The Best Electric Wok – Consumer Reports for 2022

Are you looking to make restaurant-quality stir-fries from the comfort of your home? It is incredibly challenging to whip high-quality wok dishes without a powerful gas flame, ample kitchen space, and a culinary black belt. What if we told you there was a solution to your kitchen qualms?

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We like to think of these heated pans as the original multi cookers. While stir-fries are always delicious, electric woks can handle a diverse lineup of dishes. The best electric woks allow you to serve up your favorite curries, stir-fries, deep-fried favorites, and more. We tested and reviewed 10 consumer favorites. Now, let’s wok and roll!

NuWave Mosaic Precision Induction Wok - Best Overall

Rounding off our list is the NuWave Mosaic Precision Induction Wok. This versatile kitchen appliance cooks food at a rate that is approximately five times faster than most conventional ovens. It uses induction technology to produce heat without any open flames or hot coals. The lightweight yet durable carbon steel bowl serves as a consistently hot cooking surface. Since the heat tends to concentrate at the base, we strongly advise that you shift the inner vessel around as you cook.

The wok sits on top of a stable base with a heat-resistant exterior and non-slip footing. It boasts a sleek LED display screen with adjustable time and temperature dials. You can easily store up to 10 of your favorite settings as one-touch presets. The control panel is brightly lit and easy to navigate.

The Mosaic’s 4-quart capacity makes it an excellent pick for family dinners and other communal meals. It allows you to whip up everything from traditional stir-fries to vegetable tempura faster than you ever could on a conventional pan. According to the manufacturer, you can use this appliance to sear, sauté, steam, and slow cook.

We love that NuWaves gives users the option to cook at varying wattages. The preset power settings include 600, 900, or 1,500 watts. While the wok is powerful enough to produce restaurant-quality dishes, it can still share an outlet with another electrical appliance.

The NuWave wok comes with a lid that helps prevent food splatter. The cover’s outstretched handle makes it easier for you to transfer your piping hot dishes to a table or buffet. After cooking, you need to clean the liner with a clean rag or paper towel. No scrubbing, soaking, or rinsing is required! The liner releases food quite well. So, you shouldn’t have to cope with any stubborn food residue.


  • Durable, lightweight carbon steel wok
  • Induction base produces ample heat without flames or coals
  • The Wok heats up quickly.
  • Heat is spread evenly over the surface of the wok.
  • The base remains cool. Plus, it’s super stable.
  • Time and temperature dials make it easy for you to hone in the perfect cooking settings
  • Save up to 10 of your favorite cooking settings for rapid control
  • Easy to read LED display screen tells you the temperature of the pan and the remaining cooking time

  • Since it boasts an induction heating element, you need to shift the wok in order to heat the sides evenly.

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok - Best Budget Pick

It’s a little-known secret that Aroma Housewares makes some of the most affordable and hardworking kitchen appliances. Their little electric wok will empower you to dish up your favorite stir-fried vegetables, hearty soups, and sautéd meats. This cooker has a broad, convex shape. The design helps heat to circulate faster and more efficiently. The cast iron cooker’s nonstick coating makes for stress-free cooking, serving, and cleaning. The bowl holds up to 7 quarts of food. In fact, it is the perfect unit for cooks that frequently find themselves hosting large gatherings. This impressive little countertop cooker is made to handle high temperatures and constant use.

With a full range of temperature settings at your beckoning, you’ll have to start expanding your dinner menu. We used the wok to churn out a number of traditional Asian dishes, including steamed dumplings, braised short ribs, Thai curry, and vegetable tempura. The final products were as delicious as they were diverse. You can use this appliance to pull off all sorts of dynamic cooking techniques.

Unfortunately, you cannot soak the unit. The manufacturer recommends that users wipe the liner down after each use. Since the cooker comes with a cast iron lid, you shouldn’t have to cope with too much food splatter. Unfortunately, the opaque cover doesn’t allow you to check on the progress of your dish.

Fortunately, the wok’s nonstick coating releases food without hesitation. As such, you won’t get stuck doing too much scrubbing.


  • Durable cast iron vessel with a nonstick liner
  • Comes with dome-shaped cast iron lid for reduced food splatter
  • Even, rapid, and consistent heat
  • Cool-touch base and handles make this a super safe appliance
  • With a 7-quart capacity, this wok is ready for big functions.
  • Low-high temperature control knob enables you to dial in your preferred setting
  • Inverted dome helps heat spread rapidly and evenly

  • Since the lid is solid cast iron, you cannot see your food as it is cooking.
  • The wok is not immersible, so cleanup can get complicated.

Presto 5900 1500-Watt Stainless-Steel Electric Wok - Best Stainless Steel Option

Next up, we have a 1,500-watt stainless steel wok by Presto. The cooker’s 1,500-watt heating element sends heat waves through an aluminum-clad base for faster, more efficient cooking. You can remove the wok’s heat control unit before tossing it in the sink or dishwasher.

We love that Presto includes an authentic long-handled wooden spatula with their wok. The spatula has a smoothed edge that naturally conforms to the curved contours of this wok’s interior. You also get a tempered glass lid with your purchase. This enables you to look as you cook. That means less food splatter and lost heat.

It’s almost impossible to cook on stainless steel without oil. Food clings to the heated metal. Fortunately, this cooker’s durable metal surface can handle heavy scouring. Cleanup is a bit of a hassle. However, you can expect this all-clad unit to outlive the nonstick alternatives. Plus, you never have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals leaching into your foods.


  • Comes with a tempered glass lid with a steam release hole, stainless steel rim, and stainless steel handle
  • The stainless steel bowl releases food for easier cleanup
  • Lid and wok are fully immersible and dishwasher-safe
  • Measures 17-by-14-by-10 inches
  • The 1,500-watt heating element sends heat to every nook and cranny along the outer edge of the wok’s aluminum-clad base.
  • Comes with a long-handled wooden spatula that naturally conforms to the angles of the wok

  • You need to grease the walls of the pan to prevent food from sticking.
  • The bottom gets hot.

VonShef 7.4-Quart Electric Wok with Lid - Best Design

VonShef’s countertop wok is a well-rounded kitchen appliance. The cooker has a large capacity, a cool-to-the-touch exterior, and an easy-to-clean interior lining. It’s roughly 14 inches in diameter. It’s big enough to hold 7.4 quarts of food. You can use this wok to dish up all your favorite Asian-inspired entrees.

The wok has four fine-tuned heat settings, including warm (176 degrees), low (302 degrees), medium (374 degrees), and high (446 degrees). The bowl and lid feature cool-to-the-touch silicone handles. At 5.5 pounds, this appliance is heavy enough that it won’t slip and slide under the pressure of your spatula. A collection of cool-touch feet keep the bottom of the wok suspended over your kitchen counter.

Health fanatics love that the nonstick surface enables them to cook with little to no oil. Since the base unit detaches from the power cord, you can easily set it on the table for serving. The tempered glass lid enables you to keep your food warm and eliminate food splatter.

Unlike some of the other woks we tested, the VonShef held its set temperature even after large amounts of ingredients were added. It’s worth noting that this cooker has a flat bottom. As a result, it may be a bit of a disappointment to individuals who are looking for an authentic Asian-style pan. Of course, the flat foundation doesn’t stop it from churning out restaurant-quality stir-fried dishes. We simply recommend that you shift your food around to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.


  • 7.4-quart capacity is perfect for families and group gatherings
  • Cool-touch handles make for safer food transfers
  • Easy-to-clean nonstick surface
  • Removable heating element with a wide variety of preset temperature settings
  • Measures 14-by-14.8-by-8.7 inches (Slightly oblong)

  • Technically speaking, this flat-bottomed cooker isn’t an authentic wok.

Jidi Electric Wok - Best for Apartment Dwellers

Brighten up a small kitchen with this colorful electric cooker. It boasts a durable stone coating, a tempered glass lid, and a reliable nonstick coating. The lid’s long, rotatable handle will help you preserve the nerve ending in your fingertips. Plus, with one press of a button, you can turn this little wok into a makeshift pressure cooker.

The wok’s nonstick coating gives chefs the option to omit oil from most recipes. However, you can only use silicone-coated and wooden spatulas. Metal utensils wreak havoc on the wok’s soft lining. Fortunately, this wok comes with a wooden spatula, two spoons, and a cotton cloth. These complimentary accessories will help you keep the cooker in good repair.

The wok has three preset heat settings, including “small fire,” medium fire,” and “big fire.”


  • Tempered glass lid with removable, rotating handle
  • One-touch vacuum seal for faster, more efficient cooking
  • High quality Maifan stone coating, does not contain harmful chemicals
  • Comes with complimentary wooden spatula, two spoons, and a cotton cloth
  • Gorgeous cobalt blue or jet black

  • The cooker’s flat bottom makes it somewhat inauthentic.
  • Metal utensils will damage the wok’s soft nonstick liner

Aroma Housewares Professional AEW-306 Electric Wok with Tempered Glass Lid - Best Budget Pick

The Aroma Housewares Professional AEW-306 Electric Wok is yet another affordable, reliable appliance with a traditional Chinese design. The vessel’s 5-quart capacity makes it an excellent option for people that live alone or with just a few roommates. The cooking set includes a tempered glass lid that has a heat-resistant handle and an adjustable steam vent. In addition to this, consumers receive a stainless steel steaming racks and a pair of extra-long chopsticks with their purchase. The wok has an all-black exterior and a small countertop footprint. Its compact design makes it an excellent pick for individuals with limited kitchen space.

The entire unit can be disconnected from the temperature probe for easier dishwasher-based cleaning. The cooker’s convex bottom allows for even and thorough heat circulation. You can use the onboard temperature dial to switch between a variety of incremental power settings.


  • A wide temperature enables you to cook a wider variety of dishes
  • Inverted dome for faster, more even heating along the bottom and sides
  • 5-quart capacity makes this a great option for single people and couples
  • Perfect for stir-drying, steaming, braising, and more
  • Removable temperature probe for easy dishwasher-based cleaning

  • The temperature markings are unspecific, just lines on a dial. This makes it incredibly difficult for users to follow recipes.

Diaod Electric Wok

The Diaod Wok is yet another incredibly versatile electric cooking device. Its heat settings range from 194 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The pot is constructed of aluminum alloy sheets that have been carefully stacked between reinforcing minerals. The minerals mix consists of coveted Maifan stone. This material gives the vessel a naturally stick-resistant surface as well as a stunning textured aesthetic. Like many of the woks on our list, the Diaod comes with a tempered glass lid. With that said, we are particularly fond of this unit’s L-shaped grip.

The wok boasts a double annular heating unit that generates even, widespread, and consistent heat. The sides and bottom heat rapidly. However, the exterior stays cool regardless of the internal temp. Slip-resistant feet keep the bottom of the wok from slipping off the counter. You can easily disconnect the base unit from the temperature probe.


  • Double annular heating tube with large heating area
  • Covers a wide range of temperatures
  • Since the heating element is completely sealed, you can run the disconnected unit directly under the faucet.
  • Made from naturally occuraing volcanic stone (maifan)
  • Intelligent temperature control system
  • Tempered glass lid with ergonomic handle

West Bend Electric Wok – Most Traditional Electric Wok

The West Bend Electric Wok has been around for a long time. You might even recognize this appliance’s notorious black and red design. The 6-quart cooker is the perfect vessel for one-pot meals. It has a reliably non-stick surface, a removable steaming rack, and a solid stainless steel lid.

West Bend’s woks are pretty hard to come by. Nevertheless, even the vintage and used ones seem to hold their value. Many customers claim to have been using the same West Bend woks for years. The construction of these countertop cookers has been on-point for years.


  • Classic domed lid with a heat-resistant handle
  • Some people may consider these the original electric woks.
  • Fast, even heat
  • Nonstick lining
  • Removable steaming/frying rack
  • The heat probe can be separated from the base unit.

  • Since the lid is not transparent, you cannot check on your food without releasing steam and heat.

Breville Hot Wok Pro - Best Upgrade Option

Many home chefs think of Breville appliances as the Cadillacs of the kitchen. Indeed, this company seems to produce extra big, extra durable culinary tools. The Hot Wok Pro is easily the most expensive offering on our list. If you’ve got a large budget and you cook a lot of Asian food, you’ll never regret your purchase.

The Breville Pro has an 8-quart capacity and 15 dynamic power settings. The unit maxes out at approximately 425 degrees. The brushed stainless steel vessel is easily detached from its heating probe. Once the electrical parts are removed, the main unit can be placed in the dishwasher.

The wok has a PFQU-free aluminum lining. It maxes out at 1,800 watts, which makes it one the most powerful picks on our list. We were happy to see that it also comes with a tempered glass lid. Customers agree that it heats fast and cooks evenly.


  • Brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Die-cast bowl with stick-resistant QuanTanium lining
  • 8-quart capacity, 14-inch diameter
  • Removable temperature control probe that heats up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit in 15-degree increments
  • Bowl and lid are removable and dishwasher-safe
  • 1,500-watt butterfly heating element that offers side-to-side precision heating (no hot spots)
  • Transparent glass lid lets you take a look while you cook

  • Takes up a lot of counter and cabinet space

Meyer 14-Inch Electric Wok - Best for Steaming

Rounding out our review section is this 14-inch wide wok by Meyer. The stainless steel contraption boasts a heat-resistant phenolic base, temperature dial, and handles. It comes with a detachable steaming rack and a high domed lid. We love that the entire skillet can be immersed in water. Just be sure to detach the heating probe before you pop the wok into your sink or dishwasher.

Like most stainless steel skillets, the Meyer Wok needs to be coated in some sort of oil. Food likes to cling to the sticky surface of this hot metal. The wok pumps out 1,100 watts of power. The rotary dial enables users to adjust the temperature. The heat settings range from simmer to high ( it mazes out at approximately 415 degrees). Its large capacity makes it an excellent pick for families and party hosts.


  • Stainless steel walls offer even, consistent heat
  • You can easily detach the temperature probe.
  • The wok and lid can be immersed in water.
  • A deep, rounded cooking surface that’s perfect for Asian-inspired dishes
  • Phenolic base, dial, and handles for safer cooking sessions

  • The lid is not transparent.

How to Select an Electric Wok

A good electric wok will elevate your fried, sauteed, seared, and even steamed dishes. Here are the criteria we used to hone in on the top 10 electric woks of 2022.

Heat Settings
Traditional wok-base cooking techniques call for lots of heat. So, we recommend you opt for an electric wok that can heat up to at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you also have the option to dial in different settings, such as warm, simmer, boil, and char. There are plenty of dishes that call for temperature adjustments.

Electric woks can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic, or aluminum. Each of these materials conducts heat differently. Each material requires slightly different treatments and maintenance. Some woks boast nonstick coatings. Meanwhile, others need to be coated in a bit of oil. Just make sure that the materials that come in contact with your food are safe and durable.

While electric woks often come with domed lids, these features are not universal. Keep in mind that a lid will help you cut down on unnecessary splatter. Many cooking methods, including steaming and blanching, require a lid. Lids trap heat and moisture. In doing so, they can save you time and energy. Many chefs prefer to use tempered glass lids. A transparent cover allows you to peak at your food without letting out heat and steam.

The only downside of lidded woks is that they are inevitably bulkier. Not all people have the cabinet or cupboard space to accommodate such bulky appliances.

Don’t forget to take a wok’s capacity and size into consideration. Your ideal cooker is going to coordinate with your lifestyle. Are you usually cooking for one, two, or 20? Consider how much storage and cabinet space you have to spare. Electric woks can be quite bulky. You’re going to want to stash your cooker away on days when it is not needed.

Ask yourself how much effort you’re willing to go through to enjoy a decent homemade stir-fry? Many woks can be disconnected from their temperature proves for easier cleaning. Fully immersible, dishwasher-safe cookers are the preferred option of low-maintenance, time-restricted cooks. Of course, there are plenty of decent woks that require a bit more hands-on maintenance. The key is to choose an appliance that is going to disrupt your post-dinner plans too much. When this is the case, you’re far more likely to use your new culinary toy.

Wrapping Up

After testing, researching, and ranking this year’s best electric woks, we think it’s safe to say that the NuWave Mosaic Precision Induction Wok reigns above the rest in more categories than one. This countertop cooker is sure to improve your home stir-fry game. It has a traditional shape, ample temperature settings, and quick-to-release nonstick lining. Coming in at a close second is the slightly smaller Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok. This little wok gets super hot. Plus, the main unit is fully immersible. We wouldn’t have chosen it as the best electric wok of 2022 unless we were confident that it could become the backbone of countless meals.

What are your favorite wok-style dishes? Let us know in the comment section below.