6 Best Orca Coolers


In this article we are going to thoroughly review the 6 best Orca coolers we hand picked for you, after searching through the breadth and depth of the cooler market. Before we venture forth to the reviews, however, we are going to give you plenty of reason on why you might want to invest in an outdoor cooler, no matter your trip destination. If you are still holding any doubts, we will make sure to address them and banish any second thoughts you may have.

Next, we are going to give you a clear answer to your natural question, “Why should I buy an Orca cooler instead of another brand?”. We are certain that you will discover, much like we did, that Orca coolers really are the coolest – and they do in fact crush their competition, leaving them miles behind, gasping for air.

Why you need an outdoor cooler

If you have ever been on an extended trip without a cooler you will have surely faced the following problem: Warm food, drinks and beverages that are not only less refreshing than you would have liked but also, are prone to rot. Can you imagine yourself bathing in the sun’s hot embrace without a chilly drink to accompany you? Can you imagine being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of your trip destination stress free, without first having your food safely refrigerated and protected?

Failing to bring a cooler with you leads to all sorts of uncomfortable situations – whether you plan to go to the beach, the mountains, a lake or the woods. To fully experience and enjoy your outdoor journey you must have a way to refrigerate your food rations and drinks.

You see, refrigeration slows bacterial growth. And unfortunately, bacteria exist everywhere. If they find the right conditions – nutrients, moisture and appropriate temperatures – they will grow exponentially and cause illness and disease. By employing a cooler you can prevent such issues from happening in the first place, as high quality coolers are designed with the technology to refrigerate your food all day long.

In conclusion, an outdoor cooler will simultaneously safeguard your health and keep bacteria and rot away from your food and simultaneously allow you to be mentally relaxed and worry free, capable of fully enjoying the scenery, as you will know your favorite snacks and drinks are not going to lead to extended, painful visits to the nearest toilet.

Enter Orca Coolers

Even though the brand name Orca might bring images of the majestic killer whales in your head, Orca Coolers is a completely unrelated but no less majestic company. Orca stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America. Since its first inception, the highly imaginative company has manufactured a plethora of products for all outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and anglers and is completely dedicated to improving their experience in all ways possible.

Orca coolers are made for durability, fully capable of withstanding the stresses, rigors and wears of a rugged outdoor environment, completely viable for both novices and professionals, often going way beyond and exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Moreover, it is important to make mention of Orca Cooler’s activity in a great number of ethical causes, like their giving to conservation groups, wounded warrior programs and breast cancer research. A company that is willing to stand and support such causes is obviously in the game for reasons extending far beyond the narrow – yet unfortunately, all too common – goal of maximizing their profits, and operates under ethical and moral principles.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers

Now that we have established that Orca Coolers is a leading company in the outdoor cooler industry and that they operate under moral and ethical principles, it is time to make a direct comparison with one of their chief competitors, Yeti Coolers. After all, Orca Coolers might be all nice and great, but what qualities and features of their products really do set them apart from their competition?

Both companies have coolers of a variety of different sizes, that can easily accomodate most people’s needs. We find that with the Orca line, what they say is exactly what you are going to get. For example, when Orca says you get a 140 quarts cooler, you will indeed have 140 quarts of usable and measurable space in said cooler – which, unfortunately, is not always the case with Yeti coolers. That being said, Yeti does have coolers that are larger than those of Orca – specifically, the coolers of their Tundra line.

When it comes to ice and cold retention, we have found that Orca products trump their respective Yeti counterparts. Evidently, Orca coolers are fully capable of maintaining the temperature of their sidewall and contents at a temperature of roughly 40 degrees Fahreinheit – even after four days of use. Meanwhile, according to some customers, Yeti coolers, after only three days of use had significant portions of their ice melted.

Finally, when it comes to security – which is a necessity when camping in crowded areas – we were pleased to find that both brands perform adequately, allowing enough room to safely place two locks at their front corners.

At the end of the day, even though Yeti products are indeed of premium quality compared to most coolers, they do seem to fall short when compared to Orca Coolers. Both brands will do their job well enough, but Orca coolers have a distinct advantage in ice and cold retention. Moreover, they are less expensive in terms of price per quart and they do have a wider variety in their colors – which, for the style conscious customer, is always an upside.

6 Best Orca Coolers

Even Orca Coolers cooler products are universally elite in their performance and quality, they do vary significantly in design as well as their size. Below, we will present you a variety of different sizes – you can calibrate that according to your own, individual needs – and different designs that we found were rich and pleasing to the eye. Moreover, we also added a backpack cooler in our list along with a small size podster cooler for extra variety and diversity – thus ensuring we will have something that addresses your own, specific situation.

Orca 40 Quart Cooler

Much like all Orca Coolers products, this cooler is all American-made, sourced with 100% American materials. It is made to wisthstand everything nature can throw at it – and a little more than that. This 40-quart cooler weighs 24 pounds, and is 36 X 19 X 17 inches in size. It is capable of holding up to 50 lbs of ice – while maintaining long term maximum ice and cold retention. According to many customers, the cooler is fully capable of retaining ice even after a week of use – which is ideal for those planning to go on extended trips and excursions. This is due to the cooler’s lid gasket, that perfectly seals the cooler completely and protects anything inside from rot or spoiling.

The product sports flex grip handles to ensure portaging it is as comfortable as possible, and there is also a cargo net attach
ment included in case you need some added storage.  Like we mentioned earlier in this article, a portion of each purchase gets donated to charity, so there is that as well.

Moreover, like all other Orca coolers, this product has a lifetime warranty. If you are still holding any doubts, the cooler currently has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, after having been reviewed by 94 different, independent customers. What is not to like?

Orca, Tan, 58 Quart

This one is a tad bit larger than our previous cooler, thus, you might lean towards this size if you are interested in transfering and freezing larger portions on your outdoor trips. Again, the cooler has premium quality insulation that will ensure anything you put in it will remained appropriately chilled and iced, staying fresh for days. There are two padded carrying handles that make transfer of the cooler a piece of cake – and they are there for good reason, as the item weighs 34 pounds by itself and 20 X 21 X 36 inches in dimension. The cooler is also outfitted with an easy flow drainage spout.

Much like all other Orca Coolers, a portion of your money will be donated to good causes, so keep that in mind when trying to make up your mind on what you are willing to spend. 

You cannot go wrong with this cooler, honestly. As long as the size is appropriate for you, then this is an excellent purchase that will accompany you on all your future trips. And never forget: It comes with a highly assuring lifetime guarantee.

Pink Orca Cooler

We chose this Orca Cooler specifically for its color. Pink is a color that is closely associated with breast cancer awareness – a really important topic we should all try to spread the word of, in any way we can. Thus, if you are planning to go on a camping trip in crowded areas, do consider getting a pink cooler – you will enjoy Orca Cooler’s top notch quality and you will also hopefully find an opportunity to spread some much needed information on breast cancer.

Pink Orca Coolers come in a variety of sizes – for the purposes of this article, we went with a 26 quart sized one. It passed our test with flyin colors: It was capable of fully maintaining its chilly temperature for more than a week – retaining the ice completely, and keeping our beverages and food as fresh as the day we first put them inside the cooler. This cooler is roto-molded in America, by American workers – say goodbye to American unemployment. It is sized at 14.8 X 17.5 X 23.8 inches and weighs 22 pounds – thus, it is very easy to handle and move around. Moreover, Orca Coolers has added extremely comfortable flex grip handles on the cooler’s sides and the usual cargo net attachment that enables added storage.

As always, a portion of the company’s earnings go towards charity purposes, so by buying their products you are actively fighting the good fight. Moreover, like all other Orca coolers, pink orca coolers come with a lifetime warranty.

Pod 28.5 Quart Cooler Backpack

Here is where things get really interesting. Orca Coolers has created a completely portable cooler in the form of a backpack. You read it right: This is completely portable, you can carry it on your back exactly like you would a normal backpack. It is definitely the most convenient product on our list, and will allow you to comfortably move around your cold refreshments and food from one location to the next – and be styling while at it, as it looks really nice.

The backpack cooler has an internal capacity of 28.5 quarts – but only weighs 6.6 pounds, with the products dimensions being 18 X 11 X 18 inches. As you can tell, you can carry quite large quantities on the backpack, as it is quite spacious without the extra weight burden of a typical cooler, due to how naturally lightweight the backpack is.

The backpack’s interior feels very durable and sturdy and is really easy to clean up. Despite having a distinct look and a very defined shape, this soft cooler will maintain its flexibility – it is also really easy to use, as there is nothing to pry apart, nor any digging around. You just open it up from the top and reach inside for what you want.

The backpack’s insulation is quite the sight to see. While certainly of less quality than other, dedicated and stable Orca Coolers’ products you will still be very impressed by its cold and ice retention capacity. You need not worry at all. This portable cooler will get you through your trip safely, guaranteed.

 The only real downside we can identify with the backpack – which Orca Coolers does not hesitate to point out – is its zipper. According to the manufacturers themselves, the zipper has to be pulled carefully, stress free and straight without any torque. As long as you make a small mental note of this little quirk, this backpack will assuredly surpass any expectations you might have of it.

Orca Podster

Orca Podster

Building up on the direction our previous listed item went towards to, we present you the Orca seafoam colored podster, an even smaller portable backpack cooler variant. This one weighs only 4 pounds – a laughable weight – and is sized at 14 X 9 X 15 inches. Now, what needs to be stressed is that this product is designed for people who want to maximize their mobility. It can carry enough quantities for a single person but it will naturally do a full family no good in their trips, due to its small size. Thus, this is ideal for lone wolves and wanderers.

The podster’s padded shoulder straps will allow you to comfortabl
y wear and carry it around like a normal backpack with minimum discomfort – if any. The podster features a Molle webbing sewn into its outer walls to give you a little bit of extra storage. The podster’s zipper is somewhat difficult at first, but after you lubricate it a few times it will loosen up nicely so you should expect no problems with it.

The products insulation is comparablel to the previous backpack we reviewed in our list: Definitely worth its money, but not quite as good as a normal, stable cooler. You should not expect the podster to keep your beverages iced for weeks.

A smaller size warrants a smaller cost.  It comes, also, with a 3 year-warranty. This should give a hint about the products durability: Unlike other Orca Cooler items, the warranty is not for a lifetime.

All in all, due to its smaller size – and obviously smaller holding capacity – as well as its lesser warranty, this might be less suitable for most compared to other Orca Coolers items. That being said, we firmly believe it is an excellent purchase for people who enjoy short solitary trips and are in need of a relatively budget, and extremely flexible portable cooler.

Orca Green 140 Quart Cooler with a Multicam Camo Hydro Dipped Lid

Orca Green 140 Quart Cooler with a Multicam Camo Hydro Dipped Lid

For our final listed item, we wanted to create as much contrast as we could with our previous entry. If the Orca podster was the epitome of small sized, portable coolers then this 140 quart cooler must be the king, the emperor of large sized coolers. Extremely durable and roto-molded construction, this product will allow you to store food and drinks for the whole family – and maybe the neighbours as well – for as much as ten days. Can you imagine that?

You can use this cooler to go on a trip for ten whole days, while enjoying fresh and icy drinks whenever you wish. The lid gasket’s perfect seal will ensure any sort of food you refrigerate inside will remain as fresh as it was when you first made it. The cooler features all the quality of life extras Orca coolers tend to have: An easy flow drainage spout, a cargo net attachment for added storage, as well as extendable flex grip handes to make portage and transfer as comfortable as possible.

All these benefits, however, come with a few natural consequences. Due to its size and extreme storing capacity, this cooler is obviously going to be heavier than most. The item weight is approximately 64 lbs when empty – and will probably end up being much higher when filled with ice, refreshments and food. Moreover, it will of course take up more space than the previous entries of our list. It is 23″ X 33 7/16″ X 21 3/8″ in size.

Even though Orca Coolers has a great number of designs in the 140 quart size cateogy, we went with the multicam camo variant because, well, it looks awesome. It is colored and patterned to look like the leaf colored military outfits worn by soldiers when they try to blend in the wilderness. Even if you are no soldier going in dangerous territory, this cooler will definitely make you look like a badass.

With all these upsides, the big price jump comes with no surprise, really. The item is currently listed at $499,99 on the Orca Coolers website – a substantial cost, for most. You should consider this an investment – the cooler is well worth its cost, and will pay you back with some very memorable experiences. As they say, you get what you pay for.


We hope you enjoyed our presentation of Orca Coolers as much as you enjoyed our review of their 6 best cooler products. Orca is a company completely dedicated to bring you coolers of the highest caliber and quality – and they accomplish so admirably. Founded by outdoorsmen and oriented towards outdoorsmen, Orca has made the toughest coolers of the market. The lifetime warranty they stick to the majority of their items speaks volumes of their durability and sturdiness. Couple that with their excellent, integrated insulation and temperature control capacity, that enables them to retain the maximum amount of ice and cold for up to 10 days, and you have a recipe for pushing the industry’s standards far beyond where they have ever been before.

At the end of the day, investing in getting an Orca Cooler – of whichever variety suits your personal, individual needs – will take any trip or outdoor event a notch or two higher. Whether you go fishing, climbing, sightseeing or just plain drifting around the woods, your best bet for fresh, icy and healthy food and drinks is an Orca Cooler.