Top 5 Best Kitchen Step Stools in 2022 – Consumer Reports

Climbing kitchen counters to reach the topmost storage shelf is very common in people with moderate height. At times such stunts may become too risky and precarious. A sudden lack of balance will bring you back to the base with a concussion. 

Well, with so many innovations being made day by day, there is also a solution to this predicament. The best kitchen step stool gives your height an extra boost giving you access to the most inaccessible parts of the kitchen.

Top Five Best Kitchen Step Stool In 2022

Step stools may vary based on numerous factors, for instance, height, color, or the manufacturing company. However, some step stools also consist of mobile and lightweight seats allowing an individual to work comfortably. So here are the top five best kitchen step stool available in 2022 at your rescue:

The Cosco Platinum Folding Three Step Stool – Best Overall

Whether it is the kitchen, bedroom, or garage, the Cosco Platinum Folding Three Step Stool is extremely handy and portable. The stool comprises three steps that are spacious enough to ensure a firm footing.

In addition to this, the step stool also consists of gripping elements made out of rubber. These rubber grooves or grips are placed mainly on the joints so that the step stool adheres firmly to the floor. Moreover, it has an elevation of 45.59″ with the width and depth of 27.95″ and 17.71″.

The Cosco Three Step kitchen stool can be stored easily without any hassle due to its foldable nature. It means that the step stool can be folded and deposited in a corner without occupying much space. This way it, would make your kitchen less cramped and tidy.


  • It can be bent and folded easily
  • The increased width of the step stool makes it well-balanced
  • It ensures stability to the consumer
  • It is highly durable and long-lasting as it is composed of steel


  • The rubber grips present at the stool joints may cause the stool to skid if the flooring is smooth and slippery
  • Due to its lightweight nature, it cannot be used as a sitting stool

Rubbermaid RM-P2 Two Step Molded Plastic Stool – Runner Up

The Rubbermaid kitchen stool is a two-step stool that is entirely composed of plastic. It is commercially available in black color. Moreover, the step stool also has a unique design consisting of cutout handles. It makes it portable and convenient to use. 

Nonslip step treads or grooves are also present in this two-step kitchen stool. It means that the step stool provides stability with minimum chances of balancing out.

Although the stool is quiet, compact, it can carry weight up to 300 lbs. Hence people of all age groups, be it elderly, adults, children, or toddlers, can use it to accomplish their tasks. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • It has a load-carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • It can be stored easily without any hassle due to its compact dimensions
  • The stool has scratch-resistant feet
  • It is lightweight and highly durable


  • The lack of rubber grips may make the stool skid on tiled floors or the ones with lamination
  • Although it is stable and sturdy, the plastic step may crack if it is utilized carelessly

Super Strong Folding Step Stool

A step stool has become one of the basic requirements in the kitchen as you may need it to reach the higher cabinets. So, for this purpose, we need to make sure that the stool is not only spacious but is also stable.

Hence all these conditions can be met with the unique Super Strong Folding Step Stool. It is commercially available in black and white color and is rectangular. It has a length of 11″ that is sufficient to provide the consumer enough elevation to reach all the topmost shelves. 

Moreover, the stool can carry weight around 300 pounds. Its grooved top makes the step stool skid resistant and safe for consumers mainly, for the elderly and children.

In addition to this, its reduced dimensions give it a more compact appearance.

One main benefit is that it can be stored without difficulty due to its foldable nature. It can be carried from place to place easily due to the presence of cutout handles present at its top.


  • It has a stable form which makes it sturdier
  • It occupies minimum space due to its reduced dimensions
  • It can be folded easily
  • It can hold up to at least 300 pounds of weight
  • It is highly safe for children and old people


  • Unfold the stool carefully as your fingers may get caught in between the handles causing injury
  • It has feeble legs making it difficult to carry weight up to its standard limit

Little Giant Ladders Safety Step Stool

This type of kitchen step stool is available in three forms based on the number of steps. The little giant ladders safety stool is commercially available in two, three, and four steps.

The presence of multiple steps gives this stool a ladder-type appearance. In addition to this, its entire frame is made up of aluminum making it very lightweight and portable.  Each step is sufficiently wide adorned with maximum safety grooves making it skid resistant and safe.  

The stool is commonly available in grey color and weighing about 21.5 pounds. A weight of 300 lbs. can be withstood by each step of this stool. The Little Giant Ladders safety stool can be easily folded therefore it can be stored effortlessly.

Additional components like tip and glide wheels and tool tray are also present which make it more effective and practical.  It is one of the reasons why this stool can be used in households as well as industries.


  • It provides sufficient elevation to reach the topmost shelves of the kitchen
  • The presence of wheels in combination with its bendable structure makes it more portable
  • The aluminum frame of the step stool increases its life expectancy and strength
  • It is compact


  • It can be quite complicated to assemble this step stool
  • The presence of gliding wheels may cause them to skid on slippery and smooth surfaces

Hailo One-step Folding Step Stool

Are you looking for a stool that would give you enough height to reach the canister placed somewhere at the top of the pantry? Well, this canister was once placed by you through exhibiting an acrobatic act. To save you from the situation, the Hailo one-step stool is available.

This step stool will provide you the maximum height to reach all the inaccessible regions of the kitchen. The frame of the step stool is composed of steel which makes it more durable and running. The step stool has a rectangular frame that is white and is 7 inches in height.   

Apart from being compact and light, it can hold around 300 pounds of weight. Though it has only one step, it still is foldable which makes it more compact and easy to store.

The Hailo step stool also comprises some safety features, for instance, the legs can be locked to enhance stability. Moreover, skid-resistant rubber is also placed at the base of each leg. Hence all these safety features make it harmless and appropriate to be used for the elderly and children.


  • The step is sufficiently spacious that makes it more stable
  • It can be stored easily due to the presence of foldable legs
  • It clutches the floor firmly due to the presence of rubber paddings on each leg
  • The steel frame makes the step stool long-lasting


  • It can be a little steep
  • The foot mat present on the stool may not be as sturdy as it seems

Best Kitchen Step Stool Buying Guide

A step stool is no doubt a very basic necessity needed to accomplish household chores. Its use is more in the kitchen than any other place in the house one can think of.

Whether it is cleaning the kitchen cabinets or organizing skillets in them, you do need this stool for your comfort. So here are some factors you need to consider when buying a kitchen step stool. 

Structural Material:

There is a wide variety of materials that can be used to manufacture long-lasting step stools for kitchen use. Wood and steel are extensively used for this purpose but still are not considered lasting.

 The two materials which are commonly used are aluminum and fiberglass. It is because both of them are more sturdy, durable, and economical than wood and steel. Although fiberglass is a little steep than aluminum but has more benefits than it. 

Elevation and Number Of Steps:

The chief role of a step stool is to provide maximum height to reach the heightened areas of the kitchen. Hence it indicates it is used for doing tasks in a standing position.

Elevation and number of steps are the two most important factors that should never be overlooked. For this purpose, the buyer must know the difference between a step stool and a step ladder. 

To make it more clear, step stools are flexible ladders that have a height of not more than four feet. Moreover, the number of steps in these stools can range from 1 to 4. 

A stool having steps more than four will no longer fit in the category of step stools. Therefore these stools should be bought based on the buyers’ height and the number of steps that would give enough elevation. 

Storage Conditions:

At the end of the day, we want our house particularly, the kitchen to look immaculate. It can be achieved, not only through thorough cleaning but by placing them in their respective positions. 

Therefore it is recommended to purchase those stools that can be stored conveniently. These days majority of the step stools are available in foldable form hence making them more compact.

When you are done working, these stools can be folded down and flattened. This way they can be stored in small areas, for instance, the place beside refrigerator or stove. 

Safety Characteristics:

When buying step stools, safety is a very important feature that should never be ignored. The majority of the step stool is made up of such feeble, low-quality materials that they collapse upon applying slight pressure. While in some cases, these step stools may skid causing you to fall. 

Hence in either of these cases, it might result in a severe back injury or a concussion on your body.

So, to avoid such mishaps following safety features must be considered when purchasing step stools:

  • If the stool has a folding mechanism it must have a locking feature available. This way the legs will remain stable and sturdy
  • The steps must not only be spacious to provide proper footing but must also consist of non-slip treads or grooves
  • Step stools with three or four steps usually have handrails present in them. These handrails guarantee better safety and security for the consumer
  • Many step stools produce scratches on the floor due to their constant movement. Therefore to avoid this, they should have non-marring legs. Rubber pieces are usually placed at the base of each leg for this purpose
  • The stool must be capable of withstanding the weight up to its said limit

Final Words

Every household consists of at least one step stool. If not for young adults, they are usually kept, for children or the elderly for their safety.

Well, from the above-mentioned list of the top five best kitchen step stools, the Cosco Platinum Folding Three Step Stool is the best of all. There many reasons which have made it stand out. 

Firstly, it is foldable and stable and secondly, it is made of steel which makes it more durable and sturdy. It can fit properly in small corners due to its compact structure and form. 

So make use of this buying guide to select the most appropriate step stool for your culinary use.