Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring – Top Picks in 2022


Kitchen is easily one of the most significant and used areas for a restaurant or home. Commercial kitchen in restaurants, offices require high quality range setups as multiple people use them simultaneously. It can get messy and unsafe due to excessive heat, oils and food spilling everywhere. Moreover, standing for hours on solid flooring made of wood, concrete or tiles can get really strenuous for feet. That’s when we need comfortable kitchen floorings. A high quality anti fatigue kitchen floor mat is a must have for these commercial spaces. 

To make your search even easier, today we are going to make a list with some of the top rated 5 commercial kitchen floorings for you. So, make sure you keep an eye out and keep reading.

Image Product Features Check Price
Wizgree Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchen Wizgree Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchen

Anti slip

Eco friendly rubber

Drainage holes

Crablux Commercial Heavy Duty Mats Crablux Commercial Heavy Duty Mats

High grade rubber

Easy to clean


New Star Foodservice Commercial Kitchen Mat New Star Foodservice Commercial Kitchen Mat


Two colors available

Resistant to water and heat

Smabee Non Slip Rubber Floor Mat Smabee Non Slip Rubber Floor Matt

Large hexagon drainage holes

Made of sustainable rubber


Tenozek Commercial Kitchen Mat Tenozek Commercial Kitchen Mat

Easy to clean

Multi functional use


1. Wizgree Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchen – Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Wizgree Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchen

Wizgree anti fatigue mats for kitchen bags the 1st spot on our list for the best commercial kitchen flooring. It is absolutely a customer favorite for its flexibility and how comforting it feels. It made of eco friendly rubber which is amazing as we all want to play our parts in saving the planet. It has two sizes available and you can use them for multipurpose. These mats are of a premium quality that is offered in an affordable price range. 

Check those out if want a good mat in an economical range!


  • Eco friendly material
  • Affordable
  • Anti slip
  • Foldable


  • Boring design
  • More sizes should be available

2. Crablux Commercial Heavy Duty Mats – Runner Up for Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Crablux Commercial Heavy Duty Mats

The 2nd spot for our top commercial kitchen flooring goes Crablux commercial heavy duty mats. It has 4.6 stars on Amazon and customers have loved it. It is designed to cater to your fatigued feet after hours of working in the kitchen. They are comfortable and super easy to wash. You can also store them in a roll as they are pretty flexible but well built. They are extremely durable and are resistant to water, oils and heat.

If you think this is the right fit for you, grab them fast!


  • Eco friendly
  • Premium quality
  • Water resistant


  • May have a bad smell
  • More colors should be available

3. New Star Foodservice Commercial Kitchen Mat

New Star Foodservice Commercial Kitchen Mat

The New Star Foodservice commercial kitchens mats take the 3rd spot on the list and all for the right reasons. It is an anti fatigue heavy duty kitchen mat designed by professionals who actually work in kitchen. They have been developed with durable materials to offer your kitchen long lasting kitchen flooring. One of the plus points for these mats is that they are offered in two different colors and sizes. This company likes to hear back from their customers to retain them and provide the highest quality. 

These mats are more in the higher price range and anyone who has a flexible budget should check them out!


  • Two colors available: Red & Black
  • Drainable
  • Grease resistant and anti fatigue


  • Expensive
  • Not flexible enough

4. Smabee Non Slip Rubber Floor Mat 

Smabee Non Slip Rubber Floor Mat

Smabee non slip rubber floor mat made to our list for being favorable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used in kitchens, bars, warehouse, pool and even industrial spaces. They are extremely durable as they are made of high grade sustainable rubber. It has the anti slip features which would prevent you from facing any unwanted accidents. The kitchen mat has large hexagon holes that enable them to drain any liquid, dirt or moisture. Easy to clean and can be folded in a roll which makes storage easier. 

If you want a commercial kitchen floor mat that meets most of your requirements, get this!


  • Foldable
  • Easy to wash and drain
  • Sustainable rubber material


  • No other sizes available
  • Average design

5. Tenozek Commercial Kitchen Mat 

Tenozek Commercial Kitchen Mat

The 5th place for our list of the best commercial kitchen flooring belongs to Tenozek. This kitchen floor mat can also be used for both indoor and outdoor use. This mat is able to absorb liquid substances spilled during cooking and drain them with the holes built in its body. You can rely on these mats if you are a messy cook and suffer from slipping in the kitchen here and there. The price range is quite in the reach too but not as affordable.

So, if your budget is not as tight and you are looking for a good kitchen mat, get this.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Recycled rubber material
  • Heavy duty usage


  • Only one color available

Final Words

If you have reached till here, we are hopeful that you found your desired commercial kitchen flooring. All of the mats in the list are extremely durable and perfect if you are looking for anti fatigue one. If you would like us to recommend one then we would choose the New Star Foodservice commercial mat as they designed to meet your professional needs in the kitchen and also satisfy your color needs. Make up your mind if you haven’t already and give your feet some rest by getting these mats!