Top 7 Best Kitchen Shelf Liners in 2022 – Consumer Reports

Who has the time and money to have their kitchen shelves replaced because of dirt and grime? If you want to have kitchen shelves that look as fresh as you do, invest in some best kitchen shelf liners. Trust us, these kitchen shelf liners will prevent any and all types of stains.

Top 7 Best Kitchen Shelf Liner In 2022

Duck Select Grip Easy Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner – Best Overall

The best kitchen shelf liners that you can find on the market today are the shelf liners by Duck. Not only are they of the highest quality but they are also one of the most reasonable kitchen shelf liners out there. So, grab these before they’re gone.

These easy-liner kitchen shelf liners are made of plastic so there is no doubt that they are durable as well as long-lasting. Textured for your benefit, these kitchen shelf liners have a bottom that can grip different types of services easily. This means that they won’t be slipping off. 

The great thing is that they are available in nine different colors so you can easily find one that will suit the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

These easy liners can also be easily cut to fit onto the surface of your choice. Since the construction material is plastic, these kitchen shelf liners aren’t just resistant to spills and liquids, but will also prevent scratching. 

For all of you out there who love items that can be easily washed, this one’s for you as they are machine washable.


  • The grip at the bottom prevent them from sliding
  • Nine available colors
  • Prevents scratching and grime collecting on shelves
  • Cushions the surface and protects against spills


  • Might have to use adhesive to place on certain shelf surfaces

Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner - Runner Up

One of the most popular names when it comes to kitchen supplies, there was no doubt that Gorilla Grip’s kitchen shelf liners would be on this list.

These kitchen shelf liners have a strong grip even though they are non-adhesive ones. So, you won’t have to worry about it slipping or moving from its placement on your shelf surface.

To allow them to be used in all types of kitchens, they not only come in five different sizes but within those five sizes, you also get to choose between nineteen different designs and colors. These kitchen shelf liners are also available in pre-cut sizes, talk about range.

Each of these kitchen shelf liners features an open-grid construction, which allows it to prevent debris and dust from accumulating on your shelves and the corners.


  • Easy placement
  • Strong grip
  • Prevents slipping
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs


  • May have to use adhesive to make them fully grip certain types of surfaces

Macbeth Self Adhesive Shelf Liner

One of the best kitchen shelf liners that come with an adhesive on the bottom, the Macbeth kitchen shelf liners truly deserve their spot on the top 7 best kitchen shelf liners list. There is no surface that these kitchen shelf liners will not adhere to.

The best part is that these kitchen shelf liners are also waterproof, which means that they’ll always keep moisture away from your shelves and this makes them a great fit for kitchen cabinets as well.

Match those liners on your kitchen shelves and cabinets and get a great cohesive look. These kitchen shelf liners are also easy to clean, all you to do is wipe them using water and soap. They are also available in six different patterns as well as colors.


  • No need to purchase adhesive separately
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Do not shrink
  • Ideal for keeping moisture away


  • Can rip if handled roughly
  • Might be a bit tricky to remove

Sterling Shelf Liners For Wire Shelf

The ideal kitchen shelf liners if your kitchen has wire shelves because these come with some custom cuts, which will allow them to fit snuggly into space. By getting these kitchen shelf liners, you’ll forget what it was like to cut your kitchen shelf liners by hand.

The corners of these liners have been cut by a machine and, therefore, are incredibly precise and are shaped as semi-circles that allow for them to fit in shelves that have corner bars.

The design of these kitchen shelf liners is incredibly classy and comes in clear, that is see-through, black, and graphite. So, they’ll complement all types of kitchens.

They are 18 by 36 inches and constructed using 30 gauge Polypropylene, which not only makes them incredibly high-quality kitchen shelf liners but also ones that are easy to clean and waterproof.

Not to mention, incredibly durable to the point where they can be used in both domestic and industrial kitchens.


  • You won’t have to cut your kitchen shelf liners by hand anymore
  • Cut corners allow them to fit and look better
  • High quality and durable
  • Waterproof


  • Not a one size fits all product
  • Only come in neutral colors

DII Non-Adhesive Cut To Fit Shelf Liner

Anyone up for some soft liner? Well, that is exactly what the DII is packing. These kitchen shelf liners are non-adhesive as well as cut to fit your kitchen shelf.

They are made using a combination of 40% polyester and 60% viscose, which proves how high-quality they are. Not to mention that because of this blend, they are also durable, can be washed by hand or the machine, and, most importantly, soft.

They are also dual-sided so if you’ve got some surprise guests coming and didn’t get a chance to wash them, just flip them over. These kitchen shelf liners come in various patterns and are sold in pairs.

So, you know you’ll never run out on short notice. These are the perfect soft kitchen shelf liners to use in areas that get moist as they can easily keep the moisture away.


  • Allow for cushion protection
  • Soft
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Dual-sided
  • Prevents and resists moisture accumulation


  • Non-grip bottom
  • Need to purchase adhesive separately

Warp Brothers Warp’s Plast O Mat Shelf Liner

A clear-colored kitchen shelf liner that could complement any type of kitchen shelf, that too, in any kitchen design. Its construction is both unique and works incredibly well as kitchen shelf liners as it is constructed using patterned raised bands.

This design feature also allows the bottom of this kitchen shelf liner to grip the shelf surface easily and prevents it from slipping off

It also has the great ability to provide a cushioned protection, which is perfect when in use with some fragile items. This is made possible due to the fact that it is made using soft plastic. 

Now the best part about this kitchen shelf liner is that it is one of few ones that are breathable. 

This is certainly a great design feature as it allows air to flow through, which prevents the possibility of mold growth. 

So, it isn’t just perfect for your kitchen shelves but also ideal for refrigerator shelves.


  • The clear color allows it to blend in with any kitchen design
  • Great grip
  • Provides cushioned protection for fragile items
  • Breathable
  • Can be used in outdoor kitchens


  • Breathability allows for water to pass through

Conimar Shelf Liner For Wire Shelving With Locking Tabs

These kitchen shelf liners are not here to play. They are not only ten feet long, and yes you read that right, but also twelve or sixteen inches wide. This width allows them to provide the support you would need in a wire shelf. They are also incredibly soft, which means that you can trim them with the utmost ease.

That’s not all, these kitchen shelf liners are also made of plastic that is semi-transparent making them a great fit for any type of kitchen, no matter what the color palette might be. These kitchen shelf liners are here to complement and support all your needs.

Not just the bottom, but also the tops of this kitchen shelf liner provide a good grip and prevent slips. The unique part about these liners is that they come with integrated locking tabs, so you can easily use these tabs to lock these kitchen shelf liners in place, which is perfect for a house with kids.

Due to the material and dimensions, these liners will also prevent any dents or scratches from harming your shelves. That is not all it does as it also makes them incredibly durable and waterproof. This means that they are also incredibly easy to clean. 


  • Non-slip feature in both bottom and top layers
  • Semi-transparent plastic allows for easy use in any kitchen design
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof


  • Quite thin
  • The integrated locking tabs might not be positioned where you want them to be, which makes the flat positioning of the liners a tricky task

Best Kitchen Shelf Liner Buying Guide

As no kitchen design is the same, the best kitchen shelf liner won’t always be a one-size-fits-all deal, which is why it is important for you to take the following factors into consideration when purchasing the best kitchen shelf liner. 

Non-Adhesive vs Adhesive

One of the most important factors to consider is whether you should purchase a kitchen shelf liner with a bottom that comes with adhesive or one that you have to apply adhesive to. One with an adhesive bottom is much more difficult to move around once placed, however, there is no chance of the adhesive accidentally coming off.

It should only be purchased if you are sure that your kitchen shelf is such that it is not prone to damage by adhesive. In a non-adhesive shelf liner, you can purchase one with a grip bottom or locking tabs. However, in most cases, you will have to purchase adhesive separately for a no-fail, non-slip finish. 


Kitchen shelf liners are known to come in several types of finishes, they can either be smooth or textured, which is most in those made with fabrics. If you mainly use fragile items, a soft liner should be purchased as it gives a cushioned protection. However, a textured shelf liner has a better grip.

The Type of Kitchen Shelf

The most important factor to take into account is your kitchen shelf itself, whether it is a hard shelf or a wire shelf. For a wire shelf, it is best to purchase a liner that does not sink and that comes with pre-cuts at the corners. However, be sure to take the dimensions of the shelf liner into account. 


Your kitchen shelf liner should have a design that compliments your kitchen as a whole, which is why those with neutral tones are the safest option. However, you also add a pop of color with some patterned liners, it’s all up to you.

Easy To Clean 

One of the needs of purchasing a kitchen shelf liner is convenience and yours should do just that, which means it should be easy to clean. Those made with plastic or materials similar are incredibly easy to clean.

However, there are several kitchen shelf liners made of fabric that can easily be washed in the machine. Waterproof kitchen shelf liners are the best bet when it comes to ease of cleaning. It should also be one that does not shrink or crease. 

Why You Should Buy The Best Kitchen Shelf Liner

There is no doubt that a kitchen shelf liner is a great tool to have in the kitchen. Not only does it provide cushioning protection to any fragile items, such as glasses and plates but, most importantly, it prevents your kitchen shelf from retaining any oil stains, damage from moisture, or even watermarks. 

Kitchen shelf liners are also incredibly versatile and can be multi-purposed and used in several different places, such as inside your kitchen cabinets and on top of the shelves in your refrigerator.

As for the best kitchen shelf liner, our top pick is the Duck Select Grip Easy Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner.