Best Vacuum for Restaurants – Consumer Reports

Since customers always have the freedom of voting with their feet, you need to make sure your restaurant stays nice and clean, otherwise you will most likely have your customers never even come back. In order to do so, you’ll need the right vacuum cleaner; commercial vacuum cleaners are great for this since they sit in a class of their own.

Best Vacuums for Restaurants

There are tons of options out there in the market for commercial vacuums, but you need to find something that is the most suitable for your restaurant’s cleaning needs. So we give you our best picks.





Vacuum for Restaurants

McCulloch MC1275

Comes with a 2 year warranty

Lightweight but powerful design

Offers you a chemical free cleaning


Hoover Commercial C2401

Comes in a lightweight design

Provides a quiet operation

Harness is designed to reduce back strain


Vacuum for Restaurants

NaceCare HVR 200

Comes with a motor of 1200 watt

Is really quiet when operating

Has a big capacity


Powr-Flite BP6P

Operates pretty quiet

Comes with included tools

Has an innovative design


Vacuum for Restaurants

Hoover Commercial CH50400

Gives you easy movement

Great lightweight design

Offers self-sealing bags


Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

Comes with a long cord

Has XL size bags inside

Has a nice low profile design


McCulloch MC1275

This vacuum cleaner by McCulloch is definitely one of the toughest ones out there. It doesn’t just offer you great cleaning on floor surfaces, but it also does a great job at tackling kitchen appliances.

This comes in handy for every place in the restaurant, whether it is the kitchen or the main dining areas, it is sure to get the job done. It can easily clean up the greasiest countertops and barbecue grills by heating up water to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit with a strong steam power and an array of attachments.

Your delicate restaurant floors, whether it is ceramic tiles or even wood, can all be handled with the included steam mop in the unit. You can also remove scuffs and stains from bare floors by attaching microfiber pads to the mop.

If the pads are unable to do it, you can get the extra scrubbing power for those tougher stains and dirt with the nylon utility brushes. Of course, they are all reusable and washable.

This vacuum also offers you extension wands that can be used for both cleaning those hard to reach places and also for mopping. For windows, mirrors and any type of glass surface, you also get a squeegee. For removing the grimes and stuck on grease on grills and ovens there’s the brass utility brush and also the scrub pad.


  • Has a large tank capacity
  • Comes with 18 accessories
  • Used in many restaurants


  • Not that great for carpeted floors

Hoover Commercial C2401

This vacuum by Hoover Commercial is a lightweight backpack design vacuum that weighs around 9 pounds, providing you a lot of mobility which can especially come in handy if your restaurant has a larger cleaning area.

It reduces the users strain and back pain with its chiropractor designed harness. This vacuum provides you with an incredibly thorough and easy vacuuming experience. With this you’ll find vacuuming vents and ceilings just as easy as vacuuming floors.

It offers a lot of versatility, effectiveness and power. However, it does take some time to get used to since with a backpack design you’ll need to learn to navigate the smaller areas differently. You can use it to clean low pile carpets but it isn’t really designed to clean carpets.

It has a long cord so you don’t need to keep on switching outlets and the brush floor attachments that you’d normally hate are just amazing with the Hoover Commercial C2401 when you have to clean tiled or hardwood floors. It easily finishes a job in five minutes which would otherwise take an hour.


  • Comes with an attachment kit
  • Has a 48 feet power cord
  • Has a hypercone filter


  • Not suitable for picking up liquids

NaceCare HVR 200

This is another great option for cleaning restaurants. The NaceCare HVR 200 might fool you with that smile and may come off cheap but that is definitely the case.

It comes at a price that is on the medium side for vacuum cleaners and it definitely does an amazing job to make it worth the price.

The HVR 200 gives you better maneuverability since it’s built on four wheels. It provides you with two different floor nozzles, one is intended to be used for dry bare floors and carpets and the other is for the wet floors and liquids. It offers very powerful suction with the use of its 1200 watt motor.


  • Has a thermal overload feature
  • Comes with a 33 feet long power cord
  • Gives you really powerful cleaning


  • Can’t store the included attachments inside

Powr-Flite BP6P

This vacuum cleaner offers great user comfort. You get reduced discomfort and perspiration due to the Deuter backpack harness design which allows maximum airflow through the fabric.

It makes sure to not compromise power with its lightweight design. It gives you a powerful suction with its 1100 watt motor.

You can get a nice and quiet operation from this vacuum and also an easily to clean shake out bag. It comes with all the usual tools in the box and you also get an extending wand.


  • Comes with a 50 feet cord
  • Has a 4 stage HEPA filtration
  • Is Gold certified from Carpet and Rug Institute


  • Not that great for wet surfaces

Hoover Commercial CH50400

Like any other vacuums by Hoover, you can get belts and bags at a really good price with this one. However, you need to separately buy those HEPA bags since it doesn’t come with them.

You get powerful suction with a silent operation. It does a good job on carpets but is louder on hardwood floors.

It offers you a relatively silent use when it comes to commercial vacuums while also giving you a high quality air filtration.


  • 2 speed Hushtone motors
  • Automatic shutdown if there’s a brush-roll jam
  • Has a high performance mode


  • The cord is hard to wrap up

The vacuum does a good job at filtering air as it works and the manufacturer also offers fresh scent tabs to improve air. It is a reliable and well-built vacuum that comes with a spare belt as well.

You do need to pull out the screwdriver to assemble this but it does come with a pretty good instruction manual.

It is a simple and easy to use machine. If you need to clean an open floor space, this is the ideal choice for you.


  • Lightweight design
  • Thumb controlled on/off switch
  • Doesn’t require unplugging from the outlet a lot


  • The bag attachment isn’t that great

Buying Guide

It is important to keep your workplace clean if you want to attract potential clients and customers. This is even truer for restaurants. When it comes to restaurants, having a dirty place means that you’re going to lose customers as no one really likes to eat somewhere that isn’t really clean.

If you want a successful restaurant then there’s no way around this. You cannot attract customers to eat in a place that’s dirty. Which is why, you should keep the interior of your restaurant as clean as possible.

The Type of Vacuum

With a backpack vacuum you get more maneuverability and extra-long cords so you can clean the whole place without changing outlets, whereas with an upright vacuum you get a powerful cleaning head, usually a lengthy cord and also a canister or a bag. And a wide area vacuum works best in wider areas with less furniture to work around.

Bagless or Bagged Vacuum

While bagless vacuums cut the cost of buying bags, it still increases the replacing and cleaning filter cost and can aggravate employees by exposing them to dust and dirt in the final cleaning step.

Bagged vacuums ensure that the debris and dust stay within a bag which makes the final cleaning step not just easier but also neater.

HEPA Filters and CRI Certification

Both CRI certification and HEPA filters are an important aspect to look at when buying a commercial vacuum cleaner since they don’t just clean but also maintain healthy air flow throughout your restaurant.

Final Words

These are our picks for the best available commercial vacuum cleaners to maintain a clean and healthy restaurant to make sure you can attract customers while giving them a hygienic and healthy place to dine at.

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