Top 8 Best Kitchen Timers in 2022 – Consumer Reports

Tired of using the phone’s timer, which constantly gets dirty with all the cake batter on it? Well, you can use best kitchen timers which is a more fashionable and valuable gadget that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It might not be the coolest kitchen tool, but it has the loudest chime that alerts you when it’s time to take the food off the stove and saves it from getting burnt.

Top 8 Best Kitchen Timers in 2022

So there are lots of kitchen timers you can buy from Amazon. When shopping for one, you can choose whether you want a digital or analog one.

You can get a multi- or single-timer, that depends on how much money you can spend. So before any further ado, here are some of the best kitchen timers.

OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

This amazing OXO timer is a must in the kitchen. It has three digital countdowns that help you in multitasking, each set with a unique alarm sound. It has an extensive time which is useful for food that requires several hours to cook.

It is a kitchen-friendly tool as it is small in size and is made up of plastic with a nonslip bottom which keeps the timer stable on the counter. The LCD is easy to read, with an angled face which is visible while you are roaming around in the kitchen.

It shows a clock when not used. It has soft buttons which are very easy to use. It has two AAA batteries.

Dish Drying Rack Over Sink is one of the top kitchen items for any modern home in 2022 because it will blend well with your kitchen décor.


  • It serves Triple Timings
  • Have unique Alarms for every timer
  • Made up of plastic
  • Extensive period of 100 hour


  • Battery time is less
  • It operates with two hands, if you have to stop, you have to press reselect and stop button simultaneously

OVEKI Digital Kitchen Timer

Want some stylish and minimalistic timer in your kitchen? This is the right option. It will give a modern touch to your kitchen with its black classy look. Thanks to the magnetic backing, you can stick it to anywhere you want even above the appliance so that you always have an eye on it.

It comes with a twist function instead of those traditional buttons, which makes it easy to use for children. You can set the time by rotating its outer surface. It can time up to a maximum of 99 minutes. 

The timer has a 4-inch large LCD screen which makes the digits easy to read from a long distance. 

The sound is adjustable with an optional alarm signal. It has constant Light Mode functions which will help you to view the countdown in real-time and will shut down when not in use, to save energy.


  • It has an attractive appearance
  • It has light mode
  • Easy to use


  • No stand available with it
  • Metal Surface can break if it falls

ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

Looking for a cheap dual digital timer for keeping a track of multiple tasks in the kitchen? This ThermoPro digital kitchen timer is the right choice.

Both timers can be programmed up to 24 hours, making them suitable for long timing purposes. Its wide 2.6 inch LCD screen with a backlight function makes the digits readable even in dim light conditions. It also has a magnetic appearance at the back.

It has the option of adjustable volume settings that can go up to 105 decibels which makes it hearable even in loud noises or you can even mute it. It is a user-friendly gadget as it provides you with its memory function which restores the last timer after the countdown finishes.


  • It has the option of adjustable volume
  • It has the memory function


  • It do not have a long time period

WUTUL Digital Kitchen Timer

These colorful and fancy WUTL timers are perfect for your vibrant kitchen look. It comes in a pack of four different vibrant colors; white, blue, green, and pink, that will enhance your cooking space. The best part is you’ll have extra timers to use for another purpose.

All of these have a 99-minute countdown and also provide the function of count up. It comes with a countertop stand and also has a strong magnetic back. It is small in size, almost 3 by 3-inch size, and has a light body which makes it portable and can easily fit into an apron pocket. The sound of this timer is very loud and clear.


  • Lightweight which makes it portable
  • Comes in a pack
  • Comes with both a magnetic back and countertop stand


  • No dual timer
  • Does not give precise timings

LAOPAO Kitchen Timer

Want some old classy mechanical timer? This vintage-inspired mint-colored coolest Laopao’s kitchen timer is a must-have then. It has a 60-minute countdown, so you have to keep in mind that it may not be suitable for the recipes which require longer intervals. 

The benefit of having a mechanical timer is that it uses no batteries or electricity which makes it environmentally friendly and super convenient to use.

It is made up of metallic material which makes it corrosion- and oxidation-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about its deterioration even if you have placed it in a humid atmosphere. Its teal color makes it more attractive and will go with your light-colored theme kitchen.


  • It is corrosion- and oxidation resident
  • It is both user-friendly and environmental friendly
  • It is attractive


  • Not use for long cooking purposes
  • Only 60-minute countdown

KeeQii Timer

This KeeQii kitchen timer has an attractive stainless stell surface which is your low maintenance manual option. You simply have to do the full rotation of the knob and then it operates the 6o minute max countdown.

It is small in size, almost 3-inch by 3-inch and it also has a magnetic back and a loud 80-decibel alarm sound, within the distance of at least 9m. You have to keep in mind that you’ll need to wind it again once it stops. It is a great value at an affordable price.


  • Requires low maintenance
  • It is very affordable
  • Small in size


  • Cannot be heard from long distances

Antoki Kitchen Timer

Antonki Kitchen Timer has been the bestselling timer in 2022, and this upgraded version of this timer is based on customer feedback. You can’t beat its functions. It’s the best timer so far and is available at a much affordable price.

It has the basic functions like all other timers; they perform the necessities with maximum count down and up, of 99 minutes. It has 3 buttons which makes it easy to use. It has a counter stand and also a magnet at its back.

The alarm is very loud and can be heard from far away, so you can rest freely. This uses AAA batteries and has a power-saving mode. Also it is available in pastel blue and pink instead of plain white ones.


  • It is affordable in price
  • It is easy to operate
  • The alarm has a loud volume that can be heard at a distance
  • It has power-saving mode


  • It is not environment friendly
  • Not used for the small purposes

ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kitchen Timer

This ThermoPro TM01 digital kitchen timer is the best one for long cooking purposes as it can program your timer up to 99 hours. It also provides a countdown function to monitor different timings even. It has a super loud alarm which ensures that nothing is forgotten.

It has 4 volume levels for you to choose to meet your specific needs. It has a touch-sensitive backlight which gives an option to adjust the backlight and make it more visible in dim light. It comes with multiple placement options and portability. 

The best part is you can monitor the time anywhere in clock mode even when the timer is running.


  • It has 4 volume level option
  • It has multiple placement option
  • Clock is also accessible


  • Touch makes it difficult for users to use
  • It is large

Choosing the Best Kitchen Timer – A Buying Guide

There are some of the features that you need to look at while purchasing a kitchen timer.

1. Timer Limit

This feature depends on what kind of food you are preparing. If you are a professional cooker and you work on making some heavy dishes or you are an avid baker then you need a timer more than just 6o minutes. But, if you use it for smaller purposes or daily kitchen use that the timer with 60 minutes is sufficient for you. 

2. Sound Level

Kitchen Timers are set up for you to make you alert while you are busy. That is why these timers always have an alarm system to alert you with the sound. Always look for the timers which have loud volumes so that you can hear it from a far distance as well. Some timers even give the function of adjusting sound levels as needed, which is also a good option. 

3. Readability

Always look for the ones with a very clear and bold display of digits which make it visible from a distance. Look for the timers where there is also an option of having a backlight on which makes it readable in dim light. 

4. Placement Options

Always go with the multiple placement options i.e. a countertop stand and magnetic back to stick it on the friend. It depends on your kitchen size as well so go with the one which is more convenient to be placed. 

5. Multi-purpose

Having a multi-purpose timer is a blessing; you can have a check on everything while working in the kitchen. The stopwatch function can help you manage your workout timings or your kid’s play or study time. 

6. Durability

Since the kitchen timer is going to be placed in the kitchen so it should be easy to handle, it should be made up of unbreakable material so that you accidentally drop it, it should endure it all. 

Why Should You Buy the Best Kitchen Timer?

It is important to understand that the timer isn’t just to make your kitchen look more professional. Yes, you can also watch the time from your home clock or your phone but it isn’t that convenient.

Sometimes you forget the before time or you have to constantly pull your phone out of the pocket to check the time. That why it is recommended to buy kitchen timer for the one working in them. There are many kitchen timers and you always have a choice to purchase the most affordable and attractive timer for your kitchen.

You have an option of getting a two-timer or a three-timer which can make your life much easier if you are cooking two things at the same time. These kitchen timers can save your food from getting burnt no matter how far you are from your kitchen, their loud alarms will  remind you that it is the right time to take your food out of the oven.

These kitchen timers can also be used for other purposes for example while you are working out you can use the time, make sure it’s portable then. 

Final Words

So having a kitchen is practically a life savior. For a working person, It becomes difficult to handle so many things at the same time and it also gets harder.

These Kitchen Timers will take all your stress away and will remind you all the work on time giving you stress-free life and yes especially it saves your phone from getting dirty like before and saves your food from getting burnt as well.