Top 7 Best Camping Kitchens in 2022 – Consumer Reports

There are only a handful of activities that you can think are better than sitting under the night sky with your loved ones and having a hot meal. We’re talking about camping of course. So, get yourself the best camping kitchen and live out your childhood camping fantasies. 

Top 7 Best Camping Kitchen In 2022

GCI Outdoor Master Kitchen – Best Overall

Specifically designed by and designed for those who love to go camping, this camping kitchen provides the best workspace you can ever find on the market. While providing you with a large workspace it still maintains portability and can fit inside the trunk of any car. This camping kitchen features a countertop that is 56 inches long and a sink.

So, you have an ample amount of space to place your stove and cook your meals. It also features, at the top, a side table, which collectively makes the entire workspace about 70 inches. The GCI kitchen is quite sturdy in its construction and won’t give you any hassles as it has been constructed using aluminum, that is, resistant to heat. For your supplies or even paper towels, it comes with hooks.


  • The countertop is quite spacious
  • Ample space for storage purposes
  • Construction is quite sturdy
  • You can cover the sink
  • The countertop is resistant to heat
  • Folds down to flat and small size
  • Easy to unfold and set up


  • The sink can’t be removed

Sylvan Sport Over Easy Camp Kitchen - Runner Up

The Sylvan Sport camping kitchen has everything that you could want in a camping kitchen. It doesn’t just function well but also has an incredibly cool design. It is truly one of the best camping kitchens to have on a camping trip for some serious cooking.

Despite it having sizable dimensions, this camping kitchen is incredibly easy to set up. All you have to do is unfold the first counter, snap its legs in place, unfold the other counter, and then the sink.

What makes it ideal for camping is that the legs can easily be adjusted for it to always be level on the ground.

It has a total of two countertops, which are topped with bamboo. So, you can easily place your stove on one counter and prep your food on the other. Collectively, these countertops topped with bamboos provide a total of seventy inches of workspace.

That is not all, unlike other camping kitchens that only had countertops and side tables, this one features a zip cabinet that has two shelves, which is perfect for storing food.

This camping kitchen also has some other great features, which include a collapsible station for the sink, storage space for a plethora of kitchen utensils, a holder for paper towels, a holder for trash bags, and even a windscreen. 

The design of this camping station is not only impeccable but also incredibly intricate with Velcro straps that can open the doors of the cabinet.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for uneven ground due to adjustable legs
  • Deluxe features, such as a windscreen and cabinet
  • Tonnes of storage space
  • The sink can be removed, which makes general hygiene a lot better


  • Heavy

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Outdoor Cook Station

One of the best camping kitchens on the market today. It has a design that provides impeccable sturdiness. The design also allows this camping kitchen to hold supplies worth three hundred pounds.

This means that you can easily use this camping kitchen to hold a gas stover for camping and even large-sized grills. The great thing about this camping kitchen is that you can set it up in just a minute and not have to go through any hassles.

It features fold-out shelves that have built-in hooks, which allow you to hand anything from camping supplies to kitchen utilities, such as tongs and paper towels for ease. This camping kitchen has a single countertop along with four side tables both on top and at the bottom, which can be folded out or back in.

The countertop has been constructed using aluminum that is heat resistant, making it the perfect workspace for you to place your stove over. This allows you to space items out much more easily without needing an inconveniently large countertop or workspace.


  • Incredibly sturdy
  • Four foldable side tables along with a shelf
  • Easy to set up
  • Lots of hooks for storage
  • Reasonably priced


  • Does not have a case for storage
  • Can’t meal prep on the side tables

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

The Coleman camping kitchen has a much more unique design than other camping kitchens that you can set your hands on and it is this unique design that makes it much easier to travel with.

This camping kitchen has essentially two parts to it, the first of which is a tabletop that you can fold. In fact, this folded tabletop can be turned into a carrying case for the entire camping kitchen. As for its second part, the frame has space where you can place your stove.

However, unlike other camping kitchens, this one has metal sliders instead of a tabletop. These metal sliders can then be moved further as well as closer according to your stove. Due to the lack of a tabletop, this camping kitchen much more lightweight and more compact. You can also clip off the main counter to use all by itself.

When it comes to its storage, the design features a shelf made of mesh, a hook for a lantern, and hooks for utensils placed under the main table.


  • Incredibly compact and lightweight
  • The main counter can be clipped for individual usage
  • Can withstand heavyweights
  • Hook for lantern and utensils


  • Less storage space

Campland Folding Camp Kitchen Station

The Campland camping kitchen is a great addition to this list. The frame of this camping kitchen is constructed using metal and the finishing of the furniture is that of aluminum.

It comes with several different components yet is still incredibly straightforward to set up.

Once this camping kitchen is set up, the collective counter space is of a good and sizeable amount. More specifically speaking it is 26 by 13 inches.

However, that’s just for the main table, which you can easily set your stove on. It also comes with a second countertop, which you can easily fold out and prep meals on.

This camping kitchen also has legs that can be adjusted according to the unevenness of the ground. Underneath the second countertop, you will find a waterproof cabinet with two shelves.

This unit can be used to hold food and can be zipped closed. It also features a sturdy shelf underneath the main countertop as well as hooks for a lantern.


  • Comes with a built-in windscreen for the stove
  • Height and legs are adjustable
  • Ideal for uneven ground


  • Could be a bit too flimsy for serious cooking

CampChef Sherpa Camp Kitchen Table and Organizer

A camping kitchen mainly constructed using aluminum, this one is a multi-functional one. So, not only can you use this one as a camping kitchen but you can also use it to organize your items and belongings.

It has truly earned its spot on this top 7 best camping kitchens list. Its main design is for it to essentially look similar to a chuck box. So, you can pack up an entire camping kitchen and still have enough space to store the utilities within it.

It is the ideal camping kitchen when it comes to providing tonnes and tonnes of storage space in a convenient way. It is also incredibly easy to set up, where the telescoping legs have to be extended and the tabletop, which is a roll-top one has to be clicked on to the box, and you’re all done.

So, you will eventually end up with a tabletop that is twenty-eight inches tall and twenty-seven inches long. At the bottom of this camping kitchen is a front zip, which when unzipped reveals four different compartments for storage. 

What is so great about these compartments is the fact that the blue bags are insulated, which allows them to work as cooling bags and storing cold items. These compartments can also multifunction as a sink.


  • Tonnes and tonnes of space for storage
  • Cooling compartments, which multi-function as a sink
  • Unit is self-contained, which saves plenty of space


  • The tabletop is quite small and can only accommodate one task at a time

Forimo Camping Kitchen

The Forimo camping kitchen is a good counterpart of the Campland camping kitchen mentioned above. However, this one has a second countertop underneath, which makes it great for storage.

It also features two extra side tables, which give you an ample workspace, where you can place a stove and prep meals. This camping kitchen is ideal for storage as it comes with several cupboards.


  • Great storage space
  • The height of the legs is adjustable


  • Not waterproof

Best Camping Kitchen Buying Guide 

When purchasing an integral item, such as a camping kitchen, which can make or break your camping trip it is vital for you to understand what it is that you require from such a product. Once you are able to do that, you will automatically be able to find a camping kitchen that is the best-suited one for you and those who are going with you on the camping trip.

Of course, all of this needs to be done from the perspective of the person who will be using the camping kitchen. First, the most important factor, as everyone would agree, would be your budget. Second, it is vital for you to consider the size of the camping kitchen according to the vehicle it’ll be put in. You also need to consider the location of your camping trip.

So, if you know that the ground is uneven, a camping kitchen with adjustable legs would be your best choice to avoid any mishaps. You should be considering the duration of your stay. So, if you plan for staying for a substantial amount of time and need to do some serious cooking, then make sure that the camping kitchen you’ve got your eye on has enough storage space, enough workspace, and is sturdy enough to hold a stove along with being able to withstand an adequate amount of weight.

To do this, always be sure to check the dimensions of not just the main countertop but also any side tables or other countertops that are built into the design. You can also look out for added features, such as hooks. 

Why You Should Buy The Best Camping Kitchen

As we mentioned before, a camping kitchen is that one product that can make or break your entire camping trip. It is an integral part of your trip just like your camping tent would be. A product that has been designed to ensure that you are always equipped with everything that you need when out of the comfort zone of your home. 

With a camping kitchen, you won’t be left on your own devices out in the wild. Rather, you will have a product that gives you separate storage space for your kitchen utilities and an allotted space where you can easily prep for your meals.

The best part is that they are incredibly compact. So, you won’t have to worry about portability. Not to mention that they are incredibly easy to set up. Trust us, if you are someone who loves to go on camping trips and would want to continue to do so, a camping kitchen is a perfect investment and tool to have in your arsenal. 

Even for those who are always ecstatic about going on camping trips and spending time with nature, camping can be no easy feat. However, with the right tools, such as the best camping kitchen, you can ensure that you will always have a great time. Our top pick for the best camping kitchen is the GCI Outdoor Master Kitchen.