Best Meat Slicer For Jerky – Consumer Reports

Everyone needs a trusty-dusty jerky slicer in their kitchen. We assure you that you will find these wherever food is being cooked. Yes, these are that handy! Not only are these devices perfect for jerkies, but one can use them to finely slice other meats, veggies, fruits, and tons of other things.

Now, the difficult part is finding yourself the best meat slicer for jerky. Well, not anymore! Here are ten meat slicer reviews, and each of them is at the top of the game. So, if you have been looking for the best of the best, then you come to the right place, my friend!

Plus, there are several other assistive information here. Hence, we urge you to stay tuned till the end!

Things To Consider Before Buying Meat Slicer For Jerky

To make sure that you are making the most promising jerky slicer, you have to take certain things into consideration:

  • The Type of Slicer

Well, the market contains two types of meat slicers:

i. Electric Slicer ii. Manual Slicer

The electric slicer comes with a high-torque motor. And these ensure the slices are consecutive, fine, and quick. Also, you put in much less effort to do the task.

On the other side, if you prefer results and control over efficiency, then the manual slicer is for you. Since you have to put in physical effort, you can decide several factors. Those factors are the finesse of the meat, the amount, etc. In short, it depends a lot on your personal preference.

  • The Wattage (Only for Electric Slicers)

Power is an essential determinant of an effective and efficient electric slicer. Considering that you are going to purchase a slicer to work on meat, then you should opt for offers a high-power rating. For these cases, the rating should be 120 watts or above!

  • Blade

Well, the ideal choice is opting for a slicer that contains two sets of blades. One is for slicing and dicing veggies and strips of meat. The other one is for shredding tough meat as well as bread and other stuff.

Also, the size is a crucial feature that you have to reconsider. Slicer’s blades come in a dimension of 7-inch to 14-inch (a 9-inch slicer is quite common). You need to pick the measurement that is ideal for you!

  • The Platter

Another very crucial attribute that you need to take into account is the tray size. We suggest that you select a food tray that is sizeable. It is because shredded dishes will deposit there, and the larger it is, the more capacious the in holding the meat or ingredients the slicer will be.

  • Handy

By this, we mean how flexible the item is. Some slicers can literally work for several types of purposes. Another advantage of having a versatile slicer is that they are generally more affordable and are perfect for more professional usage.

  • Longevity

If you purchase a device that is going to work for a limited time, then you would be wasting your money. Instead, we suggest you choose a slicer that has a reliable build and abstains from being damaged easily.

  • Security Attributes

Slicers can be potentially fatal, so it must have all the essentials to keep you safe. Here is a checklist of what a safe-to-use slicer should have:

i. Blade guards.

ii. A bumper to prevent your fingers from getting inside it.

iii. In the case of an electric slicer, it should have a safety kill switch to prevent any harm.

Top 9 Best Meat Slicer for Jerky Reviews

Did you want the best of the best? Well, we have them for you right here! So, get ready to come across a product that you have always wanted.

1. Befen Stainless Steel Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

If you have been looking for a top-notch meat slicer, then buddy, you have hit the jackpot. The Befen meat slicer is a combo of high-class design and effective performance. Are you wondering what makes this item so exquisite?

Well, keep on reading, and you will know what makes this one the best jerky meat slicer money can buy.

First and foremost, the slicer comes with a razor-sharp blade. With that and its exceptionally designed stop pot allows you to cut the toughest of meats with ease. Also, you can use the product to cut even frozen meat.

Lastly, couple that with its 0.2mm to 20mm thickness adjustment feature, and you can make any jerky you want.

Along with that, the durability of the product is of the highest quality. It is crafted from stainless steel, which gives the slicer absurd longevity and the ability to withstand immense pressure. In short, the product is impervious to dents and also, rust, and other earthly damages.


  • The price of the product is quite affordable
  • Has a mighty durable and strong build
  • Easy to install and is quite portable due to its featherlike weight
  • You can use it to cut the toughest of meat with ease
  • Sizeable foot tray
  • Filled with numerous bonus utensils


  • Replacing the blades can be a tad bit tricky

2. Shop-ezy Meat Stainless Steel Slicer 

Few slicers in the market can compete with Shop-ezy’s meat slicer. You see, Shop-ezy wanted you to have a product that has no complications and is quite versatile. So, they crafted this to offer you the most effortless cutting, slicing, and carving capabilities.

The product is not only good for beef, but you can use it for deer as well as any exotic meat that you want. Let us find out how it can do such a feat. You see, there are two things that make this superb for almost any meat.

First is its massive 10-inch knife (which comes for free). Due to its sizeable dimensions, you can use the knife to make intricate and delicate cuts without breaking a sweat. Finally, it features a 6×12 inch board, which allows you to place any meat and get the best out of it.

Also, it guarantees 100% convenience. It has a horizontal gap where you slide the knife and do your job. There are two perks to this:

i. Your hands are safe. ii. Authorizes you get consistent cuts every time.


  • The stainless-steel build ensures that it is going to serve you for a long time
  • Uncomplicated usage and can used to cut all types of meat
  • Affordable pricing
  • Ensures user’s safety
  • Easy to clean and will not rust


  • The knife might get damaged due to friction when it is inside the gap

3. Shop-ezy Advanced Beef Jerky Slicer Kit

It is not easy to find a pro-grade meat slicer like this one! The ergonomics of the product allows you a swift and efficient cutting. Hence, we can assure you that you are going to have a wonderful experience with this product.

Plus, the item assures top-notch precision. It has an adjustable feature that grants you three different dimensions of 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch, and 3/4-inch. Thus, using this thing, we can confidently tell you that you will have the best experience.

Furthermore, this jerky slicer machine has a stainless-steel build. You should know, this build makes the unit immensely durable and sturdy. Besides, it makes it impervious to dents, rust, and other damages and corrosion. Because of all its wonderful features, this has become the best beef jerky slicer in our eyes.


  • The product assures superb precision and allows you to get lean jerky every time
  • The adjustable feature lets you get various cuts
  • Cleaning it is a very effortless chore
  • Comes at a very inexpensive pricing
  • Durable and long-lived


  • Over time the knife might retain some damage due to the friction within the gap

4. BAOSHISHAN Frozen Manual Meat Stainless Steel Slicer

Are you looking for the best manual jerky slicer? Look no further as we have the perfect item for you right here! The product assures you consistent cuts and several other features that are going to make love this item. Let us get more into the details!

Unlike most of the slicers, this one has a scissor slicer attribute. Thanks to that, you get clean and constant cuts every time. Moreover, the slicer has a stainless-steel build. Hence, the chances of the blade or the contraption getting rusted are next to zero.

Besides, the unit is versatile in almost every way! It is extremely lightweight, which allows you to carry the item from one place to another with ease. Also, it is perfect for anything! Yes, you heard that right. You can use this for herbs, meat, and cheese.

Pair all these with its affordable pricing, and you land one of the best in the slicer industry.


  • Very safe to operate as your hands never get near the blades
  • The stainless-steel build ensures longevity and durability
  • You can use the product for cutting almost anything
  • Is available at a moderate pricing
  • Because of the rubber handles, it is very convenient


  •  Might not be capable of cutting the ingredients to a very thin size

5. Baoshishan Manual Frozen Meat Slicer 

Who said that you could not get the best meat slicer for beef jerky at an affordable price? Well, this is a product that is going to make you feel like a pro chef every time you use the product. Thanks to this bad boy’s easy functionality, you do not have to step market for finely chopped beef for anything.

Apart from that, you can use the product from almost any type of meat that you desire. Along with all these, the product is an ergonomic marvel. It was designed with suction cups to hold onto the surface that you are working on, a V-shape base where you can even cut frozen meat, etc.

And its robust stainless-steel build assures that the product will be able to withstand immense pressure and damage without any issue. In short, the product’s robust and enduring build allows it to provide you the best performance always!


  • Highly long-lasting and has a robust construction
  • There are no complex maneuvering or operation to make this product work
  • Comes with suction cups to ensure that the product stick to the surface you work on
  • V-shape base allows you to work with the toughest meat, including frozen meat


  • Might not be able to cut the meat as finely as you want

6. Shop-ezy Beef Jerky Meat Slicer Kit

Shop-ezy is one of the leading brands when it comes to meat slicers. The company provides you A-grade products at highly affordable pricing. And, if you are looking for a professional-standard meat slicer, then this is it.

If you take a look, you’ll see that it has a ton of perks, which make it the best slicer for beef jerky. One of the perks is its comfortable usage. All you have to do is place the knife inside the slot, and you are good to cut almost any type of meat.

On top of that, due to this feature, you can get the best and regular cut without any issue. Furthermore, the product permits you to slice meat in three different thicknesses (1/8-inch, 1/4-inch, and 3/8-inch).

Additionally, because of the stainless-steel construction, the product is mighty easy to clean, and you do not have to worry about it catching rust. Briefly, the unit grants all the perks that you can desire from such a product.


  • Affordable price rates
  • Using the product is very easy
  • Smoothly cuts and regularly cuts through meat
  • Stainless steel build guarantees that it will last for a long time
  • You can adjust how thickly you want to cut your beef or other meats


  • Not good for frozen meat

7. Shop-Ezy Ultimate Stainless Steel Beef Jerky

Are you looking for a robust and durable meat slicer? Then Shop-ezy’s ultimate stainless-steel slicer is the one that you need. The stainless-steel used to make this device is exceptional, and we can assure you that it will serve you for a very long time.

Also, having such a build makes the item impervious to rust and easy to clean.

Apart from its excellent longevity, the commercial beef jerky slicer has a heavy arsenal of attributes, which is why it is a favorite item for many pro chefs. With this, you can easily adjust the thickness. Thus, allowing you to cut the beef jerky in numerous sizes.

On top of that, the 10-inch blade makes sure that the meat is sliced easily.

Besides that, there is a bonus for you! The product comes with a book that contains all the jerky related dishes that you have ever wanted. So, in short, this package from shop-ezy contains almost everything you want.


  • The item contains a book that has all the jerky dishes and other dishes
  • Cleaning the product is an easy task
  • Allows you to change the thickness with ease
  • Extremely robust and long-lasting


  • The product is quite expensive

8. Moongiantgo Frozen Manual Meat Slicer

Let us face it, finding a slicer is not a very simple task, let alone a slicer that can cut frozen meat. Allow us to ease the stress! Moongiantgo’s manual slicer is not only ideal for warm meat, but you can use it for frozen meat as well.

Do you want to know what makes this contraption so multi-tasking? Well, for a proper explanation, we have to start with the design! The ergonomics of the product is very well-planned. It features an easy to adjust thickness attribute, which permits you to cut the beef into any slice you want.

Also, it comes with bumpers that ensure safety always. Apart from that, the stainless steel build gives the product unmatched durability and permanence. There are tons of other things that make this a must-have.

So, if you want to know more about this product, then you would have to buy it, and we can tell you for sure that you will not be disappointed.


  • Has an enduring build, which ensures that it is going to last for a long time
  • Affordable pricing
  • The product is quite easy to clean
  • Adjusting the thickness is quite easy


  • Replacing the blades is a very tricky business

9. Shop-ezy Professional Meat Slicker

It is not every day you come across a meat slicer that is so easy to use and provides phenomenal results each time. Shop-ezy surely made this product of theirs “easy” to use.

All you have to do is slide the knife between the slots after you have placed the meat in the tray, and you will get perfectly slice meat every time.

By the way, you can swiftly change the thickness of the meat. Therefore, whether it is for a jerky or something else, we guarantee that you can use this home meat slicer for beef jerky for them all.

Plus, the utensil was designed to assure the user’s safety! Hence, when you are using it, your hand never gets close to the blade.

Furthermore, the slates are adjustable. Such a feature permits you to change the thickness and get the best results every time you use the product.


  • You can purchase the product at an affordable price
  • Very easy to use as well as clean
  • Contains a very durable and long-lasting construction
  • Allows you to adjust how thick you want your slices


  • The friction between the slates could damage your knife

How to Slice Meat for Jerky?

The first and foremost step in making jerky is making sure that your trim is nice. Well, we understand that it is impossible to get rid of all the fat from a piece of beef, but if you can make sure that you have removed most of it, then it is good enough.

Now, if you are using a knife, you can make two kinds of jerkies. You can either make tough jerkies (chewy ones) if you cut against the grain. However, if you are opting for soft jerkies, then you should cut along with the grain.

If you are using a slicer, then you will be saved from the hassle. Furthermore, you can also determine the width and texture of the dish more effortlessly.

How Thick to Slice Meat for Jerky?

The secret to making the perfect jerky is making sure that you have the right type of beef. And the ideal beef cut for such a delicacy is the Beef Top Round cut. It comes with the least amount of fat, and cutting it is quite an effortless task.

After that, you need to make sure that your jerky is of a chewable size.  Now, the ideal size of cutting a lump of meat (or beef) is between 1/4 (or 0.25) inches and 3/16 (or 0.1875) inches. It can be quite tricky for a novice to maintain such acute measurements. Hence, it is better to use a meat slicer.

Final Words

We have provided you an abundant amount of information! Thanks to our article, you know which is the best meat slicer for jerky, as well as know which features and pros you should keep in your mind before making the purchase. All you need to do is choose the one that suits you and your desires the best.

Apart from that, we have also provided two helpful sections. These will help you in becoming a more proficient jerky maker and let you serve better dishes. Now that you know which one is right for you, what are you waiting for?