Top 5 Best Kitchen Hot Pads in 2022 – Consumer Reports

Do you have hot pads in your kitchen? In case you don’t, we would recommend making this worthwhile investment immediately. Once you purchase best kitchen hot pads, you will never have to worry about burning the counter or your tablecloths with hot pots.  

Whether you enjoy baking in the oven often or love to serve freshly cooked food on the table, these kitchen hot pads will surely make your cooking and serving experience much easier.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Hot Pads in 2022

DII Quilted Terry Oven Cotton Heat Resistant Top Rated Hot Pads and Pot Holders – Best Overall

There are many reasons why this hot pad ranks highest on our list, but the most important one is that this beautiful, quilted terry hot pad is adaptable for every kitchen space. If you previously thought that hot pads do not fit your kitchen aesthetic, this versatile product is here to change your whole perspective.

The DII kitchen hot pads are made with durable cotton – meaning you never have to worry about your hot pads becoming worn out after use again. With this incredible deal on Amazon, you can get the hot pad and the oven mitts together which is definitely an essential for every kitchen. Both the products have an impressive, padded texture that further contributes towards the heat resistance. 

Since the hot pads are multifunctional, you can easily use them to transfer pots and pans from the oven to the counter or to your dining table. With heat resistance of up to 400 degrees F, you never have to worry about scalding your hands with hot pans again. The hot pads come in a 7×7 inch square shape which is ideal to place on any kitchen counter. 


  • Machine washable, easy to clean
  • Hanging loop on the edge for easy storage
  • Available in 27 colors


  • Standard 7×7 inch style available only
  • Can only be purchased in sets of 3

Lifaith Cotton Heat Resistant Basic Terry Hot Pads and Pot Holders for Cooking - Runner Up

If you are looking for kitchen hot pads that shall never be lost in your pile of kitchen accessories, then these Lifaith cotton hot pads are the perfect choice for you. These versatile kitchen hot pads come with small hanging loops on the edge, allowing you to hang them on any cabinet handle or rack in the kitchen. 

The material of the Lifaith cotton hot pads is exceptionally durable terry cotton.

While the hot pads are heat resistant, they are also very easy to clean since they can be machine washed.

This set of Lifaith cotton hot pads from Amazon offers 5 kitchen hot pads that are 7×7 inches in size, which is a standard for most kitchen hot pads. 

Each side of the Lifaith cotton hot pads has silver-lining that further contributes towards heat resistance. If you use these kitchen hot pads to transfer pots and pans from the oven, you need not worry about scalding because the padded coating on the top allows for an extra layer of safety for your hands.

Another great part about the Lifaith cotton hot pads is that the quilted design makes them flexible and versatile. Even if you tend to be a little clumsy in the kitchen, you will never drop a pan again with these hot pads.


  • Ideal user comfort with a padded, quilted texture
  • Can be placed anywhere in the kitchen with the hanging loops
  • Multipurpose since these cotton hot pads can be used for tabletops and to transfer hot pans


  • Outer material is cotton which may be difficult to clean with tough stains
  • Comes in one standard size of 7.2 x 1.9 x 7.5 inches only

Rorecay Oven Mitts Hot Pads and Pot Holders Sets with Mini Oven Gloves for Kitchen

If you are more of a baker than a cooking expert, then we recommend opting for these Rorecay kitchen hot pads. Offering heat resistance of up to 450 degrees F, these Rorecay kitchen hot pads are an essential for every kitchen with a devoted baker. With this deal on Amazon, you can get six of these Rorecay kitchen hot pads in a great deal.

Unlike the other two kitchen hot pads that we mentioned, the Rorecay kitchen hot pads are made with food-grade silicon material. This means that the hot pads are safe to use with food and will also offer an incredible heat resistance and versatility in your kitchen. 

As far has tough stains are concerned, then these silicon Rorecay kitchen hot pads can easily be washed and scrubbed without damaging the material.

Since these hot pads are made of silicon, you would never have to worry about dropping some stew or cake batter on the hot pads either.


  • Attractive design which can suit any kitchen counter
  • Has the highest heat resistance properties
  • Silicon is easier to clean than cotton hot pads
  • Careful designing allows for a firmer grip on pots and pans with this hot pad


  • Silicon kitchen hot pads will have to be washed by hand
  • Can only be purchased in a set with the oven mitts and pot holders

Ritz Royale Collection Dual-Function Hot Pads and Pot Holders Terry Mitz Cotton

Ritz Royale is known to make some of the best kitchen accessories in the market. If you are on the search for durable kitchen hot pads, then look no further than the Ritz Royale dual-function hot pads.

Made with highly resistant terry cotton, these kitchen hot pads are likely to last you years before you would need a replacement. The best part about the Ritz Royale dual-function hot pads is that they are slightly heavier than most hot pads, making them ideal for optimum heat resistance.

Another great function of the Ritz Royale dual-function hot pads are the pockets that can allow you to transfer hot pans without worrying about scalding. The pockets are lined with cotton and offer incredible heat resistance. 

The versatility of the Ritz Royale dual-function hot pads set means that you can enjoy multiple functions of the product by using them as potholders, oven mitts, and actual hot pads.

Since the Ritz Royale dual-function hot pads are designed in a unique and modern way, these hot pads would look like a beautiful accessory sampling sitting on your countertop.


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Machine washable with cold water to remove tough stains
  • Freedom to purchase the whole set of the Ritz Royale Collection to follow a specific theme in your kitchen


  • Only comes in sets of 4
  • Cotton filling that may degrade over time after heavy usage

Aibrisk Multipurpose Silicone Trivets Mats HotPad and Pot Holders

If you are looking for something more vibrant for your kitchen space, then all you need are these Aibrisk silicone hot pads in multiple colors. Manufactured in the standard 7×7 inch square size, these hot pads offer impressive heat resistance that allows you to pick up any hot pots and pans without worry. Despite being made of silicon material, the Aibrisk hot pads are still slightly padded to provide added comfort and ease for the user. 

The best part about using Aibrisk silicone hot pads is that they are odorless and incredibly safe to use. Aibrisk uses food-grade silicon meaning that your food is safe from chemical exposure when you use these hot pads as trivets or potholders.

Having silicone hot pads means that you do not need to worry about your hot pans slipping or sliding anywhere either. These Aibrisk silicone hot pads will have a firm grip on your countertop and will keep all your pots and pans carefully in place. 

The Aibrisk silicone hot pads can also be used for other purposes, such as to open jars or as tablemats. Since this set comes in an impressive range of colors, feel free to experiment around your kitchen with this fun accessory.


  • Available in a wide variety of colors. You can choose from a colorful set of 6, or single-colored sets of 4 hot pads
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher or manually with water and soap
  • Comes with inbuilt hanging loops that allow for easy storage


  • Only available in sets of 4 or 6
  • Slightly difficult to wash off tough stains since the hot pads are made with silicon material

Best Kitchen Hot Pads Buying Guide

While we have given you our top 5 picks of the best kitchen hot pads in 2022, you might need a little more guidance in how to choose the best one for yourself. Remember that any kitchen hot pad you use must compliment your pots and pans and suit the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen since they would be used almost everywhere. 

Here are a few other features you should consider when choosing the right hot pads for your kitchen: 

1. Heat Resistance

One of the basic thing that differs amongst various kitchen hot pads is the level of heat resistance. Typically, silicone hot pads tend to offer higher heat resistance than terry cotton ones.

However, this rule does not always prove to be true since some companies have developed incredible kitchen hot pads with padded terry cotton that offers up to 450-degree Fahrenheit of heat resistance. Depending upon how hot your pots and pans usually are, it is important to consider the heat resistance levels of your kitchen hot pads before making a final purchase. 

2. Material

Everybody has a certain preference when it comes to materials. While some people prefer having kitchen accessories made of silicon, others prefer keeping it simple with some terry cotton. Regardless of the material you choose, it is important to consider the quality of construction of the kitchen hot pads.

Remember that your hot pads will be put under rough conditions and will likely be used on an everyday basis. It is important to choose kitchen hot pads that will last you a long time instead of worrying about getting new ones every month. 

3. Ease of Usage

Since you are likely to use your new kitchen hot pads every day, it is important to purchase the ones that are easiest to use. Consider getting the kitchen hot pads that feel most comfortable in your hands.

Remember to check the sizing and the design of the hot pads too, since this plays a major role in how you could use the product in your kitchen. 

4. Maintenance

You will have to clean your kitchen hot pads regularly. This means that it is immensely important to choose kitchen hot pads that are easy to clean since they will be exposed to tough stains over time.

Depending upon the material, most kitchen hot pads can either be washed in a dishwasher or in the washing machine. Remember that some kitchen hot pads are waterproof and are easier to clean. 

Why You Should Buy the Best Kitchen Hot Pads

If you haven’t realized by now, every kitchen needs hot pads since it is an essential accessory. These heat resistant protectors can be used to transfer hot pots and pans from the oven to the kitchen counter or directly to your dining table. Since they serve as a barrier between the surface of the counter or table and the hot pan, heat damage is minimized.

However, apart from having heat resistant properties, you should also purchase kitchen hot pads because they are multifunctional and decorative.

With a range of colors and designs available in the market, you can easily find the best kitchen hot pads that suit the existing style of your kitchen. 

Final Words

With this comprehensive guide on the best kitchen hot pads in 2022, I hope that you finally find the most suitable hot pads for your kitchen.

Remember that hot pads not only serve a useful function in your kitchen, but they also create a unique decorative appeal on your countertops or dining tables.