10 Best Milk Frothers – Consumer Reports

It seems we’ve evolved from coffee beans, filters, and coffee makers at home to cappuccinos, macchiatos, and lattes served up at quick-stop coffee shops that give us what we need, on the go.  In a society that demands instant gratification, coffee shops and their fantastic drinks are ideal for those of uswho want what we want NOW!

At some point, however, most of us are sat down by our parents or spouses to have “the talk”—the one where it’s brought to our attention that our daily addiction to those specialty coffee drinks has come to interfere with the paying of bills, the saving for college—in other words, it’s, unfortunately, an avoidable expense. 

So how do we continue to achieve coffee shop-worthy, delectable specialty morning brews at home?  With the help of a milk frother!  Not sure where to start?  Check out the following best milk frothers that range in affordability, features, power, and impressiveness so that you can embrace your inner barista, instead of visiting the one down the street every day!  You may even be relieved to find out that you can use milk frothers way beyond specialty coffee drinks– in the creation of hot chocolate, soups, milkshakes, and more.

PowerLixMilkPro Milk Frother& Electric Foam Maker

You’ll hurt your budget a bit less with the purchase of this frother.  Powered by batteries and available in multiple colors such as black and red, this handheld, portable device is ideal if you prefer your morning cup of joe exceptionally luscious and creamy.  In just 15-20 seconds, your drink will become drastically creamy and frothy.  The frothing wand is accompanied by a stand for easy storage, which will naturally give your kitchen countertop a modern café overhaul.More than just a milk frother, you’ll end up relying on the PowerLixMilkPro as a crucial kitchen tool since it can also be used to mix milkshakes, eggs, dressing, soup, fruity drinks, and more.Its lightweight feel (just 6.2) ounces makes its use and potential limitless. 

Chef’s Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother, Heater, & Cappuccino Maker

This milk frother/cappuccino maker comes with a limited 2-year warranty guaranteeing the “best froth” and this should come as no surprise to the cappuccino guru.  The froth density feature actually allows users to choose their preferred level of froth, ranging from hot airy foam, to hot dense foam, to hot milk, to even cold milk frothing.  The stainless-steel quality is unbeatable, and its make-up keeps hot ingredients exceptionally hot and colder milk chilled.  Its non-stick coating prevents crusting and promotes easy cleaning. As an exceptionally user-friendly frother, when it comes to handling and pouring, the carafe detaches easily from its base.  In just 80 seconds and with the push of a button, your delectable froth will be fully ready.  Since the milk doubles in volume as it foams, users should be careful to use just half of the device’s one-cup capacity that can be used for heating when frothing.  So as not to disappoint its drinkers, the froth generated by this maker also promises to be long-lasting.  For those who have milk allergies or are watching their calorie intake, this frother even allows law-fat and non-dairy milks such as almond or soy.  Arrived at work and fear you may have left the frother on?  Have no fear, this device features an automatic switch-off function. 

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

For those who are truly seeking an investment in a milk frother that is destined to be used multiple times a day without any possibility of disappointment within short-term view, this milk frother is for you.  As opposed to other frothers, the Breville BMF600XL uses induction heating to generate the luscious bubbles that adorn your cappuccino and hot chocolate.  That’s right—this frother is as ideal for hot cocoa and it is for heating milk and whipping up cappuccinos and lattes to your liking.  Its capacity (3 cups) is more impressive than less expensive models, and it also features an automatic off switch should your morning cup’s power not kick in until you reach the office and fear the worst.  You are able to switch between frothing discs that dictate the final result: creamier for lattes or more froth for cappuccinos.   Perhaps most impressive about this model is its effortlessness.  While other models may require supervision or your physical administering of the handheld wand, the Breville BMF600XL allows you to go about your morning checklist while Breville does the rest.  Beware, itsbulkierstature (approximately the size of a blender) may not be ideal for those who are seeking a sleek one-cup quick-fixer on the daily.

Vivreal Home Milk Frother

A major plus for the Vivreal is its quietness.  Nothing is more detrimental to your your morning routine than a loud (and not quite ready) cup of caffeine.  Even more impressive is the manufacturer’s confidence in both the product and your potential satisfaction with such: your purchase is accompanied by a 3-year warranty.  Better yet—should your device encounter any issues, Vivreal will replace your frother at no cost to you.  This is reassuring for an investment that is just slightly above the average cost of comparable models.  Its easy-use build features non-slip silicone feet that prevent spill-overs and its vacuum insulation system keeps milk warm and allows your inner barista to shine.  The Vivreal features dual wands: one for creating steamed milk for drinks– such as lattes– the other for creating frothier milk.  With the same non-stick coating as some of its competitors, cleaning is a breeze and its automatic switch-off function promotes safety.  Beyond its functionality,Vivrealusers are proud to note the tastiness it yields in its final products, and praises this model as the best capacity in accordance with its price point.

VAVA Electric Liquid Heater & Milk Frother

The angled spout of the VAVA was formulated to prevent spillovers.  Its interior, sleek, non-stick coating prevents crusting and ensures no trace of residue in your final product.  Its petite size (no larger than a soda bottle) leaves plenty of counter space if left out, or takes up minimal space when stored in a cabinet.  From hot to warm to cold milk functionality, this frother can tackle cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and more.  The VAVA even features level indicators that guide you with the pouring of the appropriate level of milk.  The manufacturer is proud to note that the frother is fitted with internationally-recognized Strix temperature controllers, which ensure safe use and are not included within the make-up of most of its competitors.  Perhaps most impressive, this model claims to be virtually silent during the frothing process.  However, it is suggested that whole milk only be used above other varieties of milk for the best results.

Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

This one-size frother qualifies as an investment at its above-average price point, but its sleek design and capabilities make up for the additional cost.  Available in red different colors (red, white, or black), the 2-lb frother would be a welcomed addition to any countertop.  Its liquid capacity is standard among its competitors (8 oz for hot milk/4 oz for milk froth).  Producing tasty and delicious foam as reported by its users, the Nespresso models are getting more and more impressive as the years go on.  Capable of producing hot or cold froth, the Nespresso features a black plastic construction and one-touch operation for safe, easy use.  It also quickly heats to 170 degrees and features automatic shut-off.

Easylife Handheld Electric Milk Frother

If not splurging for an automatic frother—or if your needs simply don’t require that of the utmost power—perhaps a handheld electric milk frother is your best bet.  Powered by AAA batteries, the stainless-steel wand can be taken directly to the table with you, stirring up your morning through your cup of joe.  Impress your friends by whipping out this wand that can provide the perfect finishing touch to hot chocolate, lattes, cappuccinos, or even a milkshake.  Don’t be fooled by the wand’s small stature—its quality makes up for its unimpressive size.  The manufacturer’s name trickles into this product by simplifying the frothing process and making it as easy, safe, lightweight, and accessible as possible.

MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Sticking with the handheld theme, this easy-to-clean round tip wand will help you easily achieve a delicate foam on your delectable homemade drinks.  Powered by AA batteries, the stainless-steel wand takes flat drinks to airy and luscious with the touch of a button.  While not all frothers can impressively tackle various types of milk, the MatchaDNA generates a thick, creamy foam atop any type of milk, from whole to almond to soy to coconut to half and half.  However, users are careful to note that the volume of froth in your final product will vary based on the type of milk used.  For example, cow’s and skim milk yield the best results, while less creamy, more watery milks such as almond milk, will yield less.

HIC Milk Frother

The generous capacity (14 oz) of HIC’s stainless steel milk frother is admirable compared to its competitors, which can mostly handle 8 oz at one time.  This capacity makes the HIC Milk Frother fitting for a corporate setting, or a cappuccino-loving family!  Because the lid features a double-mesh aerator and built-in plunger, there is no need for an outlet or batteries.  For the specialty coffee lover, this manual milk frother transforms even everyday drinks into specialty concoctions such as cappuccino, café au latte, and even egg nog!  Capable of aerating both hot and cold varieties of milk, its stainless-steel make-up makes the frother durable, safe, and easy to both clean and use.  It’s also dishwasher safe.

CapressoFrothPro Automatic Milk Frother

The Capresso features a more impressive capacity (12 oz) than some of its competitors and also uniquely features a stay-cool handle that promotes safe handling.  With multiple disks available for your frothing needs, this dishwasher safe model has a removable carafe for easy pouring and a see-through lid for final product review.  It features the same auto shut-off that makes milk frothers convenient and delivers a patent-pending frothing disk that creates the maximum froth per creation.  Since this is countertop-worthy, the Capresso can be housed directly next to your favorite coffee-maker as “step 2” of your morning routine.  With just the touch of a button and thanks to three temperature settings, the Capresso can handle hot, warm, and cold milk varieties. 

When it comes to warming your hot milk, it all boils down (no pun intended) to your personal preferences.  Are you prepared to shell out the additional funds needed to secure a sleek, café-worthy countertop attraction, or might your needs be fully met with a handheld wand or manual pitcher? 

Compare the pros and cons.  Though automatic frothers mostly feature an automatic shut-off feature, carafes that do not require power nor batteries needn’t feature such.  It’s also important to note that the use of a frothing wand requires you to heat the milk first and then froth it, resulting in two separate tasks, while electric milk frothers allow you to pour your milk and it will be heated for you at the touch of a button.  Frothing wands, though less expensive, generally do provide the same thickness than an electric milk frother can provide, nor does the wand’s resulting taste compare to the enjoyable potential of an electric milk frother concoction. 

Whether you ultimately decide on a wand, a manual carafe, or an impressive automatic frother, there’s one thing that’s for certain—coffee-shop worthy specialty concoctions via the use of a milk frother are quite achievable and just waiting for your inner barista to emerge!