Best Sound Bars Under 200 Worth Buying In 2022

Do you wish your home theatre setup was putting out just a little bit of a better quality sound? Well, check out the best sound bars under $200 available on the market today! Sound Bars are a great, inexpensive and simple way of improving the sound quality your TV puts out while watching your favorite movies or television shows and without all the hassle of wiring that comes with surround sound setups.

One of the most difficult decisions is determining which sound bar to buy, when there’s so many available to you! Have no fear, we’re going to take a look at some of the best sound bars under $200 worth buying in 2022 – including my favorite brands I consider to be the top 5!

What is a SoundBar?

A Sound bar is an accessory that you can purchase for your TV, which is a true plug and play setup without any hassle of wiring like you find with surround sound setups. A sound bar adds sound to your TV which helps boost how far the sound goes, the quality of the sound and can greatly help you enjoy each and every show or movie just a little more. Essentially, a sound bar is the middle compromise between dishing out the big bucks for a surround sound system, dealing with all the wiring of it and set up and speaker locations or settling for the standard sound your TV puts out. Not only can a sound bar add sound to your living room or bedroom, it can also add style! Many sound bars today are stylish and have a nice appearance to them which could complement the interior decor of your room nicely.

5 Best Sound bars under $200

BOHM B2 60-Watt & 40-Inch Sound bar for Flat Screen TVs

The BOHM B2 is an excellent sound bar, not adding a ton of bulk to your home theatre setup but adding a ton of sound! This 60-Watt, 40-Inch Sound bar includes Bluetooth Connectivity, 3 separate listening modes for whatever fun is happening in your household and so much more! This sleek and slim design taking up just 40 inches of space is cost effective, well reviewed and impressive with its features.

Amazon Basics 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

Ever think of buying an Amazon branded product from Amazon? Now might be the time! The Amazon Basics 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar is small compared to most on the market, considering its only 31 inches in size and is ideal for 32 inch or larger TV’s. On top of its compact size, it offers Bluetooth connectivity, a remote and 3 impressive sound modes engineered specifically to give you the best sound for whatever you might be watching, wheth
er it’s your favorite TV series, the news channel or action packed movies.

SoundPal SP603 37-Inch Wireless Audio 2.0 Channel Soundbar

The SoundPal SP603 has excellent reviews, right now sitting at 4 stars and comes in 2 different color choices. This 37-Inch Bluetooth Sound Bar not only looks good in its 2 color choices, but provides an amazing sound with its 3 Audio Options: Music, Movie and Night. Its compact, sleek and wall mountable – plus it comes with a remote control. What more could you ask for in a sound bar?

ARVICKA Home Theatre Sound System 2nd Gen

Want another reason to love the ARVICKA Home Theatre Sound System? It packs four built-in powerful range speakers to pump out room filling 3D sound for you to enjoy whether you’re watching a hit movie, your favorite TV series or just gaming.

At 31.9 Inches this sound bar stands out compared to the rest, but matches the price tier of many competitors alike.

The Arvicka Home Theatre Sound System 2nd Generation packs a powerful punch, and is par with its pricing on the competitors products I have mentioned already. This sound bar is extremely stylish and provides a sleek appearance to easily match your TV or fit seamlessly with your current TV setup. This sound bar also provides Bluetooth Connectivity with DSP technology to provide you an absolutely crystal clear, precise sound quality. 

MEGACRA 80 Watts TV Sound Bar Home Theater Speaker

The MEGACRA 80 Watts TV Sound Bar Home Theater Speaker competes nicely with the ARVICKA Home Theatre Sound System 2nd Generation by packing 2 full-range speakers, 2 tweet and 2 bass reflex tubes along with 3 sound modes including 3D and an outstanding manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty happily provides 60 days replacement guarantee along with 18 months tech support. Not many manufacturers offer such an accommodating warranty or anything past 30 days / 1 year.

Having a budget in mind when shopping for anything isn’t a bad idea, and by setting your budget at $100, you’re not exactly “breaking the bank”. These are my Top 5 Sound Bars under $100 and make no mistake, the quality in each product is impressive. However, some people like to stick with the big name brands. I’m happy to share with you the best sound bars for some of the leading name brands today, including Samsung.

Top Soundbar For Each Brand

Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

The Samsung HW-J355 Sound Bar is impressive, offering 120 watts and bluetooth connectivity. This sound bar also delivers a wired sub woofer, and if you’re worried about space don’t be. The sound bar itself is wall mountable, making it not only powerful but also compact and stylish.

Vizio SB3821-C6 38 Inch Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Vizio has been an up and coming brand name for years, making affordable but great TV and home theatre products. That same innovative thinking that brings you the rest of their products has been put into this 38 Inch Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer. Its wall mountable and includes a remote!

Want to see the great reviews current owners of this sound bar left, or current pricing details?

Bose Solo 5 Sound Bar

The Bose Brand has been the best in sound for many, many years. Bose prides themselves on the quality of their products and it shows with each and every single one of them. The Bose Solo 5 is an extremely compact, sleek and stylish sound bar that delivers a phenomenal sound with Bluetooth connectivity and a universal remote control.Bose keeps it simple, and the reviews speak for themselves.

SONOS Playbar

The SONOS brand is not one that I am too familiar with, but their reviews speak for themselves. The Playbar comes in 3 different packages, just the Playbar and all the way up to the 5.1 Home Theatre setup ranging in price and offering bluetooth connectivity, SONOS might be your “one stop shop” for an affordable yet powerful improvement to your home theatre system.

LG Electronics SH2

LG is a popular brand, and not just with home theatre systems. The LG Electronics SH2 Sound Bar packs 2.1 Channel 100-Watts, bluetooth streaming, wired subwoofer and adaptive sound control. The key highlights, excellent reviews, and average price point make this an affordable option to consider.

This wraps up my recommendations for the Top Sound Bars of 2022! Buying any product can be difficult, confusing and almost a pain. With today’s market, there’s so many reputable brands along with up and coming brands who deliver truly amazing products with superior quality and reliability but each company has its strong suit. When it comes to home theatre systems, everyone has a preference. While you’re shopping around for a new sound bar and thinking of how you can improve your home theatre setup, think about what you truly value – is it bluetooth connectivity? a sub woofer? superior sound quality while gaming or superior sound quality for your favorite TV show? Just like the TV settings you have for picture quality, adding a sound bar gives you a handful of new features and choices to choose the sound you’d like. Another thing to seriously consider is how the product will fit on your TV stand, or mount on your wall underneath your TV. The last thing you want is extra bulk that doesn’t fit in or appear stylish alongside the rest of your home decor.

I know choosing which features you want, which product you want, which brand and model you’d like is all very frustrating sometimes. I truly hope that this article can make the buying experience for your new Sound bar just that much easier for you!