Best Glass Spice Jars For Smart Kitchen

A well-organized kitchen counter is a most-wanted thing that a cook or chef searches for. Anybody feels amazed to cook when they get time if the kitchen utensils and ingredients stay easy to find and arrange.

When you keep all the seasoning, spices, and ingredients in a clean order in clear storing jars, your things are safe for a minimum of about six months or more. For that, you need such containers which can hold more things but seek less space to sit. These containers also should have proper criteria that help to find quickly what it is storing.

To get uniformity, safety, and proper order, some correct containers can be the best gift. So, check such top 10 best spice jars reviews below and have better spice storing solutions in your kitchen.

Check Before Buying Glass Spice Jars

You must want that your money is spent on the correct items. So, you have to check some features of spice jars before purchasing. Follow the instruction and find if they have all the required quality to be set on your kitchen and to meet the demand.

  • Color And Jar Design

To arrange your spices in order, the containers should be in order too. If you have plenty of spices, ingredients, and materials to store in your kitchen, you can purchase different colors for specific things. You can store the same types of spices in the same colored and designed jars. It will help you find a different category of ingredients.

Best Spice Jars Consumer Reports

To soothe your eye, you should arrange the same design jars side by side. Some colors can hide the colors of the spices. Be careful about it. You will find sets of the same design jars on the market. Plan how you arrange first, then purchase specific colored jars.

  • Material

It would be best if you considered the food value of your spices. So, you can avoid plastic-made jars. Plastic can produce some harmful gas that creates terrible odor and can affect the health value. Glass or metal made containers are better for long term storage of your spices. Glass jars or tin jars with labels help you find them fast.

Best Spice bottles and containers

  • Size And Shape

Before buying spice jars, you have to check your kitchen cabinets’ stock space, and your supplies should be enough as you need. You can look for small jars to store many items in small quantities and large ones for which item you have in a large amount.

  • Quality- A Significant Matter

Always give priority to the quality while purchasing something. Your products must be of high quality and durable enough. In the case of food and food storing things, the quality is a must.

Spice jars must be of the right quality so that they cannot contaminate spices or seasonings. The durability is much essential as we do not find time to go for purchasing such elements frequently.

Best Spice Jars

  • No Dark Tints Or Opaque Wall

The wall of a spice jar should be clean and clear to find what is inside easily. We mistakenly use the wrong spices or ingredients sometimes, and this destroys the dish. Sometimes, we take extra time to find the required spice. So, your spice jars should have a transparent glass wall with no tint.

Top 10 Best Spice Jars Reviews

The top 10 best spice jars reviews will help find the best solution to store your powdered spices safely. Check all of them and find your chosen containers to keep your kitchen well-organized.

1. Authentic Talented Magnetic Spice Tins Review

The authentic, talented kitchen has made superior solutions to store your spices right and keep them close to hand. These are 12 tin spice jars with strong magnets to keep them stuck to some flat metal surfaces. Most consumers like these jars for their magnet-holding feature because it helps arrange jars in design, minimizing your cabinets or drawers’ space consumption.

There are 2 kinds of labels to specify what it holds. The chalkboard spice labels and PVC labels, you can use as your needs. These labels have 96 common spice names, and you easily stick on which jar you need. Some blank labels provide to write your preferred spice names too. You will get the magnetic conversion chart that holds information.

These round-shaped spice jars secure your spices with high safety. You can store your spices for more than 6 months.


  • Spacious enough to store a high amount of spices
  • Tight covers keep spices air-tight and safe from bacteria intrusion
  • Powerful magnets stick hardly on the fridge
  • Labels are stiff, not a mere paper, and of standard size and shape


  • Proper cleaning is a little hard, and Water may leak after washing
  • Pour design and opening is wide that make pouring difficult
  • Washing and drying jars take a long time

2. Aozita Glass Spice Containers 24 Pieces Bottles Or Jars Review

Aozita offers a set of 24 pieces of glass-made spice bottles. These bottles or jars are space-saving squares shaped that fit in your drawers or cabinets perfectly. The size and shape of jars allow keeping plenty of spices by reducing gas gaps. This increases the safety and keeps spices pure for a long time.

The modern design and long-lasting glass body anoint your kitchen for a more extended period. There are some accessories too like metal caps, sieve, shaker, and pour lids. These accessories are also of high quality. Metal caps are well-matched with jars’ colors, and shaker lids mix some spice combinations, and sieves are the special ones to enter fresh spice.

These accessories make jars multi-functional. You also get some pre-printed labels, and those are waterproof. So, even cannot destroy those labels. Some blank labels are helpful too to mark your jars within your demand.


  • Premium quality for both jars and accessories
  • Modern design provides the chance to use as decoration in parties or at the living room
  • Square shape and standard size saves space and fits well in kitchen storages
  • Labels are waterproof and good quality material made


  • Inside vinegar smells may not be palpable
  • Not perfect for storing spices in large quantity

3. Kamota Glass Spice Jars- 30 Pack Of Jars Review

Kamota never compromises with quality. They offer strong, robust, and high-quality made spice jars. These are durable glass materials with a transparent look for easy see what inside.

There is a pack of 30 pieces. The great matter is they have air-tight lids on top to keep your things safe and fresh for a more extended period. So, your spices and seasonings will remain 100% BPA-free.

These jars are used for multipurpose like to store scrapbooks, herbs, cookies, etc. You will get 280 pieces of labels to keep and mark lot more types of spices, seasonings, flavoring materials, and other ingredients.


  • Standard modern design to decorate your counter
  • Such unique qualified materials with reasonable cost
  • Standard option to arrange in kitchen cabinets
  • Certified value of all products


  • Slim walls and a little high fragility
  • Labels are not in alphabetical order
  • Iron rusts or spots may produce within the time

4. Ultimate Hostess Glass Spice Jars- 14 Glass Spice Bottles Review

Ultimate hostess presents a definitive solution to organize your kitchen counter in a decorative mode. These spice jars are designed like that. The fancy and trendy design makes a fantastic look of your kitchen. You will also like to use these jars to decorate your party rooms to appear a new attraction.

There are some durable accessories too, with 14 glass-made jars. The shaker caps are strong enough for a long shake holding various types of ingredients. Yes, it offers to hold different types of seasonings, flavors, and cooking addition. Besides, these have a wide funnel for easy pour options.

There are 20 pieces of pre-printed labels with common spice names and 40 blank labels to customize. Among them, 20 blank labels are round-shaped, and the other 20 are oval-shaped. All these options help you well to arrange them nicely and keep variations in storing your necessaries. Consumers like these jars’ styles and functions.


  • No rusting for stainless lids
  • Solid and stiff glass made
  • Fittings of funnels are strong at the jar lip
  • Provide the chalk marker to write on labels correctly


  • Labels and markers are not waterproof
  • Over tightening, lids can pop off the threads
  • Openings are plastic made that are of low quality

5. Talented Kitchen Spice Jars- 14 Pieces Jars Review

The talented kitchen has made a complete set spice holder with four spice jars with some accessories. You can organize your spices in order, saving spaces because these jars are designed as such. There are seven broad shakers to shake well that ousted gases and mix spice combinations in one jar.

Some round chalkboard labels are easy to write and stick on jars. The premium quality of jars wall keeps spices fresh for a longer time. Various ingredients from spices, food colors, and herbs to dry fruits can be stored with no worry.

In the case of the shipping of these jars, the packaging provides the best security. Each of the jars is placed in a box, and boxes are kept with partitions. This setting prevents breakage. So, transferring these jars from one place to another, use the package.


  • The materials are waterproof.
  • Can perform the liquid and weight conversion
  • Strong quality of heavy vinyl element made


  • Not sufficient to store spices in a large amount
  • Dents can appear on caps
  • Caps are plastic made and make the design non-classy

6. Gneiss Magnetic Spice Jars Review

There many spices we need in small quantity but want them close to hand. These gneiss spice jars are perfectly matched for those. Though they are small empty jars, they hold more ingredients than they look. Organizing them in your kitchen will be space-saving because they are magnetic, and you can place them stuck on flat freeze surfaces. This allows to get them quickly on hand.

The fascinating modern design will permit you to arrange them to look adorable decorations in your kitchen. It will make your cooking enjoyable.

Freshness is the primary concern to store food items. These durable, strong glass jars ensure to keep up the purity of spices. These jars are a superior storage solution for an extended period for their excellent durability.


  • There is no plastic in these jars
  • Covers are air-tight to keep up the freshness
  • Long-lasting, strong glass material made
  • Look smaller but hold relatively larger spices


  • Expensive compare to the size
  • The top of the jars are not in standard shape and design

7. Simple Houseware 12 Square Spice Bottles Review

Simple houseware ensures the quality and durability of these spice jars. These jars are worthy for you to check. This set has 2 pieces of jars and 48 labels to stick. 20 labels are blank to customize as you are interested. Labels build-up easy access.

The most notable point is that these jars are easy to handle, simple to use, and easily washable. Such an easy handling option even allows children to use them. You can organize them in a nice setup that permits you to grab them at once.

The square shape is for saving space inside and outside. Freshness is guaranteed for every spice. After use, you can clean them in a minute at ease.


  • The colors of jars are appreciable by consumers
  • Enough amount of spices can fit well
  • Great for re-use
  • Square shape prevent rollover or tumble


  • Pouring holes are small
  • Cannot frequently clean for the rust making chances
  • Funnels openings are small too

8. Good Cooking Shaker Spice Jars- 12 Pieces Containers Review

Good Cooking built high-quality, long-lasting glass spice containers with enough space to hold the standard amount of spices. They provide 12 pieces in one set that makes a complete solution for storing your necessary ingredients. The shape and design can fit in your kitchenware easily.

Each jar has 6 pouring holes of different sizes to sift the required amount every time. For easy identification of spices, the rub jars design is perfect. There are also shakers to mix up or set up things correctly inside. Premium quality material chills the seasonings for a longer time. The nice-looking style of jars enhances your kitchen elegance.


  • Pouring holes are of 6 types
  • Durable and robust glass material made
  • Larger enough to hold as many spices as you want to store at a time


  • Caps are not enough air-tight
  • Rollover of jars can occur any time that may cause sudden spill out
  • Caps are not tight enough to hold long; they may pop off while tightening

9. Spiceluxe Spice Jars- 12 Pieces Containers Review

SpiceLuxe’s spice jars set is an accurate storage solution offering a modern look for your kitchen. The set has 12 square-shaped and standard-sized glass jars that easily adjustable in your kitchen spaces even if the space is small. You will get 72 premium quality labels that are customizable as your need.

There are 12 shakers that a unique solution with so many shaking options. To match the modern look and trendy- classical amaze, these jars are available in different astonishing colors. Lids are air-tight enough to keep spices BPA-free. So, you can be sure that your spices are in a safe place.


  • Enough storage spaces for spices and seasoning
  • No dents on lids and easy to snap
  • Screws of lids move easily
  • Glass material is robust and heavy enough to increase stiffness
  • Size prefers to sit on racks right


  • No option for a shake
  • No funnels
  • Smaller jar holes that increase uneasiness to pour

10. Royalhouse Plastic Spice Bottles Containers Review

The RoyalHouse made plastic spice jars that handy to use. You can store different ingredients from spices, seasonings to flavors, herbs, and dry powdered materials. The size and diameter range allow a spacious storing solution. There is an inner seal to secure your materials. The lids are air-tight and detachable that keep ingredients fresh for long, 100% BPA-free.

These 12 bottles are lighter in weight comparing to inner spaces. So, these are easily transferable to any location. For the secured lid, spices will be in a safe place. The tops are flip-able in 2 ways, and so, spices can be shaken when needed.


  • Comparing with price, bottles are of good quality
  • Size is perfect for storing spices and sitting on any racks
  • Hard to break or destroy
  • Perfectly fit for multipurpose use to store many types of things from spices to dry powdered things like glitters or designing materials.


  • Plastic made odor is the main issue that can harm food value a little
  • Not safe to clean with a dishwasher
  • Lids are not tightly fit that may snap off easily

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Spice Jars

consumers frequently query for some matters regarding spice containers. These queries are some most needed functions. So, let’s know about such matters.

Q: How to settle when lids are got stuck?

Ans: If you clean and wipe stuck lids and also inside edges, lids will move freely. You also should clean the external rim with the help of a wet cloth. Clean lids inside and outside regularly, then you will not have any stuck lids.

Q: How to be sure about the material quality?

Ans: There is guaranteed quality for materials given by some top-level brands. Check details about materials and other warranty and guarantee matters when purchasing spice jars.

Q: Do I need labels to arrange jars in order?

Ans: As you will get labels with jars set, why not use them wisely. There are premium quality labels. So, using them, you can arrange your spices in the right order by labeling them. You may not use them if you want to.

Q: Why buy spice containers?

Ans: The answer is to make a well-organized kitchen counter. If you have spice jars, you can store them in order. The high-quality materials of jars ensure the freshness of your spices. With labels, you can mark them too, which helps to find the specific ingredients instantly.

Q: How can I use spice jars for holding candles?

Ans: Glass-made spice jars are suitable for decorating candles in party or living rooms. There are some fancy designed jars in the market; those help in candle decoration more. But safety comes first. While using spices jars as a candle holder, the cap or any rubber-made gasket must not touch the flame. Ensure this safety measure.

Final Thought

As we love our home clean and decorated, the kitchen should also be organized correctly. But the possibility of a messy kitchen is obvious. So, we must have spacious storing places and an excellent plan to keep things in the right order.

We love to purchase our favorite flavors, seasonings, and ingredients to use while cooking to increase our meal’s taste. But if those are not kept in order, we cannot find them when needed or get the wrong ingredients to destroy our food taste. So, keeping spices correctly is a must. Spice jars or containers are the solutions to it.

There are many options in the market with great value and quality. Check the top quality best spice jars reviews and purchase the right one checking their features. Arrange your spices correctly on your counter and have fun while cooking.