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If you are a rice lover and cook rice often, then rice cookers are a great addition to your kitchen. When speaking of rice cookers, Korean rice cookers take the cake. These rice cookers are known to cook each grain of rice finely so no rice is over or undercooked, thanks to the even distribution of heat from every angle. Not only that rice cookers save time and are far from being as messy as cooking rice the traditional way. Because of its many benefits, you can find a plethora of options, ranging from features other than simply cooking rice. To make choosing easier for you, we have assembled a list of the best Korean rice cookers that you can find in today’s market.

Korean Rice Cooker Buying Guide

Before we move on with our review, it is vital that you keep certain things in mind when making your choice. These factors will help narrow down your options, and ultimately guide you towards making your final decision. Keep on reading!

Type of rice cooker

You can find two types of rice cookers, electric and induction. Electric cookers are more widely popular due to this feature called fuzzy logic technology. This technology makes controlling temperature and pressure easier because of an installed computerized chip.

There are cookers that have both fuzzy logic and induction heating features. This allows more extensive rice types to be cooked. Although, these cookers will be a bit on the pricier side.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the cooker are a topic of concern when deciding on whether you want to place the cooker on the countertop or store it away. If you are placing the cooker on a countertop the weight should not be an issue, however, if you want to store the cooker away in a cabinet, make sure to choose a cooker that is not too heavy.

As for the size, if you have limited space, obviously, opt for a cooker that is smaller in size. Although, small cookers may not be able to hold and cook a large quantity of rice at all.

Capacity of the cooker

As briefly addressed previously, the quantity of rice the cooker can hold is extremely important. If you have an average family of 4 people, then a 6-cup model is going to cook more than enough rice for you.

These cookers are also relatively smaller in size, so not only will you be utilizing space properly, but you will reduce energy consumption. As for larger families, there are cookers that have higher capacity, but of course, it comes with a price.

Inner Pot Material

The best rice cookers should have an inner pot that conducts heat efficiently, such as aluminum or stainless steel with a nonstick, BPA-free coating. Other than the even distribution of heat, the material ensures durability and ease of cleaning.

Always make sure to read reviews of pots that claim to have nonstick, BPA-free coating, because otherwise, cleaning a pot subpar nonstick is a huge task to undertake.

Ease of cleaning

You will find that most cookers sport a feature called the auto steam cleaning function that will automatically use the steam to clean the interior. For deeper, more thorough cleaning, choose a cooker with a detachable lid.

Technological Features

Some cookers are designed with an intelligent cooking algorithm that will adjust the temperature and texture of the rice on its own. This feature is a go to if you would like to make your life easier. Additional features such as a timer to schedule the cooking time are also recommended by us when choosing. A ‘warmer function’ which essentially keeps the rice warm, is a feature you should look out for if you have a large family or eat at different times.


There are plenty of options within your budget in the market. You will find some high-end pricey cookers and some budget friendly cookers. If you have a flexible budget, then definitely opt for cookers that include the features you are looking for.

Best Korean Rice Cooker




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Best Korean Rice Cookers

Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker

10 menu option

Fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithm

Automatic steam and pressure emission

Easy one-touch cover lid

Best Korean Rice Cookers

Cuchen WPS-G1012L Rice Cooker

Durable Elvan Coating

One-touch self-cleaning function

Detachable clean inner cover

Best Korean Rice Cookers

Cuckoo CRP-FA0610F Rice Cooker

Comes with a heating plate

X-Wall diamond coated inner pot

Fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithm

Air King AD1248

Air King AD1248

Compact design

Has on/off light switch

Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Has 6 different speed settings

Includes 3 venting options

ZLine ZLKB36

ZLine ZLKB36

Smart push buttons

Four speed settings

Kitchen Bath Collection STL-75

Kitchen Bath Collection STL-75

Very quiet

Strong build

Zuhne iChorus 36-Plus

Zuhne iChorus 36-Plus

Perfect for tall ceilings

Powerful suction

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 in

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 in

Aesthetic design

Three speed settings

Broan Ductless 413001

Broan Ductless 413001

Charcoal Filter is provided

Available in different sizes