Best Shoes for Restaurant Servers – Consumer Reports

The job of a server in a Restaurant is one of the hardest and tiresome. People have no idea how much time it takes in food industry for servers constantly walking and standing in the back-of-house all day. Going in and out of kitchen, waiting around, and long shifts all day can give quite an ache in the feet. People in professions such as servers, bartenders, cooks, and chefs should make the best restaurant shoes choice.

Best Restaurant Servers Shoes in 2022

To provide you with the top picks for your preference, here is the list of shoes-

Image Product Features Price
Shoes for Restaurant Servers Danskno XP 2.0

Lightweight EVA midsole

100% leather

dual density PU footbed

Dansko Professional

Polyurethrane sole

100% Leather

Wide heel for more stability

Shoes for Restaurant Servers Merrell Encore Gust

M-Select GRIP sole

Ortholite footbed

100% Full grain leather

Rockport Apron Toe

Rubber sole

HydroShield waterproof membrane

adidas adiPRENE sport cushioning

Shoes for Restaurant Servers Crocs Unisex On The Clock

100% Man Made

Synthetic sole

Easy to clean

Skechers Felton Relaxed-Fit

Reinforced stitching

Padded tongue and collar

OSHA-complaint nitrile outsole

Shoes for Restaurant Servers Skechers Flex Advantage McAllen

Synthetic sole

Soft fabric shoe lining

100% Synthetic


Dansko XP 2.0

Dansko is one of the best well-known shoe brands out there. This shoe has upper leather with a slip-resistant outsole and lightweight construction.

Working for long shifts, can hurt one’s feet badly by the end of the day. It has enough room in the toe-box to move around comfortably. The dual-density removal footbed comes with the Dansko Natural Arch Technology which gives you stability, support, and foam cushioning.


  • Improved slip-resistant outsole
  • Extra comfort when walking
  • Midsole reduces fatigue for everyday wear


  • The inside sole shreds quickly
  • Arch support not fitted to everyone’s foot shapes

Dansko Professional

The Dansko Professional has an iconic stylewith exceptional arch-support and all-day comfort that let you stand longerthan ever. The padded instep collar of this shoe provides great comfort whenwalking.

These shoes come with temperature control feature, which is a great comfort revolution. The platform of this shoe measures approximately 0.75 inches. The PU outsole reduces fatigue and provides shock absorption.

The wide heel gives great stability which iscomparable to athletic footwear. The padded instep collar also preventsfriction that can cause blisters.

Although this shoe fits well, sometimes itmay be tighter or looser depends on the shape of the foot. It is pretty roomywith the toe-box, giving you enough space for your toe to move around withoutcompressing it.

This model is pretty decent quality that canpromote great foot health, and an amazing brand to rely on.


  • Long-lasting
  • Helps with plantar fasciitis
  • Outsole absorbs the shock
  • Comfort when walking


  • A bit tight
  • Need to move heel up and down to break in the shoe

Merrell Encore Gust

The evolutionary design in this shoe allowed it to be more comfortable and lighter than other shoes. It is accurately slip-resistant. They are one of the best restaurant server shoes which are easygoing and comfortable pair.

It makes you look professional on the job anytime, thanks to its smooth leather upper area, and with ideal balance and support. The shoe design provides great fit and stay on the foot as long as you’re not joining a sprint.

These shoes won’t display sign of wear and tear very easily. They were made compatible to support you with long hours of work without any break or chances to sit for relax.


  • Easy to slip on
  • Plenty of room for toes
  • Extremely comfortable and durable


  • A bit larger

Rockport Apron Toe

This shoe has the aura that, it is designed for your comfort, style, and energizing your everyday work. This shoe features traction outsole, hydro-shield waterproof technology and leathers that help repel water.

The shock absorbing heel not only protects you against pain and injury, but it is also very stylish with the stacked-heel look. If you are working on a restaurant where you needs to dress up formally as a server, there shoes will look perfect with your attire.


  • Non-slippery
  • Shock absorbing heel
  • Very stylish


  • The shoe creases rather easily
  • Not soft enough

Crocs Unisex on The Clock slip-on style

This is the perfect pair of shoes for you if you spend hours on your feet at work. Whether it is a restaurant, retail store, healthcare industry, or other highly demanding industries, wherever you work, it will fit you with great comfort.

It has thick constructions that you can feel at your toe and a Croslite foam base for all-day comfort. It includes the enhanced arch support and the nubbed foam footbeds for the best possible massaging effect while you walk.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Great cushioning
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good strap with room for ankle movement


  • Size too big
  • The rivet on the strap is known to break if moved

Skechers Felton Relaxed-Fit

These shoes are strongly recommended if you are looking for something comfortable. The relaxed fit design is for people who have to stand all day and may encounter slippery situations.

This shoe is capable of keeping your feet secure even when you are wearing the size larger. The shoe is very resistant against slipping, so it helps you stand firmly even on slippery surfaces.

The sole is thick and durable, that is why it does the job perfectly when coming to any restaurants.


  • Good durability
  • Slip resistant
  • Acceptably comfortable


  • Very tight

Skechers Flex Advantage McAllen

This shoe is made of synthetic fabric that is water and stain-resistant, making it very suitable for restaurant workers. Restaurant workers have to deal with water, soft drinks, and foods around them; if the shoe is stain proof, then they do not have to constantly worry about ruining them.

The shoe material is very comfortable, breathable mesh fabric panels, and can withstand a considerable amount of liquids on them without damaging itself. With this shoe you can easily run around in a fast-paced restaurant, and very good for indoor environments.

The shoe will stay intact for more than a year or two if you do not abuse it too much. It has dual-side elastic fabric panels but if you try to carry around too heavy stuff, the shoe may slip sometimes.


  • Lightweight and handy
  • Roomier toe-box
  • Highly comfortable


  • Too large for usual size

Buying Guide of Shoes for Restaurant Servers

There are many factors to consider before shopping for Restaurant shoes. It is very important that you jog your memory on these factors before buying a show for your restaurant-


To settle on the right size for your shoe is very crucial. You can consult with your seller for the appropriate size for feet, if you cannot figure it out while you are buying.

People have different foot shapes, which varies in length, width, different toe size. Just like that, not all the shoe shapes can adjust everyone, even if the size is correct sometimes.

Keeping that in mind, choose the proper size that fits you. Take some day with the shoe, it takes time to break-in and fit well to you. After observing for some days if it still does not fit you, then return them and ask for another size (if the manufacturers provide that kind of service).


There should not be any compromise when it comes to comfort in this case. Your restaurant shoe will be worn by you all day long, so it should comfort you throughout that time, even by end of the shift.

There should be enough room at front in the toe-box, so there is just enough space for your feet to wiggle. The shoe must support the natural arch shape of your foot.


The shoe must be non-slippery and non-skid shoe, to prevent from any slip, trip, or fall. Tripping over in the kitchen or while you are serving, won’t be very pleasant for you.


You are going to pour your hard-earned money on investing an important thing for your job. Given that occupation requires you to have proper foot-wearing for its nature, it is good to invest on something that will be long lasting. Having good quality shoe will save your money in long-term.


A lot depends on the material of your shoes whether it will be soft or hard. The durability and comfort of your shoes varies with the material. It is important to have a shoe with good soles in such line of work.


For restaurant servers, it takes lot of hours of running and standing, hassling through making way to serve, and the long shifts can drain out every bit of energy from them

Because you have to move around on your feet constantly all day long in a quick-paced environment, we hope you make the right choice for yourself after going through this article.

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