Top 7 Best Kitchen Torches in 2022 – Consumer Reports

Love trying out new dishes but just can’t get the same finished product? Well, you’re in need of a kitchen tool that is incredibly versatile. Yes, we’re talking about best kitchen torches. 

Creating a bomb Crème Brulee isn’t the only thing you can use it for, you can also use it to sous vide, char peppers, bell peppers, and a lot more.

Trust us, it’s a great tool to have handy in the kitchen and equally fun to use. 

Top 7 Best Kitchen Torches In 2022

Sondiko Butane Torch – Best Overall

The Sondiko kitchen torch is the most reliable kitchen torch that you will be able to find on the market. It is also incredibly durable as it is constructed using aluminum alloy, which also ups its sturdiness.

This durability also makes its great performance last longer than other kitchen torches. Since a kitchen torch can be a dangerous tool to handle, to prevent any hazards, this one comes with some great features for safety.

These features include a safety lock to ensure that the torch isn’t ignited on accident, a finger guard to make sure that your hand is protected at all times during usage, and a nozzle that is long-angled to keep the flame away.

It is also incredibly easy to use and the security lock can be opened using just a swipe and use the easy-to-use Piezo Ignition technology to ignite it. It has a refillable design, which means that you can simply fill it with fuel.

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  • The long and angled nozzle combined with Piezo Ignition technology allows it to be used at all angles, such as upside down
  • Easy to use and can be used with just one-hand
  • Temperature regulator
  • Can be ignited with a perpetual flame without having to touch it
  • Incredibly lightweight


  • Refilling fuel can be a bit hard to figure out the first time

Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter - Runner Up

If you are looking for a kitchen torch with the quality of a professional one without compromising on the ease of use then this is one of the best ones that you’ll find on the market. 

This kitchen torch can be used by both professionals as well as novice cooks who are looking to make a wide range of dishes, which includes barbequed meats.

It features a gas dial, which allows you to regulate the flame easily. To prevent any accidents in the kitchen, this kitchen torch comes with a security lock. So, even if you’ve got kids around, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The design also features a grip that provides a non-slip and sturdy grip.

It also features an ergonomic design, which allows for perpetual usage without your hands getting tired. So, not only will you not have to strain your hands but can also maneuver the kitchen torch with ease.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Great precision
  • Efficient use of fuel


  • The featured spark rock can cause a bit of trouble during usage

TBTEEK Kitchen Torch

A great functioning and incredibly reasonable kitchen torch, the TBTeeK has truly earned its spot on this list. The best part is that while it is less expensive, it does not compromise on its quality.

Its design also has features, which includes a solid safety lock, which prevents any accidents from happening. It also optimizes on comfort, which is reflected in its ergonomic and sturdy grip.

The handle is also constructed in a way that it angles your hand away from the flame during use. Like the rest of the kitchen torches on this list, this one can also be refilled.

The great thing is that the process to refill it is incredibly easy to use, which isn’t the case with most kitchen torches. It is constructed using aluminum alloy, which makes it long-lasting.


  • Temperature is easy to control
  • Features a wide range of temperature and flame
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Can be used at any angle with a perpetual flame


  • Safety lock can be a bit difficult to unlock

Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2

One of the best kitchen torches in terms of versatility, it is also considered to be one of the best and most efficient ones for sous vide.

With it, there is no doubt that you will be able to put a professional touch on all your dishes that include meat and vegetables. 

When it comes to its design, it features a rear knob that can be adjusted according to your preferred flame size. This kitchen size can be easily ignited using the one-touch piezo ignition technology, which makes it practically effortless.

It also comes with a plate for safety, the purpose of which is to ensure that the torch does not topple and cause a mishap. That’s not all, it also features a head that is detachable, which allows you to replace the butane canister that is empty with a filled one, that too, without having to go through the hassle of refueling.


  • Easy to use and comfortable to hold
  • Anti-rust and has a resistance to oxidation
  • Includes a plate that allows for stabilization and prevents mishaps
  • The design makes it lightweight and ease of portability


  • Can be difficult to replace the canister
  • Not ideal for professional cooks due to inconsistent precision

EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen Torch

The best kitchen torch for professional chefs, the EurKitchen Butane kitchen torch is one of the best culinary kitchen torches out there. This model has gone through an upgrader, which makes it of even higher quality and better precision.

It is equipped with several great features, such as the piezo press ignition, which allows for instant ignition. So, if you’re in a hurry in the kitchen, which all chefs are, this feature will come in handy.

It also features a rear knob that is easy to use, using which you can, without any effort, control the flame intensity. Using this kitchen torch’s fuel gauge, you can inform yourself of the gas levels, that too, in a single look. Once the fuel runs out, you can refill the torch with butane without any hassles. 

Of course, as all great kitchen torches do, this one also comes with several great safety features, such as a safety lock, which blocks the gas flow, thus minimizing the risk of accidents in the kitchen.

In fact, for a continuous flame, you can get the flame going and turn the safety lock on. So, while preventing the design from becoming overwhelming, this kitchen torch can be used in many different ways.


  • Sturdy base
  • Can use universal tips for refilling
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Refilling can be a bit tricky

Tintec Chef Cooking Torch

This is a professional-grade kitchen torch that can easily be used by beginners. So, even though it is a great kitchen torch that was built for professionals, you won’t have to worry about complicated features as it is incredibly user-friendly.

In fact, it also incredibly easy to maneuver around, due to its ergonomic design and construction. This kitchen torch has been constructed using an aluminum alloy of the highest quality, which makes for easy portability and handling.

To provide for a sturdy grip the handle has been covered with ABS plastic. It also features a security lock, which prevents any mishaps in the kitchen related to accidental ignition. In its design, it also features a gas dial using which you can effortlessly adjust the size of the flame and a metal base that can be removed.


  • Provides perpetual flame using the rear knob
  • Versatile
  • Easy to refill
  • Durable
  • Sturdy grip


  • The intensity and size of the flame are limited

Jo Chef Butane Cooking Kitchen Torch

From professional bakers to novice bakers, this kitchen torch is the perfect one when it comes to baking. It is small in size, which makes it easy to maneuver, increases portability, and makes it incredibly lightweight.

It is that kitchen torch, which provides the ideal temperature and flame size when it comes to using it on baked goods. To regulate the temperature and flame size, it comes with an adjustable knob.

This kitchen torch has great and very useful features, such as a lock for safety, which is perfect for minimizing and preventing any and all mishaps in the kitchen.

Unlike most kitchen torches, this one includes a windowpane for the gas, which allows you to easily keep a check on the amount of fuel left inside the torch. So, you’ll never reach for this kitchen torch and be blindsided by the fact that the fuel has finished.


  • Ergonomic handling
  • Provides great return for money
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Small in size so easy to use without straining arms or hands


  • Refueling this kitchen torch might need some getting used to

Best Kitchen Torches Buying Guide

Of course, not everyone’s requirements from a single product can be aligned at all times. This is why it is important for you to understand your own requirements and based on those factors, find one that suits you best.

Of course, your budget is one factor that goes without saying. So, first and foremost, figure out the amount of money that you can spend on a kitchen torch and go from there. Here are some other factors that you should keep an eye out for. 

Features For Safety

Ensure that the kitchen torch that you have got your eyes on is one that comes with safety features as it will help prevent any mishaps from happening. There are several safety features that you can need and think of a bonus, such as a torch’s head and whether or not it comes with a safety lock.

Also, pay attention to what type of handle the kitchen torch has and figure out what your most important needs are from it, which can include a handle angled away from the nozzle and one with a good and sturdy grip. Some kitchen torches even come with a finger guard.

Another safety feature that you can look out for is a sturdy base, which will stop the torch from falling over. 


Of course, not every kitchen torch can have the same design this is why it is important for you to understand what your most desirable design is. The designing of the kitchen torch will ensure whether or not the kitchen torch will be a fully-functioning one.

In fact, the design will dictate how effective the safety features of the torch will be. For a kitchen torch that is easy to use, keep a lookout for one that has an ergonomic design as it will provide you with a secure grip. Also, ensure that the construction material is lightweight yet durable. 

Way To Adjust The Flame 

Since the kitchen torch should be able to accommodate all of your needs, make sure you purchase one that comes with a knob or a dial, using which you can adjust the temperature and even size of the flame. 

Why You Should Buy The Best Kitchen Torches

If you are someone who is looking to broaden their horizons on the versatility of their dishes and put a professional touch on them, a kitchen torch is one tool that is incredibly vital.

There is so much that one can do with an open flame, from using it on barbequed meats to vegetables. You can use it on different materials used for cooking and use it in many different ways. Trust us, purchasing a kitchen torch will help bridge the gap between your dish and one made professionally. 

There is no doubt that by investing in a kitchen torch, you will be able to elevate every single dish that you make. The great thing is that you can use it on any and everything, which includes baked items.

When it comes to the best of the best kitchen torch in 2022, our top pick is the Sondiko Butane Kitchen Torch.