Best Cupcake Liners Review with Buying Guide

The decoration is what makes the first impression on cupcakes. Liners with attractive patterns and designs make much appeal to people before they eat cakes. Whether you plan to add whipped cream on the cupcakes or not, liners are the things that you cannot avoid.

While looking for the best cupcake liners, color, material, and size are the things that you should consider. On both online and offline, there are a lot of options to choose from. However, I found these as the top ones currently available on the market, which don’t stick to the cakes that much like the most conventional ones.

Top 3 Best Cupcake Liners – Comparison Table:

Top 10 Best Cupcake Liners Review

The list includes cupcake liners of different patterns, designs, and shapes. Regardless of your taste and choice, you will find the most attractive ones for your recipes.

1. Wilton Baking Cups, STD, Metallic

Being one of the industry’s leading cake and baking decoration accessories manufacturers, Wilton is a well-known name among professionals and home bakers. Their decorative cupcake liners look great whether you plan to make cupcakes for a party, event or to have them for snacks.

The liners are quite capable of holding the batter together until the cake is properly baked. You won’t be disappointed regarding this, unlike using cheap and conventional liners.

A number of customers complained about the liners getting soaked with oil. You can tackle the issue by doubling-up the layer. Use a double-liner for each cupcake if you face the oil soaking issue.

Among many colors, patterns, and designs, you can select the right one for your needs. Be it for events, parties, or occasional baking, the colors just go with the flow. Considering the price and quality of the liners, these are the best cupcake liners to use for all-purpose.


  • Holds the cakes well
  • Decent quality liners
  • Great colors and designs
  • Inexpensive yet good quality


  • Soaks with oil using the single liner
  • Bottom liner takes a considerable portion from the cake

2. MontoPack 300-Pack Mini Paper Baking Cups

It’s hard to find safe and non-smelling cupcake liners at a cheap price. Spending a few more bucks is worthwhile investing for convenience and safety. Regardless of your baking purpose, these 300-pack baking cups will suffice your needs while taking good care of the baked goodies.

Made of safe materials, you can rely on these liners when it comes to health. Instead of using oil-based inks, the manufacturer used water-based ones. This also assures you that you won’t experience any kind of unwanted smell in the cakes.

Even if the recipe requires the desserts to be baked at in high temperature, the ink won’t leak whatsoever.

These greaseproof cup papers come in 7 different colors that look like a rainbow. The colors are eye-soothing to see when you serve cute cupcakes in them. So, if colorful decoration matters a lot to you, these can be the best colored cupcake liners for the money.

Once the cakes are baked, you won’t see the liners to go over the baking cupboard. All cupcakes will be in place, as you would expect to see.

You can also use the liners for making other recipes such as cake balls, peanut butter cups, candies, nuts, and many more similar desserts.


  • High-quality safe to use liners
  • Water-based non-smelling inks
  • Liners don’t lose shape
  • Perfectly fits regular sized muffin pans


  • Price is a bit high compared to other options
  • Dessert sticks to the bottom

3. Wilton Rainbow Bright Standard Cupcake Liners

Cupcakes are eye-pleasing to see due to the small size factor as well as colorful liners. For each occasion and event, if you want to serve your deliciously baked cupcakes in an attractive way, it’s worthwhile considering this 300-pack of cupcake liners from Wilton.

With a diameter of 2 inches, these are relatively larger than mini cupcake liners. If you have standard muffin pans, the liners will fit perfectly without compromising the baking quality.

The liners come in 6 delightful colors of 50 pieces for each one. You can serve cupcakes with multi-color liners or go with one color rule to make an appeal to the guests.

Wilton did manage to pack the liners in a quality plastic container. So, you can easily store them in a compact and enclosed place. If you are to go somewhere else and have a plan for baking, you can carry these liners along with their container without damaging them.

Apart from baking cupcakes, you can use the liners for making meatballs and holding nuts, candies, and other similar items.


  • Great vibrant colors
  • Colors hold up well while baking
  • Ideal for using on different occasions
  • Decent thickness


  • Smells a bit
  • Liners become transparent sometimes

4. Green Direct Cupcake Liners

Even if you make decently tasty cupcakes, decorating them using white liners like these will get you many appraisals for the goodies in events and occasions. The size easily fits stand muffin pans without any issues.

Decoration doesn’t hold up well if the quality of the liners is poor. The manufacturer seems to understand this fact well and made these liners of durable materials. From occasions to everyday baking, these are perfect. This pack of 500 liners will be more than enough for large events and parties.

Unlike conventional ones, these disposable liners easily pop-out the cakes and reduce cleaning hassle. You are less likely to experience messes. If you have previously used conventional liners, this time, you won’t have to worry about cleaning that much.

Once baking is done, you will find the papers to hold the goodies perfectly. You can safely handle and serve guests without worrying much.

Cupcakes aren’t the only thing that you can use them for. The liners come excellent at holding nuts, candies, hot and cold appetizers, and other items as well.


  • Fits standard-sized muffin pans well
  • Easily pops out of the pan
  • Safe to handle
  • Elegant white color design


  • Oil and butter might leak through the thin papers

5. Gifbera Natural Standard Cupcake Liners

Quality and convenience seem hard to find in cupcake liners. If you are looking for the best cupcake liners that won’t stick and are made of durable material, consider getting this pack of 400 cupcake liners from Gifbera. The liners are made from spruce wood pulp without using any chemical and other harmful substances.

These are grease-proof, thus, won’t stick while baking whatsoever. In addition, after baking, its signature brown color won’t fade and become transparent like what we see in conventional liners. For being light brown or kind of golden color, it will perfectly suit every occasion and event you have in the house.

You will see the shape and size remain the same when you bring the muffin pan out of the oven.

The overall diameter of these liners easily fit standard muffin or cupcake pans. So, you won’t have to compromise the regular size to get the most out of such quality liners.

Using these quality large cupcake liners, you can bake batch after batch without any issues. The liners are heat-resistant and can withstand up to 220°C in the oven. When it comes to releasing the cakes, you will find the cupcakes to easily pop out from the pan.


  • Food-safe liners
  • Grease-proof easy to release
  • Fits standard cupcake pans
  • Doesn’t contain artificial color


  • Almond flour made items stick to the liners
  • Not non-sticky as advertised

6. Subang 400 Pieces Foil Cupcake Liners Baking Cups

If your cupcake baking tasks require foil cupcake liners, these are worthwhile considering. Made of high-quality food-grade foil paper, the liners don’t disappoint when it comes to retaining moisture and preparing wrinkle-free cakes.

This pack of 400 pieces liners includes 4 great looking vibrant colors, each of 100 pieces. Silver, gold, black, and rose gold colors will go with every occasion and event you prepare the cupcakes for.

If you have an upcoming wedding event, these will be the best cupcake liners for weddings that will make a great appeal to the guests. The floral pattern on the papers makes them a great match for such events.

The overall diameter of the liners is relatively large. So, you can have full-size cupcakes. Apart from this particular dessert item, you can use these to make brownies, cookies, nuts, candies, and other dessert and party snacks.


  • Elegant looking colors
  • Floral pattern suits any occasion
  • Standard cupcake size
  • Food-grade foil paper
  • Durable and doesn’t wrinkle the goodies made in it


  • Colors bleed to some extent

7. Tulip Cupcake Liners Parchment Baking Cups

Wanna try something different this time to decorate your well-baked cupcakes? Give these liners a try. These are differently designed liners compared to conventional ones. If you are to attract the guests, these will surely complement your piece of excellence in the warmest way.

With the ability to withstand up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use them for recipes that require high temperatures to be made.

These medium-sized tulip style liners can hold up to 3 oz of batter. So, it’s not that small either.

Due to its premium-grade grease-proof material, you can expect the liners to pop-out smoothly without making much mess on the pan. Compared to the cheaper ones, these get stuck to the cakes a lot less.

You have the option to choose from 13 great looking unique colors. Each pack comes with a bundle of 100 liners of a single color.

Compared to other products on the list, this one would cost you more. However, considering its unique design, shape, and color, these will take your cupcake decoration to the next level.

Whether you are planning to bake multiple batches of cupcakes for an upcoming event or occasion, these liners will make a great appeal to guests.


  • Unique design
  • Multiple color options
  • Can withstand the high oven temperature
  • Grease-proof paper eases the popping out of the cakes
  • Retains moisture


  • Looks a bit more transparent than in photos
  • Results aren’t good when not using a muffin tin

8. Wilton Seasonal Cupcake Liners. 300-Count

If plain colored liners don’t suit your type of decoration, Wilton introduces you to these seasonal liners with cool looking patterns and great colors. So, if you are to bake standard size cupcakes, the deal would be worthwhile considering.

Again, the colors and cool looking patterns mostly suit holidays, birthdays, and other similar events. If there is any celebration or festival in your house, use these liners to decorate your cute little desserts; you will surely get warm compliments from guests.

These colorful liners are made of food-safe and soy-based inks. You can rest assured about these being safe for kids as well as adults. Wilton is a well-reputed bakery decorating brand that doesn’t compromise when it’s about the safety of their products.

However, you might experience smell due to the inks. Otherwise, there’s nothing much to complain about these items.

If you know someone to be a good baker, you can gift him/her a few packs. Thanks to the manufacturer for their good packaging. Also, for kids, the decoration will appeal more than the cake itself.


  • Great festive looking colors and patterns
  • Standard size
  • Made of safe food-grade materials
  • Value for money


  • Colors bleed
  • A bit thin

9. Hadoife Foil Cupcake Liners Standard Size Cups

When it comes to baking cupcakes for kids on different events and occasions, the color is a must to consider for decorating the little desserts. Metallic color liners go with pretty much all events. If you are looking for cupcake liners of metallic colors, this pack of 500 liners is a deal that you shouldn’t miss.

Unlike most colorful liners, these don’t bleed while baking whatsoever. The paper is odorless and good quality food grade one, which you can rely upon regarding health and safety.

As the liners can withstand high temperatures in the oven, you can rest assured that the cakes won’t have any wrinkles on them. Whether you bake cupcakes or muffins, the liners will protect them during baking and allow you to safely handle the dessert for serving.

Due to its stain retaining properties, you will be able to easily pop-out the cupcakes from the baking pan. This reduces the cleaning hazard a lot. Any standard muffin or cupcake pan will match these liners easily.


  • Great looking metallic colors
  • Ideal for all occasions
  • Durable liners
  • Easily pops out of the pan
  • Odorless and grease resistant


  • Not real foil liners as advertised
  • A bit hasslesome to separate from the stack

10. Vibrille Standard Cupcake Liners, Pack of 400

Just because I have listed this pack of liners in the last position, don’t underestimate the quality of these. The liners are made of premium grease-proof paper that retains grease quite well and keeps your tasty treats fresh longer.

These are sturdy enough to protect the batter during baking and the cupcakes when you bring them out of the oven. If you have a standard-sized muffin pan, these liners will perfectly fit it. Besides cupcakes, you can also use them for holding nuts and candies.

As for being natural-colored papers, these turn transparent after baking. If you are to give the cupcakes a bit professional look, surely these liners will greatly complement your baked goodies. Serve your guests aesthetically appealing muffins and cupcakes on any professional and corporate occasion.

You can easily remove the cupcakes from the pan. Due to its stain retaining ability, the pan would need minimal cleanup.

Vibrille also offers white-colored liners in case you don’t like the transparent effect. Both the color options are food-grade and odorless.


  • Made of food-grade durable paper
  • Great stain retaining ability
  • Easily pops out of the pan
  • Odorless and natural color
  • Standard size


  • Muffins stick to liners

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Final Words

Although cupcake liners don’t cost that much, if you aren’t careful before purchasing, you may end up becoming frustrated with the staining issue as well as sticking issues. Only the best cupcake liners hold the true colors while baking. So, when decoration matters, you shouldn’t randomly pick liners.

On the review section, the enlisted liners have food-grade paper and inks, which is something that many manufacturers don’t seem to care much about. Again, don’t risk your health while purchasing liners of any kind.