Is Your Microbiome Wrecking Your Health? A Functional Medicine Expert Explains

This article was written by NGI friend and guest instructor, Dr. Will Cole. Dr. Cole graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California. He has his post doctorate education and training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through The Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine

5 Warming Winter Beverages with Superpowers

After a long day of trekking through snow and slush, there’s nothing better than curling up at home with a hot drink. But these five beverages are more than just cozy – they contain powerful nutrients, too. Chili Hot Chocolate Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, which have been found

Fueling Your Winter Workout

The temperature outside may be in the single digits, but don’t let it deter your exercise regimen. Keeping up with winter workouts is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight (plus, the extra endorphins can help leave the winter blues at bay). Cold weather is known to stimulate your

Go Nuts (For Good Health)

Despite the abundance of nutrient-dense healthy food choices that surround us, many among us don’t eat them. Dietary fiber and some micronutrient shortfalls are so common that they’re classified as “nutrients of public health concern” (1). While your safety net might consist of over the counter or prescription supplements, getting

How Much Water Should You Really Drink?

In the heat of summer – especially in New York City – people tend to feel parched on a regular basis. Many question if they need to up their liquid intakes, and even whether they are in danger of true dehydration. Every cell in your body needs water to function.

How to Reduce Your Water Footprint in the Kitchen

Did you know that the average American uses 2,220 gallons of water per day? No doubt, this is a shocking number. According to GRACE Communications Foundation, most of this refers to use of “virtual water” – that used in food production and transportation, energy, shopping habits and other lifestyle choices

Probiotics in Fermented Foods & How to Add Them to Your Diet

The benefits of probiotics are all over the media and in all types of conversations lately. “Take this supplement! Improve gut health!” So many taglines have been endorsing taking pills containing gut-benefiting bacteria to optimize health. Yes, the addition of probiotics to one’s diet may be helpful, but you can

Is White the New Green?

When it comes to a nutritionally-supportive diet, we are often told that eating a variety of red, orange and green produce is the key to health. Many of us have even shunned white foods, believing that foods lacking in color are also lacking in nutrients – but do all white

Traditional Flavor Profiles: Middle Eastern Herbs and Spices

The use of herbs and spices in traditional combinations is often the unique signature of global cuisines. Here, the herbs and spices that define classic Middle Eastern cooking. Common Middle Eastern blends and condiments: Za’atar: A blend of thyme, marjoram and/or oregano with sumac and sesame seeds, known most commonly

Why Bone Broth is the New Hot Health Drink

Green juice, maple water and kombucha step aside – bone broth is the new hot (literally) beverage this season. Though bone broth has been a staple of many eating patterns for years (Weston A. Price, Paleo, etc.), it is just recently gaining steam in mainstream media. Bone broth is made

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