3 Best Snow Chains

?Snow chains are an efficient way to prevent your vehicle from slipping and skidding on snow and ice. They’re generally designed for use on roads after a heavy snowstorm, but they’re also extremely useful on muddy roads. The chains are coated with fortified metal to keep vehicles safely on the road in any harsh weather condition. However, selecting the right snow chain for your vehicle’s tires can be tricky since snow chains come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The size of your tire is perhaps the most important factor when selecting and installing snow chains. You’ll need to pay close attention to the compatibility of the chains with your tire’s dimensions. There are a number of designations written on tires which define its size. These definitions are:

  • ?P indicates the width
  • ?I is the height-to-width ratio
  • ?R is the diameter of the rim in inches

After you’ve recorded your tire’s dimensions, choosing a proper snow chain for your car should be simple. You simply choose a snow chain that fits the parameters of the aforementioned designations and you’re good to go. Additionally, snow chains specify which types of vehicles they should be used for. For example, some snow chains work perfectly for pickups, trucks, and SUVs, while others work only on crossovers and sedans. The thickness of the chains also determines which vehicles they should be installed on.

If you absolutely have to take your car out in dangerous weather conditions, remember to drive safely and carefully. For added insurance, you should also add a bit of extra traction on your tires with snow chains.

Thule 12 mm XG12 Pro Snow Tires

Thule 12 mm XG12 Pro

The Thule 12 mm XG12 Pro snow tire features a unique chain design pattern. The chains are welded to provide better traction and performance on snowy or icy roads. Installing these chains onto your tires is a cinch after you have the back hoop in place. You don’t need any rubber bands to fix the chains onto your tires since it features an automated tension tool. You just have to loop the chains around the tire and slide in the tension tool through until there’s proper tension from the chains onto the tires. Releasing the chains is just as simple as putting them on.

Thule offers state-of-the-art technology and special features, making this product stand out among the infinite sea of competitors. Traditional cam-chains were a complete hassle to put on: first you had to drive the tug forward, adjust it and attach rubber tension bands in specific places. With this model by Thule, you won’t need to go through a long process to get your vehicle onto slippery roads safely.

The chain truly pays for itself is usefulness. They are incredibly sturdy but the manufacturer also throws in a 5-year warranty for good measure. The chains work excellently on vehicles with enough space between the tire and body. If there isn’t enough space, you should consider purchasing another chain since it can cause expensive damage to your vehicle. These chains best fit on tires of SUVs and crossovers.

Security Chain Company SZ Super Z6 Cable Snow Chain

Security Chain Company SZ Super Z6 Cable Chain

These Z7 snow chains by Security Chain are designed to be used on the tires of cars, trucks, and SUVs. One prominent feature of these chains is that they can be used on cars with limited clearance between the tire and body of the car. The chains just need 6 mm of clearance space so they can virtually be used on any sort of car.

The chains are elastic and fit snug with the right amount of tension around the tires. They are covered in hundreds of coils to create traction which causes no damage to the surface of the road when you drive on snow or ice. These snow chains by Security Chain are a perfect fit for cars with anti-skid braking systems. They are definitely worth the purchase as an insurance measure for your braking system as they prevent slippage and sliding.

Take notice that a car that features such anti-skid accessories should not drive faster than 30 mph as it can damage the snow chains. The Super Z6 is compatible with tires with a width of between 225 and 255 mm. If your tires exceed this recommended range, then you can purchase the fitting snow chains made by the company (sold separately). If you live in areas frequently visited by blizzards, you absolutely need a snow chain for each of your car’s tires. Using the Z6 will let you overcome accidental drifting on icy roads.

Peerless Auto-Trac 0231805

Looking at the Peerless 0231805, it’s not hard to notice how balanced and ornamental they are. The snow chains are constructed with durable metal that should last you for several winter seasons as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. The diamond pattern of the chains have proven itself time and time again to be exceedingly effective in preventing slipping and sliding on snowy and even muddy roads. The care-free dual ratchets attach the chains, tighten them, and center them automatically while being used on the road. Installing is a cinch: just remove the chains from their carrying case and place them onto your tires. You don’t even have to move your car to a certain position to get them on.

With Peeress 0231805, you’ll get a pair of chains. If you have a 4WD vehicle, it’s better to apply chains onto all of the wheels for maximum grip. Remember that going over 30 mph is not recommended whilst using the chains as they can become severely damaged. There are no replaceable ratchets for this model, so if one gets broken you’ll have to replace the whole setup.

Customers have reported that it takes them about 1 to 2 minutes on average to install the chains onto their vehicles’ wheels. In addition, the chains are easy t
o loosen and remove so you’ll only need to use them during emergency situations. The different kit components come in different colors so you can easily pick out which part of the kit needs to be used without fumbling around with different parts.