Best Insulated Grocery Bag – Consumer Reports

If your frozen or cold groceries starts to thaw or your piping hot food starts getting cold on the way home you will be annoyed. Insulated grocery bag is here to save your day. These bags will keep your groceries the way they were so that you can always eat fresh.

Insulated bags reduce heat transfer and safely keep your items. When you are shopping for an insulated bag you need to find the one with all the features.

Best Insulated Grocery Bags 2022

There is a huge market of insulated grocery bags. This shortlist has all the best insulated grocery bags of 2022.

Image Product Features Price
Best Insulated Grocery Bag NZ Insulated Reusable Bag

Perfect for saving space

Safe, Secure, and Well-insulated bag

Easy to carry

Rachel Ray Jumbo Bag

Healthy and safe to use

The design is flexible

Provides extra-large capacity

Best Insulated Grocery Bag VENO Insulated Grocery Bag

Provides large capacity

Durable and foldable for easy transportation

Keeps your food hot or cold or at a safe temperature

CleverMade SnapBasket Thermo

Innovative snap-up and foldable design

It’s an ideal carrier for cold or frozen food

Weight limit up to 30lbs

Best Insulated Grocery Bag 2 Insulated Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag

Easily foldable bags

Easy to open and close

Maximum 25lbs

Creative Green Life

Folds flat for easy storage

Keeps the groceries cold

Strong and Durable

Best Insulated Grocery Bag Bodaon Insulated Grocery Bag


Perfect size

Easy to carry

VENO bag 2 Insulated Grocery Bag

Made with Eco-Friendly materials

Large capacity

Durable and heavy-weight material

Best Insulated Grocery Bag Hannah Direct Insulated Shopping Bag

The top has a zippered closure

Keeps the items secure

Keep your groceries cool or warm

HelloEco Reusable Bag

Easy to use

Designed for easy cleaning

You can use this as a lunch bag


NZ Insulated Reusable Bag– Best Overall

This insulated bag is a fabulous option as it is built with thick polypropylene material to keep the food at a safe temperature. The durable walls of this bag make it more stable while transporting.

This insulated bag is a fabulous option as it is built with a thick polypropylene material to keep the food in a safe temperature. The durable walls of this bag make it more stable while transporting.


  • This bag is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Safe, Secure, and Well-insulated bag.
  • Perfect for saving space as it is collapsible.


  • The zipper closure is fragile.

Rachel Ray Jumbo Bag – Best For Features

Here is a great insulated bag from Rachel Ray which is built with Triple-Tek foam insulation. This bag also has a reflective lining to keep the foods at a safe temperature. There is no mold and bacteria in this bag as the bag is treated with Sanafor. This bag comes in a tote-like shape. The zipper closure of this bag is durable. This bag has all the features you need but one drawback is the weight limit. According to users, this bag is not capable enough to hold more than 20lbs.

The handle of this bag is adjustable so that you can carry it vertically or horizontally. You can fold the bag to make storage in your car or home.


  • Provides extra-large capacity.
  • The design is flexible.
  • These bags are healthy and safe to use.


  • The weight limit of this bag is not so impressive.

VENO Insulated Grocery Bag – Best Eco-Friendly

VENO reusable insulated grocery bags are a steal in this market. The weight limit of this bag is 30lbs which is impressive for this size bag. You can easily clean these bags if it gets dirty. This bag comes with an aluminum-covered thermal insulation lining.  You can put unusually shaped items in this bag as this bag has a flexible fabric. This bag is made from 80% recycled lakes, landfills, and oceans. So using this bag will help the environment.


  • Provides large capacity.
  • Keeps your food hot or cold or at a safe temperature.
  • Durable and foldable for easy transportation.


  • This bag is not machine-washable.

CleverMade SnapBasket Thermo – Best Lightweight Pair

This is a great insulated bag with a long sturdy shoulder strap. This bag can carry up to 30lbs so that you can carry all your groceries at the same time. This bag has a rigid and supportive bottom. CleverMade is known for quality bags. This bag is one of them.

These insulated bags can be used as pop us basket to help carry groceries. The thermal insulation of the material keeps the groceries cold and casseroles warm.


  • Innovative snap-up and foldable design.
  • It’s an ideal carrier for cold or frozen food.
  • Weight limit up to 30lbs.


  • The quality of this material is not impressive.

Insulated Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag – Best Capacity

Here is a reusable insulated grocery bag with great zipper closure. This bag has an optimum capacity to carry wine bottles. This bag is very easy to open and close. You can use this bag as a cooler bag as it keeps the frozen food from stops melting. Another great feature of this bag is it can fold compactly into a flat shape. So it makes space for your car or home. This bag is also lightweight and portable so it’s easier for your travel time.

These amazing insulated bags are long-lasting. These reusable bags are ideal for family celebrations or picnics.


  • Easily foldable bags.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • The Maximum allowable weight is 25lbs.


  • Not the most budget-friendly bag.

Creative Green Life – Best Frozen Food Bay

This is a premium quality bag with reinforced bottom and handles. This bag also has an extremely sturdy zipper. A smooth sliding zippered lid and the insulated interior keeps your food safe.  You can use this bag as a cooler. The longer you keep your frozen food inside the longer the items will stay cold.

This bag is stable and the top and bottom structure provides support. The material of this bag is heavy-duty fabric.  This bag comes with an extra-large model if you want to accommodate family sized and odd-shaped items.


  • Strong and Durable heavy-duty fabric.
  • Keeps the groceries cold.
  • Folds flat for easy storage.


  • The handle of this bag is not so durable.

Bodaon Insulated Grocery Bag – Best Waterproof

If you want to protect your groceries from the rain or dust this bag is here to help you out. This bag keeps your food at a light temperature. The bag is well made and sturdy. The bag will also keep your food safe as these are leak-proof. Bodaon introduced this bag as a perfect size to accommodate all of your food items.

This great bag can be a go-to bag for your everyday groceries as they are lightweight and easy to carry. Bodaon insulated bags are made from 600d oxford cloth to make them stronger than non-woven.


  • Great at keeping food at a safe temperature.
  • Well-made and sturdy grocery bag.
  • Perfect size to accommodate your groceries.


  • The texture of the material is not so impressive.

VENO bag 2 Insulated Grocery Bag – Best For Accommodation

Introducing, a multi-purpose insulated grocery bag for you. This bag is ideal for frozen groceries. Veno has an environmental commitment. The fabric of this bag is made with 80% of post-consumer recycled material. So this brand is protecting our environment. Still, the material of this bag is sturdy and durable. The heavy-weight non-woven recycled fabric keeps your bag durable.

Also, this bag has a large capacity for your groceries. You can also use for food delivery purpose.


  • Made with Eco-Friendly materials.
  • Made from durable and heavy-weight material.
  • Flexible fabric accommodates odd-shaped items.


  • Quite expensive

HannahDirect Insulated Shopping Bag – Best Heavy-Duty

HannahDirect produces this great large bag to hold a lot of groceries. You can use this before a big shopping spree. This insulated bag has a top-class zipper closure. This closure helps to keep your items a little more secure. This bag also helps to control the temperature. You can use this bag to transporting frozen dishes. It is overall a great grocery bag for frozen items.


  • The top has a zippered closure.
  • Keeps the items secure.
  • Keep your groceries cool or warm.


  • The temperature of this bag does not work impressively in the summertime

HelloEco Reusable Bag – Best For Daily Use

HelloEco comes with a Velcro close. The material of this bag has a high-quality canvas exterior material. This bag also has a stylish look and design. This eco-friendly bag helps to protect nature. You can use this in a multipurpose way. The bag is easy to use and it is also great for a school lunch break.


  • Eco reusable material is used in this bag.
  • You can use this as a lunch bag.
  • Designed for easy cleaning.


  • Not the best for heavy-duty.

Insulated Grocery Bags Buying Guide

When you choose an insulated grocery bag you need to look over some features. These features will help you when you go grocery shopping. Let’s go through some features you need to know about.


A lightweight insulated bag will help you carry it around easily. Weight is an important factor. You can use a lightweight bag daily or even for travel purposes. If the bag is lightweight and allows you to keep enough groceries you need to go for that. Heavier bags are hard to carry with all groceries inside.

Zipper Closure

This is an important feature as this will keep the items inside safe and sound. This feature will protect your food from leaking. Zipper closure also protects the food from the heat outside so that your frozen food does not melt easily.


There should be a comfortable and sturdy strap. The Strap is the only thing that will help you keep your groceries close to you. Many insulated bags provide fragile straps. You need to beware of those straps.

Temperature Control

Your food inside the insulated bag should be cold or warm as they were. So the temperature control of a bag should be great. The condition of your food inside the bag depends on the temperature control.


The material of an ideal insulated grocery bag should be durable and sturdy. The material should keep the food items at a safe temperature. If you can buy an eco-friendly bag it will be better for you.

Final Thoughts

To keep your food fresh and for easy grocery shopping there is no other greater bag than an insulated grocery bag. These bags are reusable and eco-friendly. You are keeping your food safe as well as helping the environment.

With that being said, all the bags featured in this article are well researched and one of the best from the market. You can now get your favorite grocery bag and start shopping. Hope this article was helpful to you!

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