and add in your spices and oils. This would help incorporate the ingredients better. While you can push this step for later, but doing it earlier makes it easier to blend the add-ons.

How to Use Bean Masher

Step 3: Mash

Hold the masher perpendicularly with both hands around the handle and press down. At first, you must add significant pressure but it will get easier once most of the potatoes/beans are flattened.  Do not use the sharp edge of the bottom plate.

Step 4: Scrape and Continue

Using a fork or spoon, scrape the stuck potatoes from the masher as well as from around the bowl. Continue mashing until you reach your preferred consistency. But beware of overworking the food, which can ruin the texture.

Final Words

No longer does mashing food have to feel like a chore and waste time and effort while overworking your joints. Once you get the best bean masher, mashing foods will feel just as comfortable as consuming them. And when you finally get that perfect consistency in your food, all this searching will seem worth it.