The Best Pot Rack – Buying Guide

With so many options available, it can be hard to find the best pot rack for your needs and home. To help you make your decision, we’ve reviewed 5 of the top products and put together a buying guide. Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll have an easier time knowing what to expect and making your decision.

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Top 5 Pot Rack Reviews

To start, let’s take a look at reviews for 5 of the top pot racks on the market. In addition to providing information about each product, we’re also going to show you a few pros and cons. Use these features when you’re deciding which rack to purchase.

1. Vdomus Extensible Pot Rack Organizer

This rack can be adjusted between 16.3 and 31 inches. It can fit 13 pans and comes with separators to give the pans plenty of space. It’s made to fit either on the counter or hidden away in a drawer. It’s made from sturdy iron and has a spray-painted finish to help keep the rack and pans from getting damaged. The rack configuration can be adjusted, which gives you a few different options. You can stack them on top of each other, fasten them together side by side, separate them into 2 different racks, or use one vertically and one horizontally.

If using horizontally, you’ll need at least 12 inches, and using it vertically will require more space. Keep in mind, it’s more sturdy when using horizontally than it is vertically, but both ways are a great way to store pots and pans.


  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Goes well with many kitchen styles
  • Can be put in many configurations

  • It’s quite a bit larger than other racks
  • The separators move around pretty easily

2. Kinetic Pot Rack

With the Kinetic Pot, you can hang at least 12 pots and have a little storage room up top. It can be mounted into any ceiling beams but does the best with higher ceilings. The iron is sturdy and elegant. The total measurements are 33 x 17 x 1.5 inches. If you didn’t want to use the center grid, it can be removed quickly and easily. It comes with a 25-year limited warranty, which should cover normal wear and tear.

It comes with 12 hooks, but you can buy more to store more pots. You could even use hooks on the center area to hang cooking utensils. As long as you don’t go over 40 pounds, you can store as many pots and pans that will fit.


  • Easy installation
  • It has plenty of room for several pots
  • It can be placed on any ceiling stud

  • It needs a good amount of space
  • Not great for low ceilings

3. Cooks Standard Wall Mounted Wooden Pot Rack

This pot rack is great for smaller kitchens or areas. You can hang around 6 pans and there is space up top to store a few more. The shelf is made up of 6 wooden planks and is held up by a wall mount. It can hold around 30 pounds, which is a great option for those just starting out. It’s only 36 inches, so it should fit in most places.

You can easily install the rack by using a screwdriver and additional hooks can be purchased separately. The hooks swivel and make it easier to put pans up or take them down. Depending on your exact needs, this wrack can be used horizontally or vertically. You’ll just want to make sure you have a stud because pans can get heavy.


  • It can be set up in about 30 minutes
  • It will fit in most places
  • It comes with 6 hooks

  • It’s not good for a large number of pots or pans
  • The instructions can be hard to understand

4. G-TING 8 Tiers Pots and Pans Organizer

With multiple different configurations, you should be able to find the best setup for you. It comes in 2 separate parts, so you can stack them, clip them together, or use them by themselves. Regardless of which way you use it, you want to make sure you have plenty of space. It has dividers that keep the pans separated and reduces the chances of scratches.

You don’t need any extra tools for installation and you can have it set up in a short amount of time. It’s made from iron that has a black spray paint coating, which makes it great for smaller pans. The bottom has several U-shaped grooves that are non-slip. This keeps the rack from sliding all over. It can hold up to 10 pans or lids, as long as they aren’t overly heavy.


  • It can be set-up multiple different ways
  • It has dividers to keep pans seperated
  • It’s very easy to install

  • It doesn’t do well with heavier pans, like cast iron
  • It needs quite a bit of space

5. YouCopia Adjustable Pan and Lid Rack

If you’re looking for something adjustable that can sit on the counter or in the cabinet, then this is a great option. The 10 steel dividers can be adjusted to accommodate both small and large pans. These dividers are non-slip and won’t pop out or scratch your pans. Another great feature of this rack is that it holds circular pans or lids well and keeps them from slipping off. You don’t need any tools to put this product together.

The rack itself is made of durable plastic that will last for a long time. It’s very easy to clean and can be moved without much trouble. It does a great job with many different pan types and can hold quite a bit of weight. It makes organization easy and will make your kitchen look tidy and neat.


  • Works well with many types of pans
  • Can fit in multiple different areas, including drawers and cabinets
  • Made from high-quality materials

  • It doesn’t work well with heavy items
  • It can be hard to put together

Buying Guide/What to Look For

In this section, we’re going to take a look at some of the things you should look for when making a purchase. You’ll want to use these with the needs and wants you have to find the best pot rack for you.

  • Type of Rack
    There are a few different types of racks available, including those that sit on the counter, get mounted on the wall, or ones that can be hung from the ceiling. Figure out which type is best for your needs and wants.
  • Size
    Next, look at the size of the rack. Chances are that you’ll only have a certain amount of space to work with. With this being the case, it’s important to get something that’s going to fit comfortably. Take your measurements and find racks that are that size or smaller.
  • Shape
    Another thing to look for is the shape of the rack. There are so many to choose from, including circular, rectangular, and oval. Some people just want to find something that looks good in their kitchen, while others want something that will fit in a certain area. Figure out what you need and go from there.
  • Style
    Figuring out the perfect style of your pan rack is part of the fun. There are a few popular ways people do this. The first thing they do is just trying to find products that fit well in their kitchen. The other way is by finding the style they like the most in the budget they have to work with. Whichever way is fine and it’s all about personal preference.
  • Materials
    You’ll want to consider the materials that are used depending on what kind of pans you need to store and how you want the rack to look. If you have a lot of heavy pans, it’s a good idea to go with stronger materials. If you want something homey or rustic, you can go with wooden construction. Just make sure you look at the information so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Installation Type
    One final thing to look for is how the rack is installed. Most people don’t want to have to use a bunch of tools to put in one rack. If this is the case, it’s important you find a rack that’s easy to install. By reading customer reviews, you should be able to tell pretty quickly how the installation will go.


You’ll also want to think about a few considerations that might influence what you should or need to buy. Keep these in your mind while looking at different products, so you can be sure you get the best one.

  • Size of Pans
    Pans come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find a rack that can hold them. This is especially true if you have a lot of awkwardly shaped pans, such as character pans. Look at the reviews to see how well they store these types of pans.
  • Available Space
    You’ll also want to consider how much space you have to work with. Getting a rack that’s too big or too small for the area could cause problems. It’s a good idea to measure the space you have and get a wrack that will fit well.
  • Number of Pans
    Since the whole purpose of a pan rack is to store pans, you’ll want to consider how many you have that need stored. If you have a lot, you might not be able to store them all. If this is the case, try and look for a rack that holds as many as possible.
  • Maintenance
    It’s also important to consider how much maintenance the rack needs. For example, some metals need to be wiped clean and completely dried for it to stay in good condition. Wood, on the other hand, does pretty well with being moist and can be cleaned easily.
  • Placement
    The placement of the rack is another important consideration. Not only do you want to make sure you have enough space for various placement positions, but you also want to make sure you have enough placement options for the size and amount of pans you have.
  • Ceiling/Wall Support
    One final consideration is what kind of support your walls or ceilings have. This only applies to racks that are mounted to the wall or hung from the ceiling, but you want to make sure you can make the rack sturdy enough that it won’t fall under the weight of the pans. If you don’t have good support in these areas, it might be a good idea to get a rack that can be put on the counter or in the cabinet.


There are people that don’t know the advantages of pot racks, so we listed a few below. These are only a few of the top ones and you might find that getting a pot rack was one of the best decisions.

  • Saves Space
    Using a pan rack can save you quite a bit of space. You can put all of your pans in one place and clear up your cabinets. Having good organization can make it so you have plenty of room for other kitchen items.
  • Looks Stylish
    Another great advantage of having a pan rack is that most of them look very stylish. They don’t look tacky or like they were just thrown together. Most racks are made from high-quality materials that really make them stand out.
  • Convenient
    It’s very convenient to be able to quickly and easily take your pans down or put them back up. This is especially great for those that don’t really have too much time. It might not seem like much, but having one of these racks can give you a little extra time in your day.
  • Fits Many Budgets
    There are so many options in every budget. This means that even those with a small budget can get a great pan rack. The quality and materials will differ with each price point, but you should be able to find something that works well for you and your wallet.
  • Many Choices
    One final advantage of having a pot rack is that you have so many choices. You can choose from many different materials, styles, shapes, and sizes. With so many options, you should have an easy time finding the perfect pan for your kitchen.


Before we wrap up, let’s take a quick look at some of the frequently asked questions. These are some of the most popular questions customers have while searching for a pot rack and the answers can help guide you in the right direction.

  • How Do I Choose the Best Pot Rack?
    You want to make sure you use the tips provided here and think about what you want or need. Once you have those considerations, you can find the best product for you.
  • How Do I Know What Size to Get?
    It depends on how many pans you need to store. If you only need to store a few, then you can go with something smaller, but something bigger will work great for storing several pans.
  • How Do I Know How Much Space I Need Between Pans?
    To figure out how much space you need, consider how many pans you need to store. You want to make sure they sit or hang comfortably without touching other pans. Take those measurements and find racks that are the same size or larger.
  • How Do I Install the Pot Rack?
    Most will have instructions that tell you exactly what you need to do, but you might have to look online for the them. If you don’t think you can install it yourself, you can always hire a professional.
  • Where Can I Buy a Pot Rack?
    The great thing is that you can buy a pot rack in several different places. These include online, mass merchandisers, home stores, and home improvement stores.

By using this buying guide and seeing the features of some of the best pot racks, you should have an easier time making a decision. The important thing is that you get something that’s going to be the answer to your needs. Take as much time as you need and happy shopping!