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The Restaurant is a popular choice for people to hang out with their friends, colleagues, and loved ones in public. The ambiance for the restaurant is very important to set the correct mood for their customers to enjoy while they stay. Background music plays an important key role here to do that.

Some even say that music can help enhance the taste of food and give the customers a soothing feeling, otherwise which could have been awkward in the crowd.

Best Speakers for Restaurant in 2022

Restaurant owners find it important for their business boost, to have a good sound system at their place, to have that magical environment. Here is a list of music speakers who are best recommended for Restaurant, Cafés, or Bars-

Image Product Features Price
Speakers for Restaurant Bose SoundTouch

Wireless network compatibility: 802.11 b/g/n

Works with Alexa for voice control

One piece wireless speaker

Rockville Commercial Ceiling Speaker System

Ceiling mount speakers

Fireproof screw terminal block

Built in cooling system

Built in Bluetooth audio streaming

Comes with SD card slot

5 segments signal level indication

Speakers for Restaurant Sony All-In-One Micro Music Stereo System

One touch listening with NFC

Plays CD/CD-R/CD-RW discs, and MP3/WMA/AAC audio files

Compatible with smartphones and Bluetooth

Custom Audio 12 Surface Speakers

Wall mounting speakers

240-watt Mixer/Amplifier

70-volt Background Music System

Comes with 12 speakers

Speakers for Restaurant Technical ProZone

AM/FM Digital Tuner

Home Theater Bluetooth Receiver

Peak Power Handling: 6000 Watts


Bose SoundTouch

If you want to fill a large area with crystal clear sound, then you should get the SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker from Bose. It delivers rich sound, more than it looks in comparison to its size.

You can use your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices to stream millions of songs from music services, Internet radio stations, or stored music library. It delivers perfect room-filling sound from a compact speaker, which is very good for small cafes or restaurants.

Although this speaker may appear ordinary, it has punchy bass, well-balanced highs, and mids audio systems, very prominent for small restaurants.


  • Voice control of any SoundTouch speaker with any Alexa-enabled device
  • Multi-room wireless speaker; you can add more
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices


  • Alexa device needs to be bought separately for Alexa voice control to work

Rockville Commercial Ceiling Speaker System

This speaker from Rockville is one of those speakers which are easy to keep a low profile of their presence. If you are a restaurant owner who wants to hide their speakers in plain sight, you can mount them in the ceiling and outfit them with flush-mount grilles that you can paint to match the rest of the ceiling.

These are the ideal speakers for commercial space and very suitable for restaurants that want to bring soothing ambiance with music from the background. This sound system is perfect for background music or any other place where you want many speakers installed.

It comes with an amplifier, remote, rack mount ears, power cable, FM antenna. The built-in cooling system keeps components cool at all times, and they have fireproof screw terminal block. Not only it is compatible with USB input to play audio, but also has SD card slot to play music.


  • Affordable price range
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Easy to mount
  • Terminal block is fireproof


  • Requires pro installation help

Sony All-In-One Micro Music Stereo System

This floor-standing music speaker from Sony will give you ultra-dynamic powerful sound with exceptional quality. It comes with Speaker Cable, Antenna, Auxiliary Cable, remote control, micro stereo system, and speaker pads.

It can connect to Bluetooth or broadcast to speakers with the charge by USB. They are very suitable for small restaurants because of their easy setup.

You can use them with or without wires to surround your restaurant with ambient background music. You can play music from your Bluetooth or CDs to direct them to the video players with ease. It also has FM/AM radio that lets you listen to podcasts and the latest news.

Do you want to connect it with your mobile device? You can just do that with inputs for wired connectivity, such as the USB port.

This speaker won’t cost you a fortune, but will get you all the features you could want in a speaker for restaurant.


  • No pairing required
  • Can be used both wired and wireless
  • Avoids signal quality loss from streaming music wirelessly


  • Not the best choice for large restaurants

Custom Audio 12 Surface Speakers

You need to add wire to install this high quality background music and paging system from Custom Audio in your facility. These speakers are composed of 12 surface speakers; each speaker is capable of providing very good quality sound for medium ambient noise level applications

It provides the best audio performance for public areas such as offices, retail stores, and restaurants. The Custom Audio has three microphone inputs making it easier to host events and functions in your restaurant or café.

It has a commercial 240-watt amplifier/audio mixer and comes with multiple inputs but does not have individual volume controls for each speaker. You can mount these surface speakers to every corner of the room or hall without having to cut walls or ceilings, very much preferable for large Restaurants.

The 70-volt distributed audio system is appropriate for commercial space, able to cover indoor or outdoor. It has amazing volume control and you can add speakers to increase coverage for large restaurants, Cafes, or bars.


  • Good for hosting or arranging a function at restaurants
  • Multiple line inputs for different devices and gadgets
  • Do not have to cut walls or ceiling to install them
  • Receiver knob easy to control
  • Covers areas of 5,000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq.


  • No individual volume controls for each speaker
  • No wireless service

Technical ProZone

These speakers from Technical ProZone are ideal for a large restaurant, bar or café, or even home. The receiver comes with 8 speakers, which are Bluetooth compatible.

These speakers can increase RMS power handling and comes with a stainless steel grill. Its sturdy build quality and waterproof feature makes it perfect for even be mounted outdoor.

You can connect them to Bluetooth-capable devices and other inputs such as AM/FM radio, A2DP stereo, random playback via USB or SD card, and from a video player as well. It has digital bass and treble controls and separate gain control for preamp and subwoofer outputs, also digital FL Deadout with spectrum display.


  • 8 Rockville speakers capable of connecting with Bluetooth devices
  • Built-in Capacitor Crossover Network
  • Removable Metal Rustproof Grills


  • Might be too overwhelming functions for restaurants owners with little speaker knowledge

Buying Guide for Best Restaurant Speakers

Smart owners of restaurants and cafés know that it is important that their customers do not feel awkward and clustered in a place without any music from the background.

Here are some facts that every Restaurant owners should keep in mind before getting their music system-

Size of the Restaurant

The shape and the size of your restaurant are very important for considering buying a music speaker. There is no point in spending on expensive sound systems for larger areas if you own a small café. That is why you should consider the size of the restaurant, and whether it is indoor or outdoor speakers you want.


You have to choose a realistic budget for yourself before spending the money, depending on your business. What features are valuable to you and which ones you can go by without, list them first for setting a budget. It’s natural that high-quality speakers will cost a bit more than regular ones. And as you’re buying these for your restaurant, you need crystal clear sound quality which can only be delivered by the best speakers.

But, that doesn’t mean that you need to empty your pocket to buy a good speaker. There are plenty of affordable speakers available in the market. And the ones we reviewed are affordable as well.

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and Outputs to your music system are important for what type of source are you intending to play your music with. Are you intending on playing from CD players/PC or do you want BlueTooth devices?

If you have memory card slots, do want them to play wirelessly? Is your Restaurant compatible with setting up wires? Ask yourself these questions.

Sound Distribution

How far the speakers will be, what kind of sound distribution you want, do the speakers have to be spread out or from a single direction, all these factors depend on the architecture of the room.

Bottom Line

Music may not be on the top priority list of Restaurant owners, but they must do access to a decent sound system. Having good speakers that set the ambiance to the correct frequency is one of the keys to having customers coming back again and again.

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