Best Moscow Mule Mugs – Consumer Reports

A Moscow mule is a vodka cocktail that is mixed with that is mixed with spicy non-alcoholic ginger beer and lime juice and garnished with a slice of lemon and filled with ice cubes in some cases. It is also known as Vodka buck since the main ingredient of this cocktail is vodka. The drink is normally served in a copper mug and hence the name Moscow mule mug.

Best Moscow mule mugs are made of pure copper but have different designs to suit one’s preference. There are some mugs that are only copper plated and some are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel ones are however not as common as the copper ones.

The name Moscow mule mug has however nothing to do with Moscow or mules as the name might suggest. Contrary to the name Moscow, the drink originated in the United States and became very common in the 1950s.

The best Moscow mule mugs are traditionally made of copper not only because of how it looks but because copper is believed to add a cooling effect to the drink and add a special taste to the drink which makes the drink special.

What makes the mug so special?

As much as the contents of a cocktail is what makes up the cocktail, from where it is drunk from also has a big effect on the cocktail. What it is drunk from contributes a large bit to the personality of the cocktail and has an effect on how the cocktail makes you feel when you are taking it. The copper cup is the signature of the classic American cocktail.

Best Moscow mule mugs are traditionally made of copper but the main question is why copper?

Exquisite chilling effect

The copper mug is used because the copper plate is good with chilled drinks as it provides an extra cool sensation when taking the drink since the copper adopts the temperature of the ice providing a more cooling effect. The rim of the copper cup becomes chilly which gives the lips a sensational icy cold effect. As much as the ingredients of the cocktail is what makes the drink, the copper cup provides a tangling effect that takes drinking the cocktail to a higher level.

Tangling savory taste

Copper has an effect on the taste of the drink since it enhances the favors of the drink making it tastier. It has been scientifically proven that when vodka gets in contact with copper it oxidizes improving the taste of the vodka. Because of the oxidization, there is increase in fizziness of the ginger beer as there is increase in amount of bubbles which suggests increase in fizziness. The copper gives the lime juice in the cocktail a tangling effect as it reduces the acidity while increasing the tangy citrus notes. Copper cups heighten the taste of the Moscow mule and that is why they can never be replaced.

Classy presentation and experience

No doubt about it, everyone would agree there is a certain sensation that comes with using a copper mug for a Moscow mule. Copper is a classy metal, the taste is classic and the presentation that completes the feel that comes with taking the drink. The taste, temperature and the feel is what gives taking a Moscow mule class and affirms the great tradition.

There have been misconceptions that copper cups may not be very safe for drinking. To ensure more safety, most copper cups have been lined with nickel since copper is a heavy material that can sip into the drink. With nickel it is very safe and there should not be any doubts regarding using it for taking Moscow mule.

How to make a Moscow mule

A Moscow mule is very easy to make and it is a drink that anyone can make it even without a recipe. Fresh lime juice is however more recommended since it gives a better taste as compared to process lime juice. A lime wedge is used for garnishing though in some cases mint can be used for garnishing too.


  • ½ oz. Lime juice
  • 2 oz. Vodka
  • 5 oz. ginger beer
  • Ice cubes
  • A lime wedge
  • Copper Mug


  • Put lime juice in the copper cup
  • Add vodka, ginger beer and ice cubes and stir
  • Put the lime wedge on the rim of the cup and enjoy the drink.

To make a Moscow mule with mint, the muddle mint springs are put at the same time with lime juice at the bottom of the cup before other ingredients are added in and stirred.

There are many variations of the Moscow mule that have been used to improve the Moscow mule or make it better. Well this is done to one’s liking to improve the taste of the original classic Moscow mule. The main ingredients of ginger beer, vodka and lime juice remain but other things may be added to alter the taste. Other ingredients that can be used to alter the taste include: cranberries, blue berries, orange juice, water melon, and apples. In most cases its only fruits that are used to reinvent the taste. An example of a reinvented recipe includes:

Apple jack Moscow mule


  • Ginger beer
  • 2 oz. Vodka
  • 2oz apple cider
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Ice cubes
  • Lime wedge
  • Apple slice


  • Start by pouring vodka, cider and lime juice into the copper mug and mix until it mixes well. Add ice cubes then put some cinnamon. After mixing well add the ginger beer to all the way up. Garnish with lime wedge and apple slice and enjoy the drink.

Advanced Mixology 16-Ounce Set of 2 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

This is one of the best Moscow mule mugs that was well articulated to give its users value for money. Some of the reasons why you should go for this cup include:

Quality material: They have been made using 100% copper to make sure that one gets value for their money. They are not like many copper cups that have been made from other materials and just coated with copper. Apart from the fact that they have been made purely by copper, they are light weight with every mug weighing a maximum of half a pound. They undergo quality checks to make sure there is no compromise in quality.

Customer satisfaction: To ensure full customer satisfaction, a lifetime warranty is given upon purchase of this copper cup. 100% refund guarantee is given in case a customer is not satisfied with the product at any point.

Master craftsmen: We make sure that our craftsmen are well skilled to make sure that there is no compromise in quality. Our craftsmen have undergone a training of up to ten years and a single mug takes up to 72 hours to be completed to make sure it’s in its perfect shape.

Perfect Gift: Due to the reason that our mugs are of high quality and a lot of skill has been put in making it, it makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Not only is the mug beautiful but it also comes in a classy white gift box, with 2 wooden coasters that are made of beautiful wood grain.

Originality: The Moscow mule mug has been made to be the same exact size as the first mugs that were invented in the 1940s. The material is also the same and upon scrubbing it gives the original antique look.

Old Dutch 16-Ounce Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set

Old Dutch is well known to be an avid manufacturer of copper kitchenware. They were one of the first ones to make the original Old Dutch Moscow mule mug which was one of the best Moscow mule mugs. They are a very strong brand associated with Moscow mule mugs and this explains why there are many companies making counterfeits to try and match up with the brand.

Reasons why you should go for the Old Dutch Moscow mule mug include:

High quality make: It is made of high quality. The mug has a Smooth Finish, Nickel-Lined with a Cast Brass Handle. It has been coated to make sure that it does not tarnish and is able to last longer.

Free warranty: The product is guaranteed to be free from any manufacturing defects and incase of any, free replacements are guaranteed.

It is lightweight and easy to carry around: It has a weight capacity 16 oz. and is sold in Sets of 4. Original Moscow Mule mugs offer the performance and reliability that many other companies cannot match.

Cons of the Old Dutch Moscow Mule Mug:

  • Because of its originality and strong brand there are many counterfeits of the mug and thus one is advised to purchase from the company or amazon to avoid being a victim.

A29 Moscow Mule 100 % Solid Pure Copper Unlined Mug

This Moscow mule mug has been made with a touch of class. Some of the pros of the mug are:

Made of pure copper: Unlike other mugs that are lined with Nickel and loaded with other metals, the A29 mule cup is made of pure copper food grade. It has been carefully handcrafted to give customers what they deserve. The fact that they have many positive reviews shows how many people enjoy the mug.

Icy effect: The fact that it is made of pure copper means that the coldness will be locked in the mug by the metal and the lips will enjoy the cold sensation from the rim of the mug. The fact that it is made of pure copper means there is a chance of oxidation that may take place and hence it should be cleaned with a proper metal cleaner to make sure that it looks as good as new every time.

A touch of class: The fact that they are carefully made this adds a touch of class to them. They have a good sheen that will make them stand out in your kitchen or any setting. They are made with quality to make sure that they maintain their luster for long.

Cross Functionality: unlike other Moscow mule mugs that are only used for that purpose, this has been made to serve different functions. They can be used for many other cold alcoholic drinks and water as well. It has a smooth rim that makes sure there is comfort while taking the drink. With the 16oz size one can be confident of their drink not having any spills.

A gift upon purchase: Upon every purchase one gets a free copper shot glass that makes the drinking experience even better.


  • There are complains that some mugs are lined and the lining comes off with continuous use. There might be a chance that they were washed in the dishwasher or fake version of the mug was bought. Because of this reason it is advisable to purchase from A29 seller.

Set of 2 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs with Shot Glass

This was made by Willow and Everet and has been purely hammered to make sure that they are the best in the market. Some of the reasons why you should use the set of 2 Moscow mule copper mugs with shot glass are:

Purely handcrafted copper: There is some personalization that is attached in making the cups with pure copper sourced from India and used purely to handcraft the mugs. Willow and Everet had love for their kitchen and giving the bet and that is why they sourced copper from India to make sure that they are getting the real deal in order to give the real deal.

Free give away with every purchase: Who doesn’t love free give away and this is why there is a free give away of shot glass and an e book with every purchase. A copper shot glass that’s included makes measuring drinks a breeze and making the cocktails an easy process. The EBook contains recipes of Moscow mules and unique drink ideas which will make sure you have fun using the mug.

Chilling effect: The copper will provide a more chilling effect when used taking cold drinks as the metal will help heighten the coolness of the drink

Shiny effect: The mugs will make the kitchen to stand out since they are beautifully handcrafted. Because of this reason they make a perfect gift.

Morken Barware Moscow Mule Mugs – Each Mug 1/2 Pound in Weight – 100% Solid Copper – Hammered Finish – Set of 2 – 16oz

Morken mugs are handcrafted in India which is known to have well skilled copper artisans. Some of the reasons you should use the Morken Barware Moscow mule mugs are:

High quality: The mugs are made with a thick 22 gauge copper to give the cup a heavy feel and a large copper handle firm grip to make sure you enjoy your drink. It has a 100% copper concentration and a weight of over half a pound.

Craftsmanship: Morken barware Moscow Mule Mugs are carefully handmade in a 15 step process that takes 2 days. Because of this, you will never get two mugs which are the same. The attention to detail that has been given in making the mug, the large handle that it has and the beveled base makes the Morken mugs to be unmatched.

Classic gift option: Morken mugs have been carefully handcrafted in a process and this makes them unique and thus a good gift option. The fact that they are mostly bought as gift options, they come with an appealing packing of a well-designed gift box and includes history of the drink, a recipe and cleaning instructions They make perfect gift options for any function

Cons of the Morken Mugs

  • They are heavy and thus maybe an inconvenience for some people.

Moscow Mule Copper Mug Gift Set

The offers that come with the launch of this copper mug are not to be overlooked. Who wouldn’t love a good copper mug and a gift set alongside it? The gift set is also appealing and that’s why you shouldn’t overlook the gift. Some of other reasons why you should go for it include:

Purely handcrafted: They have been beautifully handcrafted in India using 100% copper. They have a brass handle that is carefully welded on the cup. It however has no bolts and piercings.

They are comfortable to use: They have a big capacity of 18 ounce to make sure one can carry enough drink without the worry of spillage. The cups are 3.5 inches wide and 3.5” high with a brass handle.

Authentic Brand: It is a well-known brand with a good reputation with a logo that has a drunken donkey.

The classy feel that comes with using it: It is ideal for those who like to drink at home but at the same time want the feel of being in a bar. The cute coasters give a luxury feel that will make one to enjoy their drink more.

It has a wood carrying paddle that has been professionally and is similar to a beer tasting set.

Cute coasters: The mug comes with well-made high quality branded coasters that are 3.5” wide and ¼” thick. The coasters are made to fit perfectly into compartmentalized storage case.