Best Cash Registers for Small Restaurant – Consumer Reports

You can find different types of cash registers on the market designed specifically for small restaurants and catering businesses. You shouldn’t have a faulty cash register that can mess up keeping track of the business’s financial inflow.

To help you in your quest, we present to you a detailed review of the best cash registers for small restaurant and the features that you need to consider before buying one.

Best Cash Registers for Small Restaurants in 2022


For full-service restaurants, the Datio Restaurant iPad App from the Apple App store can be used for this cash register.

You can also print directly from the Datio Base Station or the remote kitchen printer to the kitchen.

You will do this to save the order, add more things to the order, and print the extra order to the kitchen, print the table receipt, swipe the credit card, and print the customer’s receipts to add tip.

It helps a full-service restaurant with pay at the bar, saved orders, and purchase adjustments without the need for additional software.

 This register does not require any complex cable connections to operate. To keep track of inventory, what you need is the “Datio POS” app program.


  • Access the reports from any mobile device or laptop
  • Easy to set up with the app from Apple store
  • You can use any terminal with your merchant account


  • iPad not included
  • Have to pay for software subscription monthly

Sam4s ER 940

This is one of those cash registers if you want your cashier to make fast and reliable purchases. The Sam4s comes with a big, spill-resistant keyboard with 150 keys to handle any menu combination.

It easily suits the top unit on your counter, conceals the cash box under it, and is comfortable to use. Each object can be seen when it is entered on the two-line alpha-numeric display.

It has thermal printing that is fast and silent, as well as the ability to configure the keyboard with PLU keys for open price or preset entry, as well as feature keys for discounts, purchases, and corrections.

You can use it to easily scan and investigate transaction-level data, as well as upload revenue and inventory reports to your computer.


  • Spill-proof keyboard
  • Lots of storage space
  • Exportable sales reports


  • Underdeveloped SD card support

Clover POS

With the Clover POS, you can now manage your business from anywhere. It has a terminal with a built-in cash register, which can handle everything from transactions to card swipes and taps.

The dynamic floor plan has real-time table status, and good for tableside ordering and payments. It is one of the most productive and powerful countertop POS systems available in the market.

It’s designed to run sales reports, create and edit timesheets, manage inventory, and print from its hub.

Its futuristic system accepts Apple Pay, EMV, and credit cards. It also comes with fingerprint system, built-in camera, drawer for cash, scanner for barcodes, and receipt printer.

The machine is quite user-friendly and comes with everything that you’d need for to run a small restaurant.


  • Accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Comes with scales and barcode scanners
  • Customer friendly


  • The Credit card processing application must be completed and approved
  • May apply other fees depending on the business


Lavu provides one of the best services to their customers. It’s all-in-one restaurant management platform streamlines all aspects of your business, making it one the most reliable cash register for small restaurant business.

This POS Bundle provides direct-to-kitchen ordering and modern payment solutions. It helps scheduling, inventory, payroll with the staff management, also ticketing for kitchen and customers.

This bundle is compatible with Apple iPad 9.7, and it has everything you need from Integrated LavuPay System to a secured and safe payment system. They have amazing customer service, which is available 24/7.

The Lavu bundle and LavuPay work together to process payments faster and efficiently. The cards can be swiped, tapped, or inserted, allowing you to control the transactions.

The register system is to be purchased separately or with the bundle. You can purchase the cash drawer separately but the company recommends their customers to use APG cash drawers, which is the industry leader for durability, reliability, and security.


  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Process Payments Quickly
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Smart Shift Scheduling


  • The bundle is only compatible with Apple iPad 9.7

Square Register

This Square register is designed with a powerful hardware system. You can start selling when you get your hands on this, with payments processing, point-of-sale software, and no tablets or apps required.

It is built entirely by Square so you can confidently sell everything, knowing it will just work fine without further technical support from outside. The intelligent software comes with inventory management, can easily create a directory for customers, and track sales in real time.

It is designed to have a customer display which keeps things moving along faster. They can just swipe, dip, or tap for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express from their side of the screen to be done with the payments.

The Square register is a fast seamless system, so you can spend your time on what matters- your business. The customer will be able to see from their side of the display what they are buying and how are you charging them, and they will be able to pay and add tips just by some taps.

You can add and sell thousands of products without any hassle. Not only it accepts payments fast, but also helps to manage orders that appear online and manage requests of food delivery. You can integrate it with other software, create a directory for customers, send invoices for free, and collect paid quickly.


  • Very fast and smooth
  • Futuristic system
  • Can integrate with other apps
  • Dedicated customer display


  • Can only be used in the United States

Buying Guide of Best Cash Registers for Small Restaurants

What are the things to keep in mind while are deciding to buy a Cash Register for Your Restaurant? Here are some facts to keep in mind, which will be listed down and discussed below-

Inventory Management

In what way do you prefer to manage your inventory and staff? Which way is going to be the most efficient for your business? Do you want a system that will do most of the work for you regarding this?

Do you want to keep track of when supplies of a particular ingredient or product line are running low? Then choose the cash registers accordingly, which will serve these purposes for you.


If you do not want a traditional Cash Register and look for a POS system, you should be concerned about its software. Research and know beforehand which software will be the most compatible with your way of running the business.

Some software cannot share information with other systems, even if they are great at the job and have other helpful features. Many software can only integrate with Apple’s iPad system, which will be an advantage for you if you are an iOS user.


Budget plays an important role here. It is very important to keep in mind no matter how good a POS system may be, the expense behind it should not exceed too much of your ability. That can cost you even more than it originally would.

Get a Cash register that is appropriate for the scale of business that you are running.


You want to invest your money on a durable cash register that will last, not a fancy knock-off that has tons of features but breaks down easily. Choose carefully for your money’s worth which will last longer

Bottom Line

It is crucial for the food service industry that they have a top-notch cash register machine at their hand to speed things up, otherwise, losing track of your financial accountability will lead to a disaster, no matter how good the business is.

To avoid such big problems, it is ideal to use cash registers or POS system. To process the sales properly a cash register for small businesses is needed. I hope you have a grasp of what you need for your business.

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