Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners – Consumer Reports

Wondering why just about any beginners golf club set won’t suit you as a female player?  Golf clubs are specially designed to suit a players strength, height, skill level, and swing type.  As a female beginner player, it isn’t best for you to simply grab any club for practice.  You can’t expect much result from such a game because your club might be too heavy, could be too long or might have a small sweet spot which isn’t suitable for beginner players.

If you are serious about golfing or want to improve your skills as quickly as possible then it is best to choose golf clubs specifically for women.  Companies have spent years developing and perfecting golf clubs for women.  These clubs are designed to give you maximum swing speed so you can strike that ball as far as possible.

Clubs for beginners are also designed with a much bigger sweet spot which boosts your chances of getting good aim out of off-center hits and these clubs are usually designed to reduce toil and spin for more accurate hits.  Some clubs are also designed for slower swing speeds and increased loft in order to boost your ball height.

With so many different club features to consider, it can be challenging for new golfers to choose the best clubs or sets.  In this guide, we are trying to make it just a little bit easier for you to find the best women’s golf clubs for beginners so you can improve your skills with ease and become a skillful player in less time.

What’s In a Women’s Golf Club Set?

If you are just starting out in golfing then you are probably wondering why there are so many clubs in set caddies.  Different golf clubs are designed for different purposes.  A good women’s beginner set includes the following clubs;

Three woods – The best to include in your set is the 1-driver, 3-wood and 5-wood.

Seven irons – The 4,5,6,7,8,9 and PW or pitching wedge are the best golfing irons to add to your set although most serious players buy at least one hybrid putter that offers twelve different club settings.  Golfers often replace lover irons with a hybrid club which doesn’t just reduce carrier weight but also makes it much easier for you to get well acquainted with your driver.

Two wedges- A sand wedge and hybrid wedge are the best picks for women’s club sets.  Typically women do better with hybrids because they offer more functionality and easier mobility on the course. Hybrid wedges are more forgiving which is great when you are a beginner first learning to swing a club

A putter – A good putter is a must for any golfing set.

What’s The Difference between a Man and Women’s Golf Club Set?

Unlike so many other products on the market, golf clubs are not gender based for the sake of making more money off buyers or simply because they are prettier.  Male and female golf sets are made with the same technology but there are quite a few physical differences in the mechanics.  The female body isn’t shaped like the typical male golfer body which means that there is just no way you will ever get the same hitting results by using a male set.  Here are the top differences between male golf sets and female golf sets;

The shaft materials – Women’s clubs are mostly made of graphite which is much lighter than men’s steel golf clubs. Often times the shaft materials are also not as chunky as the mens because women, have smaller hands than men.

Shaft length – Standard women’s drivers are about an inch shorter than male drivers and some club brands offer clubs with a shaft that is 2 inches shorter.  This is important since average women are much shorter than average men.

Shaft flex – These clubs often offer more flex in order to enhance power in swings so you can hit harder and faster in order to get the ball just as far out as your male counter players. Women’s clubs usually come in two shaft flex levels.  L labels are springiest, fastest and most powerful but can be difficult to control where A-labels are less flexible, slower or less powerful but easier to control.

Grip size – Female clubs usually come with smaller grip sizes because women typically have smaller hands.  Some brands do however allow you to custom order your size although this is a feature for more advanced players that know what they like.

Weight – Female golf clubs are typically lighter and mostly made of lighter graphite materials. Women, are typically not as strong as men so the weight matters as you want a nice strong swing with a good follow through and the heavier the weight of the club is, the harder this would be.
Driver heads – Female golf driver heads tend to be smaller in order to reduce golf club weights. 

What To Look for in a Women’s Golf Set for Beginners

Now that you understand that there is a big difference between female and male clubs you probably want to get started on a set that is specially designed for women.  But what do you have to look for when there are so many clubs to choose from and especially if you are a beginner?  We are going to explain right now;

Look for quality

In golfing you really do get what you pay for.  Beginner women that don’t know whether the hobby will stick just yet can choose something cheaper.  If you already love golfing and want to start improving your skill then look for a quality set.  High-quality sets will boost your performance and will affect your ability to improve.  It is always best to stick to a trusted brand such as Callaway, Taylormade or Wilson since these brands are known for creating durable, functional and strong clubs.

Focus on a good wood

The golfing driver is one of the hardest clubs to master and as such should be left for last.  If you are buying on a tight budget then buy your driver later and focus on woods right now.  Choose a golf set with a loft around 12-13 degrees and a graphite shaft.  It is also best to choose woods with A label flex so you can enhance control over your club until you master your hitting.

Find a good iron

The best iron is one with a graphite shaft so you can swing easier and enjoy the fastest speeds in order to get your ball moving. 

Wedges and putter

It is important to keep your shots on the green as low as possible so you can reduce your score and the best way to do this is by investing in a quality wedge or putter.  Make sure that there is a wedge in the set you buy and have a look at the design of the putter unless you don’t mind replacing golf clubs with better ones in the near future.

Accessories you need

Golfing sets are very popular amongst amateurs because they usually include all the basics you need as well as other accessories such as a bag, cart, stand bag, gloves and more that you will need to buy at one point or another.

Golf driver

The golf driver is the hardest to perfect and it might be wise to invest in a good quality driver as soon as you can.  There are quite a few things that make a ladies driver preferable for beginners.  A bigger club head, graphite shaft composition, a flex, and the right height all can have a huge impact on your hits with this type of club.

The Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners

The Callaway Women’s Strata plus Complete Golf set

If you are looking for a great starter set then you certainly won’t be making a mistake with the Callaway 14 piece women’s Strata Plus complete golf set.  This set is very ladylike since the design of clubs and bag alike is very beautiful thanks to grey and black shades with powerful purple accents in clubs and in the bag.  This is one of the best golf club sets for beginners since it includes everything you need such as the following;
Standing bag – The stand bag is beautiful in design, lightweight and has five pockets as well as a cooler pocket.  The pack has a rain hood and backpack strap system.
Driver – The 460cc driver is perfect for beginner golfers.  It has a forging sweet spot and the graphite shaft ensures that your ball will go the distance.
Wood – A no. 5 Fairway wood with a graphite composite shaft offers faster swing speeds and longer shots.
Hybrid – The set includes a 5H standard length hybrid that is designed for versatility and forgiving shots. 
Irons – This set includes a 6,7,8 and 9 iron with progressive sole with technology that enhances your control.
Wedges – The set includes a 6-PW and SW wedge that is also designed for enhanced control.
Putter – You also get a Mallet with T-style putter that is designed for accuracy.


  • The set is made of high-quality materials
  • High number irons are included which is expected from a good beginner set
  • Set has a beautiful overall design
  • Includes a hybrid club that eases gameplay
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for beginner players


  • Only one hybrid included in the set
  • Right hand set only

Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite Club Set

The Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite Club set is perfect for women 5’6 and shorter.  All of these clubs are 1 inch shorter than average golf drivers and the overall set looks brilliant.  The clubs are fashionably designed with black and silver colors and bright turquoise accents.  It is a great beginner set because it includes 9 golf clubs including the following;
Standing bag – The standing bag is made of good quality materials and comes with a 7-way driver top that makes it easy to keep your clubs organized as you play.  The bag also has extra bags to store other golfing accessories such as balls and more.
Driver – A big 460cc driver is exactly what you need for beginner golfers.  The club has a big sweet spot which enhances your chances of getting good aim results on off-center hits.
Wood – A #3 Fairway wood is included in the set.  It is smaller than the driver but still has a big sweet spot for enhanced forgiveness. The club also comes with a head cover.
Hybrids – A #3 and #4 hybrid is included in the set and replaces the need for various longer irons in your set.  These hybrids also come with matching head covers.
Irons – The set includes numbers 5,6,7,8,9 PW irons.  The clubs have a higher MOI and a lower center of gravity which makes them more forgiving.  They also have graphite shafts for lighter weight and enhanced speed.


  • A beautiful set
  • Includes 2 hybrids which are a big plus
  • All clubs are selected with forgiveness in mind
  • A perfect set for beginners
  • Very large set
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for tall female players
  • The 10.5-degree driver is challenging to learn for beginners
  • No sand wedge included in the set
  • Putter could be of better quality

Cleveland Womens Bloom Max Complete Set

If you are looking for a good quality set that carries you from beginner to intermediate stage then you just cannot go wrong with the Cleveland Women’s Bloom Max Complete Set.  The set is beautifully designed and includes everything you need for gameplay.
Cart bag – The standing cart bag is made of sturdy material and is fitted with lots of zip-seal bags that make it very easy to carry everything you need along to the game.
Driver – The set includes a high-lofted driver that allows plenty of forgiveness for straighter shots on an off tee hits.
Wood – A number 3 fairway wood with a low center of gravity is included.  This club makes it easier to get your ball off the ground and high into the air.
Hybrids – The set includes two hybrids; a no. 5 and 6 which is perfect for female players.  Hybrids are versatile clubs and these are made of light composite materials and offer great flex for enhanced strength hits.
Irons – You also get a no. 7,8 and 9 iron with this beautiful set.  These irons are very forgiving and are designed with superior spin technology for more control over your shots.
Sand wedge – The sand wedge included in the set is exactly what makes it such a complete and handy set for a beginner to intermediate players.
Putter – A sturdy putter is included in the set.  The putter is lightweight, balanced and is bound to reduce the number of hits you take once you land on the green.

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set

This 16 piece golf set is a superb investment for starter golf players.  The set is fairly priced and offers players a wide variety of club choices since the set includes 10 clubs.  Like all other Callaway sets and clubs, these golf clubs and this golfing bag is beautifully designed.  The set is also available in different colors.  Here is a quick look at everything the set includes;
Standing bag – The standing bag is made of high-quality material yet is light enough to allow you to move about the course with great ease.
Driver – A full titanium golf driver is included in the set.  The golf driver has a large sweet spot that allows more forgiveness on off-center hits and has a back positioned the center of gravity to help you get that ball high into the air much easier.
Fairway wood – The number 5 fairway wood included in the set is specially designed for long, high flying shots.  The head has an aerodynamic design and is very forgiving.
Irons – The set includes 6,7, 8, and 9 irons.  These irons are designed with flight technology for enhanced distance, supreme forgiveness and the stainless steel design offers much more control.
Hybrids – A 4 and 5 hybrids is included in the set.  These hybrids are superb alternatives to traditional long irons and allow you to play easily on a greater variety of shots.
Pitching wedge – The PW is also designed with flight technology and offers plenty of control thanks to its forgiving design and stainless steel composition.
Sand wedge – A sand wedge is also included in the set which results in a complete and very versatile beginner set.
Putter – A standard length putter with a 3.5” loft is included in the set.  The putter is designed with a precise face milling for enhanced accuracy and more distance control.


  • Beautiful set
  • Perfect for beginner players
  • Set includes 2 hybrids which are preferable for female players
  • Set has a sand wedge and pitching wedge
  • Affordable price


  • Stainless steel composition might be heavy for some women

Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set

Our review just wouldn’t be complete without including at least one golf club set for girls.  A passion for golf is usually inspired at an early age and the Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set certainly will motivate any young lady to take a stand on the green and share a passion for this superb sport.  The golf club set is available in different colors and is perfectly suitable for girls aged 5 – 8.  Here is a quick look at what these sets include;
Standing golf bag – The standing golf bag is beautifully designed and many of their bags are brightly colored which is perfect for little girls. The bag is made of high-quality light materials.
Driver – The set includes a 34” driver with a large sweet spot.  The driver is very forgiving which is perfect for little starter players.
Iron – A number 7 iron is included in the set.  The iron is 30.5” long and is also designed to enhance speed and reduce spin for more accurate hits.
Wedge – A 25.8” wedge is included in the set.  The wedge is made of quality materials and is lightweight for easy use by youngsters.
Putter – A 28” putter is perfect for little players whether your girl is enjoying a game of put-put golf or making some hits on the course.


  • A very cute set for little children
  • Includes all the basics to help kids learn the game
  • Children love to use the set
  • Perfect for both female and male child players


  • Can be expensive
  • A second iron would have been preferable for teaching differences

Final verdict

All of these golf club sets would be a worthy investment for beginner golf players.  But if you are still finding it hard to pick the best set then perhaps this quick guide can help you out.
The best set for children – Children can certainly benefit from the Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set.  It is a great gift for little ones that love to spend time with golfing parents and it is a good set for helping your little one learn more about this terrific sport.
The best overall set – The Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set and Cleveland Women’s Bloom Max Complete Set are both superb overall sets because they both include all the necessities such as two hybrids, various irons, sand wedges, a driver and a putter where other sets might only have one hybrid or no sand wedge at all.
The budget-friendly set – Both Callaway sets are quite affordable for the number of clubs they include and are certainly good picks for beginner players.
The best set for petite women or teens – Shorter women or teenagers can look into buying the Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite Club Set.  All clubs in the set is 1” shorter than average which is perfect for shorter women or younger players.
is one of the best activities you can do right now.  In fact, many believe that a good golfing session offers just as much relaxation and benefits than .  Golfing is a great sport if you want to stay fit, boost your mental health and especially if you love to pend time in the outdoors with friends or family members.  It is one of the very few sports that entire families can enjoy with great ease on just about any given day and we are sure you would love any of these superb golf club sets.


  • The set has a beautiful design
  • The set includes 2 hybrids which are the preferred norm for most female players
  • A sand wedge is included in the set
  • The set is perfect for beginners
  • Suitable for intermediate players


  • Can be expensive for some beginner players

Other Items Women Golfers Need Before hitting the course!

Before going out to golf, there are a few other items you may want to invest in depending on how frequently you will be golfing.
Golfing Glove: You will want a golfing glove to help you grip better on your clubs. Especially in the warmer weather, your hands tend to sweat and will make holding onto the golf club harder to do. Glove gloves come in both different sizes as well as for different hands. You only need one and if you are a right handed golfer, you will want a right handed glove and if you are a lefty, you will need a left handed glove.
Women’s golf shoes: Depending on which courses you go too, you may not be able to wear certain types of golf shoes. I would suggest avoiding metal spike bottoms as these are the ones that are most often restricted. The ones I would suggest are spikeless shoes or rubber spikes. If you want more stability and want your feet to grip the ground more, you will want to go with the rubber spikes as they will twist into the ground a bit when you swing, offering more stability.
Women’s Golf Balls: Of course a must have necessity when going out golfing is to ensure you bring an adequate amount of golf balls, especially for beginners, you will often loose your ball in the forest or pond so its best to have about 10-15 golf balls on you, unless you plan on going into the forest to find some while you are there. There are specific women golf balls you can get, they are often softer of a ball allowing for more accuracy and consistency.
Range Finder: This is not a necessity and I would only suggest this if you are going to be golfing a lot. A golf rang finder, is perfect for determining how far away you are from the hole allowing you to choose the proper club for the distance.