Best Olive Pitter Reviews

What makes you think the olive oil you purchase is authentic? We all know the standard is degrading with each passing day. Now is the time to take matters into your hands.

Crushing the pit out of every olive is exhausting. For that reason, we deliver comprehensive knowledge on the best olive pitter accessible. Our sole purpose is to serve all the crucial information for your convenience.

In fact, there is no doubt you are already familiar with the benefits of this kitchen tool. On top of that, if you acquire a premium quality model, then that’s just the icing on the cake.

Top 10 Best Olive Pitter Reviews

What can we say? Olive pitters are vastly available in numerous ergonomic designs. However, finding the right needle in the hay can get tedious. Therefore, to reduce your troubles, we bring you the prime choices obtainable.

1. OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

It is such a hassle to remove a fruit pit with a defective tool. You will literally have blood-like juice all over your hands. Besides, considering the circumstance, this unique user-friendly tool incorporates a shielding mechanism to prevent just that.

We are exceptionally proud to introduce this olive pitter’s robust composition. If anything, zinc casting is relatively more potent than other metal alloys. For that, you will attain higher strength for rapid performance.

Regarding users’ comfort, we can guarantee you a controlled grip that eliminates tension from your wrist. You may have problems while fitting the large-sized olive inside your current product. Avoiding such situations is dire for an easy and convenient approach.

Nevertheless, this option takes care of your worries through the substantial holder. As per our experience, the removable plastic covering diminishes cleaning issues. You can securely store your tool because it seals close. Once you hold this oxo olive pitter, you will know the arced transfix ergonomically moves for swift removal.


  • Quick and hassle-free seed removal
  • Strong zinc construction material
  • Sufficient area for holding fruit
  • Prevents juice splatter
  • User-friendly cleaning process


  • Flimsy construction prone to breakage
  • Not ideal for small olive

2. Westmark Cherry Stoner “Kernex”

Are you preparing to preserve fresh cherries and enjoy their delicious outcome for months to come? Cherries are small, and extracting the seeds can get monotonous. Hence, for quick and easy uprooting, you require a sturdy product.

As a matter of fact, the aluminum construction is resilient and firm and exhibits resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, the powdered layer on the tool’s surface accounts for a leisurely cleaning procedure. Even more so, you can effortlessly dismantle this product’s form to clean the areas not visible to your eyes.

We noticed the dishwasher-safe tag in this option. As a result, you can throw your concerns regarding the damage retained due to prolonged exposure to hot water. Uncompromising durability is the basis of this olive pitting machine. And to top that all off, the lightweight structure is undeniably beneficial during execution.

At any rate, this 1.6-ounces compact kitchen tool assures you with pleasant handling without the possibility of slipping. Most proficiently, we were able to remove the pit without damaging the fruit’s fleshy part. So now we know you can do it too.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Firm and solid aluminum construction
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Smooth pit extraction
  • Formation dismantles easily


  • It does not accommodate large olives
  • Slippery handle

3. Prepworks by Progressive Cherry Pitter

Don’t you want an olive pitter that is compatible with your kitchen, providing the area with some aesthetic? Then this is your ultimate choice. The beautiful and transparent design gives you the vision of the pit-removing process occurring inside the product.

On the other hand, unlike any other options, a particular attribute of this best cherry olive pitter stands out the most. In fact, this feature can quickly drive you to make an immediate purchase. It turns out; the pitter consists of six slots to simultaneously extract the seeds out of the olives or cherries.

The entire structure is mostly plastic; however, the sharp zinc spikes speedily get rid of the fruit’s stone. Each tip penetrates the fruit with adequate pressure. And the support on which the fruit stands have slip-resistant properties.

With a steady pitter, you will draw out the seeds immaculately. Subsequently, with the sealed-off and detachable base assembly, you can make sure to collect the olive core without splashing the juice around your kitchen table.


  • Accommodates six fruits at once
  • Easily disassembles
  • Anti-slip base
  • Effortless removal by zinc spikes
  • Swift execution performance


  • Requires proper positioning of olives
  • Fragile locking mechanism

4. ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter Stoner

Versatility is a major aspect of an olive pit remover. If you cannot remove seeds from both small and large fruits, then why do you still own that product? This exceptional model lets you extract all shapes of pits. Discrimination between shapes and sizes is clearly an offense.

Regarding this option, the ergonomic handle is by far the most superior inclusion among all models. We could extract the pits using only one hand. And that says a lot about this selection.

Consequently, pitting olive or cherries is a task that needs extra caution. This carefulness is necessary if you do not want your cherries bruised. From the perspective of endurance, the zinc alloy’s industrial-strength integrated within the tool ensures maximum toughness.

The anti-corrosive properties in the construction material inhibit rust formation. Additionally, dishwashing is not always the right form of cleaning for few items. Nevertheless, this particular kitchen tool does not sustain discoloration or blemishes on its surface.


  • It does not bruise the fruits
  • Rust resistance construction material
  • Simple cleaning while dishwashing
  • It allows pitting of all fruit sizes
  • Sturdy and durable composition


  • Rivet become unsteady overtime
  • A little messy while cleaning

5. Westmark Olive Pitter/Stoner

Simplicity is a great virtue. This virtue is not limited to a singular person; it’s also applicable to tools, especially this olive pitter in question. You can always use a knife to extract seeds. Then why do we use this kitchen equipment? In simple terms, you need this product for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The building material’s uniqueness of this lightweight option went through the roof. In any event, aluminum is, by a significant margin, a cost-effective yet durable choice. Not only does aluminum give this heavy-duty olive pitter resistance to corrosion, but it also provides abrasion-proof qualities.

Sometimes, if you press down on your tool with maximum pressure, even then, the product does not budge, and the pit remains intact. Primarily, this phenomenon significantly reduces productivity.

For that reason, the spring’s inclusion in the framework provides suitable elasticity and flexibility while pitting olives. We can assure you about one crucial aspect, which is the dishwashing safety issue. Cleaning is straightforward and effortless with this option.


  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Powerful performance due to aluminum
  • It includes spring for convenience
  • User-friendly cleaning method
  • Resistance to corrosion


  • The spring is rigid
  • May break the seed

6. Cherry Pitter Olive and Cherry Pitting Tool

Cherries and olives have so many uses. You can never go wrong with these two food items. We can guarantee, you have a bottle of jam or olive oil, or maybe a cherry pie inside your refrigerator. Thereby, we all need a superior pitter in our kitchen.

This specific option provides a range of features you cannot refuse. Messy outcomes are only avoidable through high-quality kitchen tools. The comfortable design of this product prevents the splattering of fruit bits and juices in every direction.

You can simply clutch the mechanical olive pitter using one hand and gently press down for easy seed removal with no force necessary. Overall, this sole factor increases efficiency and rules out any strain or fatigue on the wrist.

Are you scared of swallowing fruit stones just as we are? It is not unusual to choke on cherry pits. This durable and robust tool takes care of such trivial issues. For good measure, the lightweight frame and ABS handle supply higher strength and satisfaction.


  • No mess in the kitchen area
  • Peaceful pitting functionality
  • Long-lasting ability
  • Prevents hand fatigue
  • It weighs significantly low


  • Shatters the seed during extraction
  • Tough to contain large olives

7. Portable Cherry Core Remover Olive Pitter

While there is no doubt, you can get rid of the olive seeds with almost every pitter. However, we can give assurance; this option offers a more fantastic outcome. Fundamentally, we noticed the spoon-like shape that allows you to scoop olives single-handedly.

Besides, the best rated olive pitter is certainly the one that does not wreck your kitchen. And this pitter’s design enables just that. Among other things, this particular premium kitchen tool highlights top-of-the-line construction elements of ABS and food compatible silicone.

As a result, durability is never a concern for the olive pitter. We can guarantee optimal usability as this model permits you to directly throw the pit inside the waste bowl leaving only the good part behind. If you are pitting cherries, then this feature will keep your counter spotless and intact.

On top of that, this option provides absolute fatigue-free operation. The small and compact design calls attention to improved maneuverability. As a matter of fact, you can securely lock the pitter for convenient storage.


  • Spotless and juice-free kitchen space
  • Ergonomic shape for proper scooping
  • It includes food-grade silicone
  • Enhanced user-friendliness
  • Easy lock mechanism


  • Spills from the cherry holder
  • Not convenient for large olives

8. Easy Kitchen Tool Cherry Pitter And Olive Pitter

Don’t you hate it when your try to remove the core of olive but instead destroy the fruit into a pulpy mass? For any Olive pitter tool, this aspect is the most important; however, many manufacturers neglect it without processing the consequences.

In fact, this long-lasting product incorporates an ergonomic design, which gives you the liberty to enjoy your free time instead of cleaning. The framework inside the olive holder allows you to place the fruit suitably. Afterward, you will witness a plain-sailing pitting technique.

When you hold onto this pitter, you will notice how lightweight it is and how you can force out the olive core without much effort. Most importantly, the one-handed operation feature of this option is remarkably handy.

Seeds are hazardous to children, and some kids do not like to eat mushy cherries. Hence, this top-grade tool meets both your demands with the added benefit of simple washing. Plus, the extended length ensures smooth scooping and prevents splashing of juice. And the pit goes straight into the container.


  • It ensures durability
  • Convenient design inside the cherry holder
  • It allows one-handed functionality
  • Uncomplicated cleaning process
  • Prevents destroying fruits


  • Not suitable to pit olives
  • A little messy

9. YEVIOR Cherry Pitter Tool

There is a high demand for pitters that enable users to extract small olive-like fruit’s core and dates, grips, and thorn apple. This particular product in question ensures just that with multiple top-notch features that you cannot say no to.

High quality and resilience come from the composition elements. You can purchase this olive core remover without any concern due to its inclusion of food-grade silicone structure material and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene handle material.

Consequently, we efficiently carried around the commercial olive pitter because of its sheer weight. If anything, the comfort zone during handling is exceptionally vital. And for that, this model embodies an anti-skid grip for smooth extraction of olive stones. The prolonged length of covering restricts wet splashes on the counter.

You can single-handedly remove the seeds with soft squeezes to avoid hand fatigue. Besides, you will notice a small locking mechanism at the pitter’s bottom, which allows you to lock the device when not in use.


  • Single-handed operation
  • It allows removing large and small seeds
  • High-end building materials
  • An anti-skid system in the handle
  • Effortless locking and unlocking design


  • Too flimsy for olive pits
  • Juices may splash

10. Norpro Deluxe Cherry and Olive Corer

Are you looking for a stylish kitchen tool that compliments your equally sophisticated interior? Then this is your product. We kept the best for last, and the European scissor-like design speaks volumes for this one.

The handle’s rings enable you to hold the tool with sheer support and comfort. As a result, you will have more control while removing olive cores. Indubitably, a structure’s sturdiness depends upon the building blocks. For this reason, the makers integrate well-built and tough plastic configuration.

Even more crucial is the cleaning method, and unlike some options, this olive pitter is not susceptible to damage during washing. We can imagine how annoying it is to see kitchen tools’ degradation, as they are not dishwashing safe.

You can rapidly extract the pits with mild force, and because of this, hand exhaustion is not up for discussion. Similarly, the 2.4-ounces lightweight formation makes transferring the object undemanding and straightforward. In case you travel frequently, do not forget to take this competent tool with you.


  • Unique shape and style
  • It highlights the dishwasher-safe label
  • Lightweight formation for swift portability
  • Formidable durability of construction material
  • Large holder ring for convenience


  • Plastic structure prone to bending
  • Poor construction

Things To Consider Before Buying Olive Pitter

There are so many pit stoners available. And the hassle is real when it comes to finding an appropriate option. You can always go wrong. For that, maintaining an excessively cautious approach and learning about the crucial features is highly important. So let’s get started with the most indispensable guide. Construction Material

Without a doubt, you are not looking for a flimsy product. You may have had the experience of purchasing an olive pitter that snapped during initial use. One thing, which you need to be careful about, is the building material.

All of us are aware that plastic is widely used for olive pitters. However, we all know that plastic is affordable but not durable. Therefore, if you are on a budget and looking for a cheap purchase, then go for it.

Nevertheless, other options are also vastly available. The countless manufacturing company incorporates metal alloys in the construction material. This inclusion increases the industrial-strength of the kitchen tool and prevents the structure from coming apart.

Types of Olive Pitter

There are two significant kinds of olive pitters accessible to you. Both of them have their individual benefits. Hence, in the end, it falls upon you to decide which one you want.

  • Countertop Tool

This particular choice allows you to place the olive pitter on your kitchen counter and operate accordingly. You can simply apply force on the handle to get your desired outcome. Most importantly, these types of pitter comprise designs that enable multiple pit extraction at once.

  • Handheld

On the other hand, a lot of handheld device allows you to perform a single-handed operation. Almost all of them mimic the form of a stapler. In fact, these types are the most available options.


You will find plenty of choices that dismantles for quick and easy cleaning. However, make sure to buy the olive pitter that disassembles as rapidly as it assembles.

Another aspect is the dishwasher safety feature. It is our job to ensure the pitter we own permits a trouble-free washing method.

Who Invented The Olive Pitter?

Paul D. Cook was the inventor of olive pitter back in the 1920s. In fact, starting from the invention of antique olive pitter to this tool’s modern-day creation, it goes without saying that this fruit core remover is a gift to humanity.

Who invented the olive pitter

Why Do You Need Olive Pitter?

There are many uses of an olive pitter. Furthermore, to tell you the truth, the rewards are downright efficient and effective. For example, if you are pitting an olive, which ensures drawing out the final product, you can extract the mixture of olives’ salty and briny taste for cooking purposes.

Moreover, you require a pitter if you plan to make homemade olive oil. Subsequently, olive pitters can also remove the seeds out of cherries and other small fruits. Hence, if you intend to make jam and cherry pie, get a high-quality kitchen tool.

Why do you need olive pitter

How Does An Olive Pitter Work?

Depending on what type of device you purchase, the functionality will differ. For instance, you are using a handheld olive pitter; all you have to do is clutch onto the stapler-like handle with one hand and press down with considerable force to extract the pit.

Most handheld tools have a plastic cover to protect your area from spilling. Keep a bowl for pit collection, and then it will get discarded straight into the container.

For a tabletop olive pitter, you can place the tool on your kitchen counter and position multiple cherries, depending on the allocated space. You can press the top part down to collect the pits on the base in one easy motion. This phenomenon ensures rapid and easy execution at all times. For more information click here.

How does an olive pitter work

Final Word

We hope some of you are already on the run to purchase the best olive pitter among all the options we brought about in this guide. Our motive is to make sure you do not fall prey to the drawbacks of an unsuitable kitchen tool. Let’s wish that we were successful.

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