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When considering all of the best tasting meats in the world we can all agree that one type stands out from all the rest and that is smoked meats.  Smoked foods are without a doubt the most delicious foods in the world.  That smoky aroma compliments meats perfectly enhances the flavor of foods and results in a lingering aftertaste that has you hungering for another bite of these flavorsome treats. 

The only problem with smoked meat is the fact that it is so expensive.  You can easily pay double in store for any meat product that is smoked but the good news is that there is finally a product available on the market that allows you to make delicious smoked foods from the comfort of your home.  Electric smokers are revolutionary in every way, especially since they are so quick and easy to use.  If you are in need of a kitchen and food upgrade in your home that is bound to bring lots of joy to you and your family for many years to come then this is the best appliance you can possibly consider.

Why Use Electric Smokers

Wondering why you need an electric smoker when you can buy smoked meats in store?  Well, there are quite a few reasons you should invest in one of these devices and even more reasons to choose an electric smoker specifically.  Here are the top reasons you need an electric smoker at home:

You can smoke all types of food – In a store, you will only find smoked meats such as sausages but these smokers are suitable for preparing all types of foods.  Electric smokers give you full control over the temperature of the smoker which enables you to cook just about any food under the sun.  This includes all meat types such as chicken, sausages, beef and much more as well as vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, onions and anything else you think would complement your meats well.

They are easy to use – Charcoal and wood smokers are challenging to use.  You need to sit by them all day, they take forever and you do need quite a bit of technique to get your food done.  Electrical smokers, on the other hand, are easy to use because most of the hard work is taken care of automatically.

You can leave it alone – There is no need for you to mind the fire when you have an electrical smoker.  The smoker will automatically take care of all of the cooking while you enjoy other activities such as swimming, catching a game on TV and more.

Easy to maintain – There is no need for you to stock up on wood or charcoal or to sit by your smoker while it is on.  Electrical smokers are also a lot cleaner and unlike with fire, it leaves no mess for you to clean up afterward.  The inside of these machines is designed with stainless steel that is also pretty simple to keep clean.

Durable device – Electrical smokers are designed to last and will provide you with lots of joy for many years to come.

The best-tasting food at home – These devices take your cooking skills to the next level.  You can provide family and friends with ultimately delicious meaty and veggie treats that can usually only be found in the most expensive restaurants.  You can enjoy the best tasting foods from the comfort of your home without all the hard work. 

Enjoy affordable smoked foods – This is probably the top reason to invest in an electric smoker.  Smoked foods and especially meats are very expensive.  You can make your own delicious smoky foods at a fraction of the cost of store bought foods.

Eat healthier – When buying in a store, you never know what exact ingredients are included in smoked foods.  But when you make your own smoked foods you still get to enjoy fine dining and you get much more control over your ingredients.  The fact that you have more control over additives, colorants, spices, fats, salt and other ingredients that are added to foods makes it much easier for you to eat healthier without having to give up that delicious smoky flavor of these types of foods. Smoking meats is also often considered as healthier since you don’t lose any nutrition as with boiling foods.

What to Look For In an Electric Smoker

Decided to invest in an electric smoker?  Well, now the real fun begins because it is now time for you to shop for the best one for your unique needs.  There are quite a few different types and brands of smokers on the market at this time and many of these are superb in functionality and quality. 
So what type of smoker is best for you?  Here are a few guides to help you choose the right one for your home.

Consider the size – Electric smokers come in a variety of sizes.  Most smokers can be used for food prep for about 8 people at a time but there are also smaller and bigger ones available on the market.  Consider the size of your smoker before you buy.  If you have a big family or are often inviting lots of friends over then choose a medium to a large smoker.  If you only cater for a few then a small smoker should be fine.

Consider your space – Do you have a lot of space for a smoker in your barbecue area or are you limited on space?  If space is an issue then always choose something with a compact design.

Consider the materials – The type of material your smoker is made off affects two things; the durability of the device and your ability to keep it clean.  Cookers with a stainless steel interior are the best pick because this metal is durable and easy to clean.

Consider performance – Are you new to smoking meats?  Then choose something simple for beginners such as an analog temperature control smoker but if you are already experienced and want to achieve perfection then look for something more intermediate such as a digital control smoker so you can have more control over the settings or enjoy more freedom thanks to time settings.  Complex smokers enable you to control the temperature more precisely and consist of more than one heating element. 

Consider the brand – There are quite a few terrific electric smoker brands out there on the market and it is best to go with a trusted brand because that is the only way ensure that you invest in a good quality device.  Trusted brands are also much more likely to replace a faulty smoker or to give you a full refund.

Consider the price – Naturally, you need something that suits your budget.  Smokers range from $100 too much higher depending on the brand, size, and functionality of the cooker.  Simple analog smokers are a lot cheaper than digital electric smokers with lots of features and settings.  The smoker you need should fulfill in your needs and should also match your budget although it probably is better to overstep your budget just a little bit in order to find something that is big enough or flexible enough.

Consider mobility – Is your smoker going to have a dedicated spot at your barbecue area or do you plan on taking it along on trips?  A big and bulky smoker is no problem if it isn’t going to be moved around much but if you do want to transport it with ease then it might be best to look for a smoker that is smaller and lighter.

11 Best Electric Smokers Of 2022

The best way to pick the right electric smoker for your home is by playing it safe and the only way to do this is by investing in the best of the best.  Up next we are going to discuss all the best electric smokers currently available on the market.  These 11 top picks are all excellent quality and perfect for thrilling all of your friends with foods that are beyond delicious.

Masterbuilt 20071117 – The Overall Best Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt is known for their reputation of producing high-quality products and their 30” 20071117 Digital Electric Smoker certainly contributes to their strong reputation.  This smoker is simple in design, yet stylish and it gives you all the functionality you will ever need.  A digital panel gives you full control over the temperature and time.  The interior consists of four chrome-coated racks and it even comes with a side wood chip system that enables you to ad chips without having to open the smoker.  This smoker is fully insulated and you can use it for smoking all types of foods including meats such as chicken, turkey, ribs, sausages and more.  It is also pretty big and can hold up to 6 whole chickens, 64 sausages or 4 pork buts.  The smoker is pretty easy to use but you do need to understand how different temperatures will affect different food products.  All in all, this is one of the best electric smokers you can possibly own.


  • Trusted brand with a very reliable reputation
  • ?Convenient digital panels that is easy to use
  • Side wood chip loading system
  • Integrated thermostat
  • Fully insulated
  • Easy to use and keep clean


  • No wheels
  • Can be a bit big for some families
  • No side handles for easy moving

26” Smoke Hollow 26142E – The Top Small Smoker

This electric smoker is alleviated above the ground by sturdy steel legs that could make it much more convenient to load and maintain your meats as you smoke them, especially since it is so small.  Yes, this is a good pick for small families or couples.  The smoker has a capacity of 3.1 cu.ft which is ideal for preparing small quantities of food. The Smoke Hollow 26142E is fashioned with a 1500-watt heating element that gives you full control over temperature.  It consists of two chrome-plated cooking grids that you can adjust as you need and has a porcelain coated water pan inside along with a porcelain coated chip tray.  The device also has a full range heat indicator and the door is fashioned with a cool-touch spring wire handle which greatly reduces the chance of burning your fingers while minding your smoked foods.  This terrific smoker has a max temperature of 325 degrees and a minimum temperature of 175 degrees. 


  • Small and compact
  • ?Good for small families or couples
  • Light weight for easy transportation
  • ?Easy to use


  • Doesn’t have side wood loading system
  • Can be too small for some families
  • Can be challenging to control since it isn’t digital

30” Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D – The Top Outdoor Smoker

This electric smoker is pretty sleek in design and is a perfect investment for your barbecue area.  This 800-watt cooker consists of four chrome-plated grates.  It is fashioned with a digital thermostat and push-button controls that enable you to set the cooking time, temperature and more.  The cooker has a side access wood chip loader and is insulated in order to maintain high temperatures and to cut back on electricity consumption.  The smoker also has a removable tray that enables you to easily clean this handy smoker as you use it. This smoker is perfect for someone who needs to prepare lots of meats since it has a 732 square inch cooking area.  The cooker is also insulated and fashioned with a high-temperature door seal that keeps heat locked inside. 


  • Convenient large capacity
  • ?Easy to keep clean
  • Side access wood chip loader
  • Extremely hot
  • ?Easy to use


  • Heavy and unsuitable for transportation
  • No wheels
  • No side handles
  • Push buttons doesn’t allow much flexibility

36” Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS – Top Tempered Glass Smoker

If the previous smoker models just won’t make the cut then you can definitely consider this 36” smoker by Smoke Hollow.  This smoker is elegant looking thanks to the beautiful stainless design and especially because of the glass door that enables you to see your foods as they get smoked.  This smoker is fashioned with digital display and controls that make it easy to operate and the tempered glass door also eases the smoking process since you can keep an eye on your meats with a simple glance.  The smoker has an external-loading wood chip tray that is simple to stock up on wood chips and consists of 4 grids that can be adjusted in height. This is the perfect smoker for large families or for those who are frequentlycatering for a lot of people. 


  • Glass door which make it much easier to see how far foods are along
  • Digital display and controls that makes it easy to operate
  • Large capacity is perfect for big families
  • Adjustable levels for grids
  • ?Side wood chip loading system


  • Can be large for some families
  • Can be expensive
  • Computer system tends to malfunction after lots of use

40” Masterbuilt 20070311 – The Top Extra-Large Smoker

At a whopping 40” or 975sq.inch this smoker is a definite must for anyone looking to do some serious food smoking.  This smoker is perfect for those extra-large families but is probably best suited for small restaurants.  The 1200watt Masterbuilt 20070311 I sleek in design thanks to its stainless outer and its tempered glass door that allows you to see how your food is doing as it matures inside the device.  The smoker comes with a remote control and is fitted with a side loading wood chip tray for easy loading.  It also consists of a removable drip pan and it consists of four chrome racks.  This smoker is relatively easy to move around since it is fitted with wheels and a rear mounted handle to enhance mobility. 


  • Tempered glass door window that eases the process of monitoring your food
  • ?Great looking design
  • Extra-large capacity is perfect for huge families or for small restaurants
  • ?Fitted with rear wheels which eases moving
  • ?Easy to use thanks to digital temperature control
  • ?Comes with RF remote control


  • Too big for small families and perhaps even average families
  • Can be expensive
  • Quite heavy

39” Brandley Smoker BTDS76P – The Top Digital Smoker

This electric smoker is quite advanced and offers a futuristic vibe due to its sleek design and the full digital controls.  It is one of the best smokers for medium to large families because it is so easy to use and large in capacity.   The smoker is easy to clean, not just because of the epoxy steel interior but also because the ash catcher is simple to remove for hassle-free cleanup sessions.  This smoker consists of 6chrome racks and side fitted smoke generator and automatic wood biscuit holder.  The cooker is 24 inches wide and can be used for controlled cool smoking for up to 8 hours.  It is an ideal investment for outdoor or patio smoke cooking since you have full control over temperature, time, and smoke as you prepare your foods. 


  • Incredibly easy wood chip loading and monitoring system
  • ?Great looking futuristic design
  • Easy to use digital control gives you full control
  • 8 hours of controlled cool smoke
  • ?Large capacity is great for catering for big families


  • Can be big for small families
  • Experience is needed to master digital settings
  • No wheels
  • Can be weather sensitive since wood chip loader system is exposed and wood pieces can get wet

Masterbuilt MB20073716 Portable Electric Smoker – The Top Portable Smoker

If you don’t like being restricted to home smoke cooking then this is the right pick for you.  This 1400 watt smoker has a functional design that enables you to transport it relatively easily.  This smoker is black and simple in design but differentiates from most smokers since it has folding legs that ease transportation and storage.  It also only weighs 21.8 pounds which greatly enhances loading and offloading comfort when you are taking this smoker along on a journey.  The smoker is analog temperature control with easy dial settings.  It is the best possible smoker for road trips and holidays thanks to its mobility benefits such as small capacity, lightweight, and folding legs. You can use this 280 sq. inch smoker to prepare up to 4 chickens or 1 turkey or 2 pork butts in this smoker with its two chrome racks although it should be noted that you do need to open the door to add wood chips.


  • Portable design
  • ?Light weight
  • Handles for easy on and off loading
  • Easy transportation and storage


  • Can be a bit small for a dedicated home smoker
  • Analog temperature control is simple but not for precision smoking

28” Royal Gourmet Electrical Smoker – Top Large Portable Smoker

This smoker is another good solution for travelers or for those who might want to enjoy delicious smoked meats on a special occasion in some far of town or city.  The smoker is fitted with 2 side handlebars and weighs only 48.5 pounds.  While it isn’t nearly as mobile friendly as the Masterbuilt MB20073716, it certainly is a lot easier to transport and move around than other bigger smokers.
The Royal Gourmet Electrical Smoker is fitted with a 1500 watt heating element that ensures plenty of heat and smoky aromas while you are preparing your food in this fully insulated smoker.  This smoker includes fully adjustable temperature control and with two chrome plated grids that can be adjusted in height.  The smoker is another good pick for those looking for


  • Beautiful deign
  • Small size is perfect for small families
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight and side handle bars makes it perfect for easy transportation and mobile use


  • Analog temperature control is simple but doesn’t give you too much control for precision smoking
  • Can be small for large families or gatherings
  • Doesn’t have side wood chip loading system

30” Masterbuilt Adventure Series MES 35B Electric Smoker – TopCharcoal Electric Cooker

Masterbuilt is known for their pristine and high-quality equipment and that is exactly why we have included quite a few of their smokers on our little list.   The adventure series MES 35B specifically is a 1500 watt machine with a capacity of 548 sq. inch.  The interior is chrome plated with 3 cooking racks with a built-in thermostat control temperature gauge in the door.  The device also has a removable wood chip tray inside. Unlike most electric smokers, this little beast can also operate on charcoal which could be an added benefit if you are not particularly fond of the smoky aroma of natural wood and prefer the aroma of charcoal smoked foods instead. 


  • Large cooking capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Decent height for convenient use
  • Side fitted handles for easy mobility


  • No side wood chip loading system. Needs to be opened to add wood or charcoal
  • No wheels
  • Can be heavy

The Southern Country 4-in-1 Electric or Charcoal Smoker and Grill 5035U4-511 – Top 4-in-1 Smoker

This smoke cooker is very different from all the rest because it allows you to electrically smoke your meats via wood chips, grill your food over charcoal fire, smoke grill your meats or even smoke cook your foods with a charcoal aroma.  The cooker is brilliant red in color, easy to use and is the perfect investment for those who love to try different cooking techniques.  It does take a while to fully understand how to operate this smoker, even though it is analog temperature control but learning to work it certainly is worth the extra effort because you can do so much more.  You can smoke cook quite a lot in this smoker thanks to its 350 square inch capacity and it even has a 5.5 quart water pan to keep your meats juicy.


  • 4-in-1 smoker
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Can operate on charcoal
  • Side wood chip loading system
  • Perfect for small families
  • Quite mobile
  • 5.5 quart water pan


  • Can be challenging to learn
  • Can be difficult to add foods or monitor foods during smoking
  • Can be small for large families

The Southern Country 2 in 1 Electric Water Smoker – Top Multifunctional Smoker

Are you someone who prefers to switch things up and try new things every time you prepare foods?  Then this little smoker might be the best pick for you.  It has a double functionality since you can either add wood chips for traditional smoking or water for steam smoking to the smoker.  Alternatively, you can even add water to the smoker for a very soft, moist and smoky result.   The smoker is relatively large with 351 sq.inch of cooking space and has a chimney-like design with loose fittings.  This 1500 watt smoker has an interlocking base and body and consists of two grids that can be set at different levels and enables you to smoke up to 50 pounds of meats.    The lightweight and side fitted handlebars of this little smoker also make this an ideal device for transportation.  You can easily take this smoker along on any holiday so you can prep delicious smoked foods wherever you please. 


  • 2 in 1 Wood chip and water smoker
  • Side fitted wood chip loading system
  • Large 5.5 quart water pan
  • Easy and simple to use


  • Analog temperature control is easy to use but doesn’t offer much flexibility for precision smoking
  • No side wood chip loading system
  • Could be too small for large families
  • Horizontals stacked grid could make it challenging to check your foods

Final Verdict

There is a smoker out there for everyone but we do recommend investing in one of these smokers.  They are, after all, the best of the best and we have something for everyone from the biggest smokers to those tiny ones that are so easy to move around, from simple to smart.  There is something here for you whether you are looking for the fanciest and easiest to use a smoker or simply need something tough, sturdy and simple for outdoor smoke cooking sessions.

The small family – For small families, we recommend the 26” Smoke Hollow 26142E – one of the smaller smokers on our list – or the Masterbuilt MB20073716 Portable Electric Smoker.

The average family – For average sized families we recommend the 30” Masterbuilt 20071117 – our top smoker on the list – or the 30” Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D or the 30” Masterbuilt Adventure Series MES 35B.

The large family – Bigger families should definitely consider the 40” Masterbuilt 20070311 or 39” Brandley Smoker BTDS76P especially since smoking foods do tend to take quite a while.

The digital family – Digital freaks will love the 39” Brandley Smoker BTDS76P or our other digital smokers such as the 30” Masterbuilt 20071117.

Newbie smoked cookers – If you are new to smoked cooking and don’t understand the temperature settings, time frames and all of that other settings then we recommend an analog temperature control smoker.  These are the easiest to use.

The multipurpose family – Those that want to get the most out of their appliances can definitely consider the Southern Country 2 in 1 Electric Water Smoker that functions with both water and wood chips.

The traditional family – If you are someone who loves the traditional way of smoking with charcoal then the 30” Masterbuilt Adventure Series MES 35B Electric Smoker is the right pick for you.  This smoker can function with wood chips or charcoal. 

Any one of these smokers will definitely revolutionize your cooking experiences.  They are so easy to use, enable you to create restaurant quality foods from the comfort of your home and gives you the opportunity to save heaps of money on smoked meats.  With a smoker in your backyard, you can entertain and thrill guests at home or simply pursue a healthier lifestyle without having to sacrifice any of the taste in foods.