Top 5 Best Kitchen Television in 2022 – Consumer Reports

To say kitchen the heart of the home will not be wrong. From consuming the first meal of the day to cooking food with your family, it is the only place that makes you feel at home. But what happens when you are working here for prolonged hours? It sure will make you feel bored and dead tired. This boredom can be managed by installing the best kitchen television at one corner that will keep you entertained during work.

There are different types of kitchen televisions available in the market that are of varying sizes and colors. Some are even too high-tech and modern that would give the kitchen a sophisticated look.  

Top 5 Best Kitchen Television in 2022

A kitchen television comprises all the features present in regular television. It is the compact size that makes them distinct. So here are the top five best kitchen television in 2022.

Pyle 15.6 inch 1080p LED TV – Best Overall

The Pyle 15.6 inch 1080p LED TV is suitable for small-sized kitchens. The compact size of this television makes its installation easy and less complicated. You can set it up on the kitchen counter, wall, or even at the topmost shelves.

It is highly updated as the LED technology permits you to stream channels, audios, videos, or images from laptops or mobile phones. In addition to this, it is also very much compatible with both MAC and PC. The broad and flat-screen of the television gives it a state-of-the-art and sleek type of look.

It comes with a detachable base stand which makes it easy to set up. Therefore it can either be placed on the countertop or can even be mounted on the wall. Other features like an inbuilt stereo system, multiple viewing modes, and HDMI and RCA inputs make it the perfect home entertainment system.


  • The reduced dimensions give it a compact design that makes it ideal for kitchen use
  • It is easy to set up as it comes with a separate base stand
  • It consists of control buttons, LED TV remote control, V-chip, closed caption options, and headphones
  • It has a resolution display of 1080p
  • It has a built-in stereo system and a wide range of channels or viewing modes


  • The built-in speakers may not function well thus, you may need an extra set of speakers
  • The presence of numerous cable ports makes it complicated to use

TCL 32-Inch Roku Smart LED TV – Runner Up

The TCL Roku Smart LED TV is suitable for kitchens that are spacious and ample working space. The high-resolution display of 1080p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz enhances the picture display quality.

Moreover, the direct-lit LED further improves the graphic representation that makes the viewing experience comfortable. The name of the television itself implies that it has the most recent version of technology installed in it.

It provides access to around 5000 channels which means that you can stream around 500,000 movies, series, and so on. So, you can watch your favorite movie or series on Netflix, YouTube, or HBO while cooking your delicious recipes without getting bored.

Furthermore, you can operate the television through your voice by using Amazon Alexa or Google assistance. 

It consists of numerous cable ports, having at least three HDMI ports, one USB, RF, headphone jack, and the rest.


  • It has a wide range of formats for the successful streaming of videos and music
  • It is economical than other kitchen televisions offering similar facilities
  • It has a high picture display resolution and refresh rate that enhances the picture quality
  • It comes with a detachable base stand
  • It is easy and simpler to set up


  • The only problem that is associated with this product is that it has limited language options

LG Electronics 24LJ4540 LED TV

If you are looking for a television solely for the sake of entertainment and relaxation then LG electronics 24LJ4540 LED TV is the one. It is comprehensible and can be installed easily without any hassle.

Although it lacks all the updated versions of technology that a smart TV has, it has good picture quality that makes viewing easy. It is a 24-inch television having a wide and flat display screen that gives it a modern touch. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on the counter as it comes with a detachable base stand.

Unlike smart TVs, it does not offer a wide array of streaming formats neither has access to voice controls like Google assistance. However, it does have triple XD processor and LED backlight that helps in displaying more precise images with perfect color and contrast.

Moreover, it has two only two inputs one of them is the ATSC and the other is an HDMI port.


  • It has a compact size and design
  • It consists of triple XD processor and an LED backlight that enhances the picture quality
  • The built-in three-watt speakers make the audio audible
  • The ARC is supported by an HDMI port


  • It is appropriate to place it on the counter rather than mounting it on the wall. It is because the power cable at the back may disbalance the TV causing it to fall
  • It lacks all the updated technology features

Philips Android Kitchen TV

Compact size, high picture resolution, updated smart features and modern appearance are all found in Philips android kitchen TV. The 24-inch television set is suitable for spacious and contemporary kitchens.

It has a wide array of formats for steaming videos, audios, and images successfully. Moreover, like any other smart television, it also provides access to multiple sites like Netflix, YouTube to put on your favorite show. 

It is compatible with other smart devices and consists of built-in 16-watt speakers making the sound quality better.

So if you are looking for a television set that offers smart functionality and is also economical then this should be your choice.


  • It has a contemporary and sleek design and appearance
  • The 16-watt built-in stereo system makes the audio clear and loud
  • The television set has high picture quality
  • It is economical
  • It offers a wide range of viewing options


  • It has insufficient internal storage
  • The accessories provided with the television set may not be original

SAMSUNG QLED 4K 32Q50 Series Smart TV

A discussion about electronic devices and not mentioning Samsung would be so incomplete. Well, the Samsung QLED 4K 32Q50 series smart TV is one of the best kitchen television one can have.

The television set is famous for its high picture quality due to the presence of quantum dots and a 4K UHD processor. The 4K UHD processor not only enhances the picture quality but is also responsible for optimizing the working efficiency of the device.

Apart from high display resolution, it also has a proficient audio system as it comprises 20-watt built-in speakers. 

It has the most up-to-date version of android providing you access to numerous browsing sites and channels.

Hence with all these smart features you can enjoy cooking in your kitchen or can even browse new recipes.


  • It has an attractive and modern appearance
  • The picture and sound quality are excellent
  • It is economical than many other similar devices
  • It provides an ease to the consumer by being operated through voice control apps
  • It consists of an on-screen guide for better understanding


  • Mounting the television set on the wall may not be a good idea
  • It can be quite difficult to understand and operate

Best Kitchen Television Buying Guide

A kitchen television is slightly different from the TV sets placed in your bedrooms or living rooms. People usually install a television in the kitchen just to spend time without getting bored or simply to keep themselves energized. So here are certain things you need to consider when buying a television for your kitchen;


Size is one factor that must never be overlooked when the television is being bought to be installed in the kitchen. Firstly it must be compact and easy to install and secondly it must have good sound quality.

The size of a kitchen TV must be sufficient enough to provide a good viewing experience with the excellent display quality. As it is installed for recreational purposes therefore sound quality must be perfect since your eyes will be focused on doing kitchen chores.  

Resolution Power:

Resolution is another factor that greatly influences picture performance. People usually set these television sets on the kitchen walls for a better screen view. Therefore poor resolution power would produce a low-quality image that would be uncomfortable to watch from distance. 

Hence, the ideal resolution power of kitchen television must be 1080p. This resolution power is sufficient to produce a stable image that is comfortable to watch. 

Sound Quality:

While cooking your eyes may be concentrated on cooking but the ears are focused on the sounds coming from the TV set. Therefore the kitchen television must have good sound quality. Also, the majority of the televisions consist of voice control features, this further helps you operate the system without needing a remote control. 

This is what makes kitchen TV different from normal television sets as it’s the music that relaxes us while working.  

Ease of Installation:

Kitchen televisions come in different sizes although all have a compact design. Electronic devices that have reduced dimensions can be difficult to install as a lot of factors are considered.

Similarly, in the case of kitchen television, there are numerous options for their proper installation. The majority of them come with a detachable base stand hence they can be placed on shelves or the countertop. This arrangement will look good if the counter is wide and spacious and does not make everything congested. 

On the other hand, these TV sets can also be mounted on the wall at an ideal distance. This type of arrangement will work well if the electronic device is light weighted and has minimum cable ports. Usually, such mounted televisions fall due to the heavyweight of the power cable.

It Must Support All File Formats:

While cooking or cleaning kitchen utensils a piece of good music is what makes you feel refreshed and less fatigued. It is only possible if the television set has sufficient ports and a wide array of file formats. Through this feature, we can insert a USB in the port and can operate the desirable movie, music, and even images. Kitchen television sets of renowned brands consist of this feature which makes the processing easy. 

Final Words

When people buy electronic devices they think from every possible aspect as they can be resold at a good market value. So, apart from the factors mentioned above, some other features are often considered.

For instance number of input and output ports, control panel buttons, compatibility with other smart devices, and so on are all checked. The brand name is another factor that greatly influences the purchase of an article as people prefer to buy electronics from brands they trust.  

By keeping in mind all these features, Pyle 15.6 Inch 1080p LED TV is one of the best amongst all. It is because it has a perfect size ideal for kitchen use as well as perfect picture and sound quality. 

Moreover, it is equipped with numerous browsing sites providing access to a wide range of movies and TV shows. 

So check out the list and buy the product you think is suitable for you.