Top 8 Best Non-Stick Pans Without Teflon in 2022 – Consumer Reports

As a chef at home, there are some items that you simply cannot compromise on. The functionality of such kitchenware can make or break the ease with which you can make your daily meals. One such kitchenware item is the one that you would tend to use the most, of course, the pan. Whether you’re cooking some sunny-side-up eggs or some crepes, best non stick pan without Teflon is the way to go. 

Of course, the issue comes in when you have to find the best non stick pan without Teflon. There is no need to fret as we have made a list of the top 8 best non stick pan without Teflon in 2022 for you.

Top 8 Best Non Stick Pan Without Teflon in 2022




T-fal 2100086427 E93805

T-fal 2100086427 E93805

Bottom constructed using carbon steel

Ergonomic handle

Anti-wrap protection

Unique thermos spot technology

Single handle

Cuisinart 625-30D

Cuisinart 625-30D

Two loop handles made of stainless steel

12 inches

Unique thermos spot technology

Constructed using hard-anodized aluminium, titanium, and platinum

Comes with a lid

All-Clad E785S264

All-Clad E785S264

Constructed using hard aluminium

Single handle made of stainless steel

Works with gas and electric heat

Can handle up to 500 degrees of heat

10″ Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

10″ Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

The body is made using heavy gauge aluminium

Single handle coated with silicone

10 inches

GreenPan Lima 12

GreenPan Lima 12

12 inches

Coated with a healthy steel ceramic

Free of both PFOA and PFAS

Can handle temperatures up to 450 degrees

Comes with a glass lid

Single handle that does not heat up

Blue Diamond CC001597-001

Blue Diamond CC001597-001

Oven safe

Dishwasher safe

10 inches

Free of harmful toxins

Can handle temperatures up to 860 degrees

Shiny coating around the exterior

Carote 8 Inch Non-stick Frying Pan Skillet

Carote 8 Inch Non-stick Frying Pan Skillet

8 inches

Coated with a natural non stick substance

Single handle made of wood

Core constructed using aluminium

Can handle temperatures up to 350 degrees

Compatible with induction stove

PFOA free

Ozeri 12-Inch Stainless Steel

Ozeri 12-Inch Stainless Steel

12 inches

PFOA free

Scratch resistant coating

3 solid rivets at the base

Compatible with induction stoves

Buying Guide: Important Factors to Consider before Buying Best Non Stick Pan Without Teflon

In very rare cases are any products a one size fits all situation, and such is the case with a non stick pan without Teflon as well. Here are important factors that you must consider before you go into purchase your pan. 


Since your kitchenware and so, your pan, is something that will handle your food, safety should be the most important factor. While some non stick pans without Teflon have a surface that has been constructed using no harmful chemicals, others might still hold PFOA chemicals, which are harmful. So, be sure to take a look at the manufacturing process and keep an eye out for harmful chemicals before purchasing the pan. 


For superior performance, construction is incredibly important. So, before purchasing your top pan choice, make sure that it features a minimum of 5-ply metal cladding. This means that the pan will be able to provide superior performance for a longer period of time due to all of the metal layers. If your non stick pan is not cladded, it could lead to a lower lifespan of the pan and even an uneven distribution of heat. 


Every home chef leads different lives, which is why it is incredibly important for you to check whether or not the capabilities of your top pick align with your lifestyle. This means ensuring whether the pan is oven safe, dishwasher safe, or even induction safe. 


This comes as no surprise that one of the most important factors to consider before purchase a pan is the price itself. While non stick pans without Teflon with a low price point certainly look very enticing, it is important to ensure that they offer value as well.

So, be sure to set a budget and find the best possible non stick pan without Teflon that provides real value of functionality and features. This way, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Top 8 Best Non Stick Pan Without Teflon In 2022 (Reviews)

T-fal 2100086427 E93805 - Best Overall

The T-fal non stick pan has been made using materials that are non stick and completely free of Teflon. The pan itself follows an ergonomic and well-functioning design. The T-fal is completely safe to use, easy to hold due to the ergonomic design and prevents you from burning your hands.

Its bottom is constructed of carbon steel, which makes this pan incredibly durable and keeps the bottom away from wear and tear. This also allows for the heat to be distributed evenly amongst the surface, and we all know how important that is when cooking. It also features anti-wrap protection and is completely safe to wash within the dishwasher and place within an oven

It comes with a lifetime warranty and can be used for any and all types of cooking methods, whether they involve the oven, the stove, or even an induction. However, be sure to avoid using hard detergents in order to wash and only use utensils made of non stick materials while using this pan. 


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • The material allows for equal distribution of heat
  • Dishwasher, oven, and induction safe


  • It isn’t suitable for high temperatures

Cuisinart 625-30D

This non stick pan without Teflon will surely come in handy as it is incredibly versatile and easy to use by all levels of home chefs. The Cuisinart features an incredibly ergonomic design, and instead of a single handle, it features two handle loops that are constructed using stainless steel.

Just like the top pick, this one too comes with Unique thermos spot technology, which allows for an even distribution of heat and is equivalent to twelve inches. This non stick pan is incredibly robust and sturdy as its body is constructed using hard-anodized aluminum, titanium, as well as platinum.

To allow for several cooking techniques to be used, this pan comes with a glass-like lid with a handle made of stainless steel. This prevents the handle of the lid from heating up. It is a great non stick pan option; however, be sure to not use high temperatures.


  • Handles made of stainless steel
  • Even distribution of heat
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
  • Durable
  • Sturdy


  • It is susceptible to damage if soaked in water for extended time periods
  • Avoid using high temperatures

All-Clad E785S264

This modern non stick pan without Teflon features an overall low profile when it comes to its shape and a great value on functionality. The All-Clad non stick pan is constructed using hard aluminum, which allows it to be incredibly sturdy and durable for a long period of time.

It is specifically known for its incredibly even distribution of heat, which allows a chef of any level, novice or advanced, to feel at ease when cooking. This pan comes with a sturdy single handle, which has been constructed using stainless steel.

This provides you with a sturdy grip. The great thing is that this non stick pan has not been constructed using any type of harmful chemicals. The All-Clad pan can be fitted with ease on any heat, gas heat, or electric. Unlike other non stick pans without Teflon that can’t handle high temperatures, this one certainly can, that too, up to 500 degrees.


  • Free of any and all harmful chemicals
  • Compatible with electric and gas heat
  • Even distribution of heat
  • It can handle high temperatures, unlike other non stick pans without Teflon


  • Avoid using with utensils that aren’t made of non stick materials
  • Handle does not have a silicone coating

10″ Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

This is not only a great non stick pan without Teflon that has great functionality, but it is also known for its aesthetically pleasing design. Manufactured in Germany, you know that this pan means business. It is not only unique but also eco-friendly.

The body of the pan is constructed using a robust material known as heavy gauge aluminum, which ensures long-lasting durability. It features a single handle, which has been coated with silicone, not for just a great design but to ensure that the handle does not heat up and burn your hand.

Be sure to avoid using this non stick pan with utensils that are not constructed using non stick materials as it can take away from the functionality.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Handle coated with silicone
  • Affordable price point


  • Be sure to avoid dishwashing liquids with strong chemicals

GreenPan Lima 12″

Another one of the best non stick pans without Teflon, you can’t go wrong with the GreepPan Lima as it ranks high on the security factor. It is equivalent to twelve inches and can reduce cooking time due to its retention of heat.

Apart from being free of Teflon as well as any other harmful chemicals, the surface of this pan has been coated with a healthy steel ceramic. It is incredibly easy to use as well as easy to wash and keep clean, which makes it great for home chefs looking for a good non stick pan. It is a pan that can be washed by hand, which signifies that it is free of both PFOA and PFAS.

This means that during the cooking process, no material used in the manufacturing process will release any sort of harmful bacteria. Even if the pan overheats, the surface slows down the burning process, which is ideal for home chefs who love to multi-task.

The GreenPan Lima is able to handle temperatures that go as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The pan also comes with a lid made of glass, which allows for versatility in the cooking methods that you use, and the glass lid allows you to keep an eye on your meal without having to remove the lid.

The design also features an ergonomic handle, which will provide you with a sturdy grip. The great thing is that the handle does not heat up during the cooking process, which prevents any accidents in the kitchen. 


  • Free of any harmful chemicals and does not release any harmful bacteria
  • Ceramic coating, which allows for an even distribution of heat
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The handle doesn’t heat up
  • Can handle high temperatures


  • Must be washed by hand

Blue Diamond CC001597-001

The Blue Diamond non stick pan without Teflon is a great option to have in any kitchen. It has great versatility as well as functionality and allows you to use a plethora of different cooking methods.

In fact, you can use it for baking a cake, which means that it is oven safe. It is equivalent to ten inches, which is a great size, and it can hold a significant amount of food for cooking yet not be so heavy so as to overwhelm the user.

It is free of not only Teflon but also other harmful chemicals that could potentially release harmful toxins during the cooking process. The great thing about this non stick pan is that, unlike other non stick pans that can handle either low temperatures or temperatures up to 500 degrees, the Blue Diamond non stick pan has the capacity to cook with temperatures that go as high as 860 degrees.

This pan features a shiny coating all around the exterior, which gives it a sleek look. It is also known for its impeccable distribution of heat, which can be retained for a long time provided that you do not use any steel utensils while using this non stick pan.

For all those looking for a non stick pan that is dishwasher safe, well, you’ve found it, which makes it incredibly easy to clean. This pan truly has a performance that is long-lasting.


  • Oven, dishwasher, and induction safe
  • Great size and lightweight
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Durable
  • Sleek look
  • Can handle high temperatures


  • Avoid washing with strong chemicals
  • Avoid using non stick utensils with this pan for long-lasting performance

Carote 8 Inch Non-stick Frying Pan Skillet

This non stick pan is one of a kind as it comes with a non stick coating that is natural due to the use of natural stone. This means that the manufacturing process has been kept incredibly organic, and it is free of harmful chemicals and materials.

However, you won’t ever have to worry about the functionality or durability of this non stick pan as its core has been constructed using aluminum, which makes it incredibly sturdy. The surface of the pan can be cleaned easily.

The Carote features an ergonomic design with a single handle. To prevent the handle from heating up and causing any burning incidents, the handle has been constructed using wood. This non stick pan has the capacity to handle temperatures that go up to 350 degrees. It is known for high quality and long-lasting performance as the handle is sturdy, the pan is compatible with induction stoves, and you won’t have to worry about the color fading away.

Due to the compatibility with high temperatures and the use of natural stone combined with aluminum, you can also use this non stick pan for baking. Not to mention that it is also eco-friendly.


  • Free of PFOA
  • Natural non stick coating
  • Compatible with all types of stoves
  • Sturdy
  • The handle does not heat up
  • It can be used for baking


  • If the temperature passes 350 degrees, it can cause serious damage to the performance of this pan

Ozeri 12-Inch Stainless Steel

This non stick pan is a great option as not only is its performance long-lasting, but it is also free from PFOA. The coating used for this non stick pan is known to be scratch resistant, which significantly slows down the wear and tear process. The Ozeri is known to be incredibly easy to clean.

The design of this non stick pan without Teflon is quite unique yet great for functionality as it features three different solid rivets placed at the base. This allows for this pan to not only evenly but also rapidly distribute heat. It is also compatible with all types of stoves, that are, heat, electric, or induction.


  • Affordable
  • PFOA free
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Compatible with all stove types


  • The coating can be damaged if washed with strong chemicals


Of course, the world of pans and non stick pans at that is quite extensive. There is no need to fret; here are some frequently asked questions that will help provide clarity on any issue you might be facing. 

Are there any non stick pans that still use Teflon?

Most of the non stick pans that you will find on the market come with a coating of polytetrafluoroethylene, which is known as Teflon. So, there are an ample amount of non stick pans that do still use Teflon.

However, as people become more aware of the dangers of harmful materials used in their kitchenware, manufacturers are now moving away from using Teflon. So, you can easily find non stick pans that don’t have a Teflon coating and are PFOA free.

Which non stick coating is the safest one?

There are a variety of non stick coatings used for pans. Of course, it entirely depends on the manufacturer of the pan itself. The three most safe non stick coatings are known to be ceramic coatings, a coating of Hard-Anodized Aluminum, and a silicone coating. 

What are the dangers of using a non stick pan that come with a Teflon coating? 

Research dictates that the use of Teflon in your pan can induce symptoms that are much like the flu. This happens when you inhale the fumes that are released when a pan coated with Teflon overheats. Apart from that, no other health risks have been found. 

Is it safe to use non stick pans?

After much concern was raised by various health agencies regarding the existence of PFOA in non stick pans, manufacturers have since then moved away from using such compounds. This is why any non stick pan that is free of PFOA is completely safe to use at home, provided that you stay within the heat capacity of the non stick pan, which is, in most cases, 300 degrees. 

Should I discard my non stick pan with a Teflon coating?

If your said pan has been scratched up, this can be a huge issue as the Teflon coating can then flake its way into the meals that you are cooking on a daily basis. The scratches on the pan will also make it much more sticky.

In fact, this entire scenario can lead to a release of toxins. This is why, if you have a non stick pan with a Teflon coating that is scratched up, be sure to throw it out.

Final Words

There is no doubt that a non stick pan without Teflon is the best type of pan that you have in your arsenal. Not only does it allow for great versatility and ease during the cooking process, but it provides you with something irreplaceable; health.

A non stick pan without Teflon is one of the safest pans that you can use as it is free of PFOA, which prevents from the possibility of any harmful chemicals releasing from the Teflon coating. This allows you to protect not only yourself but also the loved ones that you are cooking for from experiencing health issues.

Not to mention that all the while, you will be using a kitchenware item that is easy to use, easy to clean, long-lasting, and has great performance. What more could one want. As for the best non stick pan without Teflon, our top choice is the T-fal 2100086427 E93805.