The Best Pot for Deep Frying – Unbiased Reviews

The texture and taste that comes from deep frying cannot be matched with any other cooking method. You do not need to have a deep fryer to enjoy foods cooked using the deep-frying method either. In fact, there are pots that allow you to deep fry foods to perfection. Learning more about these pots and seeing the best ones on the market will help to ensure that you make the right choice.

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10 Best Pots for Deep Frying

To get the best results from deep frying in a pot, you need a pot that can stand up to the test. The 10 pots that will be reviewed here are able to get the job done and leave you with foods that exceed all of your expectations.

BYBYCD Stainless Steel Deep-Frying Pot

The Stainless Steel Deep-Frying Pot is a practical option because it allows or precise temperature control. You can ensure that you are getting the exact oil temperature that you need for the foods that you are preparing.

The stainless steel material of this pot ensures optimal durability so that you can use it often without worrying about it wearing out. It also has good insulation so that it keeps the oil at a constant temperature

Due to the shape and materials, you will find that this pot is very easy to keep clean. It comes with a wire rack that you can detach so that it is easy to get the oil out of all of the cracks and crevices.

The curved handles do not get too hot so that you can move the pot around without burning your hands. This also makes it easy to grab so that you can move it to different burners while cooking if you need to.


  • You can get your food to a golden-brown color
  • It has a thermometer to aid with temperature control
  • The size is ideal for average families

  • Inside coating may peel off prematurely

Tempura Deep Fryer Pot

The Tempura Deep Fryer Pot is made from an iron material and has a coating that is resistant to sticking so that it is easy to deep fry foods without worrying about the breading sticking to the side. It also resists corrosion, high temperatures and wear for optimal durability.

You can ensure a high level of temperature control when you are using this pot due to the materials. Because of this, your foods will fry within the right timeframe so that nothing is over or under done.

There is a slot on the pot that makes it easy to drain the excess oil from the pot so that you do not spill any when you are switching out the oil. There is a lipped edge that helps to keep the oil in the pot when you are using it so that you do not have to deal with a lot of oil splashing during use. Because of this, the pot is safer to use compared to those without a lipped edge.


  • This pot is very durable
  • You can keep it clean with minimal effort
  • It is perfect for small meals that require deep frying

  • It might not hold heat as well as cast iron does

Japanese Non-Stick Fryer Pot

The Japanese Non-Stick Fryer Pot has a non-stick surface, and it is made of iron, ensuring that it is a durable pot. Due to the materials, this pot is also easy to clean so that you are not dealing with a buildup of food residue.

Due to its 8.5 inches of diameter, you are able to use this for a small family and make plenty of food at one time. There is a half grate on top of the pot so that you can remove the fried foods and allow them to drain while you are finishing up the rest of the meal.

You can use this pot with all types of stoves, as well as flame and gas grills. Always handle the pot safely since it has a double handle that will not retain any heat. Because of this, you can move the pot around and you do not have to worry about burning your hands.


  • This pot is well-made and sturdy
  • It is able to keep the oil temperature stable
  • You can also use it for things like stew and pasta

  • It is a bit too light for long frying sessions

Gotham Steel Copper Square Pot

The Gotham Steel Copper Square Pot comes with all of the accessories that you need to deep fry any type of food. It holds up to six quarts at a time, allowing you to easily and quickly prepare a full meal that has deep fried components.

You can also use this pot for other types of cooking, such as roasting or broiling, depending on the meal that you are trying to prepare. It has both copper and aluminum materials so that it retains heat well and is resistant to rusting and corrosion. It is also capable of induction if you prefer to cooking using this method.

There is a lid so that you can keep the oil and other items in the pot when you are using it. Take advantage of the basket that is a perfect fit so that once your fried foods are done, you can just pull them out with the basket and transfer them, allowing you to quickly and easily remove your prepared foods.


  • It comes with some accessories for deep frying
  • The copper material retains heat well
  • You can cook a lot in this pot at once

  • Foods might start to stick prematurely

Oster Sangerfield Stainless Steel Pot

The Oster Sangerfield Stainless Steel Pot holds up to 3.65 quarts, making it easy to fry up small batches of food when you want them. You can hook a wire basket onto the pot so that it is easy to deep fry foods and then remove them from the oil as soon as they are done.

You can wash this pot in the dishwasher, ensuring fast and easy cleaning. The clear lid helps to keep splattering under control and you can easily see the foods that are cooking when the lid is in place.

The material of this pot is stainless steel to ensure optimal durability. There is a long handle and a shorter handle on opposite sides of the pot. This gives you some flexibility when you are moving the pot around to ensure optimal safety.

In addition to deep frying foods, this pot also works for boiling so that you can make pasta and similar dishes. This helps to reduce how much cookware you need in your kitchen.


  • It is perfect for deep frying smaller amounts of food
  • You can clean it up quickly
  • The long handle ensures safe use

  • It might start to oxidize prematurely

KOK Deep Frying Pot

The KOK Deep Frying Pot is eight inches in diameter, allowing you to quickly fry up small batches of food. It has made from iron, so it keeps the temperature of your oil stable and high enough to fry foods without them getting too soggy. This material conducts heat well so that you are not waiting a long time for the oil to start heating up either.

The material is durable so that you can use this pot frequently without worrying about it wearing down. It has a built-in temperature gauge so that you always know what temperature it is operating at.

Take advantage of the lipped upper area of the pot to reduce how much oil is able to splatter when you are frying this. You can use this pot on any type of stove, allowing for optimal flexibility. You can even put it on a grill with a low flame to deep fry foods to add to the spread that you have at your next cookout.


  • The material retains heat really well
  • The lipped top helps to stop oil from splattering too much
  • It is easy to keep clean

  • It is too small for larger families

Bayou Classic Aluminum Fry Pot

The Bayou Classic Aluminum Fry Pot holds up to 14 quarts at a time, allowing you to prepare large batches of food at once. It comes with a basket so that you can easily and safely drop and remove your food after it is done cooking.

The basket and pot are both made from aluminum to ensure durability and longevity. The material also makes it very easy to keep this pot and its accessories clean and ready for use. Its lid fits securely on the top of the pot to reduce the risk of oil splattering when you are using it.

The handles on the pot remain cool to the touch even when you are deep drying foods for a long period of time. You can easily handwash this pot and its accessories. To ensure the highest level of flexibility, you can use it outdoors and indoors so that it works for a wide variety of meals and cooking purposes.


  • The material is easy to clean
  • You get a basket with it
  • It has a high capacity so that you can fry a lot of food at once

  • The handle could be thicker and more durable

Cuisinart Classic Chef’s Pan

The Cuisinart Classic Chef’s Pan has an exterior that is hard anodized so that it lasts for a long time even when you are using it on a regular basis. The inside of the pan has a non-stick surface so that you can easily clean away the oil. You also do not have to worry about foods sticking to the inside of the pan.

You can use it to deep fry small amounts of food, or use it as a traditional frying pan. Due to the flexibility, it helps to reduce how many cooking pots and pans you need to store in your kitchen.

The handle remains cool to the touch even when you it is for a long period of time so that you do not have to worry about burns. The lid fits securely so that the oil is not able to splash when you are using the pot. Its lid has a handle that also does not get hot when you are using the pot.


  • It is a pan, but deeper than some pots
  • The material is highly durable
  • You can easily see through the lid

  • It is not deep enough for larger deep-fried meals

Pranzoelite Non-Stick Deep Fry Pan

The Non-Stick Deep Fry Pan can hold up to 4.5 quarts, allowing you to prepare small meals using it. The design is from Italy, so it has a sleek look that will add to the overall atmosphere of your kitchen.

The primary material of this pan is cast aluminum, allowing it to resist rusting so that you can use it often without worrying about it failing prematurely. You can wash it in the dishwasher so that it is easy to keep it clean and ready for use.

When you are not using this to deep fry foods, you can use it as a traditional frying pan so that you can reduce how many pots and pans you need to store in your kitchen. Use it with the lid on to ensure safety. Since the lid is clear, it is easy to see through and determine when your foods are done cooking.


  • The materials do not allow food to stick
  • It is free from PFOA
  • You can wash it in your dishwasher

  • It is not deep enough for intense frying sessions

Lodge Cast Iron Wok

The Lodge Cast Iron Wok is ideal for deep frying since it is deep and made from a material that is known for retaining heat well. When you are finished using it, it wipes clean easily so that you are not dealing with oil residue that causes stains.

Due to its size, you can fry up a good amount of food at once to reduce your overall cooking time. When you put it on the stove, the oil will heat up fast so that you are not waiting a long time to start cooking.

You can use a basic set of tongs to get the food into and out of the wok when you are deep frying. Since it is very wide, you are able to space out your food so that it has a solid chance of cooking evenly. Everything that you cook will also achieve a nice golden color.


  • It is deep enough to deep fry foods
  • The cast iron material retains heat effectively
  • The loop handles are easy to grab

  • It does not come with a lid

How to Use Pots for Deep Frying

There are about eight steps associated with using a pot as a deep fryer. If you follow all of these, it will help to ensure that your deep friend foods turn out how you want them to. These steps include:

  • Choose an oil for frying that can withstand the high temperatures of this cooking method, such as peanut oil or vegetable oil.
  • Before heating up the pot, add the oil to it. Ensure that you leave at least four inches from the top of the oil to the pan so that your oil does not splatter a lot when you are cooking. Make sure that with this space, you can still submerge your food fully.
  • Place the pot on your stove and turn on the heat. You want to ensure that it is hot enough to fry your foods until they become crispy. If your oil is not hot enough, it can cause your foods to come out soggy.
  • Take some paper towel to dry any foods that you are going to put into the oil so that it does not pop and cause as much splattering. You should also use a utensil like tongs to set the food in gently to reduce any splashing.
  • Make sure to make note of the average frying time for the foods that you are cooking so that they are done, but do not get overdone in the oil.
  • Use your tongs to remove the food once it is finished cooking. Place the food onto a plate that has paper towel so that it can soak up the excess oil.
  • Turn the stove off so that the oil can start to cool down.
  • Once the oil is cool, strain it and put it up for the next use. This is important because it ensures that you are using clean oil.

How to Maintain Your Deep-Frying Pot

It is important to keep your pot in good condition so that it is always ready for use. Before using your oil, always check for the following:

  • Darkening or other change in color
  • Rancid taste
  • Abnormal smell
  • Thickening

If any of these are present, it is important to discard the oil and thoroughly wash out the pot. Using bad or old oil could cause anyone eating your food to become sick.

Another thing to consider is the type of oil that you are using. For example, palm and olive oils will last longer compared to canola, sunflower and soy oils. The latter three oils degrade at a faster rate and will need to be changed out more often.

When you are not using the pot, you should keep the oil in the refrigerator. This will help to prevent heat from causing the oil to go bad in between uses. When you are ready to deep fry something again, allow the oil to sit out for a couple hours to soften before you heat it up to start deep frying foods.

It is important to change your deep-frying oil on a regular basis. Use the following as a general guide for how often you should change your oil:

• Overall, when you are cooking vegetables without breading, you can get six to eight uses out of your oil
• When you are cooking fatty meats or breaded foods, you can get two to four uses out of your oil

Before you put new oil into the pot, it is important to clean it thoroughly. The first step is getting all of the grease out. Using a dishwashing soap that fights grease is the easiest way to do this. It is a good idea to use hot water and your dishwashing liquid. Allow them to soak in the pot for about 30 minutes before you start to scrub.

Once you scrub the inside, use a little of the dishwashing liquid and some baking soda to scrub the outside of the pot. This will remove residual grease and any stains that have developed.

Always rinse both the inside and the outside thoroughly before you put fresh oil into the pot. It is best to use a clean towel to dry the pot inside and out completely too. Once you do all of this, leave the pot alone until you are ready to use it again. Then, add the fresh oil right before you start preparing another deep-fried meal to ensure that the oil is as fresh as possible.

How to Choose the Best Pot for Deep Frying

There are a few things to consider while you shop to ensure that you choose the right pot for deep frying. Use this information like a checklist while exploring your options so that it is easier to determine your exact needs.

Pick the Right Size

If you are deep frying enough food for a family, you will want a pot that is bigger so that it does not take hours to get everything cooked. It is important to remember that everything that you prepare has to be submerged in the oil completely, so make a mental note of how much the pot needs to hold at a time.

You also have to account for the oil space. Remember that it will rise when you put the food into it. After rising, you want to ensure at least four inches of space so that the oil is not splattering everywhere as the food fries. It is best to use the heaviest foods that you are wanting to fry as your guide when picking the right size of pot.

It Should Have a Lid

When you are deep frying, you always have to consider the oil popping and that a fire could start. When you choose a pot with a lid, you can quickly suffocate the fire by placing it onto the pot. The lid should fit the pot perfectly, so it is best to choose a pot that already comes with a lid. Think of this as a type of safety measure to help reduce the risk of fire when you are cooking.

Choose the Best Material for the Pot

There are several types of pot materials that can work for pots used for deep frying. Cast iron is generally considered the best material due to its ability to retain heat really well. It has a light enamel interior that ensures that you can see exactly what you are cooking.

Ensure It Works with a Thermometer

You will want to use a thermometer when you are cooking so that you can ensure a safe temperature. Ideally, you want to fry foods at 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. While a probe thermometer will get the job done, but one that attaches to the side of the pot is the best so that it can sit there and constantly monitor the temperature. Make sure that the thermometer can be easily attached to the pot and stay in place when you are picking a pot.

It Should Accommodate a Skimmer

If you can get a skimmer into the pot, it will make it much easier to cook the food and retrieve it when you are finished cooking. If you choose a spider instead of a skimmer, more oil remains in the pot. However, a standard skimmer should fit into the pot a lot easier so that you can easily fit all of the food that you need when you are cooking. Skimmers also tend to come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to pick one that works with your desired pot.


This is a lot of information, but now that you have gotten through all of it, it should be apparent which of these pots will help you with your deep fry cooking. Consider how much you play to deep fry at one time and ensure that the pot that you choose makes it easy to fully submerge every bit of food. This will ensure that you can cook foods evenly and exactly as you want them. All that is left is to make your purchase and start enjoying deep fried foods at home.