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Life becomes much easier when you use the right tool for the right task. The same goes with egg separator. If you are struggling to separate the egg white from yolk, be it for recipies or low fat diets, you must have one in your kitchen.

Herein, we have spent some time and effort in listing, testing and reviewing contenders for the best egg separator from countless options. Customer feedbacks and expert bakers’ opinions helped a lot in the process. Each functions differently, made of different materials, and with various size options.

Things to Consider Before Buying Egg Separator

An egg cracker is a simple tool with some life-saving features. If you are aware of them, believe me, your investment will not go to waste. Some noticeable things are discussed below that you should consider before buying.

  • Complete Separation

Most of the time, we use an egg separator for complete separation because we want only yolks or only whites. With egg yolks, whipping doesn’t come as smooth as when you only use egg white.

Moreover, many people have health issues regarding egg yolks. For those, separating the white is a must for recipies that require eggs.

  • Material

Egg separators are made of plastic, stainless steel, silicone, or nylon. Among them, plastics are easy to use because of being lightweight.

Separators made of stainless steel are heavier than plastics but easy to clean and prevent bacteria. If you want a more healthy product, go for a separator made of silicone or nylon material. These last longer than other materials.

  • Keeping Away Egg Shells

Imagine how disgusting it would be if you find eggshells in breakfast, cakes, or muffins! An egg separator must separate egg yolk and white, keeping the eggshells away. Some egg separators have an extra attachment that collects shells and prevents them from falling into the bowl or pan.

  • Easy Cleaning

Before buying an egg separator, you must check if it is easy to clean or not. Because you are definitely not going to clean just an egg separator for several minutes or hours. Though most of the separators clean well with soap and running water, you should look over the cleaning process.

  • Mess-Free Separation

If egg spills during yolk and white separation, what is the point of using it rather than home remedies! Get an egg separator that keeps your kitchen cabinet less messy and clean. Moreover, remember that your hands must not get egg slime while using it.

Top 10 Best Egg Separator Reviews

Everyone might have some issues with egg separators as they come in different sizes and shapes. Let us dig into the top 10 products to find the perfect one for you.

1. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Egg Separator

The first separator we will talk about is the OXO egg separator, a plastic-made small tool that does the work of egg separation quite nicely. Its plastic is BPA and PVC-free, and it is definitely a matter of relief because BPA and PVC are harmful to humans, especially for infants and children.

There is a deeper room in the egg separator that holds the yolk. The egg white remover slits of the yolk holder separate the egg white from the yolk. You can also crack eggs by the OXO separator because it has a sharp edge for cracking.

In addition to the features, there is a non-slip grip for attaching it to any bowls and plates of different sizes. So, you do not have to hold the separator in one hand while holding the egg in the other.

As the egg separator is small in size, you can keep it anywhere in your kitchen rack and shelf. Cleaning is more than easy with some soap water and then wash under a running tap.


  • Egg shells do not fall into bowls
  • Edge is perfect for cracking
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to store
  • One-hand kitchen tool


  • Sometimes yolks can go through the slits
  • Room for egg yolk is too big and the whites get attached to the yolk

2. Emson EZCracker Handheld Egg Cracker/ Separator

If you are looking for an egg separator that is children friendly, this might be the perfect tool because the EMSON egg separator works so easily that your kids can also use this tool.

This egg separator machine works by pressing both handles with one hand while inserting the egg with another hand. You need to carefully hold the egg as it can roll on the separator. It can be used as both an egg cracker and egg separator.

After cracking eggs, some parts of the shell might be in the separator. You can just put it under running fresh water to reuse it again. The egg separator is dishwasher-friendly.

The most amazing feature of the EMSON egg separator is that it can do the cracking for both fresh and boiled eggs quite well. It might be the best egg white separator because it has an extra attachment under the egg hole to separate the egg white from the yolk.


  • Prevents shell from falling
  • Space saver
  • Easy cleaning by rinsing with water
  • Budget friendly
  • Hand would not get egg slimed
  • Easily cracks egg by firm squeezing


  • Flimsy, cheaply made
  • Yolk might break

3. SOLEADER Egg Separator- Yolk White Separator Tool

My friend once asked me about the best egg yolk separator because her father was so much allergic to egg yolks that even the smallest amount of yolks made serious health issues. I suggested that the SOLEADER egg separator might be the perfect choice for her.

This egg separator works quite fast to separate the egg yolk and egg white. Egg yolks do not break, and the white part strains away smoothly as there is enough room for eggs, any sizes, whether smaller or bigger eggs fit perfectly in this.

It is a stainless steel egg separator which is safer than the plastic ones to prevent bacteria. Besides, stainless steel is long-lasting and much easier to keep clean. You can clean it with warm soapy water or put it in a dishwasher as it is dishwasher friendly.

The SOLEADER egg separator has an anti-slip long handle that keeps a good grip on the edge of the bowl. So, you can keep your hands free for egg cracking.


  • Long handle that prevents mess
  • Durable
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Coil design for complete separation
  • Bowl hook attach it with any kind of bowl


  • Not effective for multiple eggs at a time
  • A bit pricey

4. Amazin Product Tool Yolk White Separator

The Amazin egg separator has been mainly designed for daily home use. It is a small egg separator kitchen tool that you can use for your perfect morning breakfast, baking a cake, or some muffins and cookies for evening snacks.

You can place it on a small bowl by keeping the bowl hook to the edge of that. It is made of thin plastic that is much easier to use. The egg separator is oven and dishwasher-friendly. As it is made of plastic, it is easy to clean with soap water.

For its usability, you might allow your children to use the egg separator. After placing it over a bowl, you may crack the egg easily with your hand without touching it. This makes your hand and the counter less messy. Because the separator prevents egg spills.

The slits are designed in such a way so that they can prevent egg shells from falling on the bowl. Besides, the slits work well enough for straining the egg white from the egg yolk.


  • Lightweight
  • Mini design to hold comfortably
  • Strains egg white completely
  • Flexible
  • Holds up good in dishwasher


  • Yolk might get cut open
  • Not good for bigger eggs

5. MCOMCE Premium 304 Stainless Steel Egg Yolk Separator

When durability is the prime concern for buying kitchen utensils to you, this one from MCOMCE won’t let you down. It is a perfect egg separator for baking, cooking, and dieting.

As the separator is small in size, it is good enough for home use and works well for one egg at a time. You can store it anywhere because it takes a small room for storing. There is a hole over the yolk holder by which you may hang it in any hook in your kitchen rack.

The stainless steel egg separator is easy to clean by rinsing under a running tap. Because of using 304 stainless steel, the separator is eco-friendly, safe, and corrosion-resistant.

It separates the yolk in a couple of seconds. Sometimes, you may need to shake by hand in case of large eggs. The handle fits perfectly in a small bowl. For a good grip on the edge of the bowl, it has a curved designed handle. Two slits and one hole make the egg white drop-down nicely.


  • Stainless steel prevents bacteria
  • Long-lasting
  • Well handle grip
  • Sturdy
  • Smooth separation process


  • Handle is small
  • Not well for large bowls

6. Tovolo Silicone Yolk Out Egg Separator

Do you know that silicon is such a chemically inactive material to get involved with any of your food? Silicon is far better than steel and plastic as it is durable, stands up against heat, and of course, BPA-free.

The Tovolo egg separator is made of silicon that makes it stand over the crowd of other egg separators. Besides, the yolk-holding mouth is made of nylon which is like a cherry on top because nylon is sturdier than many other materials.

Have you ever used the water bottle trick to separate egg yolks? If yes, then you might label it as the best egg separator ever.

Just crack the egg in a bowl and squeeze the silicone bulb to hold the yolk in the mouth of the separator. You can transfer the separated yolk to a different bowl for later use. In case of being extra egg white with the yolk, wait a couple of seconds and let it drop down into the bowl.


  • Easy squeeze method
  • Smooth yolk separating mouth
  • Mess free separation
  • Yolks don’t break
  • Dishwasher safe for reuse
  • Suction is quiet good


  • Can suck up some egg white with yolk
  • Pricey

7. Peleg Design YolkPig Silicon Egg Separator

The YolkPig egg separator is a whole new addition to the market this type of kitchen utensils. It is from Peleg Design who made this super cute user-friendly kitchen tool. The product is available in two options – the green fog egg separator and the orange fish egg separator.

With this tool, you can separates egg yolks in just seconds. So, you can use the separator for a large batch of eggs also. The egg yolk does not break while separating from the egg white.

You need to squeeze the pig belly to collect egg yolk after cracking the egg into a bowl. After collecting, squeezing again will release the yolk in another bowl or pan. The whole process just needs easy and gentle squeezing.

This silicon-made egg separator is long-lasting. As the pig ears and tail are all external, you will easily be able to clean the inner part using running water. Besides, you can also clean it in any dishwasher.


  • Time saver
  • No egg spill
  • Non-sticky
  • Works for any size eggs
  • Children friendly


  • Egg white may stick to the yolk
  • May suck up the whole egg sometimes

8. Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor

When only gentle squeezing with a hand can separate yolks from white, why not give it a try! The Quirky pluck egg separator consists of two parts: a silicon-made squeezer and a plastic-made egg yolk holder. After collecting the yolk, it won’t get damaged, and you can safely release it into a cup.

It makes storing and cleaning easier as you can clean the egg extractor by separating the two parts. A soapy sponge is good enough to wash it and then rinse off with regular water. Besides, tossing it to the dishwasher is also a great option because the separator lives well in any dishwasher.

Separting organic eggs require a well-spacious separator. If you mostly deal with larger eggs, this product will make sure the enire yolk fits the extractor perfectly. No need to buy another extractor for large sized eggs.


  • Two-piece design for easy cleaning
  • Clear egg yolk remover
  • Flexible squeezing
  • Easier than separating with spoon
  • Saves time
  • Efficient


  • A bit large for a regular sized yolk

9. Latauar Egg Separator

You will definitely want a healthy and safe egg yolk separator for kitchen uses. Because the material of kitchen utensils is a huge concern for anybody out there. The Latauar egg separator is made with 304 food-grade stainless steel that is totally safe for the human body.

It works well for eggs of all sizes. The slits in the yolk holder prevent egg shells from falling down the bowl.

Moreover, the separator is made in such a way that it will be corrosion-free and will not rust in long-term uses. The edges and slits are smooth enough for a cut-free separation. There is a hole in one side of the separator so that you can hang on any hook in the kitchen after a quick cleaning.

Egg whites remove quite easily, but sometimes you need to fiddle a little to remove it from the yolk holder completely. The egg does not get spilled as there is enough space for holding the yolk. So, your hands and kitchen cabinet remain clean.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Can quickly separate the egg yolk
  • Smooth edge that does not hurt hands
  • Mess-free experience


  • Egg white does not separate completely
  • Good for small bowl or glass

10. Cartoon Egg Separator

When you want every kitchen utensils to match the interior of your kitchen space, you can’t go with this egg separator. This one from Greenf is one of those extractors that perfectly go with any interior. If you regularly capture baking or food processor photos and videos, it won’t ruin the appearance for sure.

The cartoon egg separator looks like a chicken made of ceramic. It is small enough to hold in your hand. You can store it anywhere on the kitchen-shelf or drawer. The separator is hard enough to last for a long time after several uses.

Just pour the cracked egg inside the separator, and the egg white will pass through the chicken mouth, leaving the yolk inside. You can transfer the yolk in a separate bowl or pan after separating the yolk.

Pour the egg white carefully inside so that it does not spill into the outer body of the chicken. As it is made of ceramic and has a smooth finishing, it can be slippery due to the egg white. If it spills, nothing to worry about. Just wipe with a damp cloth, and you are good to go.


  • Convenient to use
  • Easy storage
  • Time-saving
  • Hard tool
  • Dishwasher and oven friendly


  • Chicken mouth is very small
  • Ceramic material makes it a bit heavy

Final words

Separating eggs do not need any high technology but a convenient tool. From the article above, I think you have got your best egg separator among the 10 products described here. Choose wisely and invest in something that works well for you.