Top 7 Best Exhaust Fans for Kitchen in 2022 – Consumer Reports

With the heat that is arriving with the inevitable summers, it is quite a feat for most people to make food for themselves. It’s even more difficult when the kitchen is not ventilated because the exhaust fan is either not working or is not present. More often than not, the best exhaust fan for kitchen manages to not only ventilate the room but also manages to dissipate the odor of food which may make some people nauseous.

Top 7 Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen in 2022

Broan-NuTone 508Through-Wall Exhaust Fan – Best Overall

The name may be too much for you to pronounce, we know it is for a lot of people, the one thing that you can focus on is the reason why it is considered the best. The simple reason it is considered the best exhaust fan is because it eliminated odours that may be stagnant in your kitchen and also helps keep your kitchen without the food fumes. Fumes can tend to make you nauseous and that’s not the best when making food. 

The grilles on the exhaust fan are paintable and easy to exchange thus you can ensure that it looks on point with your kitchen décor. The through-the wall exhaust fan helps in ventilating enough air throughout the kitchen making it the perfect choice for anyone. Another feature that manages to make this the best choice is that it is a noiseless exhaust fan which adds points in its favor.


  • The installation process is easy and doable by anyone
  • The fan is extremely versatile in its ways with which it can clear of any odor from the kitchen
  • It gives a noiseless performance that is appeasing to those in the kitchen
  • The grilles in the exhaust fan are easy paintable and can be adjusted to the owner’s preference


  • The duct that comes with the exhaust fan is not that strong and can easily break

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 Whisper Ceiling Ventilation Fan

The one exhaust fan that has managed to stay in the top three is the Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan. It has qualities that will make you want to choose this purely because of its price range and because of its qualities. 

The Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan is built from stainless steel which means that it is resistant to any weather and any conditions. 

The condenser that is available in the exhaust fan is tapered shut carefully so there is no damage possible. Along with that there are dolphin shaped fans that help increase the air quality and ensure that there is less noise.

Overall, this product is preferred by most of the clients and has one of the best reviews. Try it, you may be amazed.


  • The ventilation system is powered through high 290 CFM
  • The product you get is the exact quality that you should get for the money you are spending
  • The performance is based purely on high ventilation and quite movement
  • The fan uses less electricity and energy to produce more air thus helping in stopping the fan from overheating


  • Though the overall installation process is easy and not that difficult, due to lack of mounting hardware it can be classified as a difficult product

Iliving ILG8SF14V-T Exhaust Fan

If you live in a house that is big and that guarantees a big kitchen then this is the right product for you. The Iliving ILG8SF14V-T Exhaust Fan is that is built for industrial use like a restaurant or a warehouse but can also be used for places like a home kitchen. The exhaust runs on 850 CFM and has blades that are made from aluminium that ensure that the exhaust works perfectly and efficiently. 

One efficient thing about this product, and one of the reasons why it is so well loved by a lot of people is that the shutter closes once you power off the exhaust fan and opens right back up once you power it on.

By doing so, the house is protected from a back draft that could be felt in other exhaust fans. The in-built thermostat helps keep the temperature cool and regulates the temperature of the room accordingly.


  • The speed function that is available in this exhaust fan helps and adds convenience to the user
  • The motor is lubricated and well-oiled so that the performance is up to par with the expectation
  • The installation process is easy and simple


  • Though the overall product is perfect but the gap in between the fins is two big and thus insects and bugs can become an issue

Hauslane – Chef Series PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

If you happen to be one of those people who live in a world where everything they cook in the kitchen is a part of their made-up show? Well, this product is the perfect addition to that alternate reality show.

The Hauslane – Chef Series PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood looks every bit as a chef’s fan as anything ever could. Its sleek and well made to adjust with the entire stove.

It is made from stainless steel and is resistant to weather changes and manages to trap any grease that may get trapped in the blades. 

The fans and the bladed are made from durable material that manages to be resistant to any chemical or physical damage so rest assured all those who wish to experiment when working in the kitchen. 

The appearance of this product is what is most appealing to a lot of the customers. With its push buttons directly on the top and easily manageable, it is overall a great product.


  • The look and the aesthetics of the exhaust fan is modern and chic
  • The touch controls that you will see on the top make it easy to handle and they look good too
  • The filters inside called the baffler filters can be taken out and easily washed in the sink or the dishwasher


  • The only cons that seem to be developing is the fact that the ducting of this exhaust fan may not be good. It would require roper ducting

SAILFLO 470 CFM Exhaust Shutter Fan

Now, this is the kind of exhaust fan that you will find anywhere and everywhere. It is easy to get, easy to install and gives a performance that is good enough to be valued in the top 10 list.

The SAILFLO 470 CFM Exhaust Shutter Fan looks like any other normal exhaust fan that you can place in your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Not only does it manage to help get rid of suffocating fumes and cooking odours it also manages to ventilate the air and bring in cool air from the outside. By doing so, it helps control the temperature of the room. 

The exhaust has three different levels on which it can run. The first is when you pull the draw string and the exhaust helps get rid of any of the fumes inside the room and throw it outside.

The second level is when you pull the draw string again the cool air from the outside is let into the rooms. The third is when you pull on the draw string and the exhaust fan closes by shutting down the shutters.


  • The motor present in this simple yet effective product is long-lasting
  • It is easy to install and is a one-man job
  • It is affordable and can be used in any place and in any situation


  • The material used in the construction of the exhaust may not be the most durable. Due to this there is a high possibility of the hardware getting damaged easily

iPower 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan

The iPower 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is the perfect fan for you if you want a kitchen exhaust fan that will not only help get rid of smells but also cool the kitchen. The automatic shutters are perfectly present to ensure that the kitchen cools instantly and that you are provided with a good temperature to work in. 

The aluminum blades and the shutters close and open in accordance to how the fan operates and thus ensure that you are provided with cool air at all times.

The product comes fully assembles so you do not need to put in any effort whatsoever. The blades and the shutters are corrosion-resistant along with being coated with a material that is heat resistant, this product is perfect for anyone who lives in hot places.


  • It is rust and corrosion resistant thus long-lasting
  • It is easy to install as all you need to look at is the wiring
  • The ventilation of the fan is quiet and simple


  • The frame, when mounting it on where ever you want to place it, is very sharp. Be careful when handling the product

Hon&Guan 6 Inch Home Ventilation Fan

Last, but definitely not the least in any shape or form is the Hon&Guan 6 Inch Home Ventilation Fan. It is the standard exhaust fan that you will be able to find in any hardware store.

Its iconic because it has been along for so long and still manages to be in the top when it comes to choosing and reviewing kitchen exhaust fans. 

The quiet working of the exhaust fan is something that you will learn to enjoy.

An added feature is its ability to reduce humidity from your home and manage to provide you with instant cool air that will make your cooking experience better.

The material with which the hardware is made is extremely durable and manages to run on low electricity thus saving your money in both performance and electricity.


  • The installation process is easy to understand and easier to perform
  • The material is waterproof and manages to keep itself dustproof too
  • The ventilation is extremely efficient and manages to do so without making any access noise
  • It saves up on energy and is cost-effective


  • The back-drafter is not designed in the best way possible and thus can cause a backdraft to occur
  • The hinges on the damper are small and not well designed

Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen in 2022 Buying Guide

Now, some of us aren’t gifted with the talent of cooking so we tend to make mistakes. Burning food and mixing different spices could be a disaster that could be avoided by two things. One, that we refrain from cooking, but then well starve and that’s not a good option. The second is to buy an exhaust fan that manages make our life easy and better. Let’s go for the latter option and see what we have instore for you.

When it comes to buying the best exhaust fan for kitchen, it is essential that you look into different aspects that make it worth your while. From price to the materials chosen in the product, everything is important and necessary to look at. The first and most important is the price range. It needs to be worth the price you are paying. The quality needs to match up and only then will the price be worth it. 

From the price there comes the material that is used in the product. The material matters the most because that is what actually defines to you how well the product works for you.

Some materials work well with different weathers and some ensure that there is no corrosion and rust. That is why along with price it is absolutely necessary that you know what the material used in the product is and how well does it work in your favour.

Once you look at these two features, it’ll help you decide what product you should go for. Every kitchen has a different need. A restaurant kitchen has a completely different need and requirement than a house kitchen. So, looking at these will help you decide. 

Why You Should Buy Broan-NuTone 508Through-Wall Exhaust Fan

Weather it is finding out the best exhaust fans for kitchens in 2022 or for any other year. This product has managed to stay on the top purely because its is perfect for the price it comes with and the quality is just as good. 

Final Words

From all that you have been provided today the one that manages to stand out is the Broan-NuTone 508Through-Wall Exhaust Fan. The reason for that is simple. This product has managed to encompass the essence of the topic. 

No matter how you look at this product, whether it’s from the perspective of the price or from the material. This product has managed to stay on the top.