The Best Retro Toaster – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a retro-style toaster is no day in the park. Sure, you can go out and buy the first toaster with an appealing design and later regret the purchase, but why waste money and time when a bit of research helps find a toaster that not only compliments your kitchen

The Best Cereal Dispensers of 2021

Are you sick of consuming stale, crummy cereal? Is your morning breakfast routine starting to feel a bit monotonous? Cereal dispensers are some of the coolest kitchen storage solutions on the market. They make quick weekday breakfasts more entertaining, hygienic, and visually pleasing. We’ve taken the time to investigate some

How to Choose the Best Pan for Crepes

Bring classy French cuisine into your home with the help of freshly prepared crepes. Originating in the northwestern region of France, a crepe is a very thin style of pancake prepared in a special pan. Since crepes are also versatile enough to serve either sweet or savory, you can enjoy

Top 8 Best Long Slot Toasters in 2021

With today’s modern inventions, you can say goodbye to toasters that used to have smaller slots. Over the past few years, long slot toasters are becoming increasingly popular among the customers, and for excellent reasons. Gone are when we could get loaves of bread of various shapes and sizes just

The Best Pan for Omelette – Make a Perfect Omelette Every Time

Omelette are a popular breakfast meal, but they can also make a quick and tasty lunch or dinner. While cooking an omelette can seem intimidating, it isn’t tough. Anyone who can cook scrambled eggs can as well learn to make an omelette. However, there are tricks to preparing a perfect

Top 5 Best Pans for Frying Eggs – Unbiased Reviews

Are you tired of using a burning, sticking and scratching frying pan when preparing eggs? If so, you need to upgrade your pan. The best pan for frying eggs will make your cooking sweet, enjoyable, healthy and save you a lot of cash over the long run. You might think

The Best Waffle Makers – Consumer Reports

Nothing makes a Sunday morning more awesome than a crunchy, crispy, fluffy waffle. Waffles are splendidly versatile; eat them sweet or savory, for breakfast, brunch, dinner, or even a cheeky snack. Whatever takes your fancy! Waffles have been around for ages when they were cooked over a fire using two