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The Natural Gourmet Institute’s health-supportive, plant-based career curriculum is now exclusively offered at the Institute of Culinary Education. Learn more about career training in Health-Supportive Culinary Arts at the new Natural Gourmet Center at ICE. Click here

Recreational classes, certificate programs, and Friday Night Dinners will continue through March 2019 at NGI’s Flatiron location. We have a lot of exciting programs scheduled, which are sure to sell out! We look forward to having the NGI community be a part of the final programs on 21st Street.

Restoratives to Help Us through the Holidays

It’s the season of indulgence. For those of us here in the United States, Labor Day in September marks the end of summer, the imminent arrival of fall, our children going back to school, and the start of the holidays. Halloween, Hanukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and myriad other holidays and celebrations come in rapid […]

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Avoid the Winter Blues: Tips for Boosting Your Mood

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression triggered by seasonal changes. The symptoms are cyclical, characterized by remissions during spring and summer months, and exacerbations progressing through the dark, cold, winter months. As a mood disorder, SAD may be mild or debilitating. It may be accompanied by typical signs of depression like sadness and […]

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Healthy-Up Your Holiday Cookies

As a health-supportive chef, who loves baking, you will never find me trying to “sneak” brussels sprouts and cauliflower into anyone’s brownies. (And I love brussels sprouts and cauliflower! Which is why I have them front and center on the dinner table, where they can show off their beauty). I believe in baking with minimally-processed […]

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Cold Season: Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

It’s that time of the year when we hear sniffling and coughing all around us. Our immune system is constantly working to keep us healthy and alive, and when it falters, we tend to get sick. Sickness occurs when the body out of balance. Because there is no perfect state of balance or health, at […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from NGI

I have always liked this time of year because around the world people gather together to put aside differences, celebrate life, help others in need, and reflect. In the United States, this time of year brings us Thanksgiving – a unique (and often favorite) holiday that celebrates love, community and being thankful. In 1621, the […]

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Vegetarian Sides for Your Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us are planning menus, making grocery lists, and starting to buy some staples. As with many of our holidays, Thanksgiving is about family and friends, and of course food. When we spend time with loved ones in an intimate setting, it reminds us of the importance of community […]

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