Best Egg Shakers Review with Buying Guide

Egg shakers are a fun and easy way to learn about the foundations of music. They are not just learning tools for kids but can be used by musicians for studio recordings and live performances as well.

Due to the use of these egg-shaped rattles in different music styles around the world, many companies have created products to compete for the title of ‘best egg shakers.’ From having the most durable hard casing to the perfect tone quality, they tried to include it all.

We have done extensive research on 10 of the current most popular egg shakers in the market. But before you go splurging on them, take a glance at the features you should be looking out for.

What to Look for Before Buying Egg Shakers

Because of the low price and easy portability of egg shakers, buying them may seem like a no-brainer. However, there are more things to consider, like the ones below, while making a purchase.

  •  Durability

If you are buying an egg shaker for children, you must expect them to go through the worst kind of abuse. They would be thrown around, dropped to the ground, or stomped upon.

The egg shakers need to be able to handle all that without breaking apart. If the seam across the body cracks, the little beads from inside can fly around and be swallowed. That is something that should be strictly avoided.

  •  Body Material

No matter how much you try keeping your child prim and proper, they always have sticky and messy hands that leave a trail behind. So, like most of their toys, these egg shakers should be super easy to clean and maintain.

Also, since children would try to shove these egg shakers into their mouth the first chance they get, the coatings on them must be completely non-toxic and safe for children.

  •  Tone Quality

While children love swinging these shakers around and annoying their parents, the tone quality is not their priority. But it is for musicians who want to use them professionally or as a hobby. The egg shakers should be loud, crystal clear, and distinctive for your audience.

And when buying for a child, for the sake of your sanity as a parent, you should also choose a rattle that would be noisy enough to appease your child but nothing that would drive you insane.

These are the basic features you should be paying attention to. However, you might also have pressing questions in mind, like which are the best egg shakers for classrooms. Then, the reviews below would be of tremendous help.

Top 10 Best Egg Shaker Reviews

If you are still lost in the woods and cannot seem to pick the right product, we have done an extensive review of 10 egg shakers we know you will love. Be it for children or adults, you will find a favorite, or two, from the list below.

1. Skip Hop Egg Shaker Trio

Skip Hop must take their tagline ‘Must-haves, made better’ very seriously. Or how could they take simple baby toys like egg shakers and give it such a cute and adorable spin?

Their 3-piece set of shakers come in the shapes of an owl, a hedgehog, and a fox. All of them are painted in bright colors and with fun textures, a feature your child will adore.

And the first thing you’re probably worried about: would the paint and texture be safe to put in the mouth? Well, you would be happy to know that the toys are PVC-free and Phthalate-free with zero swallowable parts.

The trio of forest friends are larger than standard baby egg shakers, but they are still easy to hold by grabby little hands. They sit upright due to the flat spot underneath and feel extremely sturdy to use.

While the sound quality could be improved a lot, it gets the seal of baby-approval. And besides, your child might be more interested in banging them to pieces than the tone quality. 


  • Bright and colorful to look at
  • Sturdy with secure seam lines that can handle rough use without breaking
  • Free from toxic materials and is safe to put in the mouth
  • Ideal size


  • Bad tone quality

2. Meinl Egg Shaker Pack (4 Pieces)

Meinl has earned its name for having one of the best-sounding percussion egg shakers in the market. The excellent tone of the 4-piece set is what sets them apart from other competitors.

Each egg shaker produces a different sound. Starting on a soft level, you also get a medium, a loud, and an extra loud tempo to blend with any volume while playing. This gives you extra control over how you mix your music with others.

The sounds are distinctive, and you can use them in your studio-jamming sessions or a live-acoustic with a crowd. Moreover, their shapes make it easy to hold in one hand and get many versatile uses out of them. You can alter your grip and movement to produce different sounds.

These shakers would be a hit as an addition to your percussion set. They are lightweight and effortless to transport and would hardly take up valuable space in your bags. Plus, they are super affordable!


  • Four distinctive sound tones for different settings
  • Perfectly shaped for easy grips
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lightweight, so won’t cause any trouble transporting
  • Compact size


  • Contains carcinogenic materials

3. Nino Percussion Plastic Egg Shaker Set (4 Pieces)

If you want children to express their creativity and their artistic abilities in music periods in school, then egg shakers must be included in your list of instruments. And when it comes to the best egg shakers for music elementary, Nino always rises to the occasion.

Children instantly take a liking to these products and how they can manipulate the sound by simply changing the way they hold it. You can teach them about the foundations of rhythm and the ways to collaborate with friends and create a group performance.

All the shakers have the same sound, so there would not be a fight breaking out regarding who gets which piece. But they do come in different colors, so you might be in trouble if two of your percussion members have the same favorite color.

The Nino Percussion set is perfect for young musicians to hold and use and will be a hit every time you pull them out in class. However, they are not as durable as you want them to be and might break after a fall.


  • Premium quality instruments, scaled down for young players
  • Increase motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Crystal Clear Sound


  • Easily break open along the seam and can be dangerous for toddlers

4. Kunyida 7-Pieces Wooden Egg Shakers

As a parent, you never stop searching for learning toys. Something that will capture their attention to keep them occupied while improving their motor skills at the same time.

These musical egg shakers are one of the best educational playthings. They are painted differently with cute textures but have the same sound. However, you will get major points as a favorite parent, as your little munchkin will think he has 7 different new toys to play with!

While you may have gotten used to sacrificing your sanity for your child’s happiness, these rattles may be your saving grace. The sounds are precise and clear but not loud and harsh, something that will not drive you crazy if shaken all day.

For such an amazing price, they make great Easter and Christmas gifts. They are also sturdy and can handle a few throws.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Eye-catching and adorable designs
  • Produces woody sounds that are not loud and harsh
  • Contains non-toxic paint


  • Not suitable to put in the mouth as the paint may peel
  • Choking hazard potential if the egg breaks

5. Ehome Plastic Egg Shakers (12 Pieces)

If your little one likes hunting for easter eggs, he is going to love coming across ones that make such a fun noise. They can use it to play along with their favorite tune or learn to create their own.

For the price, they are the best sounding egg shakers you can find. But do not let the low price fool you into thinking they are anything but amazing. They are durable and are sturdy enough to be dropped without damage. And if you are tired of using them as maracas, you can always use them to practice juggling.

While the set comes in different colors, there is no pitch variation in them. The sound is loud enough to ring through the room and catch your attention, but nothing too annoying. They are sized like medium-sized chicken eggs, so your little ones will have zero trouble holding on to them.

These egg shakers are perfect for incorporating into your music lessons or having fun in large gatherings and playdates.


  • CPC approved use of non-toxic materials, so it’s suitable for children
  • Loud enough to catch attention but not too irritating
  • Durable enough to be dropped without damage
  • Each set comes in different colors, so children won’t be fighting over them


  • Rough surface making it harder to properly clean

6. MIHEY Natural Wood Egg Shaker

Made with sustainable natural wood, this is one of the best egg salt and pepper shaker you will come across. Because of the wood used, your kid can get away with putting it in their mouths. You do not have to get concerned about toxic materials and terrible plastic paints!

The hard shell also muffles up the sound, producing a soft and mellow noise, which is quieter than most others you will find. You can listen to it rattling all day and would not mind a bit.

Unlike the plastic ones, these do not have seams or lines that can come apart when dropped. It has a nice grainy effect to it and feels nice to hold. The size is neither too big nor too small and can be easily handled by tiny hands.


  • Use of natural woods muffles up the sound from being too annoying
  • The size is perfect for holding on to and not to choke with
  • Due to the use of wood, it is safe for babies to put in mouth
  • Durable and can be dropped without breaking


  • Sound quality has room to improve

7. Augshy 18Pcs Plastic Egg Shakers

In our list of egg shaker reviews, we must include the egg maracas by Augshy. They are made with good quality plastic and has tiny balls inside that makes a loud clattering noise.

You can let your children go wild and paint the shakers themselves. The frosted surface makes it easier for the paint to stick on to and would not wipe off easily. They also come in a small bag to carry around. However, the bag is of terrible quality, but you can always replace it with something else.

One thing you might be heavily worried about the shaker being small is whether it could be a potential choking hazard. And you will be pleased to know that shape and size makes it difficult for toddlers to put the whole thing in their mouth.

If you are an adult looking to make music with these, you might be a little disappointed with the sound quality. But it is perfect to keep young minds busy.


  • Made strong and does not burst open if dropped
  • Frosted surface for children to paint on
  • Plastic is BPA-free
  • Contains plenty of pieces to share with friends


  • The bag they come in isn’t sturdy

8. EVNEED Plastic Egg Shakers Set

You will get all the features you are looking for with the EVNEED egg shaker set. It contains around 40 pieces, which means if you are buying them for a classroom, you will have more than enough to pass around.

All the pieces sound the same, and it is neither too high pitched nor too low. Babies will love the noise as they swing it around in their little hands. They can smash them to the ground or at the wall to their heart’s content, and they would come out unscathed. Truly, these egg shakers for babies are made to last.

Naturally, kids make everything messy and greasy. However, these shakers are super easy to clean with a little soap and water and will retain their colors afterwards.

Although they come in different colors, you can also DIY them in any way you want. It would be a fun activity to do with all the students in your class or at a little one’s birthday party. A great way to get a big group of young minds to be involved in creating music.


  • Contains a large quantity in one package
  • Bright and vibrant colors to attract children
  • Fairly robust and made to handle rough use
  • Easy to clean without any damaging outer shell


  • Sound quality isn’t that great

9. Tycoon Percussion Plastic Egg Shakers

When it comes to professional shakers to be used by adults, Tycoon’s egg salt and pepper shakers are almost unbeatable. Being available at a low price, these ones are ideal for recreational playing, both in the studio and live jam sessions.

They come in five different colors and are sold as pairs. The plastic casing contains the manufacturer’s logo and encloses the metal-bearing fillings inside. You will barely notice the seam across the center.

The two shakers produce the same notes, but the way you grip and shake the eggs can greatly alter the tones.

They are well-made and strong, sure to endure stress and rough use. However, they are likely to break when abused. These shakers are an excellent addition to a musician’s ensemble, whether you are a professional or an amateur.


  • Seamless plastic finishing and feels smooth to touch
  • Produces good quality of sounds for professional and amateur use
  • Can endure a lot of stress and damage
  • Fits perfectly into adult hands


  • Does not contain different sound levels for more versatile music creation

10. Ehome Egg Easter Maracas Shakers

Ehome has managed to secure another place on our list! This time it is because of their 6-pieces of wooden easter egg shaker set. With this set of shakers in hand, your young ones will halt their vocal sessions and resort to swinging this around all day.

The wood casing would protect your child’s hearing by minimizing the sound produced. So, they can bang it around all day without any repercussions. And because it is made of wood, they are super sturdy and less prone to breaking.

They are slightly bigger than standard egg shakers, which reduces the chances of a choking hazard. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this set is that the real-life design is vastly different from the ones shown in the picture.

This could be a little disappointing if the cute textures and prints were your main attraction.

Overall, it is a strong product with many great features that you might love.


  • Made with high-quality wood to be durable
  • Uses non-toxic paint that is safe and comfortable for children
  • Reduces choking potential due to its large size
  • Produces soft sound to protect a child’s hearing


  • The real design is different from the ones shown in the pictures

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Final Words

Egg shakers are versatile and have many great uses. You may think you are shooting yourself in the foot by buying your child a noisy toy to play with, but they are great for improving motor skills.

And as a musician, you will love the different ways you can incorporate them into your music. Now, go and get the best egg shakers you can find and start this musical journey right away.